Ten Kindle Fire Games to Give Your Brain a Workout

Updated on May 6, 2016
Amazon's Kindle Fire isn't just for books - there are tons of games too, and some of them will bend yor brain!
Amazon's Kindle Fire isn't just for books - there are tons of games too, and some of them will bend yor brain! | Source

It is true that, in these times of advanced technology, there really is "an app for that." For pretty much everything from tracking your fertility cycle to managing your finances.

One of the coolest things that comes with owning a mobile device is the games, and there may be one for pretty much everybody. Like my previous list of Ten of the Best Free Games for Your Kindle Fire, this is another list of ten games that will make you think.

These are no ordinary games, folks. They are either designed to help you train your brain to think differently or they're made to show us how dumb we really are. For me, I strongly suspect the latter.

These games run the gamut of word puzzles, board games, frustratingly challenging puzzles, trivia games and even some chickens!

Warning - These games can cause the following side effects:

  • Losing complete track of time
  • Seeing the word puzzles on everything you read, like books and the shampoo bottle in your bathroom
  • Inspiring you to say things like "Well, it's only a dollar ninety-nine, what could it hurt?"
  • Wondering if they feed chickens to panda bears at the zoo
  • Causing you to troll Amazon looking for "items like this"
  • Having to explain to your spouse why all of those $1.99 charges are on your credit card bill
  • Generally having just too much dang fun!

In that vein, please let me know if you've found an interesting yet challenging game for the Kindle Fire. I'd love to play it!

7 Little Words might leave you speechless.
7 Little Words might leave you speechless. | Source

7 Little Words for Kindle Fire

If you are a crossword puzzle fan, then 7 Little Words is something you might want to look into! This is one of those games that seems like it should be easy but really isn't.

With 7 Little Words, you are given seven clues and a bunch of blocks of letters with which to make words that correspond to the clues. The easy part is that those little blocks could make up several different words that fit the clues. The hard part is deciding which words to make so that you'll have enough of the correct blocks left over to complete the other clues.

This one isn't really mind bending, but it is fun and does make you use your grey matter for something more than crashing on the sofa and watching SpongeBob SquarePants!

The game itself is free but, once you run out of puzzles, you can buy more to keep feeding your addiction. I do not know how much more puzzles cost, as I haven't yet run out of the original ones included with the game.

Six different word games make this $0.99 bundle a great deal.
Six different word games make this $0.99 bundle a great deal. | Source

Word Games Bundle Pack for Kindle Fire

This bundle comes with six different word games that are both fun and challenging:

Word Search: The word search included in this bundle is very simple, but comes up with the strangest words and sometimes makes me think that the game is spying on me! I may spend an excessive amount of time listening to heavy metal music but, when my word search has me looking for "Pantera," I have to wonder how it got the word!

Hangman: This is a fun game that we all remember from our childhoods! It's also simple. You have a limited amount of guesses to pick the correct letters to solve the puzzle. Each incorrect letter you guess will give your little guy on the gallows one body part. Guess wrongly too many times, and your little guy is taking a dirt nap. Don't kill the little guy!

Balloon Words: I really like this game, but it gets frustrating very quickly. You're given balloons that float from the bottom of the screen to the top. Each one has a word whose letters have been jumbles and you have to unscramble them before the balloon gets to the top of the screen. Too many incorrect guesses and your game is over!

Cryptogram: If you've agonized over the cryptoquote in your daily newspaper, this one is for you. In fact, it's the only game I've found for the Kindle Fire that has a crypto-anything. The puzzles offered here are fairly simple, nothing to make you want to shout out words that would make your mother want to wash out your mouth with soap, but they are timed and beating your own score is very satisfying!

Word Jumble: This game is pretty much what it says it is, a jumble of mixed up letters that you have to make into as many words as possible before the time runs out. Though it may seem easy, some of these words are obscure, so bone up on your vocabulary before playing this one!

Letter Link: This one is a quick game that gives you four or five blocks, some with more than one letter, and you have to figure out what the word is in less than thirty seconds. Again, sounds easy but it can be really challenging!

Word to Word Association is a great way to exercise your brain!
Word to Word Association is a great way to exercise your brain! | Source

Word to Word Association for Kindle Fire

This is another one that looks like it should be easy. The problem is that it's sometimes too easy.

In Word to Word Association, we're given two colums of words. We have to match each word in column A with the word in Column B that it is most directly related to. The thing is, some of them have multiple correct answers.

For instance, Column A might have the word "chips." Column B might give us "poker" and "fish." WE have to decide which one fits best while, at the same time, making sure there is a match for every word in each column.

