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Setting Up your Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro

When buying a new computer we all expect it to work right out of the box. In reality, though, that isn't always the case as I recently discovered when setting up my Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro. This article lists a few key things to do as soon as you take the computer out of the box to help ease you into the great experience you will have with your new Ultrabook.

1. Update Intel Drivers

WiFi and Bluetooth Fixes

The Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro comes installed with a 4th Gen. Core i5-i7 processor with an Intel Graphics 4400HD card. Despite coming with the most recent processors, the pre-installed graphics, Bluetooth, and Wifi drivers are out-of-date: and they don't even tell you! If you're experiencing weak WiFi or Bluetooth connections, updating the drivers should help. Here's how to do it:

  1. Download Google Chrome and stop using Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is a poor browser and lacks many of the extensions available in Chrome, which we will be talking about in the next couple of sections.
  2. Download the new drivers. Go to the Intel Support and Downloads section for the 4th Gen Intel Haswell Processors with 4400 HD Graphics card Here. Download the 64-bit version on the latest release it will start with Win64. Depending on your internet speed, this process may take around 30 minutes. You can still get the Intel Driver Update Utility to update your Wifi and other necessary drivers, just don't use it to update your graphics driver at this time. You may want to organize each download into its own folder just in case you need them in the future.
  3. Uninstall previous drivers. Head over to Control Panel and go to the "Uninstall A Program" section. Scroll down to the "Intel Graphics Driver" and uninstall it. Yes, I know it sounds crazy, and you're probably worried that your system won't work properly. But don't worry: everything is going to be fine. After you've uninstalled the drivers, you'll be prompted to restart. As it reboots, you might notice a dim screen and a screen delay, but don't worry: we'll get to that in a minute.
  4. Install new drivers. Once you're back on the desktop, open up the Intel Driver Update Utility. If you've previously downloaded the drivers but didn't install them, you'll find them in the Downloads tab on the top. Go there, click Install, and follow the prompts.
  5. Double check the installation. Once your computer boots up, reopen the Intel Driver Update Utility and click the "Find Drivers - Auto Detect" button to make sure that all the updated versions have installed. I have noticed that the latest Bluetooth driver always fails to install. I'm not sure why, but you'll need to try to re-install them.

If you need the old drivers back, you can find a link to them at the Lenovo Support Center, where you can also find the Realtek Audio Driver.

Using the Intel Driver Update Utility was the best way to make sure you have the most recent Intel updates, however I've discovered a recent bug in the software where it's not giving you the most recent releases for our graphics card. You'll have to search them manually by typing Intel Graphics Driver Download 4th Gen or you can click Here. The ones on the Lenovo site are at least one release behind what Intel will provide you. Once you replace the Graphics Driver, you can just run the update utility, and the drivers will install with no problems.

2. Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro Screen Flickering Fix


Flickering Display and Low Brightness

The screen flickering on the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro is just a nightmare. It made me feel like I had bought a malfunctioning machine. There is a way to fix this, but it does take a little bit of work. This fix is for users running Win 8.1, however you may still need to follow these steps if you're running Win 10. There is a new screen flashing issue that I address in the next section you will still need to do these steps to fix the original flicker. Any instructions that require the Charm Bar below can be done in Windows 10 by just typing Settings in the search bar by the Windows logo. The rest of the steps still follow suit after that.

  1. Open your Charms Bar and go to Search. Type: "Turn Auto-Brightness On and Off," which will take you to PC Settings > PC and Devices > Power and Sleep. Turn "Adjust My Screen Brightness Automatically" to OFF.
  2. Go back to the Charms Bar and type in "Adjust Screen Brightness." This will take you to Hardware and Sound > Power Options > Edit Plan Settings. Click on Change Plan Settings and adjust the brightness on the bar at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Click on "Change Advanced Power Settings." Then scroll down to where you see "Display" and click the "+" button to open the menu. You will see "Turn Off Display After," "Display Brightness," "Dimmed Display Brightness," and "Enable Adaptive Brightness." You can toggle the settings to your likeness.

If you're like me and want to be able to control your screen's brightness, just turn everything up to 100%, turn off "Enable Adaptive Brightness" and hit "Apply."

You will have to repeat these instructions for every option listed in the drop-down menu in the advanced settings where you see "Daily Mode."

UPDATE 12/8/2014 ****

Thanks for all the comments you guys! A user, Kidsmeal, has also discovered a way to prevent the screen dimming on battery power. Here's what they found: "In the charms bar, search for Intel HD Graphics Control Panel. Then go to Power and then On Battery. Then Disable Power Saving Technology."

3. Lenovo Yoga Pro 2: Yellow Fix

Yes, yes, yes. The yellow color issue on this machine is a problem, and though there's an available fix, it's not perfect. But, it's better than nothing. Below is a quick and easy fix that will turn that dark mustard yellow to more of a bright mustard yellow.

This one is easy. Just go to Bios Update & Energy Management For Windows 8.1/Windows 10 and download the updates. Once you have downloaded follow the prompts to install them.

Once you're finished, restart your computer if you're not already prompted to do so.

Next open up the Energy Manager provided by Lenovo and select "High Performance." You should notice the yellow getting a bit brighter.

In the next section, I'll go over some absolute must have extensions for Chrome to help make your browsing experience even greater.

UPDATE: 04/21/2015 - Lenovo has added the .51 Energy Manager download to their site at the following link Original Drivers.

4.Welcome to Windows 10 - Some Things Work & Others Don't

I welcomed Windows 10 with open arms this past July fully aware of that I may face some issues along the way. Needless to say my Yoga 2 Pro was no exception to a few issues that have been making its way to many users. In this category I'll be listing some fixes and one issue that no one seems to be able to fix. I encourage my readers to post any updates that may have helped them overcome some of the Windows 10 bugs. Keep up-to-date in the comment section here as it is pretty active!

  1. Windows 10 Drivers - When you upgrade to Windows 10 it is supposed to automatically provide you with the most up-to-date drivers. If you've followed the instructions in this article then you've gone to the Intel site Here to update your graphics driver you can still use the Intel Driver Update Utility to update other drivers outside of the Graphics Driver. If you haven't followed this article and you've only updated through Lenovo then the update utility will not work for some of your drivers like the Graphics Driver. It's a good idea to follow this article to always be up-to-date.
  2. Touchpad Not Working - Right when the Windows 10 upgrade was finished my touchpad was going nuts. The gestures weren't working and more importantly I wasn't able to scroll. To fix this you'll need to go the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro Support page and get the latest touchpad driver for Windows 10. Some people have had trouble finding it but it is definitely there you may have to scroll down and hit the "show all" button. Updating the driver has significantly improved my experience.
  3. Check Your Driver Versions - Cross reference your drivers with the available Windows 10 drivers on the site. You can do this by going to Control Panel - Uninstall a Program - scroll to the right to check the versions. If you've updated through the Intel Driver Update Utility then you shouldn't have to update any Intel drivers from the site except the graphics driver. However there are other drivers here for things like your Webcam and other drivers that were released in 07/2015 and beyond. Just look and see if it says Windows 10 and if you haven't updated it in awhile then update it. If you already have a certain up-to-date driver installed the computer will tell you that you already have it before you install it.
  4. Google Chrome - There is a couple of problems that I'm experiencing and have experienced with Chrome thus far. The first issue which may definitely happen to you at any given time is Chrome will break and stop working. When you open the browser it will just hang on a blank screen and a little dialog box to "Kill The Pages" will appear. Some fixes included right clicking the Chrome icon on your desktop, click the compatibility tab, and uncheck the Windows 8 compatibility mode. This worked the very first time for me but then I had it happen again after a Cumulative Update for Windows 10 in late August. I had to reinstall Chrome and restart my computer a few times and then it suddenly worked. There's no official reason that I've discovered on forums that are causing this to happen which is a big bummer. The second issue with Chrome is constant zooming, you'll notice while using Chrome on the Yoga 2 Pro that it will constantly zoom while you're scrolling through pages. I haven't found a fix for this just yet but as soon as I do it will likely be posted in the comments section.
  5. Screen Flickering - It's like we just can't get away with this issue, the above fix in this article is still relevant for a completely separate reason so do still follow the steps. This new issue which many users are experiencing is directly related to Windows 10. For me it only happens when I'm on battery power now. If this is happening to you while it's plugged in then go to your notification center which is next to the date and time on the bottom right hand of your screen. Open it click on All Settings - System - Battery Saver, disable the battery saver option on that screen and uncheck the box in the Battery Saver Settings. This should stop it from flickering while plugged in. However this issue still happens when I go on battery power, I have actively looked with some of my readers for a fix but there is nothing solid online. I think that it has something to do with the Energy Manager and the Battery Saver option. Even though it's disabled I believe there is still a compatibility error between the two. The Energy Manager has not yet been updated by Lenovo for Windows 10 which is what also leads me to be suspicious about the compatibility. Read the update below for a fix that worked for me.
  6. Microsoft Edge - I can't go on a rant about this browser here in this article but if you really want to read what I have to say then check out this short article I wrote on Windows 10.

Update 09/11/2015: Screen Flashing - I've had a struggle with the Intel Driver Update Utility updating my graphics driver to correct version. If you've already followed the steps and got the graphics version ending in 4279 from the Intel site here then you're good to go. It is important to do a clean install of this graphics driver - uninstall the original in control panel, restart your computer and install the new one you got. Your screen will be strange after the restart but don't freak out just install the new one straight away don't open a browser or anything. My screen was flashing while on battery power and it was almost unusable until I plugged it back in. Now that I've updated the driver to the 4279 I haven't had the issue. This seems to have fixed the problem!

5. Juice Up and Personalize Google Chrome

I wasn't a big fan of Google Chrome when it first came out years ago, but it definitely grew on me. Chrome is fast, efficient, personable, and provides a smooth browsing experience. So let's get to some extensions that make your browsing life even better.

The following are a short list of extensions that'll help to make your browsing more secure and less annoying.

AdBlock Premium or AdBlock:

I currently use AdBlock Premium. My experience has been great, and I've seen it block some 300+ ads on one popular site. DO NOT USE this on Hulu if you're watching shows, it gives you blank ads and sometimes won't reload the video once the timer on the supposed ad is up. You can whitelist sites to use it on, so just experiment a bit. Click the title to get the extension.

Update 07/12/2014 ***** See below for a possible issue involving Microsoft Silverlight***


I also use Ghostery, which allows you to block any/all trackers placed on sites, protecting your privacy. I've seen some sites utilizing over 100 trackers and what's great about this extension is that once you block it the first time, the trackers are blocked across all sites. Sometimes blocking some trackers will not allow you to do some things on the site but you can always unblock those trackers once you find out which ones you need. To get this extension just click on the link above.

HTTPS Everywhere:

Another great extension that turns web pages you visit into secure HTTPS pages. Doing so helps to block trackers and surveillance from regular HTTP sites that are insecure. It's important to read the details page at the above link so you know how to address pages that load improperly and how to turn off HTTPS Everywhere.

UPDATE: 07/12/2014 Re: Amazon Instant Video & Microsoft Silverlight: Over the past couple of weeks I've had an issue with Microsoft Silverlight crashing on Amazon Instant Video. I do believe that it may have something to do with this extension in conjunction with AdBlock. The best fix for this problem is to run the browser in Incognito Mode and not permit AdBlock Premium or HTTPS Everywhere to run. I've emailed the developers and am currently awaiting a response.

My Chrome Theme:

Now you can personalize your Chrome browser with a theme-making extension. Definitely a must-see to take the boring out of your browser.

These are some of the most-used extensions to help you feel better about your security and privacy of online browsing. Don't forget you can also allow any of these in Incognito Mode by going to Chrome Settings > Extensions and checking the boxes. There are many, many, other extensions that may increase your browsing experience, but these are just the basics. Now that you've got your Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro in top-notch shape, you can use it at its full potential.

What Do You Think?

What's the biggest problem you have with your Lenovo Yoga Pro 2?

  • Poor WiFi/Bluetooth Connection
  • Flickering Screen
  • The Weird Yellow Color
  • Something Else
  • Nothing. Mine Works Great!
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Hildy 6 weeks ago

This Yoga is very frustrating. I tried fixing the problem I was having with the keyboard. It wasn't working. I thought I had changed it to tablet mode, so tried changing it back to laptop mode. Got the thing all screwed up. Now it wants a startup password. Husband doesn't know the password and it's his computer. How can I find the password even though I can't get into the system? I am using my IPad. Thanks

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 7 weeks ago from Idaho Author

Hey Kids!!!! Long time no see! So you're leaving the Y2P behind :-( I unfortunately will be doing the same this upcoming year for the same exact reasons. But I'm going to keep mine for any future updates. I do need to go through and re-update this article. If you're looking to sell I'd say that Ebay is probably going to be your best bet OR you can go the forum route and find someone in a tech forum who is looking for a good computer. Definitely don't go and try to trade it in at like a Best Buy or anything they give you the minimum possible. I'd say a good asking price is around $500 - $600 still especially if it's in immaculate condition. I wouldn't factory reset though if you're running Win 10 because it will go all the way back to Win 8 and the new user may not be eligible for the free upgrade to Win 10. You'll have to find a way to wipe all your info without resetting it to factory. If you can find a friend who would buy it that's probably your best route. Let me know what you do and I'm super sad to see you go!!!!

Chance - great find! I think we mention it somewhere in here that was one of the first fixes that came out! Definitely great to have it upwards in the comments in case another user does a quick gander here! Thank you for the input!

Chance Trahan 7 weeks ago

I found a fix for the Flickering Screen! Someone posted this and it seems to work:

right click on your desktop home screen and go to graphics properties - power - on battery -Panel self-refresh. Set that to disable

kmeal20 7 weeks ago

hi! i've got a random question--my work situation is requiring me to get an apple, and therefore i'd like to sell my yoga2 pro. any thoughts on the best route to go?

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 2 months ago from Idaho Author

Hi Jonathan! Well that's terrible that is happening to you! I play modded Minecraft pretty heavily for hours on mine HDMI'd to my tv with a browser and other programs running and it get REALLY hot but I've never had it shut off because of the temperature. Have you updated your BIOS? It's clear that the game your playing is putting too heavy of a load on the i5 or i7 processor you have, we don't have a GPU in these guys so that load hits it pretty heavy. When is the last time that you updated your BIOS? I could be wrong but I believe most of your power management is managed through BIOS. I'm pretty sure that you're running at Maximum through the lenovo energy manager already. I would check your BIOS version and get the latest from Lenovo's site for it, it may help. If not then there some mismanagement going on in there somewhere that you've got to narrow down. Also update all your drivers as well if you haven't done so already, Win 10 has been good at doing it automatically but it's always good to do your due diligence with that. Keep us posted here too!

Jonathan 2 months ago

Hello, i had this laptop for a while now and I do enjoy to occasionally play games on it. On almost every game I play the laptop tends to overheat and if I keep playing it will shutdown due to the high temperature. Now i know it's not a gaming laptop but it still seems really weird for it to overheat soo much. It also heats up a lot when I do something as simple as going on Facebook.

Do you know about this problem and do you know if there is a good solution for it?

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 2 months ago from Idaho Author

Hey Guys,

Haven't been able to check my page here in awhile! Sorry about that. Well Kidsmeal! I think that word bubble is a notification? I have it too sometimes and its because of something usually some system notification.

Matt - I've never had my keyboard make any sounds. Maybe you have some third party software installed or stick keys activated? But I don't think any of us on here have had sounds before. Must be pretty annoying.

Helen - OS Toto Driver? Hmm never heard of it until now. If you're on Win 10 it's been pretty good at updating the necessary drivers. Better than last year when it first released. What else do you use it for?

