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Lanq PCDock: The Ultimate Desktop Monitor Stand & PC Accessory

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Lanq PCDock Desktop/PC Monitor Stand

Lanq PCDock Desktop/PC Monitor Stand

Lanq PCDock: The Future of Monitor Stands

The Lanq PCDock is an ingenious PC/desktop monitor stand that doubles as a PC accessory with numerous built-in features for today's home or office worker.

The dock comes in 3 versions including:

  • PCDock Pro
  • PCDock Pro Max
  • PCDock Standard

Each dock contains 4 total USB ports with 2*3.2 USB-C and 2*3.2 USB-A outputs that offer 15W charging and 5Gbps transfer rates.

Additionally the docks include 15W fast wireless charging and a fingerprint module that supports Windows Hello. You'll have to install software drivers and set up your biometrics before using, but once you do, you can register multiple fingerprints & accounts.

And we're only getting started...

With a built-in WiFi adapter, hotspot sharing, and 4.2 Bluetooth you can connect a slew of phones or wireless peripherals (up to 10 Bluetooth gadgets) creating a clutter-free work/play environment.

For someone who has to deal with dongles and adapters everyday this dock would be a godsend.

And if you'd like to add a little flavor to your entertainment or gaming sessions the dock comes with RGB LED lighting that can be programmed via remote. I don't know how often I'll be using that but it's a cool feature that gamers will especially love.

The Lanq PCDock is available to pre-order on their Indiegogo page with 2-for-1 specials if you're interested. The pricing ranges from $135 to $200+ but the early bird specials go as low as $99.

The demand is high so be sure to hop on the opportunity before it's too late.

Lanq Product Information

Product info taken from Lanq PCDock Indiegogo page.

ModelPCDock Pro/Pro MaxPCDock Standard

Fingerprint Module




Yes - 4.2

Yes - 4.2

2.4/5.8G Dual-Band WiFi Adapter



Type A/C 3.2 Ports (2 of each)



15W Fast Wireless Charging



Adjustable Stand

No (83mm default)





Number of LEDs

60 (Pro) - 120 (Pro Max)


LED Length

1m (Pro) - 2m (Pro Max)



631 x 219 x 83mm (Pro) - 1105 x 219 x 83mm (Pro Max)

136 x 97 x 20mm


2.5kg (Pro) - 3.4kg (Pro Max)





What's Included

Fingerprint scanner cable - type A-C cable - cable for inner power supply - power supply - PCDock - RGB remote - manual

Fingerprint scanner cable - type A-C cable - power supply - cable for inner power supply - PCDock standard - manual

Lanq PCDock Is an All-in-One Accessory

For most people a monitor stand is just a small table that supports your desktop monitor and that's it. It may adjust itself or include pockets and extra spacing underneath it but it rarely adds anything more to the user experience.

The Lanq PCDock is trying to change that; they've thought ahead to what the future will hold, and I'll be shocked if other companies don't jump onboard soon.

The 15 Best Features of Lanq PCDock

  1. USB hub with 4 ports (2-USB-C & 2-USB-A at 24V/2A)
  2. WiFi adapter & hotspot sharing
  3. 15W fast wireless charging
  4. Fingerprint module w/Windows Hello support
  5. Built-in Bluetooth 4.2 that connects up to 10 devices
  6. Three PCDock Variants w/PCDock Pro for dual monitors or standard for mounted stands
  7. Dual band WiFi 2.4/5.8G support w/1200Mbps speeds
  8. RGB LED lighting feature
  9. Multi-account and/or user support with 0.15s fingerprint reader and fast account switching
  10. Stable WiFi/Bluetooth connection
  11. Enable Microsoft Dynamic Lock to prevent unauthorized access that locks your PC after a minute of you leaving it
  12. Lossless Bluetooth audio due to Qualcomm aptX technology
  13. Extra storage space underneath monitor for mouse, keyboard, pad, etc.
  14. Multi-tool monitor stand keeps your home office environment organized by removing unnecessary wires/cables
  15. Sleek black design and material build means the docks will be reliable, long-lasting, and look great in any home or office setting

I thought I was only going to list 10 things but came up with a lot more, which speaks volumes to the usability of this product.

It also makes my current stand situation look incredibly paltry in comparison. The fast wireless charging feature alone would double the worth of my product, and I can't stand having to constantly plug my phone well away from my computer.

Oh and for those who've never used biometrics to unlock a computer, you're missing out. I have a laptop with a fingerprint reader that works with Windows Hello and being able to quickly jump into my account is wonderful.

Finally it would be fantastic to go completely wireless and stay orderly. My partner consistently complains about the dozens of cables in my home office and honestly I'm getting sick of it too.

Just let me go cable-free and help me store everything away and I'll be a happy camper.

The built-in Wi-Fi adapter probably isn't for me as I'm wireless most of the time but it'll be a huge asset to wired computers, and even I could see myself taking advantage of it someday.

The Bluetooth feature will be great though as I have a ton of BT devices just waiting to be connected.


What I'd Like to See in the Next Generation

After looking at the product carefully I did notice that it's primarily intended for PC users, so unfortunately Mac users will have to look elsewhere.

The Windows Hello compatibility was a dead giveaway, however the USB hub, Qi charging, WiFi adapter, and built-in Bluetooth still means you can connect Apple products to the unit, so it's not a complete loss here.

I've also read a few questions about users wanting to disable the Wi-Fi adapter or turn off the WiFi/Bluetooth, which can't be done unless your remove the drivers. Don't think this will be an issue for many though.

Personally I would like a little more variety when it comes to the colors. The black looks great and I understand why they went with it, but it would be awesome if they could introduce newer color schemes in the future.

But perhaps my biggest concern and one that I would absolutely love to see addressed is the lack of an adjustable component. The stand's default height is 83mm (3.27"), which I'm sure is level for a lot of customers but it won't mesh with everyone.

I'd like if their next monitor stand could be adjustable simply to make it more compatible with various buyers...we're all different after all.

Outside of that maybe they could introduce more ports, go to Bluetooth 5.1 or up the charging speeds, but those would just be bonuses. The current dock already offers far more than anything I've seen on the market.

Lanq PCDock: Final Thoughts

How does the innovative Lanq PCDock compare to everything else?

Well I don't think it does.

There are docks that have features that the Lanq has but not like this. Some of them can adjust, they have side pockets for pens, phones & extra storage, they have a different aesthetic & color, and dual-monitor support but none of them are as technical as the Lanq unit.

The advantages are immediate, and in the age of the home office, they couldn't have come at a better time.

Like I said before, I see other companies borrowing from Lanq instead of the other way around. I'm sure Apple will launch their own version eventually but for now they'll have to take a backseat.

If you were waiting for someone to deliver on the ultimate desktop accessory that will de-clutter your workspace and provide much-needed PC functionality then wait no more.

The Lanq PCDock is an exciting, important desktop monitor stand that does more than support your monitor. It expands your reach and delivers on its promise, and I can't wait to see what more they have in store.

Your Thoughts


Krzysztof Willman (author) from Parlin, New Jersey on March 04, 2021:

Thank you so much for the approval. I stumbled on this product on Indiegogo and was fascinated at its functionality.

I'm sure your daughter will be very happy with it. It's still very new and available for pre-order but I can see it become a trend-setter for future desktop monitors.

FlourishAnyway from USA on March 04, 2021:

This is incredible -- just what I was looking for for my tech-savvy daughter. Thank you for the recommendation!