There have been many, many times where I just breezed through a challenge only to find one word left over without a match and had to start all over again.

There are free and paid versions of the game - paying for it really doesn't unlock anything extraordinary except for extra levels, but I did buy it to support the developers.

Endless Escape for Kindle Fire - Incidentally, I'm stuck on this level. Any ideas?
Endless Escape for Kindle Fire - Incidentally, I'm stuck on this level. Any ideas? | Source

Endless Escape for Kindle Fire

This is one of the most insane puzzle games I have ever played.

You're given a door in each level of this game and your job is to figure out how to open it. Sounds easy, right?


In some of these levels, you will have to solve a complex puzzle that will leave you with a sense of accomplishment after you compete it. In others, you'll want to throw your Kindle Fire across the room once you realize that the puzzle you've been staring at for the last two hours was so easy your infant son could have done it.

What Endless Escape breaks down to is a bunch of crazy levels, each one more creative than the last. Some of them will have logic problems, some will have you do nothing at all, and at least one will make you so angry that you'll set your Kindle down on your desk only to find out that this was exactly what you were supposed to do.

Complex, simple, frustrating and rewarding are just a few of the adjectives I'd use on this free game from Mobest Media. You will definitely not be sorry if you download this one!

Rock and Roll Heaven Trivia is HARD. I am not lying.
Rock and Roll Heaven Trivia is HARD. I am not lying. | Source

Rock and Roll Heaven Trivia for Kindle Fire

Rock and Roll Heaven Trivia really is a tough game. I've been an attentive rock and roll fan for my entire life and I cannot answer all of these questions. In all honesty, I can't answer even half of them.

This game will ask you questions like "Who was Rod Stewart's dry cleaners in 1975?"

Not really, but some of them seem every bit as obscure. You can see from the screenshot at the right (that I took from the actual game) that they can be hard. And no, I didn't get that one right!

Apparently this game was created as a companion to the book called the Rock and Roll Heaven Entrance Exam. The book actually bills itself as "The most genre-bending, rigorous, comprehensive music trivia book to date!" If we can't satisfactorily answer the questions, we may not be admitted to Rock and Roll Heaven.

Oh no!

Seriously, this game is not for the casual rock fan and even some of the most die-hard fanatics will have some trouble answering the majority of these questions, but it is a great way to learn a thing or two about what may be the greatest musical genre of all time.

Jeopardy as we know and love it. Hopefully they'll make the Rock N Roll version. I really miss that.
Jeopardy as we know and love it. Hopefully they'll make the Rock N Roll version. I really miss that. | Source

Jeopardy for Kindle Fire

What fan of games that increase your brain power doesn't love Jeopardy? The television show premiered in 1964 and evolved several times into the television game show that we all know and love today.

Jeopardy for Kindle Fire is exactly what you would expect from this classic game. The questions cover tons of different subjects and the board looks just as good as it does on television.

You are given several different avatars to choose from and can decide to play by yourself or to play against two opponents whose roles are filled by the computer. You can also choose between several different difficulty settings to make your game even more interesting.

The game functions the same as the one hosted by Alex Trebek, and you can (and will) lose tons of money on Double and Final Jeopardy.

As for the replay factor, I've played the game for several months and I have yet to see a question repeated, which is a failure of many other versions of Jeopardy.

This game is not free, but it may be the best buck ninety-nine you've ever spent!

PS. If anyone out there knows where I can get a copy of Rock & Roll Jeopardy, please let me know!

This question is one of the easier ones in 4 Pics 1 Movie. Some of them are really tough!
This question is one of the easier ones in 4 Pics 1 Movie. Some of them are really tough! | Source

Guess the Movie - 4 Pics 1 Movie

There are what seems like a million knock-offs of the popular game 4 Pics 1 Word and this one is my favorite by far.

The games all work the same way. You're given four images and a bunch of scrambled up letters. You have to solve the problem by figuring out what the images have in common and then correctly spell the answer.

With 4 Pics 1 Movie, we are given four stills from the same movie and then have to guess the title. There are no specific genres in this game. Your answer could be Twister, Toy Story or Casablanca.

I've found it to be fairly difficult at times, even though I'm a huge movie buff. For every correct answer, you are awarded one coin which will add to your bank that can be used to buy hints if you get stuck. You can also ask your friends on Facebook and Twitter for help with the answer.

This game is free (but ad supported), and you can buy more coins to help you get the answers.

