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Recap of the Amazon Device Event

With a satirical edge and undertones of technology, gadgets and accessories, I aim to make my writing both informative and entertaining.

The 2022 lineup featured new items from brands such as Ring, Echo, Fire, Halo, and Kindle, with the term 'Alexa' weaved throughout for almost every device.

The 2022 lineup featured new items from brands such as Ring, Echo, Fire, Halo, and Kindle, with the term 'Alexa' weaved throughout for almost every device.

What's New From Amazon?

Amazon just concluded their annual product launch. There were new items from brands such as Ring, Echo, Fire, Halo, and Kindle, with the term 'Alexa' weaved throughout for almost every device.

For those who use and love Amazon gadgets, this was a huge day for them. There was an update on the mysterious Amazon Astro robot, with plenty of innovative new features and improvements to old items promised.

The major announcements included:

  • The Amazon Scribe was announced. It comes with stylus, a large 10.2-inch display and a 64GB storage variant to the e-reader line.
  • New Ring security cameras and devices; the Spotlight Cam Pro uses radar to improve motion detection, while the Spotlight Cam Plus is a redesigned Spotlight Camera (with some features of the Pro) and the Ring Alarm Panic Button.
  • The Amazon Halo Rise is the first non-smartwatch member of Amazon's Halo fitness line. This is a bedside-table gadget that can monitor your sleep, provide advice to improve your napping and also wakes you up with a gentle light that simulates daylight.
  • An update of existing Echo devices, which will also apply to the ones announced at the event, turns them into devices that can boost your home Wi-Fi signal, letting you get better connectivity if you struggled before.
  • A new Amazon Fire TV Cube I, and it can upscale 1080p video to 4K, as well as support Alexa voice command, and it comes with a second HDMI port and also an ethernet port too (which presumably you won't need with the Echo Wi-Fi signal booster update).
  • A new 5th-generation Amazon Echo Dot that has clearer sound and improved bass, improvements which will benefit music fans. There's also a new Echo Dot with clock, and two new Kids' Edition versions, one of which has an owl on the front and the other which has a purple dragon.
The Spotlight Cam Pro uses radar for 3D motion detection.

The Spotlight Cam Pro uses radar for 3D motion detection.

Ring Devices

Ring gadgets were the big part of the Amazon event: The Spotlight Cam Pro, the Spotlight Cam Plus, then the Ring Alarm Panic Button (2nd Gen).

One interesting thing about the Spotlight Cam Pro is that it uses radar for 3D motion detection that will only activate when a moving object passes a certain threshold, which should result in significantly more sensitivity and far less danger of someone setting it off while they are not approaching your property.

Meanwhile, the panic button may be linked to existing Ring settings, allowing you to trigger them all with a single click and even call emergency services at the same time.

Thanks to Eero in Echo, Amazon is transforming your Alexa smart speaker into a Wi-Fi extender.

Thanks to Eero in Echo, Amazon is transforming your Alexa smart speaker into a Wi-Fi extender.

Alexa Smart Speaker

Thanks to a new function called Eero in Echo, Amazon is transforming your Alexa smart speaker into a Wi-Fi extender.

The idea is that you'll be able to utilize one or more Echo devices as part of a mesh Wi-Fi system to increase signal across your home at a cheap cost.

To make it work, you'll still need a pair of Amazon's Eero Wi-Fi extenders, such as the Eero Home Wi-Fi System.


Fire TV Cube

Another smart home favorite that received a little boost during the Amazon event was the Fire TV Cube.

The new Fire TV Cube adds Alexa voice control to more of your devices, due to the inclusion of an HDMI port that allows you to connect one of the greatest game consoles, such as a PS5 or Xbox Series X.

To add to it all, it comes with some connection updates, such as Wi-Fi 6E compatibility and a new Ethernet connector.


Echo Dot

The spherical smart home classic is now available in a fifth-generation edition. Furthermore, the new Amazon Echo Dot offers greater bass and crisper sound, with up to 50% less distortion and double the bass.

It'll be available in two conventional versions regular and Clock as well as two Kids models, one of which has a quite appealing purple dragon theme.


Halo Rise

This is a fitness device that monitors your movements while you sleep, but for a good purpose. It's a sleep tracker that utilizes sensors to track your sleep and machine learning to provide feedback. It can even gently wake you up with its built-in clock and light.


Kindle Scribe

The greatest news at today's Amazon presentation was definitely the introduction of a new Kindle device. The Kindle Scribe will be the most expensive device ever, featuring its own stylus for writing on the paper-like screen.


Fire TV

The new Fire TV Omni QLED will only be available in 65-inch and 75-inch sizes, with the 65-inch model beginning at a very competitive $799.99.

It has a 4K screen with QLED colors and local dimming for improved contrast. There's Dolby Vision IQ and HDR10+ Adaptive HDR support, which is amazing given that those are the two most advanced HDR choices.

Alexa widgets are also coming to the Fire TV Omni Series, thus making them into huge Echo Shows.


Alexa Voice Remote Pro

Now Alexa can help you find your remote for you by creating a noise. Additionally, it offers programmable shortcut buttons and lighted keys. These can be for TV shows you watch, but since they integrate with all Alexa routines, they may also be used to control your smart blinds and lights to start a full movie viewing setup.

The price is $34.99


Eero PoE 6

A power-over-ethernet access point is the Eero PoE 6. Eero Internet Backup will now be included with Eero products. In the event that your home network goes down, you may designate a phone or hotspot with a cellular signal, and your home network will tether to that device and continue to function until your primary connection is restored. Then it will automatically switch back.


The Blink Mini Pan Tilt is an accessory that can be added to the Blink Mini camera and costs $29.99. It implies that simply adjusting the angle remotely using the Blink app, you may see 360 degrees in any space.

Later this year, the $99.99 Blink Wired Floodlight camera will also be made available.


Fire HD Tablet

The potential of new tablets at this expansive Amazon event could only imply one thing: a march back into the high-end tablet market because Amazon just announced a quad of new cheap Fire HD 8 tablets.



Astro had essentially vanished off the face of the planet outside of occasional use that is restricted to invitations, but according to Amazon, business is booming.

However, it is referring to Alexa Together, which uses Alexa (and maybe Astro) to keep in touch with caregivers and those who require support.

Now that you may teach Astro about the items in your home, he will be able to do so. You may instruct Astro to keep a door closed, and if the robot is patrolling your house and notices the door is open, it will send you a notification to let you know.

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