Review of the Panasonic Cordless Phone: Everything I Discovered

Updated on January 27, 2020
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Glenn Stok likes to research and evaluate products, and can clearly explain their features due to his background as a technical writer.

This article has been updated to reflect a newer version of the phone I'm using.

Information is current as of January, 2020.

My Panasonic KX-TG6511B Cordless Phone (New available version is KX-TGC352B)
My Panasonic KX-TG6511B Cordless Phone (New available version is KX-TGC352B) | Source

This phone does everything a modern phone should do:

  • The base supports up to four handsets.
  • Programming any handset syncs with all the others.
  • You can block unwanted callers.
  • You can see caller name and number, even while talking to someone else.
  • One-button redial.
  • One-button access to remote voicemail.
  • Caller-ID without a name will show the name if matched in the directory.
  • Directory holds 50 entries, and you can place each in any of nine groups.

If you don’t have voice mail with your phone service, you can get the version of this phone with a built-in answering machine.

The answering machine does a perfect job of taking messages. You can record your own greeting or leave the phone's default generic greeting.

If you have voicemail, I suggest you take advantage of it and save money by buying the version of this phone without an answering machine built in. I use the one with no answering machine since I use voicemail from my phone service provider.

The Benefits of a Wireless Phone System

This Panasonic phone makes installation so easy without the need to run wires. Just plug in the base where you have access to the main phone line. All the other handsets have a remote charger base so that you can place them anywhere you have an electric outlet.

The beauty of Panasonic’s design is that all the handsets work off the central programming stored in the base. That is the right way for a cordless phone system to work. I have had other brands of cordless phones in the past, and I always had to program each handset individually. That was a chore, and it’s not necessary with the Panasonic.

DECT 6.0 Phones Do Not Interfere with WiFi Routers

Older phones use the same frequency that Internet WiFi routers use. Any phone using the 2.4 GHz range will cause Internet interference since WiFi is at 2.4 GHz.

The Panasonic is a DECT 6.0 phone. That means it uses a higher frequency. So it works well in today's environment without interfering with WiFi. The digital signal at that higher frequency also has a better range with less power requirement, so it lengthens the battery life between charges.

Auto Economy Mode Extends Phone Battery Life

Panasonic has an Economy Mode that automatically reduces transmit power requirements between the handset and the base station when it's close enough. This helps extend phone battery life. "ECO" will display on the screen, as shown in the close-up image earlier above.

Some people are concerned about getting too much radiation from cell phones and cordless phones. The side effects, if any, have never been determined. Nevertheless, home-based cordless phones are definitely safe because they are very low power. And the ECO mode of the Panasonic phones reduces the radiation even further.

Cell phones use a much higher power to access cell sites up to two miles away.

Cordless phones for the home are designed for usage within 500 feet. The Panasonic is even better because the ECO feature lowers the output when it’s near the base.

Programming is Synced to All Handsets

Now here’s a feature I really love! When I had other phones from other manufacturers, I had to program each handset individually. I discovered that Panasonic keeps all the programming in the base.

That means that if you use more than one handset with your base, anything you program on one handset is automatically available on all the others.

I used to hate having to program my friend's numbers into each handset. Now with this phone I only do it once. And any changes I make are also on all the other handsets. I’ll never go back to another phone.

Other Useful Features Included

Redial last dialed number.
Call another handset on same base.
Low energy enabled to extend battery life when close to base. ECO icon displays.
Control volume while talking.
The “Mute” soft button can be pressed so other party can’t hear you.
Recent caller list.
Ringer Setting
Select from a large list of ring tones.
Ringer Mute
Disable ringer on any handset so not to be disturbed.
Lighted Keys
The keys and display light up so you can use it in the dark.

Getting Started

Panasonic Phone Handset on Base
Panasonic Phone Handset on Base | Source

How To Use Your Panasonic Cordless Phone

The first time you use it, the phone batteries are partially charged. Just make sure you hang it up the first night, so it charges fully.

However, you can start playing with it right away. Add your friends, add your voicemail number and pin, and any personal settings you want.

You don’t need to set the time and date. As soon as the first call comes in, it takes that information from the carrier. Most providers send the time and date along with the ring signal.

