Electronics Review: Jlab Audio Jbuddies Studio Bluetooth Wireless Folding Headphones

Updated on April 23, 2019
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The Jlab Audio Jbuddies Studio Bluetooth Wireless Folding Headphones.
The Jlab Audio Jbuddies Studio Bluetooth Wireless Folding Headphones. | Source

Quick Info

Manufacturer: JLab Audio
Website: https://www.jlabaudio.com/

Why I Bought These Bluetooth Headphones

I bought these Bluetooth headphones because I listen to music and play a lot of computer games on my PC. I kept breaking or wearing out my earbuds, so I needed an alternative to wired headphones and earbuds. So I went to my local Wal-Mart and looked for the most inexpensive Bluetooth wireless headsets they had, and the JLab Audio Stereo Bluetooth Headsets were the cheapest.

I had to buy a Bluetooth dongle to make it work on my PC, so that was unexpected, but I’ll talk about how well they work in this review.

The Packaging Is Nice

The packaging for the JLab Audio Bluetooth Wireless Headphones was very nice. It folded out to show me what they looked like and it was very easy for me to open the package which is nice.

What comes in the packaging.
What comes in the packaging. | Source

The Headphones Fit Nicely on My Head

I’ve had these headphones for a couple of weeks, and I think they feel pretty comfortable on my ears and head, but they might not fit on people with bigger heads than mine.

The ear pads also feel pretty good, and they’re comfortable on my head. They might become uncomfortable if you wear them for long periods of time.

The Sound Quality Is Great for the Price

I think the sound quality sounds pretty good, especially for the $30.00 price tag at Wal-Mart. There are multiple settings you can change by tapping both + and – on the volume control simultaneously. I like the recommended the JLab Audio setting the most, but you can also have a balanced setting or a bass boost setting as well.

Bluetooth Connection Can Be Finicky on PC

If you use these on your Bluetooth enabled smartphone, the quality can be excellent. I’ve used this on both an iPhone 6, iPhone 7 and the iPad 6 and the sound quality has been good, and it’s had a good connection to the Bluetooth.

You do have to buy a good Bluetooth USB adapter if you want to use the Bluetooth headsets on PC because I’ve had to buy two different USB adapters to get this to work on my PC, but the second USB adapter, the TECHKEY Bluetooth Adapter for PC USB Bluetooth Dongle works on my computer. Sometimes it will become desynced with my PC, but most of the time it works, but that’s a different problem that doesn’t have to do with these headphones, the sound quality is great on PC for when I play games or listen to music or watch YouTube videos.

A side view of the JLab audio Bluetooth headphones.
A side view of the JLab audio Bluetooth headphones. | Source

JLab Has YouTube Videos to Help You With your Headphones

One thing I like about my headphones is that if I need to know anything about them I can go straight to the JLab Audio website and look at videos for help with my headphones and follow their instructions if I need any help and I like that about this company that they’ve made sure to help their customers with their products using YouTube videos so you can find what you need to troubleshoot your particular model of Bluetooth headphones.

The Headphones Might not Fit People With Big Heads

These headphones might not fit people with big heads, you’ll have to look at them in-store yourself to see if you think they’ll fit on your head, but it doesn’t seem to me that this will fit everyone that wants to wear these headsets.

These Are Great Quality for the Price, but They Do Have More Expensive Headphones With More Features

This headset does not include a 3.5 mm headphone jack to connect to a PC or an older iPhone or iPod. You have to buy the Flex Bluetooth Active Noise Cancelling Headphones instead. I have read a review where a woman didn’t like those, but those are not my headphones, and as a woman, I’ve not had any problem wearing my JLab Bluetooth Wireless Headphones at all.

If you prefer earbuds over headphones, they have wireless earbuds too.

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These Headphones Are Great for the Price!

For the price of $30 the JLab Neon Bluetooth Wireless Headphones have excellent sound quality and are very comfortable on my head. I really like using them to listen to my music on iTunes on my PC while I walk on the treadmill or when I’m watching YouTube videos or playing PC games.

It’s worth buying if you’re looking for an inexpensive wireless Bluetooth headphones, but if you are an audiophile and you want high-quality headphones you might want to buy higher quality headphones or if you’re on a budget you can buy more expensive headphones from JLab, but for the price tag I feel I got a lot for my money.

Quick Summary

What Works:
What Doesn't Work:
Inexpensive for bluetooth headphones
Headphones can feel small
Good sound quality
More expensive models have better features
It's easy-to-use

My Grade: A-

I really love these headphones, they aren’t perfect and some USB adapters keep dropping the signal more than others on PC, but I’ve never had any problems using these headphones with an Apple product like the iPhone 6 and 7 or the iPad 6.

It will drop if you are farther than 30 feet away from your Bluetooth connection, but I’m not usually that far away from my PC or the iPhone.

These are great for the price, and the added bonus of being able to fold them to carry on the go is a nice convenience that I haven’t seen with other Bluetooth headphones before, and it’s nice when I carry it back to my room to recharge.

I take good care of my headphones, and I haven’t had anything fall out of them, fortunately, but if it happens to you and you are under warranty you can get them fixed, if you register your headphones you can also extend your warranty to 2 years instead of just 1, so that is also convenient.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones, then I highly recommend the JLab Neon Bluetooth Wireless Headphones.

They come in a variety of colors so you can pick what color you want from their website or on Amazon or Target. They are worth the money unless you want to spend money on more expensive Bluetooth headphones.

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