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Updated on August 30, 2017
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There are many fascinating and useful ways robots can help you at your home right now. While some home-based robots are for amusement purposes only, there are actually many types of robots that can be utilized to perform many useful and time-saving tasks around a home. We’ll take a look at the many innovative ways robots can help make life a little bit easier for humans, by taking on the burden of routine chores. These consumer robotics are not just toys for the wealthy. Many of them are modestly priced, and have practical uses in just about any home.

Roomba - Vacuum Cleaner

The first practical home-based robot that gained wide acceptance by homeowners is a vacuum cleaner robot that cleans carpets throughout a home. A company named iRobot makes a robotic vacuum cleaner called the Roomba that has been a market leader. Just give the robot some instructions, such as what time of the day to vacuum a room, and let it clean while you focus on other things.

Robomow Robotic Lawnmower at Work While Homeowner Relaxes

The Robomow Robotic Lawnmower in action cutting a lawn.
The Robomow Robotic Lawnmower in action cutting a lawn. | Source

Robomow Robotic Lawnmower

One of the most useful and time saving types of robots that can be used around the home are ones that automatically mow a lawn of grass. One of the most prevalent brands is appropriately known as Robomow, which sells many different types of robotic lawn mowers at price points that are suitable for most consumers. These little lawn helpers have navigation tools that keep them within set boundaries. Robomow uses triple mulching technology, so even emptying a bag of grass clippings is not necessary.

Some models can be programmed to mow a lawn on a regular basis, and can even find their way to a charging station. For anyone who regularly spends an hour or two each week mowing their lawn, putting a robotic lawn mower to work is an excellent way to free up some time to enjoy other pursuits.

The Avatar III Security Robot on Patrol in a Kitchen

The Avatar III Security Robot can be used by both homeowners and businesses to keep an eye on properties.
The Avatar III Security Robot can be used by both homeowners and businesses to keep an eye on properties. | Source

Avatar III Security Robot

The Avatar III Security Robot by RoboteX is a home security robot that can patrol your home and send back video of what it sees. It can be programmed to patrol specific routes throughout a home, and can even climb up and down most standard sets of stairs. It can also allow you to communicate with people that it comes across through a two-way audio system, which could be useful if you’d like to screen people that come to your front door.

Looj Gutter Cleaner

One of the most dreaded chores for homeowners is going up on a ladder and cleaning the muck and gunk that collects in gutters. There is no need to to fret about it when the The Looj robot by iRobot takes over this dirty and cumbersome chore. The Looj is a small remote controlled robot that is placed into a gutter and takes care of cleaning whatever has collected in it.

Scooba Floor Scrubber

Scrubbing floors is a tedious task that few people want to do. iRobot has a robot called Scooba that is up to the task of scrubbing hard floors on a regular basis. This nifty little robotic cleaner first sweeps a floor, then adds a soapy liquid to soak a floor, scrubs and then squeegees a floor, so the end product is a nicely cleaned floor.

ConnectR Video Phone Communication Robot

Not all of the Robots that are useful around the home take on chores that humans would rather not do. iRobot’s ConnectR brings a whole new meaning to the word mobile phone. ConnectR is essentially a video phone on wheels. The thing that makes this robotic video phone interesting is that the people on the other end of the call can control the robot’s movements from their computer or cell phone. It provides a great way to make a call to or from loved ones even more special, since the people on the other end of the call can move the robot around at will to see everyone.

The Dressman Quickly and Easily Irons Dress Shirts

The Dressman robot at work ironing a shirt with ease.
The Dressman robot at work ironing a shirt with ease. | Source


Anyone who dreads having to iron their dress shirts will welcome the Dressman robot by Siemens. Just load a shirt onto Dressman and let it iron your shirt using hot air. No need to fumble with a hot iron anymore and spend precious time trying to get wrinkles out of your shirts. Dressman has it covered.

The Litter-Robot That Automatically Cleans a Kitty Litter Box

The one thing many cat owners dread is having to periodically clean out their kitty litter box. A nifty little robot called the Litter-Robot by Automated Pet Care Products, Inc. takes care this unpleasant task by automatically removing refuse left by a cat and placing it into a bag that can easily be disposed of once a light on the robot indicates it is full.

Robot Pool Cleaners

Robot pool cleaners are one of the most widely manufactured robots that can be used in the home. Owning a pool can be awesome, but the task of keeping a pool clean can be quite frustrating and time consuming. These underwater robots take the hassle out of scrubbing and vacuuming a pool. The Dolphin Nautilus Plus stands out as one of the best pool cleaning robots.

Makeblock mBot Kit Programmable Robot

The Makeblock mBot Kit Programmable Robot teaches children about robotics, electronics and how to write computer programming code.
The Makeblock mBot Kit Programmable Robot teaches children about robotics, electronics and how to write computer programming code.

Makeblock mBot Programmable Robot Kit for Kids - Educational

One way that robots can be used around the home is to teach children about robotics, electronics and how to write computer programming code in an interesting and interactive way. That’s exactly what the mBot Programmable Robot Kit for Kids by Makeblock is designed to do; it teaches children about these important Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) topics while they are having fun. There’s nothing like learning something new in a hands-on way. Kids, with the help of parents, can assemble this educational robot out of the box and then program it to do fun things. Once programmed, the MBot robot is controlled via a computer, tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth.

mBot - Educational STEM Arduino Robot Kit for Kids and Beginners

How To Find The Best Robots That Can Help You At Home

It is important to keep in mind that the above listing of robots that can help around the home is just a sampling of robots that are currently available for various home uses to make daily life a little bit easier. There are several varieties of suitable robots by numerous manufactures, so if you want to buy a robot to help you around your home, do a search to understand the options are available to find the best fit for your home. Also, do not forget to read online reviews for any robots you are considering purchasing to ensure the robot you want to buy has the qualities that you desire.

The consumer robotics market is forecast to grow at a rate of 17 percent per year, from 5 million robots in 2015 to more than 12 million robots by 2020.

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      Larry W Fish 2 months ago from Raleigh

      A great article! I worked in manufacturing for 30 years and I worked on CNC machines that manufactured parts in a fraction of time done the old way. Robots in manufacturing is amazing and now many robots are used around the home. They will become more and more seen as time goes on.

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      Larry Rankin 3 months ago from Oklahoma

      More interesting info on the robot front:-)

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