Why Amazon's Echo Dot Is Better Than Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo Dot
The Amazon Echo Dot | Source

What's the Amazon Echo Dot?

Amazon's Echo Dot is a 360 degree speaker that uses far-field voice recognition powered by the Amazon Alexa voice service/assistant.

Design wise it looks like a hockey puck with two buttons on top and a rotating volume ring. If you've ever seen or own the original Echo, then it's basically the first inch and a half taken off the top of the Pringle can-like Bluetooth speaker.

Echo Dot has everything the Echo has including long range, far-field voice capabilities, a microphone off button, an action button (for WiFi), volume ring control, and of course "Alexa" who can play music, tell you news, weather, traffic, sports, answer questions, and much more.

You won't lose access to any of the Echo's abilities, which includes its third party skills like Fitbit, Uber, Domino's Pizza, and Capitol One found in the Alexa app.

However there are a couple of huge differences between the Amazon Echo and the Echo Dot, and these differences are what take the Dot beyond its parent product.

Echo Dot's Best New Features

New Hardware of the Echo Dot

While the software of Echo Dot is similar to its predecessor, the hardware is slightly different but that's what makes it interesting.

  • This product contains a 3.5 mm audio output jack that facilitates connectivity to any speaker, and turns it into an Alexa enabled device.

If you were able to get the device, then you'll note that a 4 ft. 3.5 mm audio cable along with a power adapter and USB charging cable (adapter and USB cable included with Amazon Echo) were part of the package.

  • If you prefer to connect the device to your own Bluetooth speaker, then you may do just that.

Download the Alexa app from Fire OS, Android, and iOS devices and use the Quick Start Guide included in the packaging to setup your WiFi and Bluetooth to other products (mobile phones and Bluetooth speakers).

The lack of an audio output on the first Echo was a huge complaint when it launched, so it goes to show how small changes make a massive difference.

You can obtain the sound quality you want and have Alexa's smarts behind it, however; that's not even the best part about the Echo Dot.

The Echo Dot's Price Cut


It's Over Half the Cost

At a mere $50 dollars (49.99 to be exact), the Echo Dot is more than half as expensive as its ancestor.

You'll receive the same software and Alexa voice capabilities as the original with the added capacity to improve speaker quality through an audio output or Bluetooth connection, and it's half the price!

No wonder so many tech sites praised this product, often giving it an Editor's Choice Award.

  • Also remember that the Echo Dot is much lighter/smaller than the Echo, which increases its portability in the home.

There are even ways to take the product outside the home through a combination with another Alexa powered device called the Amazon Tap.

Unfortunately the Amazon Tap was viewed as a middle of the road Bluetooth speaker that lacked cellular data and/or mobile hotspot connections thus limiting portability.

The Tap may be battery powered, but when you constantly need a WiFi connection, it loses its punch.

Oh and in case I forgot to mention, the Echo Dot, like the Echo, provides hands-free activation through a wake word. Within the Alexa app, the spoken wake word that activates the device can either be Alexa, Echo, or Amazon.

Amazon Tap doesn't have that option either. Due to it being battery powered, you have to "tap" a button on the device for Alexa to respond to your request/question.

It's another win for the Echo Dot.

Echo Dot Stands on Its Own


You Don't Need an Extra Speaker

I'm sure when I said this device is worth half the cost of the bigger Echo some rolled their eyes and said to themselves, "Okay What's the Catch?".

I've been rambling about the ability for the Echo Dot to connect to other speakers, but that's really up to you.

  • What I love is that this device doesn't lose the far-field voice recognition of its predecessor.

The Echo Dot has that seven microphone array for listening, it supports fast and easy WiFi connectivity, and most importantly it has a built-in speaker that delivers sound on par with other mini Bluetooth speakers.

The sound quality will be lacking and won't fill a room with sound but it's not bad for intimate, bedroom listening, and many reviewers agreed that it sounded better than expected.