TS - Did you ever get this fixed? Mine did this once and I had to manually uninstall the drivers it was updating and reinstall them. That's if you remember which drivers they were. If all fails do a system restore from a really current restore point.

Amine - Definitely should have made the move to Win 10, if you're still on Win 8 as of now it's no longer free to upgrade to Win 10! I've been enjoying my Win 10 experience far better than Win 8. It's continuously gotten better over the year and has been a really smooth ride.

O O H97 - I don't think I'm too clear on what's happening to your computer. If you're on a Yoga 11 it does have some different hardware components that the Y2P 13. Give us more details!

Q O H97 2 months ago

After I sign in on my laptop which is a lenovo yoga 2 11, I see the background image and taskbar only have tree things. While pressing on multiple on key on my keyboard, a response shows up that said "The programs are not running". How can I fix it?

Amine 2 months ago

hi FAL i have one question

do you think it's better to stay on widows 8 or i upgrad my yoga 2 pro for widows 10

TS 3 months ago

My Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro was trying to install updates when I lost Internet connectivity. Then it tried to reverse and uninstall but is stuck with just the swirling circle and I can't get anything to stop it. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Helen O. 3 months ago

There was a flickering screen after Windows 10 upgrade. I fixed the display drivers with OSToto Driver Talent. The problem was gone. Thank you.

Matt 3 months ago

Hi. Does anybody know how to turn off keyboard sounds on the Yoga 2 Pro?

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 3 months ago from Idaho Author

Hey Simon and Viral,

I don't particularly run mine in either of those modes. When it updated to Win 10 awhile back it was doing some weird things like touch functions were working and the on-screen keyboard was being weird. So I haven't used it since then - minus the on-screen keyboard which I've used and it seems to be working much better. As far as the heat goes it's pretty rare but mine does get a bit hot when I'm running Chrome + Inkscape + Itunes + Projection to HDMI. Chrome itself is a resource hog. Let us know what you find out Viral!!!!

Viral 3 months ago

Hey Jstyle & Simon, apologies for not checking in sooner, but I completely forgot. Simon, I see that I can make the switch you mentioned with regards to video playback in Firefox, but for whatever reason, my full screen videos work now with no issues. Something must have updated, thankfully.

Coincidentally, Simon, my laptop also gets super hot in ordinary mode, especially while watching a video. Nothing terribly new here and no beeping, but it becomes unbearable in my lap during the summer heat. I'll place a call to Lenovo and let you know if I discover a fix!

Simon 4 months ago

Anyone finding there machine runs hot particularly in tent or tablet mode. Sometimes mine even starts beeping and I have to flip it into normal mode to get it to run more cooler.

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 4 months ago from Idaho Author

Hey Phil,

Thanks for reading! It's definitely a major downfall BUT it's also a fixable issue. You definitely can upgrade the wireless card to the AC one! There's a video floating on youtube for self installation or you can take it to someone and they really shouldn't charge you a bunch for it. I'm looking to upgrade to something else this year but I won't abandon my Y2P as it'll still be my home use computer.

Phil 4 months ago

Single band WiFi is abysmal, at work I need to use a dual band adapter to handle interference.

Simon 6 months ago

Hey Viral,

issue was reproduced only in Firefox in my case and i fixed it by seting media.mediasource.webm.enabled parameter to true in about:config settings. Issue was never reproduced in Chrome or Edge. I hope you have the same one and my solution will help. Cheers!

Simon 6 months ago

Hey Viral, i have the same issue. Youtube videos are stuttering when fullscreen. I;m using latest graphic drivers from Intel. I've tried reinsyalling browsers, Adobe Flash, swithcing Panel Refresh off, nothing helped. I think it's the driver issue and i'll try to rollback to old Lenovo graphic drivers.

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 6 months ago from Idaho Author

Hey Viral! Sorry for the super late reply :( but I haven't had that issue before ever. You could try uninstalling your flash player from chrome and reinstalling it. If you have two different flash players then that could be it too. The biggest issue I had was a white border on the side of my screen but as of last week it mysteriously disappeared. I don't have a clue how or why. Make sure you're running 64 bit chrome just as a check. Let me know if you've fixed it and thank you for reading!

Viral 6 months ago

Hey, Jstyle. Posted on here a while back and I'm glad to see things are as active and helpful as ever! Anyway, do you have any trouble when playing videos full screen? They don't lag for me, but they're sometimes very jumpy and stuttering. In those instances, I can't watch full screen because it never stops. Any thoughts? Thanks, man!

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 7 months ago from Idaho Author

Hi everyone, sorry for the delay I've been out of town for about a month! Thank you to everyone for keeping the info alive on this long flickering issue. I have gone a clear two months without one flicker and have been running the battery down to dead-zone almost every other day and running EM in conservation mode. Jpsham thank you for reading and input, I'm glad that this article and user contributions have helped you out! Lenovo CS aren't very helpful at all in my experience.

Law I have experienced a performance problem in tablet mode along with bugs involving the keyboard and overall touch experience. That was about a month ago and I haven't tried it in any other mode than laptop since. There has been updates since then that were auto-downloaded by Windows so I'll have to test it again.

Mika you are just bombed by this flickering issue with no resolution!! It seems to be reluctant to end for you which is quite terrible. Let us know how that beta turns out for you!

Thanks again to all the users for their contributions! This article has been heavily supported by everyone that has contributed.

MikA 7 months ago

Now moved to .4404 Beta Driver, we'll see.

law 7 months ago

Hi there,

Anyone notice a drop of performance when the laptop move into tent mode compare to normal laptop mode.

It's annoying to experience the drop of performance and things start to lag... anyway to bypass it?

MikA 7 months ago

Sorry, even the latest intel Driver doesn't fix the flickering. It is rarer now, but far from gone. I had't seen it for quite some days, now it appears again from time to time and even shorter (on battery).

jpsham 7 months ago

Hi JStyle,

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I had this very annoying sreen flickering issue for almost a month on my Yoga 2 Pro after Win 10 upgrade. I had restored back to 8.1 and reinstalled Win 10 and tried a bunch of other suggestions that didn't work until I found your post today. You described the exact problem that I had with screen flickering on battery. I tried downloading the latest Intel Graphic driver 4300 and that fixed the problem, a least after a good hour of work on battery. Thank you and everyone who contributed. Lenovo CS is definitely a dead zone, no one answered ... no support whatsoever.

kmeal20 7 months ago

hey everyone!

just wondering from the group--has anyone noticed what looks like a word bubble with a number next to it on their lock screen, underneath the date and time? i have a screen shot of it as well that i just can't share on here. upon startup, there is no bubble, but after that, anytime i am on the lock screen it appears. no one seems to know what it is!

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 7 months ago from Idaho Author

Hi Law,

Great to hear from you again! I did have that problem back in 8.1 and I opened my task manager to see how many resources Chrome was pulling. For me at the time it was extensions that I had installed, so I uninstalled them and then uninstalled Chrome. It hasn't happened since but everyone's problem could most definitely be different. It could just be a fluke that it's happening to you. Thanks again for keeping in touch!!

Law 7 months ago

Good to see more lenovo users here. Great place to share your experience.

I'm still using it with windows 8.1 as i believe it's the best platform for it.

The only issue i'm still having is every time i turn on a new tab on Chrome, when i try to type on URL bar... it lags (always)

it's such pain in the ass as we all use browses a lot everyday.

I had try uninstall and reinstall with the 64-bit version but it's still the same. Only have this problem with Chrome.

Anyone got any idea to solve this?

Other than that, it will be good to learn few ways to speed up our lenovo yoga 2 performance. it's been almost 2 years now. if anyone have any particular app to speed up this machine. please feel free to share.

Other than that, i've been having a good experience with this machine. Cheers

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 8 months ago from Idaho Author

hey MikA trust me I understand your frustration with them. My first machine had to be replaced and my second machine issues prompted this article. Hmm I haven't thought of adding that 4300 driver, but like I said I haven't had the screen problem in awhile (fingers crossed) and have been actively running the battery down daily. I do use the EM Conservation battery mode as well. Well just keep an eye on it and let us know if it happens again. I really wish that they would come to a complete resolution with this problem.

MikA 8 months ago

Sorry, was very annoyed yesterday. But to be honest, Lenovo actually deserves at least a bit of it. Of course, remove it, if you dont want it on your blog - i can understand it.

I Just got the machine back from support with a 2 years old Win 8 (!) image. Played a couple of days with it - no errors - updated to Win 10 - ended up the .4279 graphic driver - and back it was.

Just yesterday i updated to a intel driver .4300 from 1.10.2015, I am not sure it was really the latest, as there were some drivers where I was not sure which one was the right for me.

No blackening today, but it just runs for a couple of hours.

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 8 months ago from Idaho Author

Hi Arcy,

Thanks for your kind words, my issues with Lenovo support stretch a ways back and I wanted to write an informative article on how to actually get this ultrabook to a working fashion.... as it should have came out of the box. Before I get on your question I have to answer MikA. Hey MikA it's such a bummer that you had to go through that. Since I've updated to the newest intel graphics driver from the intel site I haven't had a blackening screen on battery. This isn't to say that the problem is fixed because the last time it was a month or so before it happened again. So far since about the last week of Jan I haven't had that problem. I wasn't able to post your comment due to the profane language and certainly I'm no saint myself when it comes to profanity but I didn't want that on this page. I wanted to respond to you so that your comment didn't go ignored. Thanks for taking the time to read, I really appreciate it!

Now Arcy, I have the latest BIOS from the Yoga 2 Pro support page that was listed on 08/2015 file name: 76CN43WW. I had no issues trying to install it back then. You can check your BIOS version by booting to BIOS at startup to see what version you have. The only driver that I had a problem with was the graphics driver but I give the workaround in this article. I no longer update my graphics driver through the Yoga 2 Pro driver page on Lenovo's site. Have you been having the blackening screen issue while on battery since your Win 10 update? Thanks again for reading! Please let me know if there are any other problems.

One last thing to everyone new and old readers... you may have an error issue installing the new Intel Smart Connect driver from the Lenovo page. I had to uninstall the Intel Smart Connect from the Control panel and then update the new one and it worked fine. Thanks everyone for the great interaction!!

Arcy B 8 months ago

Thanks for this blog post! It is great that lenovo yoga 2 pro users take the time to do a detailed blog about issues we are having with our machines and fixes when available.

Have you tried updating the bios to the new 4300?

I noticed when I visited the Lenovo driver site that a few of my drivers are old compared to what is listed. If I click on update it tells me I have the latest installed [head scratch].

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 8 months ago from Idaho Author

Hi Ross!

I swore that I responded to your post a few days ago when you posted it, sorry for the delay. Great to hear that problem is now fixed! Not great to hear that you don't have any idea of what's going on. Since my Win 10 update I have some issues with the transitioning and using it in certain modes like tablet. I'm wondering if Lenovo needs to update the transition driver to be compatible with Win 10. Lastly I've deleted out most of the Lenovo bloat ware except transitions, I'm not even sure it's important to have but I don't want to delete it. If anyone else has had a slow browser issue please let us know! Til then take care and come back with any other problems!

Ross 8 months ago

I am following up on my previous post about browsers slowing down. I disabled Transitions.exe in Startup. I may have done some other stuff, but after that the problem disappeared. I have now reenabled it, and everything is still running ok. I don't understand, but it is ok now so I am a happy camper.

Ross 8 months ago

I have an issue. After my computer goes to sleep and then resumes, everything slows to a crawl. I mostly notice this with my browsers, both Chrome and Firefox; with 20 to 30 seconds between screens. The only fix I have found is to reboot. Anyone else have this problem or have an idea to fix it.

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 8 months ago from Idaho Author

Hey Kids,

I just checked mine as well and on battery settings it was also switched to on again. This is strange I've definitely disabled it awhile ago but have since then updated my driver. Have you? If so maybe the settings reset itself each time?? Hmmmm strange.

kmeal20 8 months ago

hey again j

just wanted to update you that every time my screen has flickered again, i've checked and the intel graphics control panel setting panel refresh has always been reset to enabled. once i disable that, the flickering goes away. i'm not sure why it continues to re-enable itself.

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 8 months ago from Idaho Author

Hi Marazeem,

Thank you for reading! I totally understand your frustration!!! Their support is so limited and half the time it is unqualified outsourced customer service which only adds to the TOP of my frustration. This is why I wrote the article, there was soo many fixes beyond what Lenovo support was able to offer that I wanted everyone to know how to make their Ultrabook a real product again. The screen flickering issue is totally on-going and not resolved, though it does happen to me rarely now and only when I'm on battery power; never when plugged in. It definitely has something to do with the graphics driver and putting the latest one directly from the intel site has solved it 98% of the time. You can find it by typing 4th Gen Intel Graphics Driver and navigating to the link that takes you to the Intel site. Do note that if you have the Lenovo pre-installed version or the version from Lenovo support that you will have to uninstall it first and then install the new one. Lenovo seems to block any graphics driver that they don't sign themselves but it's an easy workaround. The trackpad issue was an easy fix! On the Yoga 2 Pro support and downloads page on lenovo's site they have a driver for Win 10 and it has totally fixed the problem. The only issue that I have found across most laptops outside of lenovo is a zooming issue when actively scrolling in both Edge and Chrome, this could be a general Win 10 bug. If you aren't on Win 10 and still on 8.1 I'd suggest an upgrade. Also if there's any other issues leave a comment here first before contacting the frustrating Lenovo CS. I have readers here that are very helpful and active in helping me solve my other readers issues!! Thanks again for the read!!

Marazeem 8 months ago

Unprofessional & totally lack of support: Touchpad periodically unresponsive + issues with screen. Lenovo failed to fix the problem and every time they just reinstalled win8 and send it back to me ...

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 8 months ago from Idaho Author

Hi Ross,

Thank you for stopping by and taking a read, this article has reached over a hundred thousand readers having similar issues. Windows 10 is a significant jump from Windows 8.1 and I'm pretty satisfied with it as well. Thanks again!

Ross 9 months ago

Just wanted to say thanks for hosting this. I have found solutions to issues and I am glad you are doing it. I did not like Windows 8.1 and I can also say that I don't really like Windows 10, but it is getting better.

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 9 months ago from Idaho Author

Hey Kids,

Sorry I haven't responded in awhile my Hubpages notifications were going to the wrong folder in my email. I haven't experienced these issues when I upgraded. But I also have gone to the Lenovo site and manually updated the drivers as of a month or two ago. They released some new ones since the Win 10 update, but they don't automatically update. So I had to open my control panel in the uninstall a program section and cross reference what I could with the drivers that were avail. It was a bit time consuming. The new intel driver I got directly from the site as well. The versions that the Update Utility gives are titled differently and I'm not sure if it's installing the right ones. If you've tried those things then I'm quite puzzled as to what's going on! Let me know!

kmeal20 9 months ago

hey all! after the windows update happened today (i am using windows 10), my screen has been SUPER weird--not flickering, but it is having some color issues and sometimes the screen shifts over and gets fuzzy before going back to normal.

come on, lenovo and windows. get it together.

kmeal20 9 months ago

hey there!

can everyone let me know if they're having regular occurrences of their keyboard not working in laptop mode? it's happening more often for me, and i have to shut down completely and then power on for it to start working again.


iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 10 months ago from Idaho Author


This is the problem that we have all been having. A temporary fix for me was shutting off the self panel refresh in the graphics control panel. Thanks to Kidsmeal for that fix. Today for the first time in weeks it happened. Again it only happens with me when I'm on battery power and my battery was quite low when I booted it up. Immediately upon pluggin it in the flashing stopped. I just can't put my finger on it, people say it's because of the graphics driver and I think it's because of the power management by Lenovo. If another fix comes up you'll see it here and if any of my other readers have anything please post it!!! For now it's just something we are going to have to deal with.

