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Review of the Toptro X1 Bluetooth Wi-Fi Projector

Toptro X1 projector

Toptro X1 projector

I own a perfectly good television. When I stream a movie, however, something always seems to be lacking. It's size, I guess. Size really does matter. If you want a theatre experience, a television won't get the job done. You need a projector.

Video projectors, I quickly discovered, are available in four different price categories. The most expensive are well-built devices capable of projecting a large, bright, high-definition image that is viewable even in daylight. While very pricy, a projector of this type would be appropriate for someone planning to replace their television completely.

The following price range is roughly between $400 - $700. This category is mainly composed of older business-oriented machines and home theatre projectors. While capable of providing very bright images, the native resolution of many of these models is less than ideal. Avoid projectors with a native resolution lower than 1920x1080P.

Projectors inhabiting the $200 - $400 range are generally intended for low-light or dark conditions. Many of these are recent models and enjoy a high native resolution.

The bottom price category consists of older models that are now being discounted. These projectors have lower native resolutions and are less brilliant.

Today, I am reviewing the TOPTRO X1 Bluetooth wi-fi projector.


The Toptro X1 arrived packed within a soft gray carrying case. The projector weighs 4.8 pounds. When the case and accessories are included, this total increases to just over six pounds.

Case dimensions work out to 6 x 14 x 10.5 inches. The projector is 4.6 inches high, 10.25 inches wide, and 9 inches deep.

This rectangular-shaped projector is colored gray with black accents. While its outer shell is composed of plastic, a gray clothlike material covers most of the device's upper surface. Seven control buttons can be accessed from the top.

An IR window, intended for use with the remote control, a power light, and the projector's lens, can be seen from the front. Slits located on the left-hand side of the unit are utilized for ventilation.

The focus ring can be accessed from the right-hand-side. Also located here is a removable grill and dust filter. The height adjustment screw is positioned at the bottom of the projector.

All ports and inputs are located at the back of the Toptro X1.

This device utilizes an LED to provide a projected LCD display. Native resolution is 1920x1080P, and contrast is rated at 10000:1. It is wi-fi capable and equipped with Bluetooth 5. As this device is considered a long-throw projector, it must be placed 10.8 feet from its screen in order to project a 100-inch image.

Included in the package are a carrying case, HDMI cable, remote control, power cord, AV cable, lens cover, cleaning cloth, and user manual.


  • Manufacturer: Toptro
  • Model: X1
  • Dimensions: 11.7 x 26 x 23 centimeters (4.6 x 10.25 x 9 inches)
  • Weight: 2.2 kilograms (4.8 pounds)
  • Input power: AC 100 - 240V
  • Projection method: Front/rear/desk/ceiling
  • Display technology: LCD
  • Light source: LED
  • Color gamut: 16.7M
  • Brightness: 7500 Lux Lumens
  • Native resolution: 1920x1080P (4K supported)
  • Contrast: 10000:1
  • Bluetooth 5: Yes
  • Wi-fi: Yes (2.4Ghz)
  • Interfaces: HDMI(2), USB(2), 3.5mm jack, and AV
  • Correction: 4-Point keystone correction
  • Lamp life: 150000 hours
  • Aspect ratio: 4:3/16:9/Auto
  • Projection size: 45 - 350 inch
  • Recommended projection size: 100 - 120 inch
  • Recommended projection distance: 2.7 - 3.3 meters (8.8 – 10.8 feet)
  • Min projection distance: 1.7 meters (5.5 feet)
  • Zoom Function: 100% - 50%
  • Accessories: Padded carrying bag, HDMI cable, remote control, power cord, AV cable, lens cover, cleaning cloth, and user manual

The Manufacturer

Toptro is trademarked by Shenzhen Pucheng Weilai Software Technology Co., Ltd.


The brightness of the more expensive projectors is calculated in ANSI lumens. Lower-priced projectors generally express this measurement in LUX lumens. When I compare the two, I divide the LUX number by ten. While not entirely accurate, this calculation provides a ballpark figure. The Toptro X1 is rated at 7500 LUX lumens.


Native resolution refers to the fixed horizontal by vertical pixel count of the projector. The supported resolution specifies the maximum resolution of an input that can be accepted. The Toptro X1 has a native resolution of 1920x1080P and supports inputs up to 4K.

A 480p video (VGA) will be blown up to 1920x1080P, producing a fuzzy and unappealing image. A 1920x1080P (FHD) movie will be shown as intended. If you were to input a 3840x2160 (4K) signal, it would be reduced to the projector's native 1920x1080P resolution.


Contrast refers to the ratio of the light reflected from a completely white image and a completely black image. A 3000:1 contrast ratio means that the white image is 3000 times brighter than the black image. The higher the contrast ratio, the more detail you can see on the projected image. The Toptro X1 has a contrast ratio of 10000:1.

Keystone Correction

The keystone effect is the apparent distortion of an image caused by projecting it onto an angled surface. The best method to deal with this problem is to ensure the projector is pointed as directly at its screen as possible.

The Toptro X1 can correct this distortion digitally via the internal LCD panels of the projector. When applying keystone correction to an image, the number of individual pixels used is reduced, slightly degrading the projected image quality. This technique, while effective, should be used in moderation.

Performance Tests

My first experiment involved projecting a 720×480P movie onto a light blue wall. Sadly, a video of this resolution is not acceptable when enlarged to fit a 100-inch screen.

I switched to another movie formatted at 1280x720P. The picture was bright and reasonably clear. I spent a pleasurable evening watching Milla Jovovich fight off an underground army of bloodthirsty zombies.

The next day I played the second film in this series. On this occasion, I connected the projector, via Bluetooth, to my LuxPro speaker. While the Toptro's internal speakers will get the job done, a 100W PA system does it in style.

I then plugged a Roku media stick into the projector and streamed a few episodes of Prime Video's Alex Rider. This television series, which was streamed at a higher resolution than the zombie movies, was reproduced crisply and clearly. In this case, I used Bluetooth to connect my Polk Audio sound system to the projector.

Photograph Test

A series of images were copied to a USB drive and projected using the Toptro X1. The size and quality of the projected images depend entirely on the resolution of the photograph being viewed. This device is also capable of projecting Microsoft Office files that have been saved to a thumb drive.

The Media Stick

I picked up a Roku media stick which now occupies one of the Toptro X1's HDMI ports and a USB slot. It allows me to access both my Netflix and Prime Video subscriptions easily. Also, because I can handle a few commercials, I have installed the Roku channel and TUBI. If you are looking for an accessory to add to your projector system, either a Roku or an Amazon Fire TV stick would be your best choice.

Ceiling Mount

A device of this type allows you to mount your projector in a stable position out of the way. Once it is set up correctly, you will not have to play around with the projector's focus or keystone correction again. A mount of this type is highly recommended.

Projector Screen

I purchased an Elite 100-inch pull-down screen. When comparing the new screen to the light blue backdrop of my wall, there was little change in the projected image's sharpness. Colors, however, were noticeably brighter, and the new screen professionally framed the image. A projector screen is a worthwhile investment, but if money is tight, a media stick or a ceiling mount provides greater value.

Projector screen rolled up and out of the way

Projector screen rolled up and out of the way

Overall Assessment

I like the Toptro X1. While not appropriate for use in the daylight, it projects a bright and well-focused image in dark environments. The projector's native resolution is excellent, and the contrast is good.

This device is equipped with wi-fi, allowing it to mirror movies and games from a smartphone. More importantly—for me—this projector can connect to Bluetooth-enabled speaker systems.

The Toptro X1 Bluetooth wi-fi Projector is highly recommended.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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