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25 Amazing Kid-Friendly Alexa Skills

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Amazon Alexa Skills for Kids

Amazon Alexa has thousands of skills in its Alexa app but only a few that kids would enjoy.

If you own an Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or any other Alexa device, you need to enable these 25 skills that your kids will love.

These voice devices are meant for the whole family to enjoy, so why not let everyone in on the fun.

Reminder: Amazon Alexa skills can be enabled via voice as well as manually through the app.

Example: "Alexa, enable Spelling Bee"

I'm always open to new skill suggestions, so feel free to comment below if there are any great, new kids skills that should be added to the list.

25. Christmas Kindness

Alexa's very own Christmas skill for when the holidays roll around.


  • Teaches kids about being kind and selfless.
  • Compassionate moral compass for the holidays.


  • Needs to be more Christmas themed.
  • Additional features could be helpful.


One of the most positive skills Alexa has to offer that goes hand-in-hand with the holiday season.

A fantastic skill that teaches kids and adults to show a little kindness towards others and what it means to be selfless though it could use some more Christmas magic.

It would be nice to see more holiday themed acts of kindness or various categories for different times of the year, but you can't fault for what this skill is trying to do.

It's a simple yet beautiful idea that kids and parents will enjoy.

24. The Magic Door

The best story time skill for young kids that uses imagination and your choices for satisfying results.


  • You get a few stories to choose from.
  • It's interactive and is a great alternative to bedtime reading with children.


  • More stories are required.
  • The tales could use more options and choices.


This is a choose your own adventure skill that young people will be fond of. The stories come with interactive sounds, choices, characters, and more.

The stories are only 10-15 minutes long, which is effective if you're trying to get the kids to bed quickly.

This skill has greatly lengthened each of the three stories with a lot more quests and options over the past year, but it could always give us even more.

However, this remains a fantastic skill for children, and it will bring families together.

23. Spelling Bee

The spelling bee is designed for grade school children (grades 4 & 5) to help them practice their words.


  • Choose as many rounds (1 round = 1 word) as you want.
  • Alexa hears you very well.


  • Different spelling options for varying grade levels needed.
  • Needs word categories.


The best spelling skill primarily for grade school kids does its job well. Alexa can hear you loud and clear, and you can practice as many words as you wish.

It's a good teaching tool for those wanting to improve their spelling abilities.

22. Ditty

Ditty turns any message you say into diverse songs.


  • Ability to change any message into song format.
  • You can share your created songs with others via Twitter.


  • Doesn't always play the song you've created.
  • The sound produced may not be clear.


With Ditty kids can create songs using simple dictations and share it with others. It's a good way to express their creativity, and it's a enjoyable experience for the entire family (when it works).

There were technical issues such as certain songs not playing or the lyrics coming out muffled/unclear.

I would use very clear lyrics that are no longer than 4-5 words and you should be fine.

21. Math Mania & 1-2-3 Math

Two useful math skills for those who want to brush up on their multiplication, addition, subtraction, or division capabilities.

To open 1-2-3 Math say "Alexa, Open 1-2-3".


  • These skills give you several math options and multiple difficulty levels.
  • The challenges include word problems and number sequences.
  • The quiz format works well for the math questions.


  • Alexa won't always hear or understand your answer.


These are good tools for anyone who needs a quick math lesson. There are numerous options if you utilize both skills.

I'd recommend Math Mania because there's more variety although you may have to repeat your answer a few times because Alexa won't always understand.

1-2-3 Math is excellent at testing your children's math skills with numerous questions in the easy, medium, and hard difficulty settings.

I think parents and students will both enjoy these useful skills that are as fun as they are challenging.

20. Tic-Tac-Toe & Hangman

Two classic games for the price of one; tic-tac-toe and hangman are easy games that your kids are sure to enjoy.


  • Each game is easy to play.
  • Hangman gives you a game by either word length or category.


  • Some memorization is required for each.
  • Doesn't work well without visuals.


Tic-tac-toe and hangman are games anyone can play, and Alexa makes it as easy to play them. However, they won't work perfectly because these types of games require visuals that your device can't provide.

At least Alexa reminds you where your letters are placed in Hangman and where to put your X's and O's in tic tac toe.

19. Curiosity

Curiosity gives you facts about thousands of different topics designed to help you learn.


  • Provides interesting facts and tidbits about numerous subjects that you choose.
  • Improves knowledge that can lead to conversations.


  • Technical problems when opening the skill.
  • Doesn't always answer your questions.


One of the best teaching skills that's also entertaining. You can choose between categories and even ask questions about various topics.

The information given is of high quality and something both kids and parents can talk about.