REL 10 months ago

I have installed windows 10. My screen is also periodically going haywire. It flickers to a psychedelic chaos of many many small bars of many different colors. If I move the cursor this problem does completely disappear! Stop moving the cursor and the problem then immediately returns. Eventually the problem typically ceases, but I am not at all sure why. Restarting does not tend to help resolve this issue. I have update the bios and initially thought that the problem was solved, but it has returned.

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 11 months ago from Idaho Author

Hey John,

I have only experienced this once with a certain TV when I hooked the HDMI up to it. I noticed that it just wasn't scaling the screen properly, luckily we were only use it to watch a movie and as soon as I went to full screen it adjusted itself. I tried to adjust the resolution to the native of what the tv was set to and it fixed it but there was still some parts of the bottom of the screen were cut off. I then set my screen to 3200 x 1800 on the Y2P and it fixed it completely. Not sure how or why that would have fixed it but it did, the only thing was that the icons were pretty small on the tv. If you have the new November update of Windows 10 and still having the issue then I would write a bug report in the Microsoft Community Forums, Windows 10 is supposed to address all the scaling problems from 8.1 but clearly hasn't. Let me know if you find any other fixes for that and thank you for reading!

John R. 11 months ago

My problem is trying to use an external display for presenting. Most projectors are only HD and when I set up a separate display - the external display appears as if the resolution is set for the blind! the icons/type are huge and I can't get much on the screen. Has anyone else tried adjusting the output on an external display? The custom resolution suggestion only seems to work for the primary display scaling, not for the external.

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 11 months ago from Idaho Author

Hi Neilson, thanks for taking a read! So you're experiencing the screen flashing I'm guessing. This was a problem that one of my readers Kidsmeal has seemed to have fixed:

This can be easily fixed with turning OFF the PANEL SELF REFRESH option in Intel display driver control panel, in Power options. That's all.

If you have followed the directions in this article, there will be an Intel Graphics Control Panel option on your desktop or you can right-click on your desktop and it should be an option there. Follow the above directions! I was having the same problem along with a few others here but this fixed has seemed to have worked as I haven't had it since. Try it out and let us know!!!

Neilson 11 months ago

Hi, I am still experiencing the flickering screen bug even after applying the changes to the adaptive brightness settings. I think this issue has started after I updated to windows 10 and rolled back to 8.1.

The screen flicks for maybe a couple minutes or until I restart the laptop and I have noticed that when I move my mouse pad while it flicks, it stops flicking momentarily until I stop.

Please help. Has anyone been able to resolve this issue?

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 11 months ago from Idaho Author

Jim - Thanks for stopping by and reading! I haven't had that issue that you're having nor have any other readers here brought it up. Have you tried looking into the Lenovo forums? I'd check to see if there is any unwanted software that may have either installed itself or came with a third-party software you may have downloaded from sites like softpedia. Softwares like Conduit come as a package on sites like softpedia, so just take a look see in your control panel - uninstall a program section to ensure that everything you have is something you've installed yourself. If you haven't then promptly uninstall them and run your Windows Defender. If not then I would suggest a System Refresh possibly restore.

Lothar - This solution was on the Lenovo forums from awesome power user Indest. Please check out the link and threads to see if it addresses your problem. His solution is as follows:

Maybe this might help others...

His problem was that the system drivers were failing to load automatically. They were set to manual load.

The fix to his problem:

Win+R- regedit- HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\SystemEventsBroker-Start

Change from 3 to 2.

The link to the forum is here:

Hope this helps and definite credit to Lenovo forum user Indest!

McHilr - Thanks for taking a read! Well Windows 10 is likely the last version of Windows to come out possibly ever. It will be an ever evolving OS that is going to apply automatic updates to the OS via the Windows Update. So far minus the beginning issues we all experienced things have been running quite smoothly. Sure there's still a zoom issue I have when scrolling on both Edge and Chrome but it's something you can live through. The screen flashing problem was solved by Kidsmeal and verified by myself and a couple of other users in the most recent comments here. I would definitely switch while it's free as I personally don't see any future support coming to Windows 8.1 after next year. There's great features and the OS is definitely streamlined from it's predecessor. The issues are definitely manageable and I think the overall experience has been great so far. Plus if you run into issues you can always post them here or on my Windows 10 article page and I'll do my best to get you some answers! Thanks again!

McHilr 11 months ago

Glad that i search for windows 10 issues on Y2P and found this article . . . Any suggestions guys? should i upgrade or stick with my Win8.1?? LOL, I think its an obvious question considering the many issues encountered by upgrading to win10 i hope Lenovo update and fixes this issues and just don't leave us on our own trying to figure out the possible solution. Guys update us if its fully fix and i would upgrade my Y2P to win10! . . . :D

lothar22 12 months ago

Thanks for this amazing resource.

Has anyone had issues with the automatic screen rotation for tent and tablet mode? It worked nicely on Windows 8.1 but ever since changing to Windows 10 it does not work anymore. I've made sure that autorotate is "on" by pressing the little button on the right side. Also, the Windows 10 Rotation Lock is off. But it doesn't autorotate. I can flip the screen manually via Shift-Ctrl-Up/Down/Left/Right, however.

jim 12 months ago

Hi my Lenovo Yoga 2.13 has a problem at time where is just stop to think may last 4 min any ideas?

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 12 months ago from Idaho Author

Thanks Kids! The panel self refresh has seemed to alleviate the problem so far!!

@Aymin - You're very welcome! If you have any questions or issues please post them here in the comments and the readers along with myself will try to help you out! Thanks for reading!

Ayman Nabil profile image

Ayman Nabil 12 months ago from yemen

Thank you for this wonderful article

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 12 months ago from Idaho Author

hey guys so I shut off the panel self refresh while on battery and I'm about to test it out. I definitely think it has something to do with Intel because right when I clicked on the Display option my screen wonked out for a moment. Hopefully this works!!! Thanks for keeping me updated!!!

kmeal20 12 months ago

hi clement and j

i still haven't had the issue by turning off the panel refresh, and it looks like clement is also all good. my issue was identical to yours, j, so i think it's a graphics driver issue.

clement, i'm still a little confused about your solution because you uninstalled the intel graphics control panel, but still have access to it. i'd like to replicate what you did, to save on battery power--can you post some steps to take? sorry if i'm the only one confused on your solution.

thanks guys!

clement 12 months ago

Hey man, still no problem with my screen flashing since I played around a bit with the Intel drivers.

But when I still had the issue, I remember that it was always with the computer working on battery. Also, when the flashing started I could move my mouse and it would stop flashing until I stopped moving it. Updating the Synaptics driver didn't change it. Sooo not so different from your case.

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 12 months ago from Idaho Author

Hey Kids,

So just a quick update for you and everyone about this screen flashing issue that everyone seems to be experiencing as of lately. Today I turned my computer on while it was NOT plugged in and used it for about 10 minutes. Within two minutes of turning on the screen started to flash and just flat out turn off and go black. Everytime I would move the mouse it would flash again and if I kept moving the mouse it would flash even faster. I'm trying to make the connection between it is it the mouse driver that I got from the Lenovo site? Is it still the graphics driver? Is it a combination of the two? Does anyone have the universal synaptics driver that is not from the Lenovo site - might someone want to try? Let me know guys any update would be awesome!!! :-) Thanks again!

Tomer 12 months ago

I had the Chrome lagging problem and when I disabled hardware acceleration and applied recommended compatibility settings the problem solved.


iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 12 months ago from Idaho Author

Hi Clement,

Hmm I never thought about Win 10 automatically installing an additional graphics driver. From what I've read the flashing is due to a conflict in drivers somewhere, so theoretically you could be correct. I'm going to have to look into this more. I haven't had a screen flash in almost a week now. Let me know if you guys find anything more!

Clement 12 months ago

Hey guys, here a little bit more information:

- I indeed have uninstalled the Intel graphics control panel in the "Programs & Functionnalities" Menu in the control Panel, as Kids said

- I thought that the program was deleted but if I right-click on the desktop I still have the special intel graphics action menu and I can still open the control panel, even if the program was uninstalled

- The control panel is not on the "Programs and functionnalities" list anymore

- The panel self refresh option is enabled

- Still no screen flashing, and it has been more than a week

Is it possible that updating to Win10 installs an other version of the intel control panel automaticly, as Win10 tries to update all drivers? In this case uninstalling one version could have solved the problem.

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 12 months ago from Idaho Author

Hey Kids!! Thanks for that information! Clement - Definitely follow Kids directions and see what that does for you! If it works please post it here, if you experience any other issues please also post them here. I hope that it may solve it if not I'll continue looking. I'm still have a flashing issue but it's only once every now and then and not as often as before.

Law - Chrome could be lagging for multiple reasons. Make sure you are running the 64 bit version first off. Next if you're using any third-party Antivirus please try to uninstall it, the firewalls may be preventing Chrome from working properly. Also Windows Defender is very adequate now in keeping your system safe it makes no use of having a third party Antivirus. Lastly this is the only forum that I found so far that addressed a slow chrome with Windows 10:!topic/chrome/J-vACZcpmeo check it out!! Let me know what happens and thank you for reading!

Law 12 months ago

My y2p is still under warranty so will send it in to service my usb3.0 port.

Lately i am experiencing slow performance on google chrome. even scrolling on this webpage, there seems to be some hiccups. it is just not smooth scrolling up and down.

I first experience this when i attempt to carry out some changes on my wix webpage.

Anyone know how to improve the performance?

kmeal20 12 months ago

hey clement! did you uninstall the intel graphics control panel? if you could share more specifics that would help. going back to windows 8.1 did NOT solve my problem, but this seems to have (another solution?):

Screen flickering and banding is a well known issue with Intel's display drivers for Yoga 2 Pro in both Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

This can be easily fixed with turning OFF the PANEL SELF REFRESH option in Intel display driver control panel, in Power options. That's all.

Lenovo's customized Intel's display drivers don't even have this option, so the flickering doesn't happen with Lenovo's drivers. But Lenovo never updates its drivers, so it's better to download latest Intel's drivers and turn off the Panel self refresh option.

But since Panel self refresh option lowers the power consumption on battery for almost entire 1 watt, turning it off is a noticeable tradeoff...

Clement 12 months ago

Hi! I was having the same flashing screen issue as described in your (amazing) article and I was really thinking about going back to Windows 8.1... I tried everything, from updating the Intel drivers to the last version, or going back to older versions.

But apparently for me, uninstalling the Intel graphic driver software was the solution. I am currently running on, signed by microsoft, and no problem in the last 5 days. (Also, it seems like my battery life has improved a lot)

Maybe it can help someone :)

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 12 months ago from Idaho Author

Hi Eliquid!

Thank you for taking a read! Well we can safely assume that this is not a driver issue. If you've replaced the keyboard with an OEM one I would make sure that the connection under the hood is connected properly. I'm sure you have done this before but that could be an underlying problem. Your husband would have to take the bottom out and ensure that the keyboard connection is secure by flipping up the clip and then down. If it is and since you've had it replaced before it might be that the actual connector on the board that is bad or defective. Have you tried to go into another mode like - Tent Mode or Tablet and then revert back to the original mode to test the keyboard? Some users that have had unresponsive keyboards have done that and it works which then means that it could be the Lenovo Transition software. If in fact it does return to working condition after switching modes then you can assume that your connections are fine and it may have something to do with the Lenovo transition software, since that software I believe is responsible for deactivating the keyboard when in the other modes. Lenovo Transition may be affected by Windows 10 according to the Lenovo site. So you can also try to uninstall and reinstall that just in case. Let me know what happens and if I come across anything else I'll post it here in the comments.

Eliquidl84 12 months ago

I'm wondering if you've encountered any keyboard related issues regarding actual individual keys not responding. Thankfully I've not encountered any of the above issues and have built-in tech support with my husband, however we've already replaced the keyboard once, updated the drivers and reverted back to factory settings and after some windows updates I cannot use the shift key to create quotations, caps letters, question marks etc. When I hit the "o" key I get an o and a u the t, h and sometimes d bring up the letter g and I cannot access by task manager using ctrl + alt + dlt. When I type too fast (70+ wpm) I'm exed out of my document and randomly the screen brightness changes on me. I'm a writer, it's kind of important that these keys work, so it's very frustrating not having a keyboard properly respond. I do like this notebook, everything works other than this keyboard glitch. Any suggestions?

kmeal20 12 months ago

hey hey

one final update from me. i am actually still having the same flicker issue with windows 8.1 now. keep me posted on if you find anything. this sucks!

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 12 months ago from Idaho Author

Hi Linda! Thank you for taking the time to read the article! I really like to stay engaged with my readers here for any updates on the product. I'm glad that you found it a good read and thank you for the follow!


Hi Law how are you? There's a ton of new updates since the Windows 10 release and I've had to change some of the directions in this article since then. My best suggestion for you is to definitely get that new BIOS update if you haven't installed it already and most definitely re-read the article and follow the steps in here to bring you up to date on your drivers. As far as your USB 3.0 port there could be a power management issue going on and there's definitely an updated driver for that in the Y2P support page. Please let me know if you need any help.

Law 12 months ago

Dated 6/7/15

my usb 3.0 suddenly fails me. i try several device on it, but nothing seems to be able to read it. (any idea to solve this issue, or must i visit the service center to resolve this hardware issue)

tried uninstalling usb driver from device manager but that does not help either.

During this process i visited lenovo driver's page for y2p. found that there are several new updates: such as

BIOS Update for Windows 8.1 (64-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit) - Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro (76CN43WW 8/13/2015)

anyone updated this driver yet? (if my laptop works fine should i even update this?)

Intel Graphics Driver for Windows 10 (64-bit) - Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro (10.18.15 .4240 7/15/2015)

Do you all just download all the latest software updates?

Linda Robinson60 profile image

Linda Robinson60 12 months ago from Cicero, New York

This is an absolutely fantastic hub, so much interesting and very detailed descriptions and help to many questions. Nice meeting you JStyle and I love your writing and look forward to reading more of your hubs. Linda

kmeal20 12 months ago

hello! i actually ended up going back to windows 8.1 this weekend because it was happening with such frequency. i went a long while with no issue, and then it would happen once in awhile. by thursday and friday, though, it happened every time i moved over to battery power, for at least 3 minutes each time. i think it might be best for me to hold out on moving to windows 10 for awhile--maybe i'll learn that they've resolved the issue! thanks for the help though, and i hope your yoga stops doing it!

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 12 months ago from Idaho Author

Hi Jeffrey,

Sorry for the late response I was out of town :-\ But I was able to get some reading done here:

and according to some readers there's a defect on Y2P's from 12/2013 and on which directly addresses the same mic problems that you're also having. I'm unsure if it is possible to get a replacement through Lenovo but if it's a known defect there still could be a possibility one should hope. I haven't found any other fixes anywhere, you could try to uninstall the mic in the device manager and then install a universal driver for Windows 8 or 10 which ever you use. Replacement should really be your worst case scenario, if your 3.5mm jack still works with a headset then you can use that for the time being :-( Let me know what you try or if you're able to find more info!


