Top 5 Long Range Wireless Mice for 2019

Updated on January 2, 2019

Five Good Wireless Mice with Long Range, Reviewed

Wireless technology is an intrinsic part of our lives. With cell phones, remote controls and wireless routers everywhere, why are we still using traditional corded mice? You can now get a great long range wireless mouse that'll work with your computer and your TV too!

The traditional weakness of wireless systems has been range and interference: get too far away from your computer, and your long distance wireless mouse stops working.

Not only that, first gen mice needed lots of batteries and bulky adaptors, making them impractical. Now, thanks to recent innovations and a drastic increase in wireless standards, you can get a sleek, accurate and truly long range wireless mouse that will suit your needs and budget.

This article will take a look at five of my favorite long range wireless mouse systems and give a brief review of each item. We'll look at range, device compatibility, and any other potential drawbacks.

In doing this, I want to help you get the most for your money and hopefully help you find a versatile mouse that will last you a long time. Let's get started!

Stuff to Look For in a Long Distance Wireless Mouse:

If you're hoping to buy a long range wireless mouse, here are a few things I'd recommend you should look for in order to avoid hassle and frustration.

  1. Rechargeable:

    Surprisingly few long range wireless mice make use of a built-in rechargeable battery. That's too bad, because even though most wireless mice are energy efficient, opening the thing up every few months is a hassle.

    If the mouse you want doesn't have a built-in battery, invest in some inexpensive rechargeable AA or AAA batteries to replenish it, it's less wasteful.

  2. Pointer / Air Mouse Functionality:

    Many a modern wireless mouse with long range will also come with pointer functionality. The mouse senses its orientation gyroscopically, letting you 'point' the cursor anywhere on the screen rather than pushing it across a flat surface.

    That lets you make use of your cursor in situations where there's no surface to use, or during a presentation. (Note: If you like to use your computer hooked up to a flat screen TV, take notice.)

  3. HDTV Compatibility:

    With the advent of HDTVs, you can now use your flat screen as a giant computer monitor. In that scenario, you'll definitely want a wireless mouse with long range paired with a good keyboard to surf the internet or watch videos from the couch.

    If you're going this route I highly recommend you opt for an air style mouse, trackpad, or even a trackball.

1. Microsoft Arc Touch

A long range wireless mouse with touch control

  • Pros: High portability, premium design, haptic feedback
  • Cons: Scroll wheel can be finicky

This is another great long distance wireless mouse from Microsoft that combines great functionality with a beautiful, minimalist design.

First off, you'll notice the lack of a scroll wheel.This mouse utilizes a touchpad for a more natural and accurate scroll experience that works in four directions, and it features Haptic feedback (rumble) for tap functionality as well.

Secondly, you'll notice the unique curved design. This mouse can be folded flat to store it more easily. The wireless receiver is a tiny USB connector that attaches under the mouse magnetically when not in use.

The wireless range for this mouse is around 30', which is enough to let you use it from across a pretty large room. Definitely one of my top picks both aesthetically and functionally.

2. Apple Magic Trackpad: Multi-Touch, Long Range Wireless Mouse

Sleek, modern multi-touch

  • Pros: Slick design, multi-touch functionality, works on any surface
  • Cons: Not inexpensive, takes some adjustment

The Apple Magic Trackpad marries form and function beautifully. It's a multi-touch, multi-scroll device, meaning that instead of using a scroll wheel, you use hand gestures, like on a laptop touchpad. It's intuitive, though it definitely takes a bit of adjustment.

You can quickly scroll through screens and pages with a swiping gesture. To click, you can either tap or physically click it (if it's resting on a hard surface.)

Even though it looks like it only has a single button, this mouse has multiple button functionality due to different sensors that pick up where you're clicking. It uses Bluetooth instead of a USB dongle, and it has a range of 33 feet.

It's fantastic for working in limited space (like on a plane) because you don't have to slide it around. You can do things like pinch to zoom or swipe to scroll. It works perfectly on modern Macs, and it can easily work on Windows and Linux with the right drivers and apps.

It's a great mouse for precision work and one of the best wireless long distance mice on the market today.

3. Logitech M570 Trackball: My personal budget-friendly favourite

A long range trackball mouse that works anywhere

  • Pros: Ergonomic design, easy on wrists, use on any surface
  • Cons: There's a learning curve (but it's worth it.)

The Logitech M570 is my current workhorse, and I couldn't live without it. Admittedly, a trackball is very different from conventional mice, and the learning curve can be steep. However, if you get past the hump, a trackball can be life changing.

Because it relies on your thumb, you can greatly reduce chronic strain injuries on your wrist. There's very little movement necessary to adeptly use this trackball.

It's a great long distance mouse too, with 30ft. of wireless range and great reception. Like most, this one uses a proprietary USB dongle, but a single dongle supports most Logitech devices.

I love it for travel and couch use too, because you don't need a flat surface to use it. The M570 is my all-time favourite, but their new MX Ergo is supposedly quite excellent too.

4. Gyration Air Mouse Mobile

A tiny, long range wireless air mouse with lots of options

  • Pros: Incredible range, air mouse functionality, portable
  • Cons: Travel mouse size may be too small for some hands

Gyration is well known for their line of long distance wireless 'air' mouse products. With nearly 100 feet of range this one is great for all situations.

