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Amazon Basics USB Wireless Mouse Review

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Learn About the Amazon Basics Mouse

In this review, I am going to explain my thoughts on the Amazon Basics USB Wireless Mouse. I am going to explain what I like and don't like about the mouse.


Why Did I Buy an Amazon Basics USB Wireless Mouse?

I Was Curious About the Amazon Basics Brand

I have bought a few other Amazon basics items. I wanted to try this mouse to see if this branding was any good.

I Wanted a Wireless Mouse

I have had multiple USB mice in the past. I have switched from corded to wireless multiple times. Overall I like wireless mice much more.

One of the trade offs of using a lot of computer equipment is having cords everywhere. Wireless mice are easier to use, and there are fewer cords to get in the way.

Why I Bought the Mouse Checklist

  • I wanted a mouse for my Chromebook.
  • I wanted a mouse to use for doing school work while traveling.
  • I wanted something cheap that looked OK.

Amazon Basics USB Wireless Mouse Product Information

  • This is a USB mouse.
  • The mouse is wireless.
  • The mouse is powered by two triple A batteries.
  • The mouse has a scroll wheel.
  • The scroll wheel functions as a third button to click.

Why I Liked About the Amazon Basics USB Wireless Mouse

The Mouse Was Cheap

I wanted a wireless mouse for school, but I wanted to keep things cheap. So I decided to buy this mouse as the price was very good.

The Mouse Is Easy to Carry Around

The mouse is small, and it is easy to pack. The USB receiver fits inside the mouse near the batteries like most modern wireless USB mice.

The Mouse Is Easy to Use

You pull out the receiver and plug it in. Then you turn the mouse on. Setup doesn't get any easier than this.


What I Did Not like About the Amazon Basics USB Wireless Mouse

I Had Issues with Connectivity

I am not sure if this an issue with my Chromebook or maybe the USB dongle I am using. But sometimes the mouse will start to move around erratically or stop moving at all.

I tried to troubleshoot this issue, multiple days trying different things, but the issue occasionally comes back.

The Mouse Is to Small for My Hands

I knew the mouse was small when I bought it. In the future, I will want a bigger mouse to use. My desktop mouse is quite bigger, and it feels easier to use.

The Receiver Could Be Easy to Lose

One of my main concerns with these new smaller USB receivers is making sure I always put it away when not in use. I imagine if not careful, it will be very easy to lose the receiver.


Overall Thoughts About the Amazon Basics USB Wireless Mouse

I think the mouse has too many issues. The only good thing about the Amazon Basics Mouse is the fact that it is cheap to buy.

I do not recommend this mouse. There are other cheap wireless mice you can buy, and there are many other options on Amazon.

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Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on July 19, 2019:

I use a wireless mouse for my desktop also. It sounds like you found one that perfectly fits your needs at this time.