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Review of the Abovetek Desktop Based Tablet Holder

AboveTEK TS-116W tablet stand

AboveTEK TS-116W tablet stand

My biggest tablet-related issue is glare. When I lay it flat on the kitchen table, the overhead light is clearly reflected on the tablet's screen. If I prop up the far end with a pack of cards, light from the window behind me becomes the problem.

I considered picking up a tablet case. It would protect my precious device during transport and, providing the tablet was in landscape mode, allow it to be positioned at two different angles.

A case, however, did not directly address my needs. The ability to adjust the tablet in two positions was only a minor improvement over my improvised playing card trick and wouldn't help at all in portrait mode. What I needed was a tablet stand.

I checked out the stands available for sale on Amazon, paying the most attention to their flexibility and durability. AboveTEK's TS-116W appeared to be the best option.



The AboveTEK desktop stand tips the scale at 41 ounces, with most of that weight concentrated in its base. This device is composed of aluminum and, for the most part, colored white. Four rubber mounts are used to prevent this device from sliding.

A metal arm rises from the base. It is pierced by an opening intended to accommodate the routing of a charging cable. The arm, which is slightly over six inches in length, can be rotated 360 degrees and may be lowered until it is parallel to the base. A hex wrench is provided with this device. It is used to tighten the components involved in altering the arm's angle.

The top of the stand's arm incorporates a rubber-encased ball joint which is connected to the device's tablet holder. This joint allows the holder assembly to rotate 360 degrees and provides about 60 degrees of movement in every other direction. A plastic knob is used to increase or decrease the amount of resistance required to adjust the tablet's angle.

Although the tablet holder is mainly composed of plastic, it includes a layer of rubber intended to ensure the tablet is held securely. This device is spring-loaded. Its clamp can grip flat objects of a width ranging between 4.4 and 7.7 inches. It easily handled my ten-inch tablet and is rated for tablets up to 11 inches in size. I was even able to fit my cellphone lengthwise into this holder.

The AboveTEK TS-116W comes equipped with a DSLR camera adapter. This device can be substituted for the tablet holder, converting the stand into a camera tripod.


  • Brand: AboveTEK
  • Model: TS-116W
  • Weight: 1.16 kilograms (41 ounces)
  • Base dimensions: 14.9 x 14.9 centimeters (5.9 x 5.9 inches)
  • Arm length: 15.6 centimeters (6.1 inches)
  • Tablet size: Up to 11-inch tablet
  • Accessories: Hex wrench and camera mounting adapter

The Manufacturer

Huge Bay Limited has trademarked AboveTEK. This company is based in Hong Kong.

Setup and Use

The TS-116W is a relatively straightforward device. You pull open the jaws of the tablet holder, center your tablet, and allow the clamp to close snugly. Then you position your tablet at precisely the angle you prefer.

If the stand's arm begins to sag under your device's weight, this assembly can be tightened using the hex key. Sometimes the tablet will droop. This is due to insufficient pressure against the rubber-coated ball joint. Twisting the white knob fitted at the end of the arm ensures that the tablet remains in position.


The AboveTEK TS-116W allows a tablet to be positioned at whatever angle is required. Simply twisting the tablet 90 degrees will change the view from landscape to portrait.

Most modern cellphones are large enough to fit between the jaws of this device. Also, a special adapter allows the TS-116W to fulfill the role of a camera tripod.

Overall Impression

At times I've come across devices backed by concepts that, at first glance, appear to be silly, stupid, or useless. Often, that impression is correct.

But there are exceptions. I, for example, would be loath to purchase another fan that came without a remote control. And, although it seems relatively useless, a docking system that vacuums debris from a robotic vacuum cleaner turns out to be an incredibly convenient option.

Let's face it. A tablet stand is among the most tedious and uninspiring products you are likely to purchase. They are, however, very convenient and a well designed one will perform its simple task exceptionally well. If you are looking for a quality tablet stand, the AboveTEK TS-116W would be a good choice.

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