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Best Laptop Computer for Digital Scrapbooking

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Consumer Review by Mom of 5

Love to scrapbook? Wondering what laptop to buy? Me too. As a dedicated scrapbooker and mom of 5, I take lots of pictures and do lots of pages but I like being able to take my work with me and not be stuck with a desktop. Yet, I couldn't find a good answer to what would be the best laptop computer for scrapbooking.

You can read all the specs and hear the professionals tell why they like it, but sometimes the things which make a computer good for a consumer are different. This review is from a mom who writes, edits, takes lots of pictures, digitally scrapbooks and does video editing. I also teach writing at a local University, write here on HubPages and work as a freelance copy writer. I needed a machine that could handle all of the photo and video editing I do and also upload quickly.

Good Price on Fast Machine

For my digital scrapbooking, I needed a lot of memory, a fast computer, a good graphics card and a nice large screen to see my photos and pages. I'd previously bought only Dell computers and was worried about switching to HP. I knew I could get more for my money but wondered if I'd get as good a computer. After reading lots of reviews, I took the plunge and bought an HP dv6 with i7 Intel core and Radeon graphics card.

It used to be that computers became outdated every few years. These days, machines last longer and my machine is still going strong after over 5 years and many, many hours of use. I can enthusiastically endorse this product and suggest that you consider it if you are looking for a computer that will let you scrapbook on the fly.

Screen Big Enough for Double Display

When I'm working on my pages, I like to be able to open and see my papers and scrapbooking elements too. Of course, a laptop screen is not as big as a desktop, but I actually don't notice that much with the HP laptop. The display lets me see two pages side by side. Moreover, you can easily zoom in or out by using the touch pad and fingertip opening and closing.

Moreover, If you write for college or business, you will enjoy the fact that you can write and read at the same time with the HP dv6 laptop. I do a lot of writing and many of my copywriting jobs and HubPages jobs require that I'm reading on one side and writing on the other. My husband always uses two screens if he can, but I find that the wide screen of the this machine works very well to display two pages side by side. That saves me a lot of time of clicking around and moving the pages.

Large Wacom-like Touchpad

Do you use a Wacom with your scrapbooking? With this computer, you may not need it.The touchpad is very large and sensitive and makes it easy to move your page elements and photos around. You can also use it for drawing, sketching or making digital brushes. What I also like is the easy off/on feature for the touchpad which lets me switch over to using a mouse and prevents my hand from accidentally touching it when I'm typing. To turn it off or on, you just tap twice in the corner.

Quickly Handles Big Files

What most scrapbookers want to know is if a laptop can handle the big files quickly. This machine is lightning fast. I love the way I can add many layers to a page, upload quickly and move elements around. The Radeon graphics card makes everything fast and easy, and so does the quad core processor. If you are a digital scrapper, I think you will be wowed by this machine.

Best Laptop for Scrapbookers

Fingerprint Reader Makes for Fast Log-in

I wondered whether I would like the fingerprint reader, or even use it. I'm a college instructor and I asked several of my students whether they used the fingerprint reader and they had mixed answers. However, I love it. Here's why:

  • Saves Time. Swiping my finger over the reader in order to get into my laptop, or to get into my various accounts saves me a lot of time.
  • Use Different Fingers for Different Tasks: You can set up the fingerprint reader for all ten of your fingers to go to something different, or you can have the reader automatically remember any password with a swipe.
  • Choose When to Use Fingerprint Reader: Luckily, the Simplepass asks me whether I want it to remember a password. Occasionally, this misfires and I have to re-enter a password, but overall it works great. I don't know how I did without it before.
  • More Secure than Password: Moreover, because my laptop is protected by my fingerprint, it makes it much more secure than any code could be. What happens if you do want to let someone else in? There is a provision to have a regular password too, but you can have a difficult one for an extra layer of security since you don't have to use it often. Terrific feature!

Easy, Well-thought out Keyboard

OK, so I like to have coffee and a scone while I scrapbook, but I really hate having the crumbs get on the keyboard. So, I really like the nearly flush mounted keyboard. It doesn't get crumbs and things underneath it and the touch of it is very smooth. I can type quickly and easily and the spacing between the keys is very comfortable

Long Battery Life

Even though this is a fairly good sized computer, I find my battery lasts for several hours. When I go scrapbooking at Starbucks or the local scrapbooking store, I can take it in a sleeve and leave my cord behind, knowing I have plenty of battery for a crop with my friends.

Sleek, Easy to Clean Surfaces

Resists Grime: Maybe I'm a neat freak, but I like my computer to look clean. Most of the time, they don't address this in a review, and all machines look good when you first get them, but my pretty, red Dell looked terrible after a while. It seemed to pick up fingerprints and other dirt I could never clean off.

Easy to Clean: This computer is completely black and has very slick surfaces which are easy to clean. I really dislike a dirty computer screen, so I appreciate the screen which seems to resist dust too. I just keep a microfiber cloth nearby and find that a quick swipe gets the whole laptop clean without water or other cleaners. I've used this machine a lot, but it still looks completely brand new.

Can Share a Video with a Group

Since I've gotten this computer, I find that I share my scrapbooking pages and videos more often because the machine makes it easier to do that. Although I print out my scrapbooks when they are done, I also like to show my work as I go along. Sometimes, I make my pages into a slide show with music. With my Dell, people had to crowd around the screen and they couldn't see very well. Moreover, the sound was very low.

This machine, on the other hand, has a much nicer and clearer screen to be viewed from several angles, as well as very nice speakers. I've often had a crowd of 3-5 kids looking at the screen with no one complaining they couldn't see or hear. Although it is loud enough for a group to watch the latest video of the school musical, the speaker sound is also variable enough that I can put it at a very low level if I am listening to something with other people in the room.

Fast Processing

I can't say enough about the speed of this machine for working with photos and many, many layers in Photoshop. I use this on wifi all the time and everything is lightning fast, even when other people in the family are complaining about the upload speed of their machines that are LAN connected. This machine works well for downloading video, processing video clips with Windows Moviemaker, and doing digital scrapbooking.


Update 2015: Ok, I hate to own up to this one, but I now can attest to the durability of this machine because I dropped it in a parking lot. It fell out of the computer bag I had not zipped up correctly. It was the worst possible type of fall, hitting an asphalt parking lot and landing on a corner near the screen. The corner was dented and I was pretty sure the machine was toast. However, when I opened the machine and was surprised to see the screen was all right.

I'd previously read that the machine has a feature that turns everything off when it is dropped to protect the operating system. Luckily, that seems to have worked in my case. I brought it inside and grimaced as I tried starting it up. To my surprise, the cheerful Windows logo appeared right away.

Update 2016: The accident was over a year ago and I'm happy to say that I've had no problems with the computer since that time!

Windows 10 Update for Hp dvd6

Update 2016: I waited a while, wondering if Windows 10 was going to mess up the fingerprint reader or anything else on the machine. Finally, I decided to go ahead and download. Everything is working fine. My only problem is that I do have to continually troubleshoot the wifi connection but I think that might be a problem with our home system and not the computer itself. So if you have one of these machines and are wondering about the update, my advice is to go ahead.

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Heidi on March 02, 2017:

Thanks for your review. I've had two Lenovo laptops and the hinge has broken on both of them after about 3 years. Laptop still works but I'm tired of replacing. I'm looking at an HP Envy 17". It's less money than my Lenovo, but it has what I need and I'm thinking of switching.