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Why You Should Get an E-Reader

I'm a lover of everything written. I am happiest when I have a book, a paintbrush or pen in my hand.


Why I Love My E-Reader

If your reading this, it's probably because your a lover of reading or know someone who is and are wondering, is an e-reader worth it? Well, my answer to that question is 100% yes, and here‘s why.

E-readers Don't Damage Easily

If you're anything like myself, then you don't just read at home or in places where a book is easily accessible and safe. My purse is a dangerous place for books and can't always be trusted to keep them in a perfect state. E-readers, however, are sturdy and typically have a scratch-resistant screen. If you're still concerned about the state of your screen, purchasing a cover for your e-reader is also super inexpensive and can amplify its appearance just like a beloved dust jacket on a novel. Thankfully though it's less heartbreaking if something does happen to damage it, for they are easily replaceable.


Buying Books Is Expensive

Have you heard of overdrive? Well basically with modern technology all you have to do is connect your tablet with a local library that offers e-borrowing. So even if the prospect of purchasing an e-reader seems pricey, you can make it much more inexpensive by borrowing books from your local library just as you would probably have done anyway but without the water damage and coffee stains!

E-readers Are Expensive

With a title like that you're probably thinking how is that a positive, well because e-books are cheaper than almost all new hard copies. I'm what one might call a book hoarder, but I prefer the term collector. I'm a bit of an artist at heart and can appreciate the talent that goes into cover art. However, there are many books I want to read but find the covers to be lackluster. The dreaded movie adaptation covers are the bane of a collectors shelf, but I still must read it. My e-reader is my personal loop whole; I get to read the story without staining my beautiful collection, and save on the cost all at the same time! A prime example is Bird Box by Josh Malerman; I picked up an e-copy for only $2.99 on sale online after the movie was already out and the only copies you could find had Sandra Bullock's face on it. I read the book, loved it, but unfortunately for Sandra, her face is not present in my shelves.

"Bird Box" with a new cover featuring Sandra Bullock.

"Bird Box" with a new cover featuring Sandra Bullock.

Charging Isn't Stressful

My Kindle Paper White lasts forever! I know with all the technology we have to charge nowadays why would you want another but honestly because their design is so simple, you will find they charge fast (mine charges to full within a couple of hours) and lasts upwards of 3 months depending on how much you read. What really surprised me when I first purchased it was how long they last on idle. I forgot to shut mine down properly after a brief reading session and didn't come back to it for over a week, and its battery life was still at 25%! No other device I have would ever last that long on idle.


I am a bathtime reader, I know this may sound cliche but give me a heaping glass of wine, a bath bomb in piping hot water and a good book and I will tell you I'm in heaven. Well, that is so long as my book doesn't fall into the water and I put a towel close enough so I can dry my hands, so as to not ruin its pages. You can now buy e-readers that are waterproof. No more fear of dropping it in the water, or wrinkling pages. Your books are safe, and paradise just became that much sweeter!


The Simpler Perks

Night Light

Want to read in bed but don't want to disturb your partner? How about an overnight flight? Either way, reading lights can be disruptive to the comfort of those around you, and an e-reader is a simple solution to that. Made not to have blue light they are both easy on your eyes and on those around you.

Background Colour

Depending on your lighting and times you read some page colors can be harder on your eyes than others, this isn't a problem however because e-reader technology is made to be adjustable either manually or some even have natural light sensors to adjust automatically.

Text Changing

“My eyes aren't as good as they use to be.” Is this a statement you know oh-so-well. Have to shop in the sections where font sizing is larger or wear amplifiers? Not with a kindle. You can modify your reader to your preferences, no more special copies or amplifiers just download and go.


Maybe you're in school or just like keeping notes, but either way, highlighting text can be exasperating. Keeping track of page numbers for quotes excessive and disorienting... okay, okay sticky notes are ok but the bigger the book, the more those sticky notes all begin to look the same. Highlighting text is now as simple as holding your finger on a word and dragging to its desired point, click highlight and boom that note is stored simply and organized in the book's individual index. As a past student, I wish I had had that technology when searching through textbooks for that one quote I knew was "in here somewhere."


My Conclusion

I am a lover of all things written and try to appreciate the art that is the written language, I am not bias to what form it comes in but naturally have my preferences. I love my hard copies and their individual beauty; however, my e-reader now holds a dear place in my heart. It is my travel companion and honestly has saved me a small fortune on books I didn't have to buy full price. If your still dwelling on it, I personally advise you to make the jump. It's ok to love both, for once in the world of books it's a love triangle with a happy ending!

Questions & Answers

Question: Presently which is the best?

Answer: Don’t get me wrong I love a nice hard copy book as much as the next reader. However, I am currently preferring my e-reader for how lightweight and comfortable it is to read on.

© 2019 Victoria Cook


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