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Troubleshooting iHome Problems

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IHome players make it easy to connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and play the audio through an external speaker system. But still, there are common problems, including the player not recognizing the Apple device, the player not charging, audio problems, issues setting the alarm, and more.

Below, you will learn how to resolve these issues by troubleshooting to avoid having to contact iHome support or exchange your player.

Older models of Apple devices may not play well with a newer iHome player.

Older models of Apple devices may not play well with a newer iHome player.

iHome Doesn't Recognize Device

  • Check IOS. The version of iOS currently installed on the device may be not supported by your iHome system. Connect your Apple device to your computer and then check for an available firmware update in iTunes. Install any available firmware updates and then try using your device with your iHome player.
  • Disconnect your Apple device from the iHome dock. Check the connector on your device to make sure that nothing appears damaged and also that there's nothing in the connector; repeat this process for the iHome dock. Clear any dirt or debris that could be preventing the devices from making a stable connection. Additionally, ensure that you're using the dock associated with the Apple device you're using; if you're not using the dock built specifically for your device, the connection may not be good.
  • Disconnect your Apple device from the iHome speaker and make sure it isn't locked or frozen. If the device is locked or frozen, hold down the power button to perform a soft reset; this forces all running programs to close and the device to shutdown. Restart the Apple device, ensure it's running correctly and then reconnect it to the iHome player. If you regularly experience problems with your device freezing, see if a software update is available or restore the device to its factory settings.
  • Consider updating. If you're device works properly prior to connecting it to the iHome player and the software is up to date, your player just may be too old for the iHome player to recognize. This is a problem because older models of iPods and iPhones can only be upgraded to a certain point, and some older models of these devices aren't capable of being upgraded to a version of iOS that works with iHome.

iHome Power Problem

  • Make sure the power cable is firmly plugged in to both the iHome player and an AC power outlet. If either of the connections on the power cable are loose, the iHome player may not power on.
  • Disconnect some devices connected to power outlets that share the same circuit breaker and then try resetting the circuit breaker to resolve your iHome problem. The circuit breaker may have been tripped by a major electrical event, such as lightening, or as the result of having too many electrical devices connected to that series of outlets.
  • Connect your iHome player to a different power outlet. The AC outlet you're using may be defective or have any number of other problems. Avoid trying to fix issues with a potentially defective power outlet on your own unless you're a qualified electrician. You can test the outlet by plugging another device that you know works into the same connector on the same outlet.

Sound Problems

  • Poor audio quality through your iHome speakers can be the result of having the volume cranked up too high. Try reducing the volume to see if that addresses your problem.
  • Turn down the level of the bass. High bass can also result in bad audio.
  • The file on your Apple device that you're trying to play through the iHome speakers may not be a high quality file. These audio imperfections in the file may not be noticed through your headphones, but can become apparent when you listen to that audio file through a good set of speakers. If you created the file on your own, try creating the file again with higher-quality audio settings. Alternatively, if you didn't create the file, it may just be a low-quality file.
  • If you don't hear any audio through the iHome speakers, disconnect the iHome player from AC power and wait for 30 seconds. Reconnect the iHome player to AC power and see if it resumes working. Sometimes, iHome players suffer an internal glitch where no audio is played for connected devices and the player needs to be reset. Also, try restarting your Apple iPhone, iPod or iPad.

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iHome Won't Charge Apple Device

  • If you're not using a dock compatible with your device, the device may not be seated properly, resulting in a poor connection with the player that may result in the iHome not charging your Apple device.
  • This may be a sign that your Apple device is frozen and not responsive. Disconnect the Apple device from your iHome player and then try performing some of the suggestions in the second bullet point within the iHome Doesn't Recognize Device section.
  • This may be a sign that your Apple device has a defective battery. If you feel this is the case, contact Apple and see what your options are.

iHome Alarm and Clock Problems

How do I turn off the snooze?

If you don't like the default snooze time on your iHome player, try holding down the snooze button and then pressing the "+" and "-" buttons to adjust the snooze time for your iHome's alarm.

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Why isn't the alarm going off?

Most iHome players have two alarms. If your alarm isn't going off, ensure the alarm you want to use is the active alarm.

Alarm clock problems?

If your alarm isn't going off on the correct day, ensure that your iHome's calendar is set to the correct day. If you set the time but didn't set the correct date on your player, the alarm may not go off on the correct day.

Why isn't time synching?

If your iHome player features Time Sync and the time isn't changing to correspond with your Apple device, update your iPod, iPad or iPhone firmware. If that still doesn't work, your Apple device may be too old to support this feature.

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