You also don't need to be concerned about setting the time when the clocks get set back in the fall and forward in the spring. The phone’s clock will be adjusted when the next call comes in.

Just in case your service provider does not pass the time stamp, you can always program the date and time through the settings menu.

Multi-Function Soft Buttons

There are three buttons below the screen that change their functions, depending on what features are needed at different times.

These three buttons are soft keys. That is, they can change their function. The screen above the buttons shows what they do at any specific time. For example, the VM button becomes a MUTE button while you are talking.

Soft Buttons below screen with Icons showing what they mean.
Soft Buttons below screen with Icons showing what they mean. | Source

When you have a message, the top right button is the VM button. It says VM right above it. But you only see that if you have messages. It becomes a redial button if VM is not needed, as shown in this image.

Note that all the soft buttons always have the function displayed on the screen. The image here shows the three soft buttons in this present state when the phone is not engaged in a conversation.

The left icon means that that soft button will display the name directory. The middle on gives you the menu of options. The right soft button is for redial.

Single Button Voice Mail Access

The soft button on the right side becomes a quick voicemail retrieval button and only shows “VM” above it when you have a message, as shown in this image.

You can program the phone so that pressing the VM soft button will call your service provider’s voice mail and automatically pass your pin to log in and play your messages.

Voice Mail Notification on Panasonic handset.
Voice Mail Notification on Panasonic handset. | Source

You just need to program the calling sequence into the phone once. The dialing sequence is the access number, followed by a few pause characters to wait for the call to go through. After the pauses, enter your voice mail pin. That's it. Then whenever you press the VM soft button, the phone does all that for you.

I love using voice mail rather than an answering machine because many service providers include a free feature to send all messages to your email as an attached audio file. However, if you don't have voice mail with your service, Panasonic makes the same phone with an answering machine built into the base.

Message Indicator Light and Display

There's a little amber light on top of the handset. It blinks when you have messages. It glows solid when charging.

If using a service provider’s voice mail, the phone will detect a signal from the phone company and show you that you have messages with the flashing indicator light and also with the words “Voice Mail” displayed on the LCD screen.

On some newer versions of the phone, these indicators will only work if you had programmed the VM soft button, as I explained above.

Message Indicator on Panasonic Phone
Message Indicator on Panasonic Phone | Source

The Hands-Free Speakerphone

Each handset is a speakerphone. If you press the “TALK” button to answer a call, you use it as a regular phone against your ear. If you press the “SP-PHONE” button, then the other party’s voice comes through the speaker, which is on the back of the handset.

I find this to work really well. Many times I work in the kitchen while cooking, and I place the phone down on the counter to carry on a conversation.

One thing you have to deal with, and it’s true for most speakerphones, is that the audio is single duplex. That means that while the other person is talking, they don’t hear you when you speak. That is done on purpose to avoid annoying feedback.

I’ve gotten used to this, but if you don’t like it, then just don’t use the speakerphone setting and hold the phone to your ear instead.

Handy Name Directory

Once you have your contacts in your phone's directory, just press the left soft button where the phone book icon is displayed. That starts the Phone Book List. You can press the up or down arrows to scroll through the names you had programmed into the phone.

You can save up to 50 contacts and even assign them to any of nine groups. When you browse your directory, you can select the group you want to browse or select "all groups."

Of course, the advantage of the directory is that you never need to dial numbers. Just scroll to the name, press TALK, and it dials for you.

Caller-ID From the Name Directory

Usually, when someone calls from a cell phone, the carrier only sends the words “Cell Phone” for the Caller-ID along with the number. Some out of town callers will not show the name either, just the number.

If you don’t recognize the number, you’re out of luck unless you want to take a chance answering an unknown caller.

Here’s something wonderful about this phone: If the incoming Caller-ID does not contain the name, the phone will display the name from your directory if the number is matched. That's all the more reason to place all your friend's numbers in the directory.

Call Blocking

I get telemarketers calling once in a while. Some repeatedly call from the same number. The Panasonic phone lets you add these numbers to a block list. When they call, the phone plays a recording to them, saying that the call cannot be completed. You never get bothered anymore.