You can't go wrong with this device, however; I'd be lying if I didn't mention a couple of flaws surrounding the device itself and Amazon's marketing strategy.

Amazon's Marketing Strategy

How to Order an Echo Dot?

When the first generation model came out, you could only order it via three ways:

  • Amazon Echo
  • Voice controlled Amazon Fire TV
  • Amazon Tap

With the 2nd generation model, you no longer have to order through Alexa though doing so does have its perks ($10 shopping credit).

It was a strange marketing ploy but soon you'll be able to order it online or in store.

  • In fact you can now pre-order the 2nd generational model in either a black or white color.

I know Amazon doesn't like to release numbers/stats for their items, but you can guess how well the first gen sold based on the amount of reviews and how quickly it was out of stock.

Those who pre-ordered the first model a month before its launch (March 31, 2016) were fortunate to receive it early though there remain limitations on how many you could purchase.

That limit was one per order and two per customer, but that'll no longer be the case.

  • You can get several 2nd generation model, and if you order 5, you get 1 free Echo Dot.

The new model is sure to sell out quickly, so I'd pre-order it as fast as possible prior to its October 20, 2016 release date. When you have a fantastic product at half the rate, then things will sell out quickly as we've already seen.

If you really want an Echo Dot right now, then perhaps you'll want to give eBay a go though you would be paying far more than required.

You're better off waiting for the next model, and I would save my money if I were you.

If you're willing to spend $150 or more on eBay for an Echo Dot, then you might as well buy the regular Echo.

Final Thoughts on Amazon's Echo Dot

The Final Rating of Echo Dot

I'm no expert but as a lifelong futurist and tech junkie, I'd be comfortable to award the Echo Dot 4.5 out of 5 stars.

This product has everything the Echo has but even more. At $50 dollars this Alexa implemented device is a steal.

I had issues with how the product was marketed, but that doesn't affect my score of the actual item.

What does prevent me from giving it a perfect 5 out of 5 is that occasionally it's difficult to get the Dot to hear you during music playback.

Initially I thought it was due to an absence of voice training, but it's been confirmed that the Echo Dot has more trouble than the Echo when it comes to hearing you while playing music.

However for all the pros and its excellent price tag, I have nothing but praise for this device. If possible you must try it for yourself especially if you're big on sound and don't want to shell out $180 for the larger Echo.

You won't be disappointed.

The Echo Dot is an excellent product that I'll happily award 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Your Turn!

Would You Try an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot?

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  • I would try the cheaper Echo Dot
  • I'll wait for the next generation
  • No thank you I'm not interested
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Comments 15 comments

Lipnancy profile image

Lipnancy 6 months ago from Hamburg, New York

Just to give you a better idea of how it well it is selling, they estimate that only 1 in 50 customers with leave a product review.

Chriswillman90 profile image

Chriswillman90 6 months ago from Parlin, New Jersey Author

That makes sense across the product spectrum. Reviews are a very broad way of indicating popularity and quality, and I'm very weary of tainted/duplicate reviews sites like Amazon are attempting to do away with.

Babs 4 months ago

I am OLD! I LOVE Alexa! I have her,Echo Dot and Tap! As I write, I'm sitting on my front porch with Tap, listening to the Marcus Sakey Trilogy(final one, Written In Fire).Alexa is in the bedroom, where she gives the weather, the news and the verse of the day. Echo Dot sets a timer so I don't burn the cookies, and Tap lets me listen outside. Sure, some of it's skills are silly..but so much fun! Most of her skills are VERY, set an alarm for a wake up time, set a Noise machine(Alexa, play Ocean Waves, Alexa Loop) that will play ocean sounds all night.Nothing like listening to a good book, setting a timer for it to stop and then drifting to sleep to ocean waves. Waiting for Amazon to have a Smart Home Kit with basics that instantly work with Alexa and is reasonably priced. Also like being able to say Alexa, add XXXXX to my shopping list and have her read it back. She can even PLACE the order. I wish you could record your own a short thought...and keep it. Would be fun to save special events and be able to keep and have her read a personal book. Think GrandOnes, here. Would be fun to be able to read a bedtime story in YOUR OWN VOICE when you're far away...or when they visit to hear their parent read the story. Get busy Devs! Will Tap work if you go on a Cruise Ship