The downside is that there may be technical problems when attempting to launch this skill and Alexa may not answer your questions about a topic. However, when it's successful, you can absolutely learn a lot.

18. Superheroes

A skill loaded with small superhero facts that the young ones will enjoy.


  • Provides tidbits of superhero information about your favorites.


  • Alexa struggles understanding the invocation name "super heroes."
  • It doesn't give you enough information about each character.
  • Good idea but lackluster execution.


This skill taps into the superhero genre, which is fantastic for little kids but it leaves much to be desired. Alexa struggles to hear "super heroes" and this app doesn't give you enough information about each identity.

It's a good idea that needs a lot of improvement.

17. Knock Knock Jokes

Love knock, knock jokes? Well Alexa is hear to give you more of what you want.


  • Clean jokes tailored for kids.
  • Interactive approach, you have to ask "Who's there?"


  • Jokes get stale after a while.
  • Needs more humor and energy.


I like Knock, Knock for what it is because it'll keep kids happy. The invocation name is easy to remember and there's some interactivity as there would be in a knock, knock joke.

The jokes are clean but the humor is lacking even for children.

16. Short Bedtime Story

You can put your child in Alexa's short bedtime story.


  • Alexa asks for your name to be used in her story.
  • It's very fast and good when you need to rush your kid to sleep.


  • It lacks the sound effects of other story based skills like "The Magic Door."
  • For some the stories are too quick.


This skill is a stripped down version of "The Magic Door" that's much faster but lacks the sound effects of the other skill.

On the plus side, it's good for parents that need their child to go to sleep immediately and it does place their kid's name in the story to further interaction.

15. Cat/Dog/Dinosaur Facts

Cat, dog, and dinosaur facts provide educational tidbits for some of your favorite animals.


  • Each skill provides a slew of important facts.
  • You'll learn something new everyday.


  • The facts may eventually become repetitive.


These skills teach by providing enough information that doesn't become excessive. It expands on Alexa's ability to educate, and the facts are easy to remember.

Even the invocation names to activate each skill are simple (dog facts, cat facts, dinosaur facts).

14. Guess the Number

Alexa's very own guessing game will keep youngsters occupied.


  • Quick game used to temporarily alleviate boredom.
  • Works very well with Alexa.


  • It won't cure your child's boredom.


It's a straightforward guessing game where you have to guess a number between 1-100, and Alexa will tell you if the number is higher or lower each try.

You can make this game more interesting by trying to guess the number in as few tries as possible.

Perhaps parents can even introduce rewards if their kids guess in under 10, 5, 3, etc., tries.

13. Twenty Questions

It's time to play 20 questions with Alexa: choose animal, vegetable, or mineral.


  • One of the best guessing games Alexa has to offer.
  • Fun for the whole family.


  • Occasionally Alexa will not hear what you're saying.


If you're unfamiliar with 20 questions, then it's a guessing game where you pick a category (animal, vegetable, or mineral) and someone will ask questions to figure it out. You usually respond with "yes, no, sometimes, or I don't know."

Now it's Alexa's turn to guess, so your goal is to either trick her or have her guess right.

12. State Capital Quiz

The United States capital quiz is meant to educate students on their state capitals.


  • Offers two modes: practice and quiz.
  • Great way to learn your state capitals.


  • Sometimes Alexa can't hear your answer.
  • Alexa may end the test if she doesn't understand you.


Another useful educational skill specifically made for students who need to learn their state capitals. You can either practice or try a full test to see what you know.

My only fault with "Capital Quiz" is that Alexa may misunderstand your answer, which can occasionally exit you out.

11. Would You Rather (Family)

Would You Rather for Family is an amusing version of the popular game that's become kid-friendly.


  • Contains only family friendly questions.
  • Includes 100's of different questions.


  • Some glitches within the game.
  • Can be hard to turn off/stop.


The famous "Would You Rather" game now has a family-friendly twist, so you don't have to worry about any awkwardness when playing with your kids.

There are hundreds of different questions so it never gets boring.

Unfortunately there may be glitches within the game where your answers aren't heard or the game refuses to end when you tell it too. This skill is still fairly new and these glitches are to be expected but this is a terrific idea that's sure to bring families closer.

10. Earplay

Audio stories where you're in control of what happens.


  • Excellent audio effects and storytelling elements.
  • Highly interactive and engaging for children.


  • Some stories may be inappropriate for younger children.
  • More stories are needed.


Similar to the Magic Door, Earplay brings you into the story and lets you make the decisions. The difference between this skill and others like it are the higher quality audio effects and storytelling elements.

It's definitely a skill I expect to see get expanded and used for the visual Echo Show.

