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Review of the Urikar Pro 2 Heated Massage Gun

Urikar Pro 2 Heated Massage Gun

Urikar Pro 2 Heated Massage Gun

Urikar Pro 2 Massage Gun: Professional and Affordable

Over the last few months, I've written a series of articles examining the strengths and weaknesses of several different brands of massage guns.

One of the first massagers I reviewed was the Urikar Pro 1. This is a professional-grade device intended for the serious athlete. If you spend your mornings in the weight room preparing for the upcoming battle on the football field, the Pro 1 is likely to be your constant companion.

For those who jog, swim, or participate in calisthenics, Urikar's Pro 3 might be a better option. This massage gun is practical, easy to use, and reasonably priced.

Today I am taking a close look at another massager manufactured by this company. The Pro 2 represents Urikar's attempt to provide a professional massage gun at a price that most people can afford.

Description of the Urikar Pro 2 Massage Gun

The Urikar Pro 2 weighs 2.1 pounds. It comes fitted within a soft-sided case along with eight massage heads, a charging adapter, and a user's guide. The case measures 11.5 x 13 x 4.25 inches.

This massage gun's charging input and power switch are located at the butt of its handle. A rotary switch positioned just above the handle is used to select one of six speeds. Below that, a simple pushbutton allows the handle to be rotated 180 degrees.

A second pushbutton, located at the back of the massage gun, permits a choice between maintaining the pace determined by the rotary switch, fluctuating between the slowest and fastest speed, or providing a staircase type effect climbing through all six levels. A fourth selection induces heat when the heating massage head is installed.

This device is equipped with a built-in 2600mAh rechargeable lithium battery.



  • Brand: Urikar
  • Name: Massage gun
  • Model: Pro 2 Massager
  • Case dimensions: 192 x 330 x 108 millimeters (11.5 x 13 x 4.25 inches)
  • Total weight: 2.21 kilograms (4.9 pounds)
  • Massage gun weight: 945 grams (2.1 pounds)
  • Input voltage: 100–240V
  • Rated current: About 1000mAh
  • Rated power: 30W
  • Work modes: Constant speed, fluctuation, stairway, and heating
  • Number of Massage Heads: 8
  • Heated massage head temperature: 40–45°C (104–113°F)
  • Power supply: 2600mAh rechargeable lithium battery
  • Battery life: 10 hours
  • Adjustable speeds: Six
  • Amplitude: 15mm
  • Max speed: 3600 rpm
  • Handle sensor: No
  • Rotatable handle: Yes
  • Max stall force: 55 pounds
  • Noise Range: 39dB–45dB

The Manufacturer

Urikar, which is based in Brighton, Colorado, is trademarked by Substanbo Innovations Technology.

Operation of the Urikar Pro 2

The Urikar Pro 2 generates a percussive massage, beating the attached head repetitively against the user's muscles. This action softens muscle tissue and soothes the area around them, promoting blood flow and relieving stiffness.

Six Different Speeds

When constant mode is selected, a handle-mounted rotary switch selects one of the six speeds available.

The gun repeatedly shifts between the lowest and the highest speed when the fluctuation mode is selected.

A third tap of the pushbutton initiates the staircase mode, forcing the massage gun motor to rotate through all six speeds.

Heating Mode

Heating mode is activated by a long press against the back-mounted mode push button. If the heat massage head is inserted, it is warmed to a point slightly above average body temperature.

Battery Life and Battery Status Light

A light circling the butt of the massage gun's handle illuminates once the device is powered on. When power reserve drops below 20 percent, this light changes from green to red.

A 2600mAh lithium rechargeable battery is incorporated into the Urikar Pro 2's handle. This battery should last up to ten hours. Operating time, however, decreases considerably if the heating mode is activated.

The AC adapter connects to a charging port located at the butt of the message gun's handle.

Handle Sensor: Urikar Pro 1 vs Urikar Pro 2

The most significant difference between this model and the more expensive Urikar Pro 1 is the lack of a handle sensor.

If, for example, you were to receive a phone call while massaging, you could simply lay the Pro 1 massage gun aside and pick up your phone. As soon as the sensor noted that the handle was no longer being grasped, the device would pause. Once it was picked up again, the massager would resume operation in the same mode.

In the case of the Urikar Pro 2, the device must be turned off before being laid aside.

Massage Heads

The Urikar Pro 2 comes equipped with eight head attachments designed to target specific body areas and suit various needs.

These attachments range from a small bullet-shaped head suitable for tendons to a large utensil consisting of three round heads intended for relaxing shoulder muscles. One of these heads can be heated to approximately 45 degrees Celsius.

Special Features: Swivel Handle, Heated Massage Head

The included heated massage head promotes the decomposition of lactic acid. This head is suitable for whole-body muscle massage and relaxation.

This device's handle can be swiveled into two different positions, permitting the user to reach and massage up to 90 percent of their body.

Handle in normal position

Handle in normal position

Handle rotated 180 degrees

Handle rotated 180 degrees

Safety Precautions

Bruising can occur regardless of the control setting or the pressure applied. Check treated areas frequently and immediately stop at the first sign of pain or discomfort.

Use the Urikar Pro 2 only on soft tissue. Do not massage your neck, head, or any hard or bony areas.

Overall Impression of the Urikar Pro 2

This massage gun is reasonably priced, feature-packed, and very powerful. It can be set to six different speeds and includes several automatic modes.

Important features include the ability to heat one of the massage heads, long battery life, and a rotatable handle. The Urikar Pro 2 massager is recommended.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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