Call Waiting Caller-ID

When on a call and another caller is calling, the Caller-ID of that new caller will be displayed. You can look at the screen to see who it is while you’re on an existing call. If you decide to take that call, just press the flash key.

This feature requires “Call Waiting,” as well as “Call Waiting Caller-ID” service from your phone company.

How to Call From Handset to Handset

You can call from one handset to another without making an outside call. Just press the "Menu" soft button, and then you will see INT (for intercom) as the left soft button, as shown in the image below.

Just press the INT button, and you will see a list of the extensions available. These are all the other handsets assigned to the base.

Scroll down to the headset you want to call. If you only have two handsets, then you will only see the other one listed. Click the SELECT soft button, and the other handset will start ringing.

Intercom Phone Extension Calling
Intercom Phone Extension Calling | Source

Multiple Function Button

That big button (with up, down, left, and right arrows) has several functions, depending on which arrow you press.

  • The left is the Caller-ID (CID) of your prior received calls.
  • The right is redial.
  • The up and down arrows control the volume when you’re talking.

Multi-Function Button
Multi-Function Button | Source

When you're not on a call, the up and down arrows scan back and forth through the menu settings:

  • Caller List
  • VM Access
  • Intercom
  • Set date & time
  • Initial Settings submenu

The Initial Settings submenu includes:

  • Ringer Setting
  • Handset name
  • Call Block
  • VoiceMail Access Dialing String
  • Message Alert
  • Display Settings
  • ...and more.

The up and down arrows scroll through the names in your directory after pressing the name directory button (left soft button).

How to Program the VoiceMail Access Button

A single button will automatically dial your remote voicemail service and pass along the pin to log in. It does all after you program it once.

Press MENU (soft key) then press down arrow till you get to Initial Settings. Then select that and scroll down to "VoiceMail. Then store your voicemail access.

That might be your own number or a particular number provided for voicemail access. Follow it with two or three pauses. You’ll see the pause as a special character when in this programming mode. Then follow the last pause with the pin. Try two pauses first. If it needs more time before sending the pin code, then add another pause.

Panasonic Cordless Phones Quick Shipping From Amazon

Information current as of January, 2020

Phone Without Answering Machine

Model KX-TGC352B Cordless Phone, 2 Handsets

The Panasonic Cordless Phone System that I bought, and discussed in this article, has been upgraded to this newer version with an amber backlit display and a call blocking feature. The one I purchased is no longer available. The features are still the same, but now you can expand it up to six handsets.

If your phone provider includes Voice Mail service, then you can save money with this Panasonic phone without the built-in answering machine. No need to duplicate message taking options.

Phone With Answering Machine in Base

Model KX-TGE232B Cordless Phone, 2 Handsets

If your phone carrier doesn't provide voice mail service, then get this Panasonic phone with the answering machine in the base at a slightly higher price.

If you only need one handset, that's available too. You get what you need at the price point that works for you.

People Also Ask

We have two cordless phones with two base units. Every once in a while, I pick up a ringing phone, and I can’t talk to the caller. I get a dial tone instead. What’s wrong?

Since you say you have two base units, I suspect you or someone in your family is placing the handsets on the wrong base units. An easy solution is to place colored stickers on the bases and handsets. Color-coding will indicate which handset goes with which base unit.

My cordless handset started beeping while I’m talking. I do let it charge by placing it on the base when not in use. But it still beeps soon after I start a conversation. Why is that happening?

You need to leave the handset on the base for eight hours to completely charge. If you’ve done that, and still have the problem, then you need to replace the batteries. They probably are no longer holding a charge. Rechargeable batteries don’t last forever. Replace them, and you should be fine.

How do I delete a phone number in the phone book?

When you browse through the directory, the erase option is on every entry. It’s a soft key on the screen.

I can not figure out how to increase the volume of the caller on my phone. My parents have hearing issues and can never decipher what the person calling is saying. I would appreciate any help.

The large center button functions as the volume control if you are using a phone similar to the one I reviewed here. When connected to a caller, press the top or bottom of that button to change the volume higher or lower, respectively.

I have a cordless Panasonic phone, and I have various callers who cannot get through. The calls do not ring on my phone. Yet others can get through. People tell me to turn off the anonymous private caller setting to see if that helps, but I can’t find how to do that. Any ideas?

