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Updated on November 27, 2017
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MS Excel provides various clearing options such as clear contents, clear formatting, clear links, etc. Read on to know how to use them.

Clearing Options in MS Excel

1. Assume these are the contents in your worksheet. For example, you have a set of data in your worksheet with some cells that have formatted content and some having plain content.

2. Go to Home, Editing, and then Clear to view the menu for conditionally clearing the data.

3. Click on Clear to view the Clear Menu. Various clearing options are provided.

  • Clear All
  • Clear Formats
  • Clear Contents
  • Clear Comments
  • Clear Hyperlinks

Clear All

4a. Clear All option: Select a cell or a section of cells and click on Clear All. This option clears everything from the selected area.

4b. Clear All clears everything from the selected cell. It clears all the contents, formatting, comments, and links from the selected cell.

Clear Formats

5a. Clear Formats option: Select a cell and click on Clear Formats.

5b. Clear Formats clears only the formatting that is applied to the selected cells. This option keeps the contents of the cell as-is and just removes all the formatting that was done to the cell and/or the contents of the cell.

Clear Contents

6a. Clear Contents option: Select a cell and click on Clear Contents.

6b. Clear Contents clears only the contents from the selected cell. The formatting and comments remain intact. If you look at the picture on using clear contents, the contents have been deleted from cell, but the cell border is still there.

Cell with Comments

7. This is how a cell, which has comments added to it, will look like.

Clear Comments

8a. Clear Comments option: Select a cell which has comments added to it and click on Clear Comments.

8b. The Clear Comments option clears the comments attached to the selected cell, leaving the contents as it is.

Clear Hyperlinks

9a. Clear Hyperlinks option: Select a cell which has a hyperlink attached to it and click on Clear Hyperlinks.

9b. When you click on Clear Hyperlink, a menu appears near the selected cell with 2 options.

  • Clear Hyperlinks only.
  • Cleat Hyperlinks and Formats.

9c. The Clear Hyperlinks only option clears the hyperlink attached to the selected cell, leaving the contents and other formatting (if any) as it is.

9d. The Clear Hyperlinks and Formats option clears both hyperlinks attached to the selected cell and the formatting. The contents of the cell remain as-is in this case as well.

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