The main problem right now is the lack of content and occasional inappropriate material; it's geared towards older kids and adolescents.

Despite its lack of substance, this skill has huge potential and may bring about a whole new paradigm of interactive narratives.

9. Bingo

Alexa becomes your very own bingo caller.


  • Alexa's becomes a good replacement if you need a bingo caller.
  • Easy to use and works great.


  • You have to say "Next" to move on to the next number.
  • Won't work with special bingo cards where certain letters aren't necessary.


If you want to play standard bingo, then Alexa works well as a bingo caller. However I wish Alexa could move on to the next number without you having to say "Next."

Alexa doesn't have special calling options, which makes it difficult playing complex bingo games that don't require every number/letter to be called.

8. Laugh Box

Get every form of laughter with your own laughing box.


  • Multiple laughing options: from baby to sinister laugh.
  • Will keep minors entertained and hopefully laughing along.


  • Miscommunication errors with Alexa.
  • Difficulty exiting the skill.


This skill will entertain kids and even make adults happy. It has a lot of laughing options that you can pick but there's a downside too.

I've had trouble exiting the app during a laughing sound effect, and there's been miscommunication on Alexa's part.

7. Boo/Applause

Ever wanted to boo or applaud something or someone?

Well now you can...


  • Realistic sound effects.
  • Easy to launch/use.


  • Doesn't always work or respond.
  • Doesn't offer much replay value.


Alexa gives you more sound effects including your very own applause or booing sound.

Keep in mind that using the right invocation name is important, so I'd go with "Ask Boo or Ask Applause" to launch it.

There are no variations on the sound effects, which gives these skills little replay value, but young children will enjoy them well enough.

6. CompliBot

A daily dose of encouragement for those feeling down in the dumps.


  • Motivational booster from Alexa.
  • Positive and encouraging messages.


  • There are no cons here.


I could say something negative about CompliBot but there's no need for it. This skill gives you positive messages when you need it most. There's a variant of this called InsultBot, but that only gives you bad vibes.

Everyone needs a positive outlook especially children, and CompliBot is here to deliver.

5. The Name Game

The Name Game plays on your name even if you didn't think that was possible.


  • Cute skill that juveniles will like.
  • Works with most names.


  • Not all names are pronounced correctly.


Give Alexa your name and she'll pop out a cute, little phrase. Most children will enjoy it, but not all names may be said correctly.

Try to enunciate your name as best as you can, and hopefully Alexa delivers.

4. Deal or No Deal

The once popular TV game show now comes to Alexa.


  • A fun, time-consuming game based off the popular Deal or No Deal game show.
  • Easy to play.


  • Difficult to track which cases you've opened and which ones are left.
  • Can get repetitive quickly.


Deal or no Deal was always a fun time-waster and now it's available for Alexa. It's easy to play and the goal is simple, but that may also be a problem.

The game can get repetitive quickly and there's no way to track which cases you've opened, so you may need a pen and paper handy.

Still I like how we're bringing more famous games into the Echo devices and this one is sure to be a hit.

3. Pikachu Talk

Have kids start their very own conversation with everyone's favorite Pokemon, Pikachu!


  • Cute skill that will entertain young children.
  • Pikachu can sing your child the birthday song.


  • More variety is needed.
  • Can get annoying after a while.


Pikachu Talk brings Pikachu to Alexa, and now your kids can entertain themselves by asking Pikachu questions, commands, and more.

This bright, yellow character will even sing "Happy Birthday" to them in its own special way that kids will love.

This a very cute skill that's only limited by its lack of variety and style. Additionally parents may get annoyed at listening to "Pika!" over and over again, but it comes with the territory.

All in all, this is an entertaining skill that deserves a listen.

2. Sheep Count

Alexa can help you count sheep as you try to fall asleep.


  • Funny concept with even funnier sound effects.
  • It may help you fall asleep.


  • Likely too distracting to be effective.
  • Sound effects are too robotic.


If your child can't fall asleep, then why don't they try counting sheep. It's unlikely that Sheep Count was designed to help get your little ones to sleep, but that doesn't make it useless.

The sound effects may be robotic but they're funny too. It may be distracting to most, but some kids might fall asleep using this.

1. 4A Fart

Childish but still funny, Alexa will unleash the sounds that have made children giggle for decades.


  • Kids are likely to get a kick out of it.
  • It's slapstick hilarity for the whole family.


  • May be too crude for some.
  • Adults may feel uncomfortable using this skill for their kids.


It's a fart skill with various sounds that's intended to bring humor to the masses. It may be crude but many young kids seem to enjoy it because of the low-brow fun.

