Using Hiren's Boot CD to Create Admin User Accounts

Updated on January 3, 2017


If you’ve ever forgotten a password and none of the usual tricks work to get you back into your Windows box, then a boot CD like Hiren is a must. Of all the things that you can do with this boot disc none is as useful as making admin accounts. What this means is that if you have physical access to a machine then there is nothing to prevent you from gaining administrative access.

You can download the ISO for Hiren at This article presumes you already know how to create a boot disc from and ISO image and can boot to it. If you’ve never used the Hiren Boot CD before then do yourself a favor and try it. It is an indispensable tool in any technician’s bag of tricks.

1) After booting the disc, select the mini XP option. Once your at the desktop click on the wrench icon in the notification area and navigate to Pass Renew. The path is: Passwords/Keys-Windows Login- Password Renew.

2) At the Pass Renew screen click on “Select Target” in the lower right. Then browse to the Windows folder on the local hard drive.

3) Click OK, then click on the “Create new Administrator user” option under “Select a task” on the left of the screen. Then enter the username and password you want to use for the new account. For this tutorial we’ll use testadmin as the username. Then click the “Install” option under “Select an (a) action” on the left.

4) You will see a popup stating that the creating the new user is “Done.” Go ahead and click “OK”

5) Now there is one trick to this next step that you must do correctly. DO NOT “X” OUT! You must click the “Quit” option under “Select an action” to finish using the program and use the account just created. If you simply click the “X” then the account will show up on the Welcome screen but you won’t be able to logon. So make sure to click “Quit.”


That’s all there is to it. Now you can eject the disc and reboot the machine. If all has gone well you will see your new account and be able to logon.

Hiren’s Boot CD is among the best all purpose boot disc out there. With a large amount of antivirus apps and a huge variety of other tech tools there’s not much you can’t do with this disc. Honestly, I’ve tried most of them out there and other than the Backtrack CD there simply is no other disc I use.

All for now,

Rome’s IT Guy


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    • profile image

      Edi 4 weeks ago

      Hirens 2018 New Generation! check this IT Tools Pack Solution 2018 Rescue


    • profile image

      Jeisolly112 2 months ago

      thanks for your share.. i also found other password tool like ntpassword, iseepssword, ophcrack and more..

    • profile image

      ttlowelc 6 months ago

      Does it work on the latest Windows 10 machine?

    • profile image

      evantos 11 months ago

      Password Renew doesn't work with Windows 10 Creators Update. In the end I reset my forgotten admin password with PCUnlocker bootdisk. Hopefully there is a new update with Password Renew.

    • profile image

      kux 2 years ago

      Bravo pipo.. works jus fine.. cheers

    • profile image

      Flavio Avila 2 years ago

      I want to create an admin account because there aren't any listed. I followed the instructions and When I'm Browsing for the folder. I selected the C:\ and tried to open the file three (+) then a message pops up indicating that the disk is not formatted and asks me if I'd like to format now. What can I do in this case. Thanks for the help :)

    • profile image

      Ravindra 3 years ago

      Your Rock Hiren

    • profile image

      ints 3 years ago

      Super! It works, im happy :)

    • profile image

      Jeff 3 years ago

      Works on Windows 8 also!

    • profile image

      Help .... 4 years ago

      Please what is the username and password of hiren

    • profile image

      Kevin 4 years ago

      Thank you for the post, worked great. you rock

    • profile image

      Chazz 4 years ago

      Thank you so much, it worked perfectly.

    • profile image

      jad 4 years ago

      hi romesitguy ,

      perfect article, but i wondering if you can give me a way to do the same for

      a user in pc joined to the domain .. i need to setup programs on my pc on domain how can i do that ??

    • profile image

      dan 4 years ago

      Thank you for the tip. I was able to recover a virtual machine after the domain was lost.

    • profile image

      Gustavo Holguin 4 years ago

      Awesome. Many Thanks

    • iguidenetwork profile image

      iguidenetwork 5 years ago from Austin, TX

      Very useful information, now you have the access to the unit you're using and at the same time your privacy and control is ensured. I would like to try this and follow your step-by-step instructions. Voted up, useful, shared and a following. :)

    • profile image

      Imran 5 years ago

      Well Don!, it really works, it big good to do with the huminity.

      Regards to all who contribute for this blog. Once again thanks to Hirens CD and all of you

    • romesitguy profile image

      romesitguy 5 years ago from Rome, Georgia in the United States

      Hi Hope, sounds like you figured it out better than I could. After your first post I thought maybe just use NT Password. However, sometimes Hiren does have problems. Haven't seen to many on old XP machines though. Sorry you had to come up with a work around. Oh....there is also a tool called Windows Gate that works (usually) great on XP. It basically will let you log in without having to create on account by disabling password validation. In other words, it temporarily will let you log in with a blank password. Also, if your downloading different versions of Hiren and have no problem working with boot disc then this article wasn't meant for you. Your no beginner. And thanks for the feedback.

    • profile image

      Hope 5 years ago

      Could it be that you need to reset the original admin's password to proceed on creating a new admin account? (because I manage to make it work once the original admin's password was reset to nothing).

      Tried this with Hiren 10.4 and 13.1 Boot disc on an ordinary windows XP professional SP3. My guess is that it must be acting the same way with Hiren 15.1 as well.

    • profile image

      Hope 5 years ago

      Not working... the new user doesn't figure anywhere in the SAM file. Once you complete with quit, if you go back and click on "Turn existing user to admin", the new user isn't there (Even if you reboot)???