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My iPad Mini Is Not Charging On My Computer (PC)

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Why Won't My iPad Mini Charge On My Computer?

Why Won't My iPad Mini Charge On My Computer?

Problems With the iPad Mini Charging

It is common to connect your iPad Mini to your computer to charge it via a USB. Sometimes we do this after syncing it with iTunes and other times simply for convenience. What is surprising, however, is that it's common for the iPad to not charge at all despite being connected.

When your iPhone charges via the USB but your iPad doesn’t, you will wonder what is wrong.

There are a number of reasons as to why this occurs. Here are some simple solutions to resolve it.

Quick Tip

To maintain the life of a battery, whether it be an iPhone, iPad, or an iPod, it is always recommended that once a month you let your device fully discharge and run out of battery and then charge it fully to 100% before using it again.

Reasons Why the iPad Mini Wont Charge Via USB

It is important to know that the iPad Mini has an internal, rechargeable battery that actually can be charged by a high-power USB port, so if you are having problems, there is definitely a reason why.

Here most common reasons why the iPad Mini won't charge via a USB connection to your computer:

  • The iPad must be charged by high-power USB 2.0 port. USB ports that do not meet this specification will sync the iPad but cannot charge it.
  • The USB port on most computers provides insufficient power to charge an iPad.
  • The iPad might charge, but only very slowly if it or the computer is in sleep mode.
  • You may be using the wrong charger cord. The charger that comes with the iPad Mini has a higher output than an iPhone/iPod Touch charger.

iPad Mini Not Charging

Even though you may be presented with a message that says 'not charging', it may very well be although extremely slowly. And because it is so slow, the computer is not able to register it.

The Best Way to Charge Your iPad Mini

The best and most efficient way to charge an iPad Mini is to use the USB Power Adapter and the exact charger that came with the product.

Be aware that iPhones and iPads require different amounts of power to charge so if you do choose to use your computer and a USB port, make sure you are using the correct cable and try different ports on your computer.

If you are confident that your USB port is 2.0, then try to unplug anything else that may be plugged into the USB and close any applications that are open on your computer that are not necessary. The iPad will charge, although slower when attached to a computer with a high-power USB port, but if it is attached to a computer that has only a standard USB port (typical of most PCs or an older Mac), it will charge only when it's in sleep mode.

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Be aware that if your iPad is connected to a computer that is turned off the iPad battery will continue to drain so remove the USB cord if not in use or not needed.

Despite following all of these steps, you may continue to see the message "Not Charging" appearing in the status bar next to the battery icon.

If this is the case, you simply will not be able to charge it from your computer, and you must use the power charger included with your device.

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Alex Castello on December 19, 2013:

I had the same problem. Thanks to you I fixed my problem.

While searching for a solution to my problem I discovered this page where you can find some guideline that might help you with your iPad problems.


Macson on November 05, 2013:

I need a I pad to likea every thing in the iPad mini likea computer please make in future we need like apple

Ves on July 27, 2013:

Because is rubbish im on second unit now for 1 week and they all got charging problem go fast and claim your money

Joanna on June 05, 2013:

Hey, thanks for above, it helped me there. I'm having the same problems as listed above. Just one more thing though, as my USB isn't strong enough to charge my ipad mini, it won't allow me to sync items from my computer using the same cord either. Is there any way around this as I can use another method of charging the ipad but I am going to need to be able to transfer files etc from my ipad to my computer. (Computer is Sony Viao bought 3years ago) It's old yeah, but not ancient. Any help? :(

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