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Review of the Iclever Bth15 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

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 The iClever BTH15 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

The iClever BTH15 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

As Christmas approached, I was searching desperately for a present that would appeal to my 11-year-old nephew. It should not have been a difficult task; he is a curious fellow with a wide range of interests.

Unfortunately, I live a long way from home and have not been back to visit my family in over a year. I didn't know what sort of gift would be appreciated by any of my relatives.

For my nephew, I finally settled on a set of Bluetooth headphones. I own one myself and find it excellent for listening to music or watching a video on my tablet. These devices provide great sound while keeping background noises at bay. Hopefully, my nephew would feel the same.

Of course, a set of headphones designed for an adult would be inappropriate for an 11-year-old. It would be heavier than ideal and too large to fit comfortably. Also, since teenagers tend to jack up the volume to the maximum every time one of their favorite songs comes on, his parents might worry about possible damage to his ears.

I checked out Amazon, searching for a set of headphones that were of good quality and intended for someone in his age group. The iClever BTH15 appeared to be a good bet.


This set of headphones weighs in at eight ounces and comes fitted with a pair of three-inch earpads. The earcups can pivot approximately 30 degrees, providing a comfortable fit, and both right and left arms adjust to conform to the size of the wearer's head. These arms can also be folded, allowing the headphones to fit within a small carrying case.

The right earcup is equipped with volume control, microphone, 3.5-millimeter auxiliary output, multifunction button, mode button, LED indicator, and a type-C charging port.

A hidden switch turns on the device when the earcups are unfolded for use. As you fold them again, the headset shuts down.

Colorful RGB flashing lights may be turned on or off. Also, if required, a volume limit can be set.

The use of Bluetooth 5.2 technology combined with a 500mAh lithium battery provides up to 45 hours of operating time.

Each earcup includes a 40mm driver, and one is fitted with a microphone that allows this device to be used with a cellphone.

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Because the iClever BTH15 headphones are designed for the younger set, their earcups are smaller than those of my Mpow H21.

Because the iClever BTH15 headphones are designed for the younger set, their earcups are smaller than those of my Mpow H21.


  • Brand: iClever
  • Model: BTH15
  • Type: Over the ear
  • Weight: 228 grams (8 ounces)
  • Color: Blue
  • Battery: 500mAh lithium rechargeable
  • Battery life: Up to 45 hours (with lights off)
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Speakers: 40mm drivers (1.6 inches)
  • Microphone: Omnidirectional with noise reduction
  • Connection: Bluetooth 5.2 (or 3.5-millimeter auxiliary cable)
  • Operating range: 10 Meters (33 Feet)
  • Noise suppression: Passive (Foam earpads)
  • Accessories: Auxiliary cable, charging cable, guide, and carrying case


This headset is Bluetooth 5.2 capable but can be utilized with earlier versions. It paired to both my smartphone and tablet quickly and without complications.


The earpads are generously stuffed with foam and, even though they were designed for smaller ears than mine, proved comfortable and reduced background noise.

Extendable arms ensure the earcups can be easily adjusted for fit. These headphones, however, are designed for those in the 5–17-year range. Because of this, the earcups pressed more solidly against my head than desired. I expect that they will fit my nephew comfortably.

RGB Lights

When the headphones are activated, the backside of each earcup is lit by a display of constantly changing lights. If the wearer does not appreciate this feature, the lights may be switched off.

In this view, the headphones' RGB lights are activated.  They may be turned off if desired

In this view, the headphones' RGB lights are activated. They may be turned off if desired

Sound Quality

Sound reproduction is excellent, rivaling that of my Mpow H21 headphones. The bass is strong without being overpowering, and the treble is good. Those worried about their child's ears will be happy to know that a limit can be set to control the volume range.

Quality Control

This is not a cheap child's toy. The headphones and case are well designed and benefit from excellent quality control. The 3.5mm cable and type-C charger cable are pretty much run of the mill, but they can be, if required, inexpensively replaced.

Overall Impression

This device is very comfortable and provides an output that will satisfy the discerning teenage audiophile. The ability to set a volume limit and the matching carrying case are great features, and the very young will appreciate the fancy flashing lights. If you are searching for a good-quality set of headphones suitable for the younger crowd, the iClever BTH15 should be at the top of your list.

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