Ok so I too have had only one instance of the screen flashing happening on battery power. That was a week ago but since then I've run it down pretty far on battery power with no issues. Maybe the cumulative updates that Windows Update is pushing out could have some effect on it? I think they happen on Tuesday either in the beginning or end of the month. Jeez. Is yours recurring often? Mine isn't :-\ Let me know!!!!

kmeal20 12 months ago

hey j,

update: i wiped my whole computer, updated back to windows 10, then did everything you list, including (obviously) updating to the latest graphics driver. for a few weeks, i was all good, but my issue is back. NO! keep me posted if you read anything else on the issue, and thanks again for the help. darn!

Jeffrey 12 months ago

My microphone on my Y2P recently just stopped working and it won't work on anything (Skype, Audacity etc.) and I haven't been able to find any fixes online unfortunately. I was wondering if anyone else has had microphone issues and if they had how did they fix the issue?

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 13 months ago from Idaho Author

Hey Talha,

So the only solution I could find on the Lenovo forum on this was to downgrade back to Win 8.1. The process is apparently very easy, this article explains it very well:

Here's also a lovely article from Lenovo on what functions Windows 10 may have affect on:

I'm sorry that happened to you :-( if I read anything new I'll post it in a comment here! Thanks again!

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 13 months ago from Idaho Author

Hey Talha I'm going to look into it now I'll post any updates on here.

Talha M. 13 months ago

Ohh okay. Yea im still having troubles with the touchscreen when its in any mode other than laptop mode (i.e tablet mode). Do you know what could cause problems like that after an update from 8.1? Any other drivers or software i could download to help the issue? Thanks

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 13 months ago from Idaho Author

Hey Talha ,

That is the correct driver version, it is not an older driver that is the newest one according to Intel for our 4th Gen Core i5. This driver for myself has solved a big issue in Windows 10 with screen flashing. The other version that the Intel Driver Update Utility wants me to install is an older version 10.18.14 version. I still haven't heard back from Intel on why the update utility is prompting me to install older versions and not the current one you can manually install on their site. Since then no issues for me. If you've followed the directions in the article you should get your machine up to par! But if you still wanna go back to 8.1 I'd say that's a safe decision :-) Thanks again for reading!

Talha M. 13 months ago

Alright so now i got passed that error and was able to install the latest driver but for some reason it installs an older version, which is lol.

Im pretty confused now. Either way i think ill just go back to 8.1

Talha M. 13 months ago

Hey, thanks for responding. I cant seem to install the graphics driver from the intel website, it says "The driver being installed is not validated for this computer. Please obtain the appropriate driver from the computer manufacturer".

I am downloading this driver:

Is that the right one? if so how can i install it properly? Thanks

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 13 months ago from Idaho Author

Hi Talha! Thanks for reading! The only thing that I've read online about this is driver issues. You can try to follow the steps in this article to update your graphics driver and other Intel components. Get the latest graphics driver from the Intel site, uninstall your original driver and then reinstall your new one. For me and others this has fixed a bunch of problems with the screen flickering. There's also a Power Management update from the Lenovo site that you can install as well. If none of this works then I would try to downgrade back to Win 8.1 and wait until the next major update for Windows 10 is released which is coming within the next few months. Let me know what happens!

Talha M. 13 months ago

Hey, im having touchscreen problems ever since ive upgraded to windows 10. As soon as i start using the touchscreen for any program, everything begins to lag, the laptop is basically unusable with the touchscreen now. Anyone know about this or know how to fix it? Thanks

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 13 months ago from Idaho Author

Hey Kids,

I haven't had any issue since I reinstalled the new 4279 driver. I've run it all the way down on battery too. I used Maximum Power in the EM while on battery and nothing. I havent tried the other settings just yet on EM while on battery. I'll use them and see if it happens with those.

kmeal20 13 months ago

thanks j!

i had thought it was all good, but i just had the flicker again after about an hour on battery. my GD is up to date with .4279 version. let me know if the fix did work for you or if you still have it happening.


iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 13 months ago from Idaho Author

Hey Kids,

So thanks for bringing that up because it lead me to a couple of things. I updated my GD through update utility tool to version ending in 4241, followed the steps on the update utility and it says that it installed. When I opened my control panel my driver was 4222. So I ran the update utility again and it says that have 4241 installed but is giving me these other options for ones beginning with 15 and ending in 4264 and 4251.

This was confusing me so I went onto the Intel site and looked up the driver manually for our 4th Gen processors and found .4279 as the latest version. Needless to say that I uninstalled the version I had and did a clean install of the new one. You can find it here:

So far now I'm running on battery power with no glitches and no screen flashes. Around 5-10 mins on battery I would be having flashes, I'll run the battery all the way down just to make sure. I do suggest that everyone install this version to resolve the issue. I will update the article in the Intel section. I've also emailed Intel about the Driver Update Utility giving out wrong versions to update. Let me know how it goes for you!

kmeal20 13 months ago

Hey J, have you tried the below? If not, I will.

Try to un-install and install latest display driver and check if it helps

Follow the steps below.

Press Windows + X, click on Device Manager.

Expand Display adapter, right click on device and select Uninstall.

Download the latest driver from manufacturer’s website and install.

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 13 months ago from Idaho Author

@kids I was really hoping that it would fix the issue. I still have nothing yet and it's starting to bug me. If I get nothing by next week then I'm off to Lenovo support to ask. Thanks for the follow!!

kidsmeal 13 months ago


just wanted to let you know i tried the windows fix and it did NOT work for my flicker problem. whomp whomp. keep me posted on anything else you find!

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 13 months ago from Idaho Author

Sorry everyone I haven't been able to respond in awhile I was out of town!!!

Law: Thanks for reading, many people are having problems with their wifi so you're not alone in this! Have you tried using the Intel Driver Update Utility? It will give you the Intel PROset wireless driver and that should fix your problem. Some of the drivers on the Lenovo Support page aren't the latest driver so just try to get the new one and see what happens. If that doesn't solve your problem then you might want to rollback to Windows 8.1 and wait it out.

@Robert: What is weird to me is that this didn't happen right out of the box and that it just started happening. In my experience with this problem it happened right out of the box. I would give Lenovo a call and talk to their support team ask them if there was a recall for certain Y2P models for power management issues that affected the touchscreen. You do have all your drivers up to date right? If so we can rule out that it's a driver issue. The next thing you could do is ask Lenovo if they have any certified repair centers around you that you could take it in. If that fails then you can try to just get a new display on Ebay it's a Samsung display the same that's in the Ativ 9 I believe, and then you can have geek squad or a computer repair place install it. The only problem is that it may not be the display but the motherboard and how it's managing power to the display. FIGHT WITH LENOVO to have them send you a replacement if necessary. Such a bummer this has happened to you. Let me know! One more thing.... check the Lenovo Forums before you put money into it, maybe someone has a fix for you out there!!

@Kidsmeal ok so I'm having the same issue on battery power I just posted a thread on the Lenovo Forum to see if I can get an answer from someone at Lenovo. I think I've narrowed down the problem though.

1. Windows 10 comes with a Battery Saver option, I'm familiar with how it works because I have a Lumia device.

2. Energy Manager is still at .51 and hasn't been updated for Windows 10.

3. I don't think the two programs are compatible with each other. Even with Battery Saver off in the settings I think just having the protocol in the system is clashing with EM which really is only in use when you're on battery power only. I don't have the issue while plugged in. There was something on the Lenovo Support FAQ page where they said it had something to do with the Windows Error Reporting Service. Here's the link:

My only issue is that it doesn't describe EXACTLY what's happening as it's only happening on battery power. If you want to be a peach and try it out and update me that'd be TOTALLY awesome!!!

As soon as I get an update on it I'll post an additional module to this article for everyone. I'd like to contact Lenovo directly but I just don't want to go through the outsourced boiler plate customer service and tech support. The forums are the best route I believe. Thanks for the awesome comment btw and thanks to everyone who has read this article!!!

kidsmeal 13 months ago

also, another update for this is that after my screen has turned off once in a session, on battery or plugged in, then it turns off after about one or two minutes of inactivity. my settings are for 15 minutes, and it's just started happening after the windows 10 update. just wanted to share that, i don't have a reason or a solution, but it seems like it could be related to the screen flicker maybe. not sure!

Law 13 months ago

My initial experience with windows 10 was great, until today.

My wifi connectivity suddenly not working. Screen starts to flicker. No that happy with the data mining from windows 10. i also felt the windows to operate slower but only today. it may be due to their latest updates. i'm not sure.

But im using my lenovo yoga 2 pro for work. best to go back to windows 8.1.

Hope to hear more ppl on their experience with windows 10

kidsmeal 13 months ago

this is the most helpful blog out there--i'm so glad you're running it, jstyle. i took my computer to the geek squad and they were no help at all about the flicker. i'll keep you posted!

Robert Halley 14 months ago

Thank you for the reply. No, the USB power save thing didn't work.

My warranty was up last November. I'm screwed then, huh?

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 14 months ago from Idaho Author

@Robert so sadly your issue is definitely a hardware issue and not being able to get enough power to the system. My friend had the same with his i7 model and I tried everything including installing new drivers, uninstalling recently plugged in devices, system refresh, ALL OF IT. In the end we just had to return the guy for a new one. If you've plugged a USB device in recently and then it started doing that then you can try unchecking the power save for the USB Input Device but only some had success with that. If not you may have to RMA it which hopefully you're still under warranty! So sorry to hear about that.

Kidsmeal - SO mine is doing the same thing when on low battery and not plugged in. I think it has something to do with Windows 10 new battery saver option and the Lenovo Energy Manager. I don't think they're getting along and hopefully the new EM that Lenovo releases will fix the problem. Other places I've read that it's happening to other computers too so it could just be general driver issues. There's no exact fixes for it right now, you can try just to disable the Battery Saver option in Win 10 settings and it shouldn't do it for a long duration at least mine only does it for a quick few seconds. I really hope they fix this compatibility issue because I really love the Lenovo EM it's saved my battery for over a year now. Let me know if you can hunt anything else down!!!

kidsmeal 14 months ago

hey all!

after upgrading to windows 10, i noticed that when on battery, my screen flickers in and out of black, as if the display is trying to shut off (after only about a minute or so). i have tinkered with settings, did a system refresh, and talked to the geeksquad, but the problem continues. it only happens when using battery power. any thoughts?

Robert Halley 14 months ago

I have a Yoga 2 Pro and this has been happening for the past few months:

The touch screen goes absolutely crazy when I keep my finger pressed sometimes when I try to scroll using my finger. The touch "circles" are popping up in different locations, it zooms in and out, activates different random functions.

Has anyone had this problem? Is there a fix for this?

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 14 months ago from Idaho Author

Hey Jamie,

Thanks for reading!!!! I would wait until you get the official rollout via the task bar and if you reserved a copy for yourself then just click that icon and it'll tell you if your copy is ready. You can try to do the ISO way but you may need to manually install all of the drivers yourself which you can find on the Lenovo support page for the Y2P. Just remember that you will need the latest Touchpad driver once you upgrade and you'll have to do that manually at least mine and some others didn't automatically update. There's also other drivers on that same support page for the camera and what not that need updating so just check to see which ones you will need and make sure you download the ones that are appropriate for your current OS whether it be Windows 8.1 or 10. Thanks let me know what you choos to do!

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 14 months ago from Idaho Author

Hey Bitzenkr Thanks for reading!!!

I had this happen to me when I first got my Ultrabook and it was awful. I simmered it down to it being a virus. So I had to do a System Restore and basically start from scratch by downloading 8.1 and then from there I had to do what I wrote in this article all over again. It was irritating as hell but I haven't had it happen again. Make sure that you're not using a 3rd party virus software in 8.1 or higher because Windows Defender is more than sufficient for these tasks. So that's the best thing to do - System Restore and redo the steps in this article!!!! Let me know what happens!!!!!

Blitzen Kr profile image

Blitzen Kr 14 months ago

hello all =)

thanks @iamJstyle for breaking down all of these much needed adjustments into very simple, easy-to-follow steps! it seems a bit absurd that lenovo hasnt taken a mere moment to post some type of "fix-it release notes" on their website's y2p home page or at the very least reference these rather quick (especially when compared to the hours wasted searching thru their forums & support pages!) solutions... just imagine how many more happy y2p owners there would be out there!!

anyways.... everything is moving along SO much faster & smoother now (TYSVM!). but the resulting glory of stress-free computing has come to a grinding halt these last few days because apparently, i have ZERO storage space remaining on my 233 gb ssd (officially its 256 gb, but all the nonsense &bs aside...) according to the settings/storage: "This PC (C:)" drive has used 233 gb of 233 gb of space!! ive only owned the machine for 15 months & for 12 of them, i was unable to download ANYthing from the winstore (updates included)!! so how on earth could there be no more storage space?!?? i tried to minimize the misc crapfiles &got rid of any/ALL extras in my programs - including the games :/ (cuz i fig, for the present time, thats what my phones for rite? lol UGH.); i even used ccleaner in an attempt to really dig out all the useless space-eaters, yet STILL it says im capped out of storage!!

is this something anyone else has encountered?? perhaps yall might have a fantastic solution or maybe a useful suggestion or two as to how &/or why im back in the y2p frustration lane again?? or (so help me god)... is it just me??

please help me!!

thanks yall o.O

jamie 14 months ago

Using a Y2P i5 here. I upgraded my desktop to Windows 10 and like it a lot. I'd like to upgrade the Y2P as well but I've had to do so much futsing with drivers and stuff on this computer, that I'm a little afraid to do so until I get the "official" go ahead on the task bar. Does it really matter at this point if I wait or not?

JNoon 14 months ago

Regarding why you don't see all the windows 10 drivers directly on Lenovo's website is because they are there but there is a little button at the bottom that shows "Show All". Really bad design because it hides ones like the touchpad.

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 14 months ago from Idaho Author

Good to hear your problems have been resolved!!!

Gerard 14 months ago

Thanks for the link. Strangely, the direct link works but it does not show up in the list of drivers for the Y2P. SO having the link is critical.

Turns out, that version was already installed so no net effect. Since there were no drivers to rollback to, I'm assuming this was installed automatically when the Windows 10 upgrade occurred.

Thanks for all you great advice.


avi270956 14 months ago

Thanks a lot for your help mate... I managed to uninstall Mcaffe and that seems to have done the trick.. used to the old HP warhorse and its taking time to get used to this but certainly is an awesome replacement.. thanks once again.

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 14 months ago from Idaho Author

Hey Gerard!

Here's the link to the Touchpad driver:

This is what it should say on the page there as well:

Mouse and Keyboard Touchpad Driver for Windows 10 (64-bit) - Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro Windows 10 (64-bit)

Touchpad Driver for Windows 10 (64-bit) 7/2/2015

Copy and paste the link to your address bar :-)

Thanks for reading!

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 14 months ago from Idaho Author

Hey Avi!,

Thanks for reading, sounds like you're in a pretty terrible situation. I was having touchscreen issues before when I would try and put the computer to sleep and then open the lid. The touchscreen would be unresponsive. It didn't fix until the ultrabook was completely updated and then it seemed to go away. The best advice is to wipe the computer clean and do a system restore or use the one key recovery to bring it back to out of the box settings. After you've done that you can either go directly to Windows 10 or proceed with the directions in this article to get it updated. First you'll need to get it Windows 8.1 and then update the drivers. Mine came installed with Windows 8 when I first got it and I had to update it to 8.1. Next you no longer need ANY third party virus scanner. Windows Defender on 8.1 and higher is equipped with Microsoft Security Essentials that seems to do an excellent job without overclocking the resources. If you go to Windows 10 you'll want to upgrade and then use the Intel Driver Update Utility to ensure you have the latest drivers for all your Intel options. Then you'll need to make sure you go to the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro Support page and get the Touchpad driver they have there. Link for that will be below. If this fixes nothing then you need to return the Ultrabook to Amazon and look at getting one at Best Buy next time for a hassle-free return. It's a bummer that happened to you but I had to also return the first one I had so I know how frustrating it could be. Good Luck! Let me know what happens!