Since you are blocking anonymous callers, that must be your problem.
Many people have their privacy set to avoid sending their Caller-ID, and those callers will not be able to get through to you.

That has nothing to do with the phone. It is a function of your phone service carrier. You need to turn off your blocking of anonymous callers with your phone service.

If you have a login portal, you should be able to change it there. Otherwise, ask your carrier to disable anonymous blocking.

Is there a phone with multiple handsets that can be used to talk on the same phone call?

Yes, you can do that with the phone I discussed in this article. If you buy the version with multiple handsets or add more handsets later, each handset will be on the same phone call.

The blinking light goes off after I’ve played the messages. I want the light to stay on until messages are deleted. That way, if I play messages that are for someone else, I don’t have to remember to tell them. They will notice the light is still blinking and will play the message.

I understand your dilemma. Unfortunately, that is not a function of the phone. Your voice mail service controls the status of the message light. Most carriers shut off the message light when you access your voice mail to listen to messages, even if you don’t delete them.

I’m trying to figure out how to use the intercom system on the phones. We don’t have an INT button on ours.

On many of the Panasonic cordless phones, the intercom option is in the menu. Press the MENU button or soft key, scroll to “Intercom,” and you will see INT appear as a soft key. Now you can press INT, and it will show you all the extension handsets. Select the one you want to call.

My Panasonic phone doesn’t ring anymore. There is an icon of a bell with a line drawn across it. How do I correct this problem?

The crossed-out bell icon indicates that you had shut off the ringer. You might have done this by either of two methods—the silent mode set by time of day, or by setting the ringer volume to “off.”

To turn it back on, follow either of the following steps, depending on which is the case:

If you enabled silent mode:

  1. Press the menu button
  2. Scroll down to the “initial setting” and select it.
  3. Select the ringer setting.
  4. Select Silent Mode.
  5. Disable silent mode.
  6. Save the setting.

If you previously turned off the volume:

  1. Press the menu button
  2. Scroll down to the “initial setting” and select it.
  3. Select the ringer setting.
  4. Select Ringer Volume.
  5. Increase ringer volume to the level you want.
  6. Save the setting.

We have an old Panasonic phone system that started showing the message “No link. Re-connect base AC adaptor.” Any suggestions?

First of all, make sure your base unit is plugged into an outlet that has power. Maybe a circuit breaker popped. It's also possible that your AC adapter transformer or its wire had been damaged.

If the power is okay, then the handset is not recognizing the base. Try following the steps to register the handset with its base to re-establish the link. See the instructions in your user manual for that.

Questions & Answers

  • I currently have a Panasonic kx-tgc220c with an answering machine. But when I am on the phone, a new caller just hears a continuous ringing and the answering machine does not kick in. Is this a flaw now corrected in the new series?

    That is not a flaw of the phone. When your line is busy because you are talking, another caller cannot get through. Therefore your answering machine will never get the call.

    The reason why you are confused about that is because the second caller is not getting a busy signal. There are several reasons why that is happening:

    1. That can happen if your service provider has the option for voice mail, and you did not enable it.

    2. Or you specified a large number of rings before going to voice mail.

    3. Or you have call-waiting enabled and you are ignoring the beep tones, in addition to reasons 1 and 2 above.

    Having said that, I would recommend that you stop using a premises-attached answering machine, and use voice mail instead. That's the only way you can let your callers leave a message while you are talking to someone else. Most phone providers include voice mail service as an additional option these days.

  • Does the Panasonic cordless phone prevent batteries from overcharging?

    Yes, it’s an important feature built into any cordless phone since it’s usually placed back in the charging cradle when not in use.

    In order to avoid damaging the rechargeable batteries, the unit detects when they are fully charged and stops the trickle charge.

    The phone I use, that I mentioned in my article, also displays “Fully Charged” on the screen.

  • Can I answer a call on a Panasonic cordless phone by just picking up the phone from the cradle, and not have to push a button?

    Yes. You can enable that feature by setting "AutoTalk" in the settings menu to the "on" position. Then when you pick up a ringing phone from the base or charger cradle, it will automatically answer the call. If AutoTalk is off (the default), then you need to press the "TALK" button or the speaker button to answer a call.

