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Canon G9X Review

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I purchased my Canon G9X for two reasons. One was because I needed a replacement camera to my aging Canon that was seeing the end of life. Second, I was going on a vacation and wanted a camera that would take great pictures. There are, however, other major factors that influenced my purchase. More on that, below.

Why I Bought the Canon G9X

I wanted to camera to fulfill these requirements:

  1. Be able to fit in my pocket (as a travel camera)
  2. Be able to take great low light pictures
  3. Do HD video
  4. Have an LCD touchscreen
  5. Have tap to focus and tap to release the shutter

The G9X met all of these requirements (and more).

Reasons Why I Like My Canon G9X

This is indeed a real review of the Canon G9X. I own this camera, have been using it for around nine months, and have put it through the test. This is primarily my travel camera, so the pictures you will see in this article were taken while traveling.

This camera has been with me in 110 degree sweltering HOT weather. It has also been with me in 32 degree freezing COLD weather. So the camera is indeed durable to withstand those temperatures with no ill effects whatsoever.

People don't like reading, so I won't bore you with specs either. What is important is how the camera performs and the image quality. Take a look further and you will see why this camera is an awesome one you should take into consideration as your next purchase.


Excellent Low Light Capability

Does your point and shoot camera do well in low light situations? Probably it's decent, but not of the quality of the Canon G9X. Take a look at these low light examples. Majority of the point and shoot cameras out there wouldn't be able to reproduce these results so cleanly and clearly. This camera is THE camera to use when taking images of lights at night.

Low light is important. There will be a time when you will encounter a low light situation. Think of a birthday. You'll want to dim the lights down low to capture the candles on the cake. Or what about fireworks? Those situations are easily captured with this camera.

Sensor size is important in low lilght. The Canon has a 1" sensor.

Excellent Optical and Digital Zoom

No matter what camera you get, you're going to want to have zoom capability with it. The Canon G9X is a great camera because of it's zoom capability.

When looking at the images below, you will see the full image zoomed out. I wanted to zoom in on the boat in the Bellagio Lake. As you can see, there is definitely ground that is covered with the zoom! This is excellent! Image quality is also quite good when zoomed in.

Zoomed out

Zoomed out

Zoomed In

Zoomed In

"Bokeh" on the French Toast

"Bokeh" on the French Toast

Great for Food & for Foodies

Are you a foodie? Do you like taking pictures of your food and what you eat? The Canon G9X is the perfect camera for that. As you can see in my example picture of the French toast, you can zoom in and blur out the rest of the image. This only can be achieved with a great lens. And the Canon G9X has a 1" CMOS sensor and an f/2.0 lens when zoomed all the way out. The result is what you see here with macro type shots. The image focus locks on a portion of the image while blurring out the rest to create a dreamy image. Not all cameras can do this. Definitely not all cameras in this price range can.

Built-In Time Lapse

Does your camera do time lapse? Though not important for some, this could be important for others. For me, I like having the ability to shoot a time lapse video. I find it creative and interesting. Here's an example of time lapse and at night. So you know the camera has to perform well.

Touch to Focus

Can your camera do touch to focus? Also called tap to focus? This is a video from the camera focusing on different objects. You can see how precise the focus can be. I like having touch to focus. It allows me to tell the camera exactly where i want the image focus to be.

Video Auto Focus

Some cameras cannot do auto focus while in video mode. This camera can. Of course, no camera is perfect. Sometimes the camera doesn't behave and focus quickly or even at all.

Low Light Video

Taking low light images is one thing. But taking low light video that is exceptional is another quality you'd like to have. The G9X has this capability. Take a look at the example on this low light tests that I've done with this camera.

Another Example of Low Light Video

Here's the world famous Bellagio Fountain Show. This is considered a great test of your camera. Can it reproduce the video adequately? Can it reproduce the sound adequately as well?

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Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on June 25, 2017:

I'm interested in getting a small digital camera with great image quality, so I find reviews like this interesting. Thanks for sharing the information.