Gerard 14 months ago

What touchpad driver are you referring to for Windows 10? I'm not seeing one on the Lenovo site for Y2P nor on the symaptics site. They are listing V17.0.19 for Windows 8 all the way back to XP. Can you provide a link?

Avi270956 14 months ago

Hi guys,

Just got a refurbished yogapro2 off amazon... first and most definitely the last time. Just recently installed ITunes as well as Utorrent (the latter I have since uninstalled). Also have got Eset antivirus installed, the device worked perfectly before all this but now it just hangs and by hangs I mean ... a bat will hang on a tree for much less time than my device. Internet seems to be affected the most and I have to just give up and use the power button to switch off as even the screen is not responsive. If anyone can assist it will be greatly appreciated, thanks

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 14 months ago from Idaho Author

Hey Law,

Yes I have upgraded to Win 10, I did it the day it came out. There were a few bugs that I've noticed so far in the experience but overall I'm pretty satisfied with it. Microsoft Edge is probably the biggest disappointment so far but I have hopes that it will improve. I wrote an article in another Hub but I didn't specifically stay in tune with how it affects the Y2P. So here's a few things:

Win 10 is supposed to download all the compatible drivers automatically for your system. BUT I chose to just install them myself to ensure I got what I needed. You can get the Win 10 drivers from the Lenovo website in the link in my article here so just cross-reference the versions in the control panel - uninstall program area with what's on their site.

The touchpad definitely needs the new driver because mine didn't scroll after the Win 10 upgrade but after getting the driver it works better than before without any of the driver crashes I was getting in Win 8.1.

You may have issues with Chrome but I found the most common fix which I detail in my other article. I still use Chrome and I'll continue using Chrome until Microsoft Edge gets an Ad-Block extension and some compatibility fixes with touchpad scrolling because I'm finding that scrolling on Edge is really irritating. One other problem is that when I'm scrolling in Chrome it zooms the screen in or out, again another driver compatibility issue.

My system takes just a hair longer to start now but it's really not that noticeable. I don't currently use Hey Cortana for anything because I don't really find it productive in my personal opinion and even when it's off it's still running in the background according to my task manager. I'm also noticing a higher CPU usage and memory usage by about 2% on CPU and 5-10% on memory. The Windows Hello was just a gimmick and we can't take advantage of it on our Ultrabooks.

I have a Windows Phone and I was really hoping for some MMS integration but I can't seem to figure that out yet. I read it might be through Skype but I hate Skype and I think they should have some sort of Lumia app designated for this or built into the OS. The settings are more streamlined and organized and file explorer has gotten a bit better which has been nice to go through.

The Windows Store loads much faster than in Windows 8 but I'm still not really seeing the benefit of apps for the desktop still. Like the Netflix app in Win 8.1 had bad connectivity and so did Hulu+, I've yet to try it on here but I think it would end in the same result. Overall I'm liking the new layout and the new experience with Windows 10 and I like how Microsoft is planning to scale the product itself. I can only hope that they make some major fixes to the Edge browser and really step away from the Internet Explorer experience to develop an all new experience.

***The scaling problem has been resolved, your taskbar will appear smaller but you have the option to zoom in on icons on the desktop. Chrome worked fine with it as well at 3200 x 1800. Try it out and let me know what you think!

Thanks again for reading and if there's anything else let me know!

Law 14 months ago

Hi Jsytle,

It's been awhile since i last pay a visit back to your page.

Ever so helpful.

Was wondering how was ur experience with the upgrade of windows 10.

do share with us ur experience and recommendation should we upgrade what's the plus/minus points. all good with the compatibility with lenovo yoga 2 pro.

im actually liking this laptop alot. im still stuck with the 2048 x 1152 resolution. anywhere to maximize the 3200 x 1800? has the scaling issue been resolved?

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 15 months ago from Idaho Author

Hey Jo! What's going on with your scrolling feature? If it has to do with your touchpad then that's a completely different driver that you can download on the Lenovo Drivers and Support page. I was having all kinds of issues with my touchpad in Windows 8.1 where the touchpad would just stop working at times. After upgrading to Windows 10 and getting the new touchpad driver from Lenovo I've had no issues at all. I've written a new article on how to get your system ready for Windows 10 and how to fix some problems! You should consider upgrading!

Jo 15 months ago

Hi there.

I downloaded the Intel Graphics Utility and after it completes its search for drivers, it says that there are "no drivers for my product". Is there another way to fix the scrolling feature issue?

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 15 months ago from Idaho Author

Hey Jk, thank you for reading I'm really happy that this article has helped get your Ultrabook into working order. It's a bummer that a user would have to go through the motions to get their machine up and running in the correct manner.

As far as the scaling issue goes with the 3200 x 1800 resolution it's actually not a problem with the settings or anything to do with your Y2P it's actually a Windows OS issue that we will hopefully be seeing resolved with the Windows 10 update happening on July 29th. So make sure that you have reserved your copy by clicking the Windows icon in your taskbar by your clock!!!

Thanks again for taking a read and let me know if you have any other issues!

bussa1106 15 months ago

hello all, can anyone help me resolve the problem of double letters automatically being typed especially after the windows update? it hasn't been a week since I bought it in the States / Best Buy and I am outside of states for a month. it worked fine and now started doing this tghhing and if I do not correct every word then it types double lettrers everywheeree (just llikee the mmistakes in this text !!

plleeasse help!

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 17 months ago from Idaho Author

Awesome James! Glad to hear, I'm currently having trouble with the Bluetooth driver being installed. I'm wondering if the bluetooth installed in the ultrabook has just reached its limit for support.

james g 17 months ago

Thanks i spent hours with Lenovo tech support and they tried to update the wifi driver with no luck. I knew they did not have the latest driver installed but i and they could not get the latest update to install. I did not need to uninstall the previous driver and it still worked. I will need to run my laptop through its paces to see if it works without dropping my connection


iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 17 months ago from Idaho Author

Yoga - Thanks for taking a read! My suggestion is to check how your RAM is being used. It might be a long shot but this article that I'm going to post the link to, helped my friend with his video problems:

If you're using the maximum amount of RAM then you may want to update your drivers using the same methodology as in this article. The Intel Driver Update Utility will recognize your model and prompt you with the right drivers. Just note that your recovery drivers for your device if anything happens is located here:

And this is also a good resource for updating any other existing drivers that aren't covered in the Intel Driver Update Utility.

The above is for the non pro versions. The second thing is to make sure your Chrome is up to date and your flash extensions. If that doesn't work... then let me know and I'll see if I can research some other options.

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 17 months ago from Idaho Author

Hey guys!!! Sorry I've been away for a couple weeks on vacay! Now that I'm back let's see if I can give some answers.

Binks - Thanks for your comment! Now here's my BIGGEST issue with the speakers and the headphone jack. Whenever I plug a device in the 3.5mm jack the audio won't work on the external device until I press Mute and then unmute then I don't have an issue. I for the life of me cannot figure out why this always happens. Things you could do when you unplug the headphones - click the speaker icon down by your date & time on the task bar. Click mixer- Click on the speaker icon- click properties. See if the device is working properly, if it's not then click the Events tab and see if there was a problem. Once you've identified the problem or if it's still a mystery then re-download the driver from the Lenovo Y2P site (link is in the article in the Update Intel Drivers Immediately section at the bottom). If that doesn't fix your issue you can go to the Realtek site and find the HD Audio driver here:

If that still doesn't work after you've installed both drivers and tested them in the properties page then you may have to do a system restore and go back to a time when it did work. If that doesn't work.... then you've ruled out there is a driver issue and something may have happened to your sound card on the motherboard. Which means... RMA Lenovo or a return to Best Buy if you're in the warranty.

Let me know what happens in this situation!!!!

Yoga 2 11 i5 17 months ago

Hi there,

I know this post is about the pro, but I am stumped with my yoga 2 being so slow online. I did a speed test and it's just fine, but loading pages in Chrome or IE goes extremely slow. Any thoughts?

Binks 17 months ago

This was incredibly helpful, J. Thank you for this solid post- wish I'd seen this when I first purchased by Y2P.

I was wondering if you might be able to help guide me through an issue I believe many Y2P owners are facing regarding the speakers...

I was using my headphones one day, and pulled them out, and my internal speakers stopped working. Now I can only hear audio if my headphones are plugged in. When I start my computer up, it gives me a notification that headphones are plugged in, even if they're not. Any suggestions as to how to resolve this issue without having to send my Y2P to Lenovo?

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 18 months ago from Idaho Author

Sorry for the late responses everyone!!! I've been in the process of moving to another state.

There has been a string of issues with the latest builds of the Y2P more specifically the i7 model. Problems are ranging from flickering screen while pressing page down, intermittent function of touch capabilities, and usage of the keyboard not working after putting to sleep. I experienced these issues across 2 completely different models of the i7 from the last build of 2014 to one fresh of the factory. All troubleshooting on our end was done and there was no progress. Lenovo has stated that these problems are consistent with their latest models of the Y2P and there is really no fix for them. My suggestion to others looking to get a Y2P is to verify when it was built and if it was a late 2014 or early 2015 model be hesitant. I haven't heard about this coming from the i5 models but still be on your toes.

Jeff Talbot - Are you using Internet Explorer? I don't have that issue and this is actually the first that I've heard of something like that happening. If it's Chrome you may want to check your settings but it really shouldn't be doing that in the first place. Try using another browser like Opera, Firefox, or something. That's just a very strange occurrence.

JeffTalbot profile image

JeffTalbot 18 months ago

Do you know a solution for some websites thinking that the Yogo Pro 2 is a mobile device and therefore displaying Mobiles sites? It's quite annoying as mobiles site are completely useless.

kidsmeal 18 months ago

hey all!

is anyone having the issue where when they close their lid and the system is supposed to go to sleep but instead it forces a shut down?

las 18 months ago

I have had an annoying issue with the Lenovo Yoga 2 resetting itself involuntarily. I have lost my data and now the annoying narrator starts upon startup and you to manually shut it off.

Joey 18 months ago

The official source of the Energy Manager from Lenovo

fabli 18 months ago

Thanks, tried that and many other things! I guess the next step is to contact Lenovo support.

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 19 months ago from Idaho Author

Hey Fabli, sorry for the delayed reply... Run the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool, Windows Defender and check any programs that you might have downloaded sounds like you might have a malware/spyware issue. I got one way when I first got this laptop and I had to basically start from scratch.

fabli 19 months ago

Does anyone else have this problem: when the Y2P is charging and not in use (I have it set to never sleep), and the display is open just past upright, I get a BSOD at least once a week.

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 19 months ago from Idaho Author

Fast Wifi - Awesome!!!! There's some fierce competition with the Y2P right now like the HP Spectre X360. I may be writing an article on that Ultrabook next.

fast wifi 19 months ago

speed test old wifi drivers: 16-18Mbps

speed test new wifi drivers: 80Mbps

lol... worked really good out of the box^^

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 19 months ago from Idaho Author

@Lilienthal9 Good to hear you found something that works for you!!!! I've heard some great things about the XPS 13 and I hope it last awhile for ya!

@Tyler Yes it's true that some of the newer models of the Y2P towards the end of the year 2014 were shipping with these cards. Unfortunately it is neither of the cards that were listed in your comment. The wifi card that you are looking for is the Intel 7260AC wireless card. This card has better range and is dual band compatible but remember that in order to use the card at it's greatest capacity you have to have a dual band wireless router up to 5ghz. The card is replaceable if you have the proper Torx screwdriver and watch a couple of youtube videos. Hope this helps :-)

Tyler 19 months ago


I read the comments and answers about the faulty wifi cards and that it's best to upgrade it by yourself. But I also heard in the Lenovo forums that Lenovo has quietly began shipping the Y2P with an ac wifi card. What I'm confused about is which one is it, the Intel® Wireless-N 7260 (802.11bgn) or the Intel 7260 b/g/n Wireless (2x2 BGN)? (I got these off the product specs on the Lenovo site)

Thank you in advance

lilienthal9 19 months ago

So, I got a new one !!!! It´s not an Acer S7 392 as suggested, I didn´t like the missing F keys. I bought the Dell XPS 13! Great machine, fast, super display, perfect dimensions.....

Anyway, thanks for this great page and the useful tips :-)

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 19 months ago from Idaho Author

Well I wouldn't buy a Yoga 3 Pro..... the processor is the Intel chip built for tablets..... eek no supreme performance. I'd get another one just form Best Buy and if you still have the same qualms with it then definitely get the Acer S7 392 (it's important that you get the 392 model) Supreme performance, excellent keyboard, and relatively quiet. Definitely a front runner in the Ultrabook race for the price. You just don't get the 4k ready screen.... but who needs all that screen real estate anyway. If you do choose the Y2P then definitely go through the steps again so many users on here have been satisfied with the outcome of this article :-) Happy Hunting!!! Gimme an update when you have one!!! :-)

lilienthal9 19 months ago


Three weeks ago I posted that my built in microphone is not working! I bought my Yoga in Nov. 2014, so still under warranty. I sent the Yoga to the repair shop, yesterday I got the stunning answer from Lenovo:

" Unfortunately we are unable to repair the Yoga, we don't have an adequate exchange Model for you. We offer to reimburse you the money!!!!!"

So that's it with my Yoga! Besides all the little problems, the Yoga was (is) a nice machine, but caused too many headaches. Will I buy another Yoga? I don't now!!!!!!!

Have fun


nick 19 months ago

thanks so much for this post it has made all the difference from unusable to what i fully expected from this machine. thanks againAdd Your Comment...

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 20 months ago from Idaho Author

Hey Tan,

Great News!! I've located the audio driver on the Lenovo Site specifically for the Y2P and I was even a version behind myself. Here's the link:

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 20 months ago from Idaho Author

Hey Tan,

Lenovo's Drivers on the site are always older than the latest Intel releases through the Intel Driver Update Utility. However the Lenovo site should have the audio driver that is missing. Can you recall if it was the RealTek audio driver? Let me know and I could probably find it. The flickering is not a hardware problem it's a settings problem the steps are all listed above in the article to address the issue, you have to change the settings in multiple places for each mode i.e. Maximum, Balanced, Daily, etc. Including a step of shutting off the auto screen refresh both in EM and in the Intel Graphics Menu. Hopefully this helps keep us updated!

Tan 20 months ago


I uninstalled my original graphic driver but as I was doing so it had me uninstall audio driver too. Any way I can get that audio driver back? I can't find an option for it anywhere.


AJ 20 months ago

I have a y2p for a week now. I had no problems whatsoever (flickering or wifi).

I found your blog and I thought that I should pass through all these steps to prevent any problems that might arise in the future. Lol guess what? After doing the steps for flickering, my yoga started to flicker....

I guess I should have verified the version of drivers before updating. However, the drivers from Lenovo website are older than the ones I installed.

I really love this laptop, it is so fast and so sleek and so ...doing everything...

Any advice?

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 20 months ago from Idaho Author

Hey Nick

Thanks for reading!!! I would do a system recovery as a last resort. You can roll back your drivers by obtaining them from the Lenovo site. Also I've noticed that mine was doing that too when I was on Chrome 32 Bit instead of 64 bit. If you are running 64 bit then just make sure that your flash player is for 64 bit and that you have any other appropriate players for 64 bit running in the browser. This may help to resolve your issues. If not then System Restore/Refresh will take you back to the drivers that were included with the Ultrabook upon purchase and you can do process of elimination to find out which one is causing the problem. A bit of a process but possibly worth it in the end. I hope this helps, let me know the result!