  • If my Panasonic phone is ringing, can I mute it?

    You can set the ringer off on any handset. The other handsets will still ring unless you shut off the ringer on all of them.

  • Does the blocked caller hear a spoken message? If so, what is said? I have a Panasonic phone system.

    The call blocking feature on the Panasonic phone sends a busy tone on the caller's end, and then disconnects the call from the line.

    I noticed that it still rings the phone one quick ring, but then stops. I guess that’s useful just to notify you that a blocked call attempt had happened.

    Keep in mind that you require Caller ID subscription from the phone company for the call blocking feature to work.

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    • profile image

      Karen B. 

      6 days ago

      Thank you so much for your in-depth, but user friendly article! Great information. I have been trying to decide which brand of new cordless phone to buy and I'm sold on the Panasonic! Has everything I could want. Bless you for what you do! So helpful. :D

      Thanks again.

    • Glenn Stok profile imageAUTHOR

      Glenn Stok 

      7 days ago from Long Island, NY

      David Shakespeare - Yes, you can have a conversation with someone on another handset that's synced to the same base unit (hub, as you called it). Just press INT to signal your wife's handset. As for not hearing her, check if her handset was muted.

      Per your second question: Yes, you can signal another handset by pressing INT even when you are connected to an incoming (or outgoing) call.

      When your wife picks up her handset, press CONF so both of you will be connected to the same outside caller. Or you can just hang up and she can continue the conversation.

    • profile image

      David Shakespeare 

      7 days ago

      Hi Glenn, Is it possible to have a two way conversation between Panasonic phones linked to the same hub using intercom? I tried intercom last night for the first time and my wife could hear me but I couldn't hear her.

      Also, what if I pick up an incoming call on one of the phones that's for my wife - can I put the call on hold and use the intercom to tell my wife to take the call on her phone?

    • Glenn Stok profile imageAUTHOR

      Glenn Stok 

      3 months ago from Long Island, NY

      Marcia - If callers are going direct to voicemail rather than ringing through, then you have your phone service set to a privacy mode. That makes all calls go direct to voicemail without ringing.

      That has nothing to do with the Panasonic phone. You need to log into your account management of your service provider, and change the setting.

    • profile image


      3 months ago

      I just got a Panasonic kx-tgc220al phone. It does not ring but goes to voicemail. How do I get it to ring

    • Glenn Stok profile imageAUTHOR

      Glenn Stok 

      7 months ago from Long Island, NY

      Bobbie - It’s definitely not an option on the phone. Anything that asks for a key to be pressed is an automated attendant. The phone is just a phone. Do you have some sort of automated service on your line?

    • profile image


      7 months ago

      Why do some of my callers have to press '1 to continue' when calling? I called my service provider Comcast and was told that it was probably an option on my phone. I have the Panasonic KX-TGF670

    • Glenn Stok profile imageAUTHOR

      Glenn Stok 

      8 months ago from Long Island, NY

      Connie - Call forwarding is a function provided by your service provider. It is not a function that a typical phone can do.

    • profile image


      8 months ago

      Very informative and through. I am looking for a landline phone that

      has the ability to forward calls to the number of my choice. I now pay my landline company for this service and am wondering if there is a phone I can program to do this.

    • Glenn Stok profile imageAUTHOR

      Glenn Stok 

      8 months ago from Long Island, NY

      George Slater - Yes, the phone model I mentioned saves the last 50 incoming calls in the caller list.

    • profile image

      George Slater 

      8 months ago

      Very informative. Does the Panasonic store a caller list? If so, how many calls are stored

    • Glenn Stok profile imageAUTHOR

      Glenn Stok 

      8 months ago from Long Island, NY

      no ring! - Press the menu button, go to the “initial settings” and select the “ringer setting” - then adjust the ringer volume. You probably have it off.

    • profile image

      no ring! 

      8 months ago

      Please tell me how to fix the ring tone on my wonderful phone the Panasonic!

    • Glenn Stok profile imageAUTHOR

      Glenn Stok 

      9 months ago from Long Island, NY

      peterjack70 - With the copper connection you had before, your polarity may have been reversed. It doesn’t matter with copper, but polarity must be correct with fiber and can cause a silent dial tone.

