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Choetech 15W Wireless Charging Stand Review: Fastest Qi Charger?

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Choetech 15W Wireless Charging Stand

Choetech 15W Wireless Charging Stand

Choetech 15W Wireless Charging Stand

The Choetech 15W Wireless Charging Stand ($26.99) is one of the fastest Qi chargers available.

It provides up to 15W of power for LG phones with varying power modes (10/7.5/5W) for Samsung, iPhone, and Google Pixel smartphones. The charging stand uses 2 inner coils for vertical and horizontal charging, and it contains safety features that'll prevent overheating, short-circuiting and more.

The product also comes with a Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 adapter, which ensures your phone gets the fastest possible charging boost. This is a 2-in-1 packaged deal that costs much less than similar products plus the all-black design makes it a superb fit for offices, dorms, and your home.

Product Information

Product info taken from product page, user guide, and item box

Product specsDescription


5V-12V/2A (Max)


15W (Max)


Micro USB Port

LED Indicator

Yes - Charging Status


2 - Vertical & Horizontal Charging

Transmission Distance



CE, RoHS, FCC, Over-current, Over-temperature, Over-voltage, Short Circuit

Phone Compatibility/Charge Speed

15W - LG V30-50/G7/G8, 10W - Samsung S6 Edge - S10+/Note 5/8/9, 5W - All Other Qi Phones (Pixel)

What's Included

15W Charging Stand - Micro USB Cable - Quick Charge 3.0 Adapter - 18 Month Warranty Card - User Guide


5 Best Features

Still not sure if the Choetech charging stand is a worthy endeavor?

Well allow me to make things easier with what I felt were the most enticing features.

Top Pros

  • 15W Fast Wireless Charging
  • Horizontal & Vertical Viewing
  • Phone Compatibility
  • QC 3.0 Adapter Included
  • Black, Anti-Slip Design

15W Fast Wireless Charging

So far the most powerful wireless charger I've tested was 10W so it was good to see something stronger.

Just keep in mind that 15W is only for specific LG phones like the V30/30+/35/40/50 and G7/G8. If you have a Samsung phone above an S6 then you'll still get 10W while Qi iPhones & other wireless phones will get 7.5W & 5W.

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I don't use LG phones but I've tried this charger out with one (G8) and it cut down charging times by some 30+ minutes, so definitely give this product a shot if you own a high-end LG device.

For those that don't own one, you'll still be getting decent 7.5/10W speeds (common for wireless charging) and you'll also get the very fast QC 3.0 adapter as an added bonus.

Horizontal & Vertical Viewing

Many wireless chargers are flat pads that your phone has to lay on top of, which eliminates your device's functionality.

Thankfully the Choetech charging stand wants to change that by offering you much needed workaround options.

This product has two inner coils for vertical and/or horizontal charging, which is ideal for viewing videos, Face Time, and sending & receiving messages. It essentially turns your phone into a secondary monitor that can be very handy in an office setting.

Phone Compatibility

With four different power modes you can use this with an LG, Samsung, iPhone, and Google Pixel.

If your phone has Qi charging enabled, then this product will get to work though charging times vary considerably. For 5W devices (Pixel, S6) I would only recommend using the product for overnight charging.

For other modes, I think you'll be fine with daytime use just as long as you don't fiddle around with your phone while it's charging.

QC 3.0 Adapter Included

I'm very happy that Choetech included their company's QC 3.0 adapter because it makes a huge difference.

Without fast charging, your phone may take an extra hour or more to charge and even longer if you're using 5W.

It was really smart of Choetech to bundle the two together because you're getting a great 2 for 1 deal that maximizes efficiency over cost.

Black, Anti-Slip Design

I love the all black design of the charging stand because it makes it look premium, you're less likely to see stains or scratches, and the color scheme fits any environment.

Additionally the item has four corner, anti-slip pads that will prevent the stand from sliding about. More so the pads will keep your phone from falling off, which I'm personally thankful for.

Finally the charger has a non-invasive LED indicator that detects charging status (green=charging) which is always helpful.

Choetech Wireless Charger vs. Wired Chargers

There's still a huge discrepancy between wired and wireless chargers, and I don't see it changing anytime soon.

Unfortunately, wireless chargers are still much slower, they cut off your phone's usability, they can make your device hot, they don't work well with metal attachments/casings, and most importantly they're not really wireless.

So why are wireless chargers still a thing?

Because wireless chargers are the best stepping stones to true wireless charging.

In addition the Choetech Charging Stand ups the ante by providing quicker charge times without holding your phone hostage. Plus there are plenty more innovative Qi chargers to come that are even faster, more functional and will help bridge the gap between wired & wireless.

But if that's still not good enough, then I highly recommend the Innergie 60W wired charger (see video above); it's terrific for USB-C phones or laptops and I use it daily.

"Because wireless chargers are the best stepping stones to true wireless charging"

Final Review

Choetech has done a great job at innovating while keeping costs accessible for their customers, and they may have another hit with this product.

I give the Choetech 15W Wireless Charging Stand 3.75 out of 5 stars.

The item works with any Qi phone, it maxes out at 15W, the anti-slip pads are a good touch, it has a plethora of safety features, and it's more pragmatic than other wireless chargers. The LED indicator is very sleep-friendly as well.

My only negatives are that the fastest charge speeds are limited to new LG devices, the stand is a little small for big phones like my S10+, and both the charger & my phone got hot after a while.

I was able to charge my S10+ just fine but the stand felt too small for the device plus it won't be able to benefit from the 15W power. Finally, the phone & stand do get hot over time despite the safety features, so that makes me a bit weary.

Overall I'd still recommend this item to anyone shopping for a speedy wireless charger especially if you have a compatible LG phone that can utilize the 15W power.

I think the bundle with the adapter are a good sell, and the Choetech 15W Wireless Charging Stand offers more usefulness than other wireless chargers on the market.


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