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 20 months ago from Idaho Author

Hey Lili... this is a hardware problem, especially if you've expended all the other outlets to resolve this issue. Hopefully you are still in your warranty period with your device and you can RMA it. Be prepared to be without your device for a few weeks!!! If you bought this at Best Buy and have the Geek Squad warranty then take it there first as you could get the problem resolved timely. So sorry to hear that is happening to you :(

Nick 20 months ago

Downloading the drivers worked great for about a week. Now the videos are still kind of laggy again? Not as much but I still can't stream movies without it skipping and what not. Movies from sites like I understand these aren't great sites to be on.. but they worked fine on my old Lenovo which I had for 4 years and runs almost just as good as this brand new yoga 2 pro... any suggestions?

lilienthal9 20 months ago

Hi there,

anyone have problems with the microphone?

The built in mic isn't working at all, no skype or VOIP possible, only via headset! Even a clean install with latest Realtek drivers didn't help.

Any ideas?

Gene 20 months ago

Also, "...CEASE use..."

Third paragraph, line one.

First time I've ever see this one. ;)

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 20 months ago from Idaho Author

Haha that's alright! This is great info for this thread though thanks for adding that and I'm.glad that you figured it out.

yateanieys 20 months ago

You know what, I feel pretty dumb at the moment. As much as I have researched this topic, nowhere did I find someone mention that Intel has two version numbers for their drivers. The one that displays in the device manager isn't the same as the actual driver version. The most recent 64-bit driver version is however, the version number that appears in the device manager is according to Intel, 10 means Windows 8.1, 18 means DirectX v. 11.1

Even though the device manager lists it as, the DRIVER version is still they both end in 4080 which is the build number of the driver.

I'ma go bang my head on a wall maybe :)

yateanieys 20 months ago

Genius! :) Since I'd have to go there to return it anyway, that's definitely worth a shot

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 20 months ago from Idaho Author

Wow that's a complete bummer I've never had heard of that happening from any of the users on here. I'd almost ask if you are sure it's a Y2P but its a dumb question really lol. Sorry that this hasn't worked for ya if you have a geek squad warranty they will do it for you.

yateanieys 20 months ago

Yeah.. doesn't work :(

I'm trying to update my Intel 4400 driver to version 15, but every time I uninstall the current one and try to install manually, the Y2P just installs the one it had before automatically, so I don't have the chance to install. I was able to do it quick enough one time, but when I ran the setup.exe for the Intel driver from their site, I got an error that said I didn't meet minimum system requirements. Also, the driver is listed as Intel HD Graphics Family instead of 4400.

Thanks anyway, I guess :) Still a good write up even though none of it works for me. Apparently works for others. Maybe my machine is just busted.

yateanieys 20 months ago

Hmm, I tried that, but maybe I did something wrong. I'll try again.

Thanks! :)

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 20 months ago from Idaho Author

Yes Yate, when I first wrote this article the utility was built into the Intel website. Since then it has become a software for your desktop and I now get the same thing with some of my drivers. It doesn't not install the new drivers it will say the same version as the one it wants you to update so just don't update it. You can avoid it by just downloading the latest drivers on the Intel site downloads section if you know your graphics card and other Intel related hardware in your ultrabook. You still have to uninstall the original driver for the graphics card as stated in the article and then update it manually.

yateanieys 20 months ago

It seems like the Intel Driver Update Util is completely useless... :/ ny reassuring words?

yateanieys 20 months ago

...also, the update utility says I need to update three things: display, WiFi, and Bluetooth drivers. Run install on all of them, nothing updates. Everything reverts back to what it was and UT still says I need to update them. This is frustrating. Help! :)

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 20 months ago from Idaho Author

Hey VK you know I'm not really sure what Screen Zoom does and honestly never noticed it in the EM.

VK 20 months ago


Thanks for the article. I just wondering do you know what is "Screen Zoom" doing on Energy Manager, and how I can activate it?


iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 20 months ago from Idaho Author

Hey Nick,

Awesome glad this worked out for you!!!! Thanks for reading!

Nick 20 months ago

Wow good stuff. Thought I was doomed with the laggy videos. Now I can finally stream my OKC Thunder out here in NJ!! #ThunderUp You're the man J

Sir Motte 20 months ago

@iamjstyle Hey, what you say is true, but still I find evidons business model highly irritating. A far better alternative for ghostery would be the add-on "diconnect". Though I don't know if it is available for Chrome, as I am using Firefox.

Anyway, thx for your great article, it has helped me a lot.

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iamJstyle 20 months ago from Idaho Author

Hey Mortisha! Thanks for your kind drove me nuts too and I had to put it out there so people wouldn't go as crazy trying to figure this out! Glad it worked for you too!

mortisha 20 months ago

Thank you so much for figuring all this out and putting it out there for the rest of us! The glitchy wifi and video was making me crazy!

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iamJstyle 20 months ago from Idaho Author

Hey Sir Motte,

Thanks for the input I was actually unaware of that Ghostery was owned by Evidon a company involved in the actual digital ad industry. However the Ghostery extension does give you transparency in the matter if the user goes to options and sees the box in the sharing tab. Utilizing Ghostmark will allow the extension to collect certain types of data information which is then sent back to Ghostery. It is that information that is then used and sold to other ad companies. If you choose to uncheck the box then no such information is collected. It is true that Ghostery does play both sides of the industry but it's also true that Ghostery really helps in the user experience with web pages and control. I'd say still use the extension and just uncheck the box. Thanks for the info though it was a good read!

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iamJstyle 21 months ago from Idaho Author

Hmmm,.... you might have the pro version, there should be a long Lenovo sticker on the bottom of the Ultrabook and on the far right it would say "Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro" followed by the model no. Be prepared to not have a device for a few weeks when you RMA with them!! Good luck with getting it fixed and then when you do get all the drivers reinstalled.

gvk2010 21 months ago

Your article was great, thank you for the advice, going to call Lenovo this morning for an RMA. Hmm, the back just says yoga 2 13, no pro listed, so I matched those drivers up, no worries. It has 8 ram and a 256 SSD. So I just used the regular non pro drivers. Thanks!

Best Regards!

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iamJstyle 21 months ago from Idaho Author

Are you sure its a Yoga 2 Pro and not a regular Yoga 2... They have slightly different specs and one is running a regular hard drive as opposed to a solid state. Definitely send it back or take it back to the store in which it was gotten for a new one!

Gvk2010 21 months ago


I just received a yoga 2 13 as a gift.

It randomly shuts off for no reason. Usually when I am trying to load wow or cad. This happens every 15 to 20 minutes. Tried the crash analyzer to see if it was a particular item causing the problem, but no crash logs are being created. Updated all the drivers, etc....

Still under warranty, should I send it back? Anyone else have this problem? Thanks!

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iamJstyle 21 months ago from Idaho Author

That I'm not completely sure of to tell you honestly. I'll have to research that.

Law 21 months ago

But is there any limitation of 2nd screen which Lenovo yoga 2 pro can support? what is the max screen resolution which it can support?

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iamJstyle 21 months ago from Idaho Author

Yeah that would be the best route if you're using it mainly for gaming! You're welcome glad to help!!!

Law 21 months ago

Thanks Jstyle.

Ya i'm new to miracast. Thanks for introducing it to me. But I doubt that with the wireless connect we can achieve a good frame rate on the second screen.

currently all monitors are running on 60hz. which I believe in the future more source will be upgrade to 120/144hz. which is better for gaming.

then we have tn panels and ips which is so much higher in terms of resolution.

I was thinking of getting a ips monitor which support up to 120/144hz.

at least this monitor can last me for quite some time.

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iamJstyle 21 months ago from Idaho Author

Hey Law, thanks for the great feedback. Yes scaling is such a terrible shortcoming of Windows 8.1 I have my resolution down to 2048 x 1152 but it seems to be working totally fine. The upside to this is that hopefully with Windows 10 releasing this year and the capability of upgrading to free is maybe they have addressed this issue and fully resolved it. Personally I wouldn't suggest getting a monitor when you can have something bigger and better for a short additional amount. I would get the new miracast dongle and project my screen to a designated tv, that way you can have your other devices like PS3 and your future custom build all connected wirelessly (minus the PS3). With the great abilities of DLNA these days the uses of secondary monitors are becoming non essential when you can just us a TV which essentially is just more practical. If you don't know what Miracast is then check it out here: If you're totally set on getting a monitor tho then definitely shoot for one that will support 4k resolution since that's where everything will eventually be going to. If you do go monitor then the Dell UP2414Q is the most affordable but I've also read that some BenQ models are exceptional as well. Here's a fun article to read to help you decide:

law 21 months ago

Thanks jstlye. This has been one of the best post for lenovo yoga 2 pro.

Ive been using this for months now. Loving every bit of this machine.

The only problem im facing is the scaling issue. I cannot fully maximize the greatness of this screen got to lower down to lower resolution. But i believe this is window's issue.

Im thinking of buying a monitor for my home use with this laptop. Any recommendation as what's the best screen resolution that this machine can support.

The new monitor will be hook up to my ps3 and also future customize build pc when i have the sufficient budget.

Currently im thinking asus 248qe. But im open to suggestion.

Rose 21 months ago

Sorry, #3 on the list in the previous post is:

Acer Aspire S7-392-5410 13.3-Inch Full HD Touchscreen Ultrabook

Rose 21 months ago

Hi Jstyle,

I really need a new ultrabook because mine was just stolen. I had an incredible Hp 13 spectre which was light had great specs and absolutely no wifi and driver problems.

I was leaning towards the yoga 2 pro before I read about the wifi and problems with computer screen cracks. I was wondering if you had any thoughts on picking between yoga 2 pro and the following computers:

1) Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus NP940X3G-K06US 13.3-Inch Laptop

2) Dell XPS13-40002sLV 13-Inch Ultrabook (1.6GHz Intel Core i5-2467M Processor, 4GB DDR3, 128GB SSD, Windows 7 Home Premium)

3) Dell XPS13-40002sLV 13-Inch Ultrabook (1.6GHz Intel Core i5-2467M Processor, 4GB DDR3, 128GB SSD, Windows 7 Home Premium)

I read your post and it seems that problems with the Y3P might be fixable whereas there may be more unknown problems with these others. I really appreciate any thoughts! Thank you!

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iamJstyle 21 months ago from Idaho Author

Hey Mindy, sounds like something funky might be going on with your registry or the hardware is overheating and faulty. Being that it constantly shuts off it wouldn't be useful to run windows defender and the windows malicious software removal tool to rule out it being a virus or rootkit, etc. So your only other option would be to do a full and clean install. I wouldn't attempt to do a system refresh/restore in this situation because it may not fully fix your problem; though you are welcome to try it as it's not as lengthy as doing a clean install. So back up your files and pull whatever you can out it and then do the clean install. After you've completed it and the problem has dissipated then update your windows defender definitions and run in it all of your old files you stored in a flash drive. If your problem still persists I would suggest doing a warranty RMA with either the place you bought it or through Lenovo and be prepared to be a few weeks without a computer if you go through Lenovo. Hope this helps :-( and good luck!

Mindy 21 months ago

Hey, I have a problem with my laptop and I was wondering if you've heard of it. My laptop randomly shuts down or puts itself into sleep mode whenever it desires, whether it be when I'm typing or when I'm in a game. Do you know how to fix this?

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iamJstyle 21 months ago from Idaho Author

Hey Tiffany,

Its likely that your issue is with hardware as opposed to a software driver issue. However there are things you could try if you haven't done so already. You can try setting the resolution to its max output of 3200 x 1800, you can also try doing a system refresh, if you don't have the latest graphics driver you can try installing that. More than likely its probably something faulty with a connection so your best bet is to take it back to where you got it and hopefully you are still in the warranty period.

Tiffany 21 months ago


My Yoga is on the resolution 1920 x 1080 in order to accommodate to other applications, however on this resolution, whenever I scroll, the screen will become extremely jerky and gray / white boxes will flash where my cursor is. Is there a fix for this? Thanks!

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iamJstyle 22 months ago from Idaho Author

Hey Nate,

Yes I have actually. Sometimes it will just stop working and I noticed that it does it mostly when I'm on chrome watching a movie or playing a game. I have tried to shut off the trackpad and then turn it back which works sometimes, I minimized the chrome page and then it worked, and I've closed it out for it to work. I think it has something to do with the driver. There is a universal driver you can get on the synaptics site but I think it might take some functionality features out so that's why I haven't tried it. I also connect a wireless USB mouse and then disconnect it and it seemed to fix the issue. So I would try getting the driver from synaptics and see if that helps, you'll always be able to revert to another driver if it doesn't work out for you. Let me know what you decide to do.

Nate 22 months ago

Have you had issues with the trackpad/touchpad not working? My fiance's stopped working and can't seem to get the y2p to recognize it.

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iamJstyle 22 months ago from Idaho Author

Hey Thurgun,

Thanks for your input, here's my side of the story when it comes to the Surface Pro 3. Yes you are correct the SP3 cannot be upgraded and really the only things that you could upgrade with the Y2P is the SSD up to 256 for 4gb RAM and 512 with 8gb RAM (The RAM itself is not able to be upgraded it's soldered on), you can also upgrade the Wifi card from BGN to AC if you get the older model. Now as far as the devices themselves go there's really two separate uses for them and they all go hand in hand with mobility. I was in the same predicament as you were when I first was getting ready to purchase the Y2P and I really had to go into what I was going to be using the device for. The Y2P has superior screen quality with exceptional screen real estate if you're running at the highest resolution (3200x1800) I believe that the SP3 only scales to 1080 which is just alright. Next is the screen size itself the SP3 was ideal for mobility if you're constantly on the go and need quick access to your files but it really wasn't going to do with being a home base type of computer. Next was the type cover, it's a fantastic idea and definitely sets itself apart from any full pc on the market but for me the type cover just hasn't gotten to where I think it should be and it felt a bit cramped for constant use. Lastly I just didn't like that it didn't have an HDMI port and multiple USB ports without having to get the docking station or an additional hub, that was the biggest bummer really. Now the Y2P had it's own set of shortcomings which this article helped to resolve some of them and it continues to get better. I just wish Lenovo would release the latest updates instead of having to go through the process, but once you do it the first time it's easy to stay updated with the Intel Update Manager. The Yellow issue is still just mediocre and I really don't expect it to be fixed completely but I'm used to it at this point. I haven't had any issues with the hinge like others have, but I also don't constantly go into the different modes I really just like it for being able to have the option to. The keyboard is great I can still type with pretty good accuracy and it was much better than the Samsung keyboard on their high end Ultrabook (they also share the same exact screen). The bluetooth is pretty shotty I haven't really discovered the real reason as to why it's like that but I'm thinking that it could just be the driver. Sometimes it works and other times it can be a complete dick. I have issues connecting my Windows Phone via bluetooth and it can be irritating. As far as bluetooth speakers goes it has worked fine so far.

