My Review of Lohas LED E14 Candle Colour Changing Smart Light Bulbs

Updated on April 30, 2020
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Verity is a Physics with Teaching Bsc (Hons) graduate. In her spare time, she likes to cook, read and play video games.

My honest and unsponsored review of LOHAS LED E14 Smart Candle Colour Changing Light Bulbs
My honest and unsponsored review of LOHAS LED E14 Smart Candle Colour Changing Light Bulbs

Background and Important Information

I purchased these smart bulbs (known as LOHAS in the UK and DOOK in the US) on Amazon UK for £25.99. I was not sent this product in return for a review. This review is unbiased and features my honest opinions and experiences with this product.

In the Black Friday sales in 2019 I treated myself to a deal featuring an Amazon Echo and 2 full-sized smart bulbs. These bulbs were not colour change and were white only. I put one bulb in a lamp in my living room and the other in a lamp in my bedroom. A month later I was a smart home convert and was looking for other ways to improve my smart home experience. The living room lamp mentioned has a smaller lamp branching out from the main light, and I have a small reading lamp in my bedroom. I began to search for smart bulbs that had an E14 attachment and had a candle style, as those were the only ones that would fit my lamps. I also decided that I wanted colour changing bulbs for atmospheric lighting. After searching for hours, I eventually decided to order these bulbs, as they fit what I was looking for and were much cheaper than the alternatives available. I ordered them with money I had been given for Christmas and they arrived very quickly on December 28th. At the time of writing, I have been using these bulbs for over 4 months.

Set Up

The instructions that arrived with the bulbs were quite simple. To begin with, I downloaded the LOHAS app and used the app to discover my devices. To make the first bulb discoverable, I screwed it into my living room lamp and turned the lamp on and off until the bulb began to flash white quickly.

On my first attempt, it flashed slowly and was not discovered, and I was initially confused. After a further 2 attempts, it was discovered and could be controlled via the app, I tested changing the colour and brightness and it worked perfectly. I then moved onto the bedroom lamp, this one was discovered and controllable on the first attempt.

In the LOHAS app, I then logged into my Amazon account with my Amazon email and password. This allowed a bridge to be created between the LOHAS bulbs and my Amazon Alexa. I opened the Amazon Alexa app and found that the bulbs were visible in the app and could be controlled via the app. I gave them unique names in the Alexa app, "Little Light" for the living room and "Mood Light" for the bedroom. I then tested the voice control using Alexa and it worked perfectly. I was able to change the colour and brightness, and turn the bulbs on and off by using Alexa commands.

All in all, this entire process took around 15-20 minutes, including unwrapping and reading instructions, to sitting down with my new coloured bulb turned on and pressing 'play' on a movie.

The LOHAS LED E14 Smart Candle Colour Changing Light Bulb in the living room, set to purple.
The LOHAS LED E14 Smart Candle Colour Changing Light Bulb in the living room, set to purple.

Usage and Results

One thing I notice straight away about these bulbs is that they are definitely bright enough for mood lighting and create a great atmosphere. The one I have in the living room, I use for atmospheric lighting while watching a film or a TV show. I also use it for low, non-white, lighting while I have a migraine which definitely reduces the strain on my eyes. I also use it to produce a warm white light as an additional lamp at night time, it is bright enough as a light source. The one I have in the bedroom, I mainly use as a red-light to boost melatonin production and aid with sleep, I have found it works quite well. I also use this one for low, non-white lighting if I have a migraine. I find that the coloured light from these bulbs is perfect for helping wind down before bed and is much less harsh on the eyes than white light.

I have been using these bulbs on a daily basis for 4 months, I have never had either of them disconnect or need to be rediscovered by the app. The Alexa bridge works perfectly and has never miscommunicated or failed to execute a command. I have incorporated both of these bulbs into various Alexa 'routines'. They work perfectly as part of a routine and there is no delay or noticeable difference between them or any of my other smart devices.

The LOHAS LED E14 Smart Candle Colour Changing Light Bulb in my bedroom, set to red.
The LOHAS LED E14 Smart Candle Colour Changing Light Bulb in my bedroom, set to red.


I absolutely adore these smart bulbs. Set up was much quicker than I thought it would be, even though it took a few attempts initially to get the first set up correct. The bulbs have worked perfectly, and have not had a single fault, for over 4 months now. I very literally have zero complaints. Compared to other smart bulbs on the market, these are very reasonably priced. For the vibrancy in colour and strength of the light, they are a steal and you really can't go wrong with them. I am very confident that should I need to expand my smart home further, LOHAS will be one of the first places I look to. I highly recommend these bulbs.

My Rating

5 stars for LOHAS LED E14 Smart Candle Colour Changing Light Bulbs

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