Mahjong Deluxe HD is a fun game that fans of this old Asian game will really dig.
Mahjong Deluxe HD is a fun game that fans of this old Asian game will really dig. | Source

Mahjong Deluxe HD for Kindle HD

Mahjong is a hugely popular game that originated in China. Beginning with a set of 144 tiles, players remove them from the board in matching pairs. It's always been one of my favorite games and there are tons of digital ones available on the net to play - some of them are even free.

This version, called Mahjong Deluxe, was created by EnsenaSoft and made available for the Kindle HD. The graphics are pretty, the accompanying music is soft and not distracting (although it does seem to me to sound more Irish than Asian) and there is a great mixture of boards.

This game comes in a free and a paid version. The free game gives users four sets of twelve different boards for 48 total. The paid version increases the number of boards per set to 42, for a total of 168 boards. Don't worry about running out of bards, though. Every one that you complete is able to be replayed so that you can beat your own scores.

There is a sequel to this game called Mahjong Deluxe 2 - Astral Planes that is a 3-D, geometric version of the game, but I haven't downloaded or played it yet.

This is one of the word games included in Mind Games. You'll be surprised how many you get wrong!
This is one of the word games included in Mind Games. You'll be surprised how many you get wrong! | Source

Mind Games for Kindle Fire

This game is the real deal if you want to train your brain how to think. There are seventeen games included with Mind Games that each test a different part of your noodle in areas like memory, recognition and processing.

I especially like the Word Star game. You are given a definition and some mixed up letters. You have to correctly guess what the word is before time runs out. These aren't normal, everyday words like, well, everyday. The last one I had was "perennial."

There are games here for every taste, from math problems to spacial relations and even reflex and anticipation games. Beware, though, some of them are HARD!

Unlike other games of its type, some of these different challenges are very interesting yet may have you wondering if you are as intelligent as you think you are! It is also one of those games that you can spend hours on, so clear your schedule before you load it!

Note: The free version works more like a trial than some of the other promotional versions that developers offer for no charge. You can only play each different game a total of three times before you have to buy the "Pro" version. I may eventually buy it but, at $4.99, it seems a little bit too steep for a game for my mobile device.

Have fun chasing chickens!
Have fun chasing chickens! | Source

Farm Frenzy 2 for Kindle Fire

Yes, this one is pretty and has cute little chickens in it. The premise is that you have a certain amount of time to complete tasks like laying eggs and baking cakes. The reason I've included this one on this list is because you actually have to think to complete the levels. This isn't some pretty, mindless game!

Farm Frenzy 2, the sequel to Farm Frenzy, is essentially a farming game. You're given a farmyard, maybe a few chickens, possibly some money and some water in your well. You are also given a challenge and a limited amount of time to complete it.

The challenges are fun. Earlier ones include having your chickens lay a certain number of eggs in the given amount of time. Later "boards" are a lot more complicated having you buy certain buildings, like factories that make powdered eggs or bake cakes, and you have to have a certain number of each before your time runs out. You also have to watch out for panda bears whose favorite food is, apparently, chicken. No worries though. You can capture the offending pandas and cart them off to town to sell for money to buy yo7ur cake factory.

I played the original version on a Windows phone and loved it so much that I bought this version for the Kindle as soon as it became available.

This game isn't free, but you can have all the chicken-y fun you want for $1,49. Can't beat that!

There are Farm Frenzy games for the PC, but I haven't played any of them yet.

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© 2013 GH Price


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    • profile image


      11 months ago

      Thank you for the list.

      I'm suggesting to have a look on "Numbers Planet". It's universal app for Android + iPad + iPhone + Amazon Kindle. It is a collection of many math games and number puzzles for brain training.

    • Georgie Lowery profile imageAUTHOR

      GH Price 

      6 years ago from North Florida

      Hey Joe!

      I'm with you on the Alzheimer's. Although it may make no sense to some people, I am not afraid of dying but I am terrified of losing my faculties. I do puzzles and games and read a ton, all trying to keep my brain nimble - even if it doesn't show sometimes!

      Thank you so much for stopping my, my friend. I appreciate it! :)

    • hawaiianodysseus profile image

      Hawaiian Odysseus 

      6 years ago from Southeast Washington state

      Great job on researching and writing this one, Georgie! I don't know why I had little or no awareness of Alzheimer's and dementia when I was a young boy, but dang it all, seems like just about every other family today has a relative struggling with either of these maladies. I've heard that keeping one's mind busy is a proactive measure. With that in mind, I'm definitely interested in mental workouts. Thanks for sharing! Aloha!



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