It's really a big bummer that the Y3P didn't get a better upgrade from the the Y2P it seems like they kept their focus on upgrading the hinges more than giving it the processing power it should have. You should all watch the newest review from my friends at MobileTechReview on the device. It's highly in depth and very informative. So in the end I think choosing the right device comes down to exactly what you are going to need it for. As far as the battery life is concerned they are about equal I personally like the touch of Conservation mode with the Y2P since I do have mine plugged in often which is said to extend the life of your battery over time. With electronics these days you should really expect to have a 2-3 year turnover for anything going all the way down to phones. With all the great advances in mobile technology it's not really worth keeping a device passed that and you should sell it while the value is still high. I know that if advances are made with the SP4 then I may go out and purchase one just to try it out and of course write a review on it. So if you're going to be mobile all the time and you design using Adobbe Creative Suite or GIMP or Inkscape then the SP3 may actually be a better bet. If you're looking for a home base type of computer with exceptional performance then stick with the Y2P. Hope this helps let me know what you end up getting :-)

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iamJstyle 22 months ago from Idaho Author

Hey Jay,

NO you definitely don't sound mean. There's a couple of angles you can follow. Keep trying to find a reputable retailer that may sell them cheaper i.e. Fry's, Target, or other electronic warehouse. The Best Buy system has an option for "other" when they price match in their system. You could also just try to show them the older model and play dumb like you didn't know there was a difference. It all really just depends on the manager on duty that day because he will be the one that will do the price match. Like I said they may even price match the Lenovo site so you can try that as well, also let them know that you'll purchase the extended warranty through their Geek Squad (which is highly recommended just in case). So go over and just ask if they will price match the Lenovo site so you don't have to wait a week to get it and you want to bring business into Best Buy. I don't think that they will say no to a sale. Let me know what happens!!!!

Thurgun 22 months ago

Hi Jstyle,

I was about to buy a surface pro 3 last week and just waited to compare it with the yoga 2 (the yoga 2 was the device I wanted before the surface pro 3 was released). I read tons of reviews and went also to the store to make basic tests side by side with their demo (colors, sounds, keyboard). I remember the nice article you wrote couple of month ago and were happy to see that you still answer the comments. I was even wondering if you were paid by Lenovo! If not Lenovo should! You almost convince me to buy the yoga pro 2 because according to your post, all issues I read in the bad reviews could be fixed!

I do not want to do another review here but I would be grateful to get your point of view in more details on three aspects I find personally important.

- Surface pro 3 sealed (cannot repair it or upgrade anything), Yoga pro 2 not sealed

- Quality of the audio is just ok for the surface pro 3 (Lenovo tablet or laptops are much, much better for audio).

- Greyscale Issue

Sealed Surface pro 3 vs yoga pro 2 (non-sealed) I’m expecting buying a new device the will still work in 5 years. Thinkpads I own for more than 10 years still work! If I buy a surface pro 3, I cannot expect really more than 3 or 4 years as I won’t be able the change the battery. However, I’m still not sure I can expect more than 3 or 4 years for the yoga 2. The screen connected through the hinge is really a conception issue but as I did not open the device, I cannot say how bad it is. I have the feeling it could break anytime. I thought … maybe I should buy the yoga pro 3 but as you said the broadwell Y m core does not improve anything in the yoga 3, not even what it was supposed to … the battery life !

Quality of the audio: side by side yoga 2 seems much better than the surface pro 3. On the other hand, I will probably use bluetooth speakers when not travelling. However many bad reviews noticed the unreliability of Bluetooth device on the yoga pro 2 ….

The greyscale is a little bit better on the yoga 2 (less greenish but still not perfect) but the yellow that looks dark mustard is really annoying (hopefully the device I tested did not have the energy manager update). It seems that trying to put a high definition screen, fast CPU and better battery life do not work together. I tested other devices side by side with greyscale and other colors images and all of them would need to be adjusted. The surface pro 3 clearly did not find the best equilibrium. However, I was wondering after the fixes you proposed, the yoga pro 2 got much better. It could be a critical issue with photo editing. I’m also surprised that the battery life was not affected after the fixes. Normally such adjustments lead to less battery autonomy. The reason is that the pixels have to get most of the time more lights (more energy) to produce the right contrast and colors.

I was also very worry about the flickering issue but according to your article, it can easily be fixed.

I would appreciate your thoughts


Jay 22 months ago

Im sorry for asking again, but the y2p is different from the Amazon models, does the price guarantee still work with different models of the laptop. One of them has an outdated gpu (i7 4500U, not i7 4510U), the other is the same model as the lenovo website and the website is a bit cheaper as well. I'm sorry if I sound mean, I don't mean too.

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 22 months ago from Idaho Author

Hey Jay :-P Thanks for reading, don't worry about the question being lengthy I'm here to answer it for ya. Well in my personal opinion I would just buy it from Best Buy and here's some things to consider. I'm a faithful Best Buy shopper because of their "Price Match Guarantee", so if you find it on the official website for a low price then Best Buy may match it. I'm positive that they will price match something from Amazon if it's sold and shipped by them (always look for the Prime symbol next to items this indicates that it ships directly from Amazon). The other reason that Best Buy would be better is the return policy, if you Ultrabook has any hardware defects i.e. dead pixel, broken keys, etc. you can just return it for another one without having to RMA with Lenovo which can lead to a couple of weeks with no computer. Secondly I would get the one with the AC card because it more than likely has somewhat updated drivers. You will still want to go through the processes I've set forth above but you may also find that some drivers are already preinstalled. I do know that Lenovo is always behind a release or two than Intel for their supporting drivers and they won't have the newest Energy Manager on the site either. The difference in the cards is that the AC card is dual band wireless which has greater radius for wifi and the ability to get 5ghz if your router puts out that much. Other than that the ultrabooks are the same it more along has to do with newest drivers and a little better hardware. Make the right choice and get from Best Buy.... also get the extended warranty just in case. Happy early New Year~!!! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Jay 22 months ago


I was wondering if i should buy the i7, 256ssd, 8gb ram y2p from bestbuy or the lenovo website? The one that you buy from bestbuy (model silver- 59418309) has a different model number than the website one from lenovo (model orange- 59428042) (model silver- 59428032), Why is that? bestbuy's has an ac card, but only has the silver color. the website from lenovo has it in Clementine Orange, but has the bgn card. Lenovo is having a sale with the i7 priced at $1029 while best buy is having it at $1199. Does lenovo update their laptops as time goes by or Do they put them in a box (at a specific day) and wait until it sells? Which one has the lastest laptop? What's the difference between them except the wifi cards? I just don't wanna buy it from their website and lose other features I could have of had from buying it from bestbuy. Sorry for the long question, early New year's day!

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iamJstyle 22 months ago from Idaho Author

Hey Anyes,

Well the problem isn't necessarily the driver, though if it is you can always revert to the old driver from the Lenovo site to the drivers that came stock with the Ultrabook out of the box. You just have a faulty wifi card which if you're under warranty or if you have a warranty from the store you bought it from can easily replace it. If that doesn't work and you're out of warranty or simply don't have one then you can buy the new 7260 AC card it's around $30 on Amazon and then take it in to have it replaced with the better card. As far as connecting to the internet in the meantime just get an Ethernet to USB adapter and you can hardwire into the router for internet access in the meantime. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Anyes 22 months ago

hi there, thanks for your article, would you have advices of how to upgrade the intel driver for my lenovo Yoga when you have not more internet connection at all? (even with a strong wifi signal my lenovo will not connect to the network. thank you!

Leopold 22 months ago

Thanks for the tip on turning off the Intel display power management. That feature is beyond irritating. It boggles the mind that they enable it by default, but I guess most people probably don't even notice it.

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 22 months ago from Idaho Author

Looks like you could just remove it from the Control Panel area, I'm not really sure what that has to do with the wifi. But hey if it works then definitely give it a try for anyone else that's having wifi issues. I think you should be able to get the driver from the Lenovo site if you need it back. Thanks Kids!!

kidsmeal 22 months ago

hey gang,

wanted to share an update. i ended up taking my yoga to the geek squad since it was so new. i just got it back and it's running much, much better as far as wifi goes. they told me they removed intel smart connect technology. i didn't ask what that entailed, but i wanted to share it in case it helps anyone here. happy computing!

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 22 months ago from Idaho Author

Hey Kids,

I'm running on the slowest internet in the world here in the country but I seem to maintain better speeds than my phone. If you've already updated the drivers and noticed a difference from upgrading the driver then I would suggest replacing the newest driver with an older driver from the Lenovo site. There are some other options for you however. I believe that this Ultrabook runs on an intel B/G/N 7260 card, the wifi card can be upgraded to the 7260 AC card which has dual band capability. Do note that your router must be able to give out dual band at up to 5 ghz to take full advantage of the new card. I believe that it's around $30 for the new card so it's a relatively inexpensive upgrade. There's a very helpful video on Youtube on how to replace the wireless cards yourself in the Y2P if not... it would pay to get it done for you if you don't have the right tools to dismantle the machine.

Hey Viral,

Thanks for the advice, I will be adding a portion of his comment to the "flickering" module in this article since it's been helpful to a lot of people!

Let me know if there are any other questions you guys have :-)

Viral 22 months ago

Hey Jstyle, I double-checked what you suggested and I had already done all that. I dug around and found the same solution kidsmeal posted and that solved the slow dimming issue I was having. May be worth adding to the article because this machine really can be great if it works right.

kidsmeal 22 months ago

hey Jstyle

i have been concerned about my wifi speed, and finally decided to check it out. on my old laptop, i'm getting about 10.5 mbps (from my 12 mbps service) and on my yoga 2 pro i'm getting horrible results, sometimes as low as 1 mbps. any advice?

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 22 months ago from Idaho Author

Hey kids meal thanks for the read and response! You know I don't think I added that detail so thanks for the input!!! Any additional input to help get this ultrabook working in tip condition is great!

kidsmeal 22 months ago

hello all,

this post and the comments are all so helpful. i thought i might be able to help bryson with the flickering if that hasn't gotten resolved--i followed all of the original instructions from the post, but also did the following (if this is already in here, sorry for the repeat)

in charms bar, search for Intel HD Graphics Control Panel. then go to Power, then On Battery, then Disable Power Saving Technology. that fixed my flickering issue, and i hope it helps.

again, Jstyle, thanks for the wonderful posts and thanks everyone for contributing.

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 23 months ago from Idaho Author

Hey Viral,

I'm so glad that you were able to get your laptop serviced, no worries about the response time it's the holidays and it sure does get busy. That's definitely a new concern that you brought up there. The only thing that I could suggest is to do the following but select the option that says On Battery, go back to the Charms Bar and type in Adjust Screen Brightness this will take you to Hardware and Sound, Power Options , Edit Plan Settings. Click on Change Plan Settings and adjust the brightness on the bar at the bottom of the screen. Next click on Change Advanced Power Settings then scroll down to where you see Display and click the + to drop down the menu. You will see Turn Off Display After, Display Brightness, Dimmed Display Brightness, and Enable Adaptive Brightness. Your brightness options may still be enabled on battery in that options panel. This should fix the problem. I wouldn't be too concerned that it's a hardware problem if you aren't having the issue when it is plugged in....sounds more like it's a settings issue that could be resolved. Let me know if that helps you out!

Also for my readers... in case you were all interested. I just read a full review of the latest Yoga 3 Pro and it's not worth getting. It comes with an Intel Broadwell Y MCore processor which is just comparable at most to a Haswell Core i3. Stick with the Y2P for the money. The newest Broadwell Y processors are built for tablets and according to my friends over at Mobile Tech Review.... not substantial enough to prove a mindful purchase. The Y2P still takes the torch in this aspect.

Viral 23 months ago

Hey Jstyle, sorry to disappear after my post two months ago, but I only just got around to servicing my laptop last week. You were right; my hard drive had to be replaced. If anyone is wondering, the initial call to Lenovo support was painfully long and with an incompetent agent, but I had my laptop back a week after I sent it in, which was surprisingly quick considering this was over Thanksgiving week.

One more question, if you don't mind. When I navigate from a white webpage (like this one) to a darker one (like:, my screen will progressively and substantially dim, but only when on battery. Is this part of the flickering issue? Thanks again! Much appreciated.

ChiYan 23 months ago

Best Post i've read so far this year thanks so much!!!!

Carter 23 months ago

Hey Jstyle,

Thanks for the article. I just bought the Y2P and will go through these changes this weekend. What are your thoughts on this post? It also talks about how to change the trackpad. That was the issue I was originally looking to fix.

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 23 months ago from Idaho Author

Hey Filip sorry for taking so long to get back to you. The newest Bios update was posted in an updated link in the first module. The correction doesn't make it supremely better but it does make it better than it was prior to the update. Secondly with windows 8.1 you don't need a thrid party virus software the new Windows Defender is coupled with Microsoft Security Essentials and runs amazingly well on the Y2P you can also get the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool to scan any programs or applications for spyware and malware. You can try to reinstall the BIOS update and if its the newest one it will tell you that you have the latest version. There also been changes to the Intel Update Utility tool which I believe I posted in the Intel section as an update at the bottom.

Matthew - Hey thanks for taking a read, I haven't encountered the haptic feedback sensor issue as you have. That may be a hardware defect and if you've recently purchased this you're under warranty to have it repaired or RMA but note you'll be without a computer for some weeks if you go that route. As far as the mouse is concerned I experience the same issues there has been resolutions to the problem by getting the universal driver from the synaptics website but its possible that it would decrease some functionality of the mouse that was specifically set to work with the Y2p. I personally haven't gone that route yet and have just been dealing with it. The good news is that you can always get the original driver from the Lenovo website if there are problems. My other suggestion is to have a wireless external mouse on hand to supercede any issues that may arise if any.

Hope this helps yall, let me know if there's any other questions!

Matthew 23 months ago

Thanks for this article - definitely helped. A couple questions (other issues - wondering if you've encountered them, too):

1. Haptic sensor - Do you find that the sensor is felt throughout the PC? When I touch the back side of the screen, it vibrates and brings up the tiles screen. Often it even senses through my carrying case when I'm taking it home. I can't figure out how to disable the buzzing or the Windows button.

2. Mouse pausing - Frequently the mouse just stops working. Sometimes 2-3 seconds, sometimes a whole minute. It's bizarre. Any ideas?

Thanks for your help - and again, tremendous article!

Filip 23 months ago

Hello, thanks for all your work and information about tweaking these annoying things with the Y2P. However, it seems like the updates to fix the nasty yellow colour does nothing for me. After the bios & energy update which you posted first. My screen just went black, waited quite a while but then I restarted the computer. So I'm unsure if everything actually was installed properly. When looking through regedit, the bios version says 76CN38WW though, as the file I downloaded. The other update from the forums posed quite some issues for me. When trying to install it, AVG detected several "threats" such as trojans and something I have have no clue about. Anyway I think I finally got the stuff installed though I notice no change to the yellow colour. Any idea how I should make sure that I have everything installed or should I just reinstall everything?

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 24 months ago from Idaho Author

Hey Denny!! I'm so glad that you kept it. The Y2P despite some of its shortcomings id one of the best Ultrabooks on the market. If you have any further issues let me know and ill see what I can do to help you out. Thanks for reading!!

denny 24 months ago

thanks! This page has been extremely helpful. Almost sold the Yoga 2 Pro out of frustration.

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 24 months ago from Idaho Author

Haven't read anything about that. I'm thinking likely not since Lenovo will probably just start pushing the Y3P more than the Y2P

Hopeful 24 months ago

Anyone know if newly manufactured yoga 2 pros will be receiving the updated pentile panel from the yoga 3 pro?

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 24 months ago from Idaho Author

Hey Bryson,

I have had that issue its usually when I'm on battery power and at around 50% brightness. It may have something to do with the auto screen refresh and the refresh rate (you have two options of 48hz and 60hz) in the the Intel Iris Control panel. You can get there by clicking the shortcut on your desktop or using the charms bar search by typing Intel. Mine doesn't do it much with it turned off but it also had the same when I changed it to 48hz. You can also toggle your Energy Manager modes to Daily or Stable whilst on battery. Hope it helps!

Bryson 24 months ago

This was a great article, it helped me to sort out a lot of the issues with my new Yoga Pro 2. Thanks for taking the time to put it together!