      Try reversing the wires at the network box to see if that fixes the problem. If you have fiber to the premises (FTTP) then the box might be outside you premises, or in the basement.

      Please post another comment here to let me know if that solved it.

    • profile image


      9 months ago

      my Panasonic KX-TGA431AL connected to my router through an ATA. Just moved to fiber ( FTTDp). As a VOIP phone it's working fine, make and receive calls normally but only thing is there is no dial tone. any clue?

    • Glenn Stok profile imageAUTHOR

      Glenn Stok 

      11 months ago from Long Island, NY

      Contrary Mary - You didn’t mention how you are interfacing your KX-TGE475S with your cell phone. Maybe you are using Link2Cell to connect via bluetooth with your cell phone. You need to check on the compatibility of the interface with you new cell phones. The Panasonic phone is not part of the issue since it simply uses the audio supplied by the interface equipment. That is not the subject of this article.

    • profile image

      Contrary Mary 

      11 months ago

      We've had a Panasonnic KX-TGE475S for over two years, used only for home use of our cell phones (no landline). Worked fine until we bought new cell phones. Old phones were Nexus and Samsung S5. New phones are Moto X4 and Pixel 3. The system works fine with the Moto x4, but not so much with the Pixel 3. The issue is that we can't hear the caller through the handset (even though perfectly audible on the Pixel 3 itself). The handset microphone works fine, transmitting my voice to the caller, but as I said, we can't hear the caller through the Panasonic handset. Once in a while, it does work, but very intermittent. No idea how to troubleshoot this issue. Ideas?

    • Glenn Stok profile imageAUTHOR

      Glenn Stok 

      11 months ago from Long Island, NY

      Lisa - This has nothing to do with the Panasonic phone. It probably has to do with the number you are calling from. Your friend might have your home phone number blocked so that it goes direct to voicemail. Or if your home phone number is set to privacy so you don’t send out your caller ID, her cell phone might be programmed to send all private callers to voicemail.

    • profile image


      11 months ago

      I have a kxtgf370 model. When I call a friends cell it automatically goes to her voice mail. My cell phone goes straight thru to her number. Is this a Panasonic problem?

    • Glenn Stok profile imageAUTHOR

      Glenn Stok 

      13 months ago from Long Island, NY

      Lyle Cameron - The check mark means that’s it's a new call that you didn’t review yet.

    • profile image

      Lyle Cameron 

      13 months ago

      Hi Glenn, we have the KX-TGE633. What does the check mark in the upper left-hand corner of menu of callers? The instruction booklet seems to have all symbols except for this one? Thanks.

    • Glenn Stok profile imageAUTHOR

      Glenn Stok 

      13 months ago from Long Island, NY

      Joni, This sounds like a problem with your service. Try testing with a different phone to see if you still have the problem. Borrow one from a friend if you don't have another phone to test with.

    • profile image


      13 months ago

      Hi Glenn, i have had my cordless Panasonic phones for quite sometime. Just recently, i am unsble to receive incoming calls and when i try to dial out i get the dial tone, dial the number and then get a dial tone again. U have no idea how to resolve this issue.

    • Glenn Stok profile imageAUTHOR

      Glenn Stok 

      14 months ago from Long Island, NY

      sue petrachek - You didn’t say if you are using voice mail or the unit's answering machine. From your description I assume you are using voicemail and that your phone carrier did not send the light off indicator. Try unplugging the phone from the phone line and plugging it back in to see if that clears it. Otherwise call your carrier for assistance.

    • profile image

      sue petrachek 

      14 months ago

      My handheld panasonic is blinking cause a call came thrubut they did not leave msg, but it is still blinking...How do we take it off????

    • Glenn Stok profile imageAUTHOR

      Glenn Stok 

      14 months ago from Long Island, NY

      Vinny Placanica - If you are asking for a recommendation for a unit with three handsets, the one I mentioned can be expanded as mentioned.

