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How to Freeze Columns or Rows in an Excel Sheet

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Here's a step-by-step tutorial that shows how to freeze columns/rows/panes in an Excel sheet.


1. Assume you have a set of values (as shown in the picture below) in your Excel sheet.


2. To freeze panes, go to the View menu option. Then go to the option of Freeze Panes. It will show you the freeze panes menu.


3. If you select Freeze Top Row, the first row in your worksheet will be frozen. As a result, when you scroll through your sheet, the top row will remain in place as the other rows scroll along.


Freeze Top Row

4. This is how a frozen top row looks like (see picture below). If you observe the selected area after freezing the top row, you will see that the first row is held in place while rows 2 through 7 are scrolling through.

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Freeze First Column

5. If you select the Freeze First Column, the first column in your worksheet will be frozen. As a result, when you use the bottom scroll bar, the first column remains in place while the other columns will scroll through.


Unfreeze Panes

6. To unfreeze panes, go to the View menu option and then to the Freeze Panes menu. Click on Unfreeze Panes. If you observe the selected area, the A column has been frozen and the B column and beyond can be scrolled through.


7. Once you click on Unfreeze Panes, the frozen panes will go back to normal.


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osborn on January 14, 2019:

very helpful thanks.

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