However, I'm still experiencing the flickering issue (not the screen adjusting brightness back and forth annoyingly, the actual weird flicker that is less noticeable but very irritating and only happens when the brightness is below 50%). I updated the drivers, the BIOS, and changed the settings that you specified, and the amount of time that the flicker was present was definitely reduced, but it still happens occasionally.

Have you seen this on your machine as well? If so, is there anything else that can be done?

Anne 2 years ago

Sorry the above post is for @Viral

Anne 2 years ago

From the Lenovo Forum... Seems to be working for me.

'Can you go to Intel graphics control panel, press big power button, and then go to "on battery" tab. Is "Panel self refresh" option enabled? If it is then disable it. This option makes the panel consume less power, gives better battery life, but it has exact symptoms every now and then

If you have stock Yoga graphics driver installed then download the newest one from Intel, install it and disable this option.

To install the new driver you'll have to uninstall the old one, otherwise it won't allow you to install the new one. To uninstall it go to Device manager, display driver properties, uninstall driver button.'

Someone 2 years ago

Hi, I just want to say you are awesome. Thank you man.

Brendon 2 years ago

For all those wondering about the scaling problem. The problem is that a lot of apps look really small on smaller screens with huge resolutions. So microsoft's solution was to make buttons, etc... appear larger or smaller to help view programs more easily. You can manipulate this by searching in start: "make text and other items larger or smaller". There you can adjust the settings so that programs such as: SQL Server are fully functional. I think by default it is set to make things bigger so you simply need to drag the scale down to make things appear smaller and that will fix a lot of problems with scaling.

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 2 years ago from Idaho Author

@Edsak The store is completely wrong!!! Your touchscreen should be working all the time without any troubles. There are a couple of ways you can troubleshoot the problem if it happens again. The first thing that you would want to try is doing a system restore. If this doesn't help then you can try fold the Y2P in all of it's modes i.e. Tent, Presentation, and tablet mode. If that still doesn't work then just exchange it at the store because this is definitely a defective hardware related issue that would cost you more to fix on your own than to just exchange it. Don't listen to the store representative, that's like them telling you the keyboard on any computer sometimes doesn't work.

@Viral Sounds you're also having a defective hardware issue. I did read in the Lenovo forums that sometimes the connections from the display to the motherboard in the hinges can be cumbersome. I haven't encountered an issue like that and I'm going on 6 months with the Y2P. As far as the yellow issue is concerned it will be like that every time you first turn on your device until the EM loads. I noticed the same thing too and when I clicked the "Show Hidden Icons" button near the clock and watched the EM load that's when I noticed that the yellow was fixed as well. For your hardware related issue if you are still in warranty with the store you purchased it at then just take it back or RMA. My first Y2P had a dead pixel and I sent it immediately back to NewEgg the turnaround was about a week. You can also attempt to do a system restore to see if that helps but I'm pretty sure that it's a hardware related issue and may not solve the problem. Hope this helps!!

Viral 2 years ago

Hi, thank you for writing this article! It was a huge help.

I still have one display issue and was wondering if anyone else has the same problem. Occasionally (maybe a couple times per battery charge), the screen freaks out. It will repeatedly flash on and off during which I cannot do anything. After 10 seconds or so, it will settle down to normal but the yellow coloring will be back to its mustard state. If I restart, I can get normal yellow back until it starts to spas out again.

As a side note, whenever I start my laptop, I will have the mustard yellow on my Chrome icon for the first few seconds before something 'clicks' and it changes to a normal yellow. Not a problem, but was wondering if that's how the color correcting works for others.

I have to use my laptop for online exams, which makes this more than just an inconvenience. Any thoughts?

edsak 2 years ago

Bought a Y2P yesterday.. the touch screen would not work. Store told me it is common problem, so I returned it. Anyone else having same problem?

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 2 years ago from Idaho Author

Hey Anne glad you got that figured out, if you have a newer Ultrabook it might already come with the updated materials. Nonetheless im just happy it all ended up working for you in the end.

Anne 2 years ago

Sorry, a further update... Got a little overanxious but I did follow your instructions and got the 'can't install message' repeatedly. When I used your link to the Intel update site it just hung. After mile restarts and much cursing it all finally worked when I Googled Intel, selected Graphics and just downloaded the late update for Windows 8.1 64 bit update.

Sorry for the earlier version... Hope this may help someone else who gets stuck

Anne 2 years ago

Do not uninstall your graphics driver. I have a new machine.. Downloaded, restarted (30mins) then attempted to install the new driver. No luck... The link to the old driver doesn't work. Now have a $1500 without a graphics card.


iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 2 years ago from Idaho Author

@Savannah Hmm I'm out of ideas of what could be causing you problems with it now :-( I don't have the new AC card in mine and they run just fine. You may just need to get another wifi card if the problem persists. Should possibly be covered by warranty and if you bought it at Best Buy then the Geek Squad should be able to replace it easily. Sorry to hear that :-(

@James The only issues that I've been having with Chrome is the Pepper Flash and having the standalone player both installed. I tried disabling one but then I'd have another issue pop up so I disabled the other and had other issues arise. So now I just keep them both on and deal with it. Chrome needs to really address that. What kind of issues were you having?

@Saul thanks for reading!!! Glad some of your problems were fixed!!

saul 2 years ago

very good article thanks! I am happy the screen flickering is finally over

James 2 years ago

Has anyone been having a problem with chrome's hardware acceleration on the new intel drivers. Some websites are exceptionally slow to render and many show checkerboards when scrolling fast.

I have Core i7-4510U machine but it does not have an AC wifi card however I haven't noticed any wifi issues. My older i5-4200u model did have drop out issues.

Savannah 2 years ago

Hi again and thanks for responding!

My energy manager is updated and it turns out I do have the ac card..

I don't think it really has to do with my ISP, because my other devices and computers on the same network have no problem with video buffering or internet speed..

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 2 years ago from Idaho Author

It is my understanding that only some of the newest models are shipping with the AC card. I haven't read exactly which serial numbers are the exact ones, but on the lenovo forums users have stated that the post June models have came with them. No Yoga 3 news yet!! All of the competitors are coming out with their convertibles none of which are near comparison to the Y2P yet. I'm almost sure we will see something at CES in Vegas next year. Thanks for reading!

Chuck Dukas profile image

Chuck Dukas 2 years ago

Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro 13.3" Touch 2in1 Laptop w/UPGRADED Core i7-4510U 8GB 256GB SSD. Do these have the AC wifi on this model? It is my understanding post 6/10th the 594 models are the new one and the 593 are pre June. And any news on a Yoga 3 coming out. Thanks for a great read..

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 2 years ago from Idaho Author

Hi Savannah thanks for taking a read :-) To identify your wireless you just go to Device Manager and click on Network Adapters. It will let you know what kind of card is installed in your ultrabook. Did you already update to the newest Energy Manager? If not then do so it may help with your video buffering. Depending on your ISP you may need to manually go into the router and change the channel of your modem. You can contact your ISP to have them assist you with that. Where I'm from there's 11 channels to select from and an app you can get on your mobile device to see what channels are being heavily used by others on your block esp at peak hours. I'm able to run in any mode on EM without having buffering issues and our internet speeds here are a measly 7MB down. The only difference with a wireless a/c card is that it's dual band up to 5ghz, however that is also dependent on the capabilities of your Wifi Modem if it's able to put out that speed. You may just need to update your modem and that could solve all your problems without having to purchase a new wireless card. Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for reading :)

Savannah 2 years ago

Thank you so much for this article! It was very helpful and well written.

My question is how do you know if it comes with an a/c card? And what function does this a/c card serve compared to one without?

I've been having wifi issues when my mode is set to anything but high performance mode, which is unfortunate because it drains my battery quickly. Loading videos is practically impossible in daily and stable mode. Any suggestions?

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 2 years ago from Idaho Author

Hi Madox thanks for the feedback! the Y2P is definitely the best convertible hybrid Ultrabook with a workable keyboard. The other competitors I don't believe fall into the Ultrabook category and are considered ultraportables. If you're set on full tech mobility then I would suggest the Windows Surface Pro 3 however the screen doesn't have the same resolution as the Y2P, as well as just a few other very minor details. As far as the wifi is concerned I would definitely just update the drivers as instructed and then see how the connection is working for you. If you're absolutely set on having the dual band a/c card then you can to install it via the instructive video. I haven't had any problems with my wifi card but I do know that some of the newer Y2P's are already coming with the a/c card.... though there's no way to really find out until after you purchase it. The updated drivers solve a bunch of issues, the yellow fix is still just ok but its sooo much better than how it was when I first turned the Ultrabook on. Hope this helps you with your purchase :-)

Madox 2 years ago

Excellent article, thank you very much. I plan to buy a Y2P in these day, I read that the wifi card that brings is no good and has serious problems; you advise me to do this upgrade:, or updating drivers solves connection problems

Regardless of the price, which is the best hybrid today?

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 2 years ago from Idaho Author

Hmm that doesn't sound good at all!!! I've read that there could be some issues with the connectors to the screen in the hinges. I would try folding it out into tablet mode and re folding back to laptop. Also check that drivers were all installed properly. If all else fails save the driver files to a flash dove and do a system restore. If the flashing continues after your system restore you could have something wrong with the display hardware. You should be in warranty still if you bought it at Best Buy or in store but if it's hardware you'll have to send it back!!! Let me know what happens!!

Andrew 2 years ago

Help! I've had my Y2P for about 3 weeks but suddenly it randomly blanks out and flashes white and grey, becoming unresponsive. Once it responds again the subtle screen brightness flickering ensures. I followed your guide and it stopped the brightness flickering before, but now I can't seem to figure out why the flashing and flickering aftermath happens...

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 2 years ago from Idaho Author

I wouldn't return it!! Unless you're going to get a Samsung Ativ Pro Book then it's not worth the return. It really takes about an hour to accomplish and then everything is good. Even if you were to get another ultrabook you'll have to at some point update all of the drivers, so you're just doing it in this first. Also if you bought the Y2P new then you may already have the newest Energy manager, a Wireless AC card with the newest driver, Windows 8.1, and maybe the Intel Control Center and Graphics driver. So take a peek first and then decide :)

Pegv 2 years ago

I just bought a YP2 and it is still in the box. Should I return it? This all sounds like too much for a new laptop!

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 2 years ago from Idaho Author

Helloooo again!!!! I'm glad it fixed part of your issue. It's definitely sounding like it has more to do with your actual internet service. Have you run to check your speeds? I definitely don't think it has to do anything with your Ultrabook so no worries there. You should contact your ISP and see if they can help you put your router onto a lesser used channel. Let me know what happens!!!!

Christine 2 years ago

Hello again! Just a quick update on what I did.

I actually reinstalled the newest wifi drive, which fixed my slow internet.

The only problem I'm still having is with video playback and streaming. It still takes a while for Youtube videos to load, and when it does, my Y2P only processes it to 240p and I have to manually change the video to a higher quality setting but wait for it to load yet again.

In the meantime, I'll still play around with my Y2P to find a solution

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 2 years ago from Idaho Author

Hey Christine,

Thanks for reading the article. I haven't run into that same issue, there's really nothing that was updated in the article that would have affected your internet except maybe the wifi driver. So you can try rolling back the driver of the wifi titled - Intel PROset/Wireless software by downloading the original driver from lenovo Y2P drivers page (link in article) and uninstalling the new one then reinstalling the old one. This is the first time I've heard of this issue and there's been over 3500 views on this article now. Another suggestion is that it may have nothing to do with your computer and all to do with your internet service provider. Run a speed test on multiple devices like your smartphone and computer - compare speeds. If they are both running the same and it's lower than what you are paying for then it's possible that your ISP is throttling your speeds and you'll have to contact them. Another issue may be with your router itself. Try unplugging it for 10 or so minutes and then plugging in it back in. If you've refreshed your computer or performed a system restore from a previous restore point before the new drivers were installed and it's running faster, then it could just be the wifi driver which would be very strange. Let me know how it goes :/

Christine 2 years ago

Hello! I followed all your steps here and updated all my drivers. However, for some reason my internet now seems to be laggy and slow when opening/loading pages and downloading files.. even using chrome or firefox.

Any possible suggestions?? Tried refreshing my computer but alas no help.

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 2 years ago from Idaho Author

@Fernando no problem!!! Glad this helped!!

fernando 2 years ago

THANK YOU for this great post. You saved my Y2P from returning. Flicking was driving me crazy. Thanks again. Great job.

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 2 years ago from Idaho Author


I know exactly how you felt, I was so pissed when I realized how much I had to do and was even more upset that there wasn't one direct post to address everything. So I wrote this for others in the same boat so they could get the most out of their new ultrabook!! I'm glad this helped you and thank you for reading!

Nikki 2 years ago

BLESS YOU, you beautiful, beautiful being. I'm so glad I've stumbled across this post because the flickering on my new Y2P was driving me insane! To the point where I was about to return it. And I'm not very tech-savvy so thank you so much for the detailed, yet simple step by step guide. I hadn't even known my drivers were outdated..

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 2 years ago from Idaho Author

Hey John I just checked the link it takes you over to the Lenovo forum where user indest has uploaded the file on sendspace. Be sure to uncheck the box below the download button on that page and be sure ur using chrome with the extensions to prevent pop ups. Let me know if there's anything else.

John 2 years ago

Your link to 'Update Energy Manager Newest Version' doesn't seem to work.

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 2 years ago from Idaho Author

@Christine thank you and yes I know about their CS, most tech companies it's like that though. @Alexis if you've downloaded the newest graphics driver from Intel you just need to double click that file and it will install itself in the proper directory. Usually the new file will automatically be put in your "Downloads" file :)

Alexis 2 years ago

I have a question. I uninstalled my Intel graphics driver and restarted my computer but I can't locate the new Intel graphics driver folder to install the newer version.

Christine 2 years ago

Thank you so much for your advice and help! Lenovo support wasn't even this helpful. They kept transferring me over to the premium support which requires you to pay monthly/yearly/one time fee. This article is very clear and helpful!

Paco 2 years ago

Nice Job!

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 2 years ago from Idaho Author

It's not a problem!!! I really wanted to make it as simple as possible so no one had to go through the discovery I went through my first time! Thanks for taking a read!

Ilana 2 years ago

Thank you for this, especially the complex maneuvers needed for updating the drivers. Whew!

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 2 years ago from Idaho Author

Hey JK thanks for reading! I'm glad you were able to get your machine updated to the proper specifications. Do note that accepting newer updates from Intel after this will be much easier. Regarding your question it's unfortunate that there's not yet a solution to the scaling it's a fix that many are looking forward to when Windows 9 is released in the latter part of the year. I scales my resolution down to 2048 x 1152 and everything seems to be doing a great job in this resolution even video. I'd say that if you're looking purely for more screen real estate and 4k quality video when available then scale back up to 3200 x 1800. You really don't need it for current media that's out now since there really isn't too much difference from what I've seen not until media streams begin to offer 4k video, another highlight we should be seeing within the coming year.

Hope this helps ya! Let me know if you have any other questions :)

JK 2 years ago

Hey man, so glad i ran into this site. went through all of the steps and fixed a bunch of stuff. Too bad they didn't fix all this stuff out of box huh? Oh well, slick as heck, so a bit of effort is worth it i guess.

anyway, quick question. have you come up with ways on how to deal with the resolution problems? the 3200 x 1800 is beautiful to look at, unfortunately, windows 8 doesn't handle it very well! other than the OS itself, so many of the apps have major scaling issues. Any ways around these problems?

thanks again for this post! it was exactly what i needed!

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