    • profile image

      Vinny Placanica 

      14 months ago

      Hi Glenn: Sorry for the poor description, Yes it an RJ 11 that connects to my internet/modem. Too bad about the base it's not even 3 years old. Do you have nay recommendations for 3 had-sets. Thanks for the quick response :)

    • Glenn Stok profile imageAUTHOR

      Glenn Stok 

      14 months ago from Long Island, NY

      Vinny Placanica - Your description of your problem doesn't sound right. This phone does not have a modem connection. Unless you mean you have phone service form your Internet company and you're referring to the phone (RJ-11) connection on your modem.

      In any case, it sounds like your base got damaged. Did it get struct by lightning? You probably have to buy a new unit.

    • profile image

      Vinny Placanica 

      14 months ago

      Hi Glenn: I have a Panasonic KT-TGE260. For some reason you can no longer retrieve messages from the base unit. You have to play and manage message for the handset. The message counter on the base still shows number of message but basically you can no longer control anything from the base, on /off etc. I rebooted the base unplugged the power modem connection, etc. Any ideas how to fix or buy a new/used base. Thanks

    • Glenn Stok profile imageAUTHOR

      Glenn Stok 

      15 months ago from Long Island, NY

      Dee Lind - Good question. And I understand what you mean. The answer is yes, but you need to change the two other handsets to communicate with the first base.

      In other words, you want to ‘marry’ all four handsets to a single base. The other base will simply not match to any handsets but will serve just fine as a charger.

      In order to accomplish this you will need to go through the menu to the setup options on those other two handsets. Then register those two handsets to the first base. Details can be founnd in the user guide when you get the phones. It’s easy to follow the steps.

      It’s interesting that additional handsets sold alone are more expensive than when included in a set with a base. That was good going that you determined that.

    • profile image

      Dee Lind 

      15 months ago

      Have a question... was looking at the KXTGC352B (no ans. machine) that has two handsets...but I need 4. Can I buy 2 sets of the same model (cheaper than two additional phones) and use the base of the second set just as a charger (not plugging into jack)? Will the phones match up to the single base?

    • Glenn Stok profile imageAUTHOR

      Glenn Stok 

      16 months ago from Long Island, NY

      Sally Rehn - Each handset has rechargeable batteries, but if only the message light is not working and the phone does, then I suspect you have a problem with the light itself. Make sure you still have the service turned on with your carrier to enable the message light when messages are received. That is most likely the issue causing your problem.

    • profile image

      Sally Rehn 

      16 months ago

      The light showing how many (if any) messages are on the phone doesn't work any more. Is there a battery somewhere that needs to be replaced--I couldn't find one in the answering maching?

    • Glenn Stok profile imageAUTHOR

      Glenn Stok 

      20 months ago from Long Island, NY

      Igor, That is the same in any case with any phone. If the phone is off hook then it can't receive an incoming call.

      The locator is similar to sending a ring to a non-bust phone, except that it's a beeping-type sound instead of a ring. But the idea is the same, the receiver (handset in this case) needs to be available to receive the signal.

    • profile image


      20 months ago

      Hi Glenn, I recently discovered that if you have a handset turned on and can't find it, locator button doesn't do much good. It just doesn't make that ringing sounds as when it's off. I would hear all other handsets ringing but not the one I need. It essentially locking you out of using your phone. I was able to find it by psychically searching everywhere only. Any advice? Thx!

    • Glenn Stok profile imageAUTHOR

      Glenn Stok 

      20 months ago from Long Island, NY

      Lorie Schaefer,

      The Panasonic KX-TGC350 is not just a handset. It’s a complete system with a base station. It will only communicate with its own base.

      Not all handsets are compatible with all bases. The KX-TGDA50, that you mentioned that your mom has, is a handset. Its base is probably model KX-TGD532W. Look at the model number on base to confirm this.

      If you just want to add another handset for the kitchen, you don’t need another complete system. Just get another handset that’s compatible with the original base that your mom already has. That would be another KX-TGDA50 or KX-TGDA51.

      You may need to buy it refurbished (listed on Amazon) since this is an older model.

      You need to register the new handset with the original base as follows:

      Press the MENU button, then dial #130. Now press the locator button on the base and continue to hold it until you hear a tone. If the handsets ring, you didn’t hold it. Start over. You need to wait for the tone.

      Once you hear the tone, press OK on the handset. When you hear a completion tone on the handset, press the “Off” button to finish.