Chriswillman90 profile image

Chriswillman90 4 months ago from Parlin, New Jersey Author

I'm glad you really love the products because they are quite addicting and represent a cool,, new paradigm shift that we haven't seen since the rise of the World Wide Web. All of your requests describe why people love Alexa so much, POTENTIAL. There's so many possibilities and you've mentioned many of them that could soon be possible.

I think we're a year or two away from seeing many of those ideas becoming a reality and it's an exciting time for consumer tech.

Extol over 3 months ago

Amazon cancelled this product

Chriswillman90 profile image

Chriswillman90 3 months ago from Parlin, New Jersey Author

I think it might be on hold for now but I know you can still find it on other places like eBay.

Chriswillman90 profile image

Chriswillman90 3 months ago from Parlin, New Jersey Author

That's all fantastic, I hope a lot of people read this comment so they can get a better feel of what these devices can do for them. Tap will work if there's a WiFi connection but it might work off your phones cell data too.

Jim Brannan 8 weeks ago

The Dot is much better than the Echo. They sell you a crammed in speaker for an extra $80 in the Echo that has such a smothered sound I couldn't understand mine if it talked for more that a few seconds and I returned the first and sold the replacement unit. With the Dot it allows you to connect it to some decent speakers by wire or bluetooth anywhere in the room or farther. It's too bad I bought the last one, literally. They were sold out after they shipped mine and they never had any more. I hope they replace it with another similar model and don't just milk us all to death for the profit of selling us that horribly designed speaker model.

djvthewriter 5 weeks ago

Bought the original Echo sometime ago....never been to sit outside and use the remote to change music stations and/or Tune In Radio. Then bought the dot and use it in my bedroom...asking the time, setting alarm, and checking the weather. Now just bought the new dot and will use it by taking it with me on the road....a trusty alarm clock and of course a Wikipedia source of INFO. I'm so happy I bought Amazon stock a few years ago. Good going Jeff Bezos!

Chriswillman90 profile image

Chriswillman90 5 weeks ago from Parlin, New Jersey Author

I'm happy to heae you've had such a positive experience. While I know these devices aren't perfect, I've found that more often than not people are satisfied with the Echo or Echo Dot. I'm also glad to hear Amazon making a greater push towards expanding these devices and Alexa into even more platforms. I really want to see her be used to control music settings and perform other functions within the car next. Thats a huge market to tap into.

Bryan 7 days ago

Note that the generation 2 Dot does not(!) have the rotating volume ring, currently still described in the "What's the Amazon Echo Dot?" section. Too bad, as the volume ring is a very nice feature on the original Echo - much better than klunky volume +/- buttons.

Thomas Freeman 5 days ago


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Bridgett 5 days ago

Question - If you set an alarm, can you set it to one specific dot?

Scenario - So, the purpose of the dots is to have multiple ones throughout the house. Say I buy 6 dots - one for the living room, kitchen, master bedroom, and three children's rooms. My husband sets the alarm to 6:00am, but my son has to get up for work at 4:00am, and my daughter gets up at 6:30am for school ... would all alarms go off on all of the dots?

Chriswillman90 profile image

Chriswillman90 4 days ago from Parlin, New Jersey Author

Thanks for the update and that's an unusual take-out. I wonder why they decided to remove it.

Chriswillman90 profile image

Chriswillman90 4 days ago from Parlin, New Jersey Author

I have multiple echos and I was able to set different alarms for each however I used a different wake word for every one, "Alexa, Echo, Amazon". I'll have to test your theory but the latest update with ESP (Echo Spatial Perception) should mean you can set multiple alarms for a specific dot.

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