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How to Remove Duplicates From an Excel Sheet

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How to Remove Duplicates (5 Steps)

Are you looking for a way to easily remove duplicates from an excel sheet? Here's a step-by-step tutorial on how to quickly remove duplicate values from a Microsoft Excel Sheet.

1. Open the Microsoft Excel Worksheet

Open the Microsoft Excel Worksheet where you have the duplicates to be removed. I have taken a set of dummy values as a sample for the tutorial.

In this case, the values are in Column A. And as we can see there are many values that are repeated in the list.


2. Data > Remove Duplicates

In your Microsoft Excel Worksheet, identify the column(s) that you want to remove duplicates from.

Go to the Data tab in the menu header and click on the Remove Duplicates option. You can specify which columns should be checked for duplicate information.


3. Select the Columns

Select the columns that should be checked for duplicate information. A list of all existing columns is available to be selected. You can either select one, multiple or all columns.

You can click on Select All to select all columns in one go instead of having to select them one by one. This comes in handy if there are too many columns to be checked for duplicate information.

Once you select the columns, click OK.


4. Duplicates Removed

With this, duplicate values (if any) have been removed from the selected column(s).

A summary of duplicates found and removed is displayed in a pop-up message. It specifies the number of duplicate values found and the number of unique values remaining.

Once you validate the information, click OK.


5. And Voila!

Done! The resulting set of values in each of the columns that you had chosen is now free from any duplicate data.

All of the remaining values are unique.


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