It works well as a traditional mouse on most surfaces, but when needed, you can take advantage of Gyration's air mouse technology. Simply point the mouse towards the screen and gesture to direct the cursor in any direction.

It comes with a USB dock receiver. It's lightweight and ergonomic in design, and it works well for everything from everyday internet surfing to Powerpoint presentations. It has five buttons and a handy scroll wheel.

I'd rate the Gyration as a good choice for travel and on-the-go stuff, but perhaps not long-term office use only because of its small size. It's quite good for using computer functions from your couch or easy chair, as the pointer feature is really handy.

5. Microsoft 5000: A Slick, Long Range Wireless Mouse

Very popular ambidextrous distance mouse for left or right handed users

  • Pros: Ambidextrous and usable by left handed people, great tracking
  • Cons: Premium responsiveness means it's pricier

The Microsoft 5000 is a great example of a powerful and versatile long range wireless mouse that has the added bonus of coming with a USB storage transceiver. This transceiver turns the mouse on and off when you plug it in, and also acts as a storage device on the fly.

A great feature is the design, which allows comfortable use whether you're left-handed or right. It's a comfortable device and a pleasure to use all day.

Unlike a lot of long distance wireless mice out there, it has a very stable and precise tracking system that avoids the jiggling cursor issue and keeps things nice and smooth, and it will work on a range of surfaces in case you're somewhere without a mouse pad.

The battery life is around 8 months between changes. I recommend picking up a couple of rechargeable AA batteries for when it conks out, but it won't happen very often!

It's also a very ergonomic mouse with 5 buttons and four way wheel scrolling. A best seller with great reviews, this is a favorite long range wireless mouse and worth your time to check out.

6. Logitech MX Master 2s

A best selling long range wireless mouse

  • Pros: Rechargeable battery, works on most surfaces, premium feel
  • Cons: Not the cheapest

Logitech knows their stuff, and they have a wide range of different mice for various needs. This particular long range wireless mouse is known as the 'MX Master', because it tracks on a huge range of surfaces.

First, it contains a rechargeable battery, so you just need to plug in the micro USB cord when it starts getting low.

Logitech's nano-sized dongle won't weigh you down with bulky hardware, and the ergonomic design and super fast scroll wheel make it fun and pleasant to use.

The USB receiver is a unifying device that can work with up to six devices at once, so if you go for a Logitech wireless keyboard as well you won't have to use up more than one USB plug at a time. The range for this mouse is around 30 feet.

FYI: What's up with MHz and GHz?

You'll see those terms thrown around, and they refer to the wireless frequency that the mouse operates with.

2.4 GHz is very popular, but anything with a range in GHz is a good idea. Older wireless mice tended to run on lower frequencies, which led to connectivity problems and range issues.

Sometimes, you can have interference issues when your mouse operates on a frequency with lots of competition. If that's the case, try switching up the bands, if possible.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Questions & Answers

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      • profile image


        2 months ago

        To Dave and Larry:

        Concrete walls do effect signal strength of wireless devises but only if the are blocking the path between the transmitter and receiver - so since I would seriously doubt that you would want to use a mouse to control a TV you can no longer see or are more than 30 feet away from, concrete walls floors or ceilings should not be an issue if they are still in line of sight as they don't have a sucking magical anti-frequency ability force-field around them.

        To Philip:

        Those are all English words, but it does not make a coherent sentence in the structure you have used them in, and without a question mark at the end (?) it just makes a weird statement.

        To myself:

        Time to get some meds for your OCD!

      • profile image


        12 months ago

        what would the a good mouse for my tv android

      • profile image


        12 months ago

        I have the Microsoft 3000 mouse that is very comfortable and works well except for the wireless receiving even though the distance between mouse and receiver is only about 3 feet. This is even with new AA batteries and the latest software. So overall it is irritating not to have immediate response and continual delays.

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        Microsoft arc mouse is a nice mouse to use but definitely not long range

        1 metre max

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        I want to install a surveillance camera dvr in my attic above the bedroom where the monitor is located. What wireless mouse do you recommend? Sheetrock ceiling and max distance is about fifteen feet.

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        Larry: Wow! You just just what I was thinking.




        It was so bizarre because I was thinking that exact same thing after reading the article,... and then realized you had already raised this concern/question!

        The only disappointment to be had, is in the realization that there seems to have been no new guidance had from any of the replies to-date.

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        This is an auto-generated article. They have not tested the range of any of these Mice

      • profile image

        Larry Anderson 

        2 years ago

        It appears that 30-35 feet is the range of these wireless mice. However, although my computer is less than 30 ft from the living-room TV Screen to which it is connected (large size & resolution), there is a cement floor and two cement walls that exist within those 30 feet. Must I buy and test each product? Is there no better way of defining the range or give a range reguction factor for each wall or obstruction within this 30 ft. range?

      • profile image


        3 years ago

        Use a usb to cat6 adapter

      • profile image


        3 years ago

        Hi Walter did you get a response i need it for the exact same reason

      • profile image

        Walter simmons 

        3 years ago

        Hi, I need a mouse for my DVR the range is 100 feet please help me resolve this problem i know the this can be done I this for my surveillance equipment my phone number is 701-306-0162 thanks Walter


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