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Review of the Kospet Magic 4 Smartwatch

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The Kospet Magic 4 Smartwatch

The Kospet Magic 4 Smartwatch

There is usually a Sugess Chronograph strapped around my wrist. A genuine Seagull movement powers this watch and, although it was a bit pricy, it looks great and keeps accurate time.

However, when I go for my morning walk, I like to keep track of my progress. And, because I have reached the age where caution is advisable, the ability to check my heart rate is the next best thing to a necessity.

Since my sexy little chronograph cannot handle these tasks, I’ve tested a series of smartwatches, investigating their price, functionality, and battery life. Today I am taking a close look at the Kospet Magic 4 Smartwatch.

The Magic 4 and my Sugress mechanical watch.  The face of the Kospet device appears dim because I am shining a bright light at it.

The Magic 4 and my Sugress mechanical watch. The face of the Kospet device appears dim because I am shining a bright light at it.


The Magic 4 Smartwatch weighs less than two ounces. Its watch head is 47 millimeters across and 12 millimeters thick. The accompanying silicone strap, surprisingly for this price category, is equipped with a quick-release mechanism. Except for a trace of red indicating the device’s power button, this watch is entirely black.

This timepiece boasts a 1.32-inch Full-Circle Retina Display Screen. Resolution is 360 x 360 (385 PPI). It is Bluetooth capable and powered by a 230mAh lithium polymer battery.

The Magic 4 monitors blood pressure and heart rate and can be set to 20 different sports settings. In my case, the watch keeps track of my steps during my morning walk.

Other functions include a weather report, notifications, and the ability to utilize a wide variety of different watch faces.


  • Manufacturer: Kospet
  • Model: Magic 4
  • CPU: RealTek 8762DK
  • Memory: 64M
  • Body material: Metal and IML (in-mold labeling)
  • Weight: 55 grams (1.95 ounces)
  • Diameter: 47 millimeters
  • Thickness: 12 millimeters)
  • Strap: Silicone (22 millimeters wide)
  • Display: 1.32-inch TFT IPS (360 x 360 pixels)
  • Touch screen: Capacitive
  • Battery: 230mAh lithium polymer
  • Vibration alert: Supported
  • G-sensor: Supported
  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • Water resistance: 5ATM
  • Heat rate monitoring: Supported
  • Pedometer: Supported
  • Sports modes: 20 selectable
  • Sleep monitoring: Supported
  • Sedentary reminder: Supported via DA Fit application
  • Message reminder: Supported via DA Fit application
  • Menstrual cycle reminder: Supported via DA Fit application
  • Blood pressure check: Supported
  • System support: Above Android 6.0 and IOS 9.0
  • Assistant App: DA Fit
  • Package contents: Watch, USB-C charging cable, and user’s guide
22mm silicone strap

22mm silicone strap

The Manufacturer

Kospet is trademarked by Shenzhen Kospet Technology Co., Ltd.

The Battery

This watch’s 230mAh lithium polymer battery can power the device for 7-10 days of normal use. It requires approximately 2.5 hours to recharge using the included USB cable with its magnetic charging connector.

Display Features

The Magic 4 is equipped with a 1.32-inch Full-Circle Retina display screen. Its resolution is 360 x 360, which works out to 385 PPI.

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Display brightness can be adjusted. In fact, there is a theater mode that dims the watch’s screen and disables its vibration alert.

Bluetooth 5.0

This smartwatch can establish a Bluetooth connection to a phone using the DA Fit application.


Two pushbuttons and a smoothly reacting touchscreen allow easy operation of the Magic 4. Some aspects of its management can also be controlled using the companion application.

Fitness Functions

This watch features 20 different exercise modes. It collects data in the form of exercise time, distance, and the number of steps. It also estimates calories burned and monitors the wearer’s heart rate.


Health Functions

The Magic 4 can be set to monitor your heartbeat continuously. The information provided appears to be accurate.

This device may also be used to measure blood pressure. However, the results were lower than the numbers provided by my medically approved blood pressure monitor. Consider this watch’s blood pressure reading to be an early warning sign. If at some point, the results from this measurement are higher than expected, you should cease any strenuous physical activity and test again with a proper blood pressure monitor.


Other Functions

A pair of simple games are provided. When linked via Bluetooth to a phone, a weather report may be accessed, and notifications are transferred to the watch. An onboard player can be used to control the music being played over your phone.

Watch Faces

Although only six watch faces may be accessed using the Magic 4, this selection can be updated from the extensive collection available through the DA Fit application.

DA Fit Application

This program is required to set up the Magic 4 and provide a Bluetooth connection between the watch and your phone. It provides plenty of information and allows the operator to adjust the various features of the associated watch. The DA Fit application may also be linked to Google Fit.

Overall Assessment

I was searching for a relatively inexpensive watch that could calculate my step count, monitor my heartbeat, and, when required, check my blood pressure. This watch does all of that and, as an unexpectedly useful bonus, also provides a weather report.

If you are looking for a quality sports-orientated watch at a reasonable price, the Kospet Magic 4 is exactly what you need.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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