25 Additional Kid Friendly Skills to Try

Alexa SkillAlexa Command

26. The SpongeBob Challenge

"Alexa, start SpongeBob Challenge"

27. Simon Tap (uses Echo Buttons)

"Alexa, open Simon Tap"

28. Sesame Street

"Alexa, open Sesame Street"

29. Escape the Room

"Alexa, open Escape the Room"

30. Skyrim Very Special Edition

"Alexa, open Skyrim"

31. Teen Jeopardy (premium content available)

"Alexa, play Teen Jeopardy!"

32. Freeze Dancers

"Alexa, open Freeze Dancers"

33. See Say

"Alexa, start See Say"

34. Science Buddy

"Alexa, open Science Buddy"

35. True or False

"Alexa, play True or False"

36. Eco Hacks

"Alexa, open Eco Hacks"

37. Kids Court (By Pretzel Labs)

"Alexa, open Kids Court"

38. Price Is Right

"Alexa, start Price is Right"

39. Heads Up

"Alexa, play Heads Up!"

40. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

"Alexa, play Who Wants to Be a Millionaire!"

41. Music Bop Adventures

"Alexa, open Music Bop"

42. Speak Listen Learn

"Alexa, open Speak Listen Learn"

43. Chompers

"Alexa, start Chompers from Gimlet"

44. Amazon Storytime

"Alexa, open Amazon Storytime"

45. Oyku

"Alexa, open Story Stream"

46. Guess My Name

"Alexa, open Guess My Name"

47. Hide and Seek (By Roy Kincaid)

"Alexa, open Hide & Seek"

48. Lemonade Stand

"Alexa, open Lemonade Stand"

49. Baby Shark

"Alexa, open Baby Shark"

50. Scooby Doo! Mystery Inc. Theater

"Alexa, open Scooby-Doo"

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Questions & Answers

Question: Is there an app for teaching phonics?

Answer: The closest skills that I see are "Talkbo Phonics Exercise" by Popsand and "Speak Listen Learn" by dr Blankenstein.

The invocation phrases are, "Alexa, open/start phonics exercise" and "Alexa, open Speak Listen Learn".

Question: What is your favorite app for kids?

Answer: I really enjoy all of the story-time skills, so "The Magic Door" would be my top pick. They've really expanded on what choices you could make, and kids have a great time playing along.


dr cheez on June 09, 2020:

good options

Jamie R on September 16, 2019:


I have released a couple of kids skills recently that your readers might be interested in.

The most popular is Silly Stories for children around 3+

Then there is another called The Zoo Game, aimed slightly higher around 5+

Any feedback welcome.

Krzysztof Willman (author) from Parlin, New Jersey on July 20, 2018:

I tried to find the channel and nothing came up, is it spelled differently?

Chuck on July 19, 2018:

You have to check out Baby Stats if you have a neborn.

Krzysztof Willman (author) from Parlin, New Jersey on May 21, 2018:

Thank you for the information, sounds like a very beneficial skill.

christine on May 21, 2018:

the app quick snacks gives you quick healthy snack ideas kids can make and enjoy with you

Krzysztof Willman (author) from Parlin, New Jersey on May 21, 2018:

Thank you for your thoughts, and an age range is a good idea. I'm glad they found skills they can enjoy.

I'll try to include some that utilize the Echo Buttons as well.

Andrew on May 21, 2018:

Thanks for the list - always looking for new apps. It would have been more useful if you identified the initial age range here. Many of these are good for 7+ , I would think. While kids would definitely like the fart app, our grand daughters LOVE freeze dancer.

Can't wait to try Ditty!!

Dave on April 03, 2018:

My kids like The Yes or No Game!

Anvisha on February 21, 2018:

Thanks for sharing these. I loved them so much. I got echo as a gift recently and I am always finding new and engaging skills for my kids. I came across a great skill called Ocean Raiders that I think is very impressive.

Krzysztof Willman (author) from Parlin, New Jersey on December 04, 2017:

Thank you for your time. on December 02, 2017:

Thank you so much for this great list!!

Krzysztof Willman (author) from Parlin, New Jersey on November 16, 2017:

Thank you for the update, I've been scouting newer skills for kids that are effective and that sounds really interesting.

Jeff on November 13, 2017:

I would add the Alexa "Kids News" skill to the list. Finally some upbeat news for kids to consume.

emiky on September 16, 2017:

great advice

Krzysztof Willman (author) from Parlin, New Jersey on July 13, 2017:

Thank you so much I'm glad you were able to find the skills to share with her. Ditty is definitely a great add-on to the platform and developers are always striving to make them even better.

Leaving Hibernation on July 13, 2017:

That's a great list! Thanks for putting it together! I will use a lot of these with my daughter, especially the ditty one. Kay