    • profile image

      Lorie Schaefer 

      21 months ago

      My mom has a cordless phone model KX-TGDA50 or 51 an she bought a new phone for her kitchen which is model KX-TGC350 or 352. Her first phone now does not have a dial tone. She's tried to do the locator steps but nothing seems to work. Shouldn't these two models of Panasonic work together???

    • Glenn Stok profile imageAUTHOR

      Glenn Stok 

      22 months ago from Long Island, NY

      Kay - That cell tower might be interfering. A surefire test would be to take your phone to friend's house in a different location and try it there. See if you have any improvement. Then you'll know.

    • profile image


      22 months ago

      Same problem as Carol only nothing to do with the router. I can be 3 inches from the base and people are saying they can't hear me. Only 1 handset connected to this base. Have a different model Panasonic with 2 handsets set up and also have problems with people hearing me from those phones (only 1 handset being used at a time.) Can't figure out if any electrical field interference as both are dect 6. Any ideas? This has been an ongoing problem for a couple of years....I do live near a cell tower???? Thanks Kay

    • Glenn Stok profile imageAUTHOR

      Glenn Stok 

      23 months ago from Long Island, NY

      The Gigaset s79h that you mentioned has a rocker switch on the side of the phone to control volume. The Panasonic that I discuss has an up and down rocker button on the front.

      I’ve use this button to control the volume even when I’m talking on the phone. It works fine — no interruption with the conversation trying to find soft buttons in the menu as is the case with other brands. The volume button is always available right on the front.

      In addition, the volume to very loud when turned up too high. I’ve had cases where I had to reduce the volume because the person on the other end was talking too loud. So there is no problem with volume on the Panasonic, for sure.

      When using the speaker, the volume control works the same. I never have to put it near the top. But if I do, the fidelity is clear and not distorted.

    • profile image


      23 months ago

      Interesting but ... what about the "volume" ?

      Modern phones tend to be HQ but low volume ... (GIGASET s79h for instance)-

      A good way to "measure" sound volume is to know if you ever used it at full volume at any time.

      Mine is full volume and sometimes (because of the other using Speaker, the volume is just not enough)

      Thanks for the precious info on the speaker use ... "cutting" the other end voice ...

      Quite incredible that older phones worked better for that.

      Have a nice day from Geneva

    • Glenn Stok profile imageAUTHOR

      Glenn Stok 

      2 years ago from Long Island, NY

      Linda - Your Caller-ID is not a function of the phone. Your phone company sends out this information. If the number doesn’t show up then you probably have it blocked. If only your name is not showing, then ask your phone company if they can include your name with your number.

      Alternatively, if your number is being sent, but not your name, tell your sister to add your number to her phone directory. If it’s a Panasonic phone like the one I discuss here then it will take the name from the directory to display along with the number from the Caller-ID.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      I have model kx-tge432. My name does not show up on the phone screen of my sister’s phone when I call her and she often doesn’t pick up, thinking it is marketing call. Is problem on my phone or hers? I can’t find pertinent info in manual. Thanks

    • Glenn Stok profile imageAUTHOR

      Glenn Stok 

      2 years ago from Long Island, NY

      Carol, That sounds strange. I would have expected you to say that it gets worse when you are closer to your router. But you say it’s when you are farther away.

      Nevertheless, the router should not interfere since DECT technology uses a different frequency. However, I would experiment by shutting off the router to see if things improve. At least that way you can rule out if the router is causing the problem.

      The other thing is to check if the batteries are no longer holding a charge. Are the batteries old? Do you put the handset in the charger often enough so they are charged?

      Let me know your response to these ideas.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Hi Glenn, I have Panasonic Dect 6 phone but no one can hear me on it if I stand more than 3 feet away from my Xfinity router. I changed the telephone batteries. Do you know what could cause this? Comcast came out once and could not figure it out.

    • Glenn Stok profile imageAUTHOR

      Glenn Stok 

      2 years ago from Long Island, NY

      George, I just checked my phone and it allows 50 directory entries.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      You do not say how many numbers can be stored in the directory. Ads for wireless phones seem to ignore this very important feature

    • Glenn Stok profile imageAUTHOR

      Glenn Stok 

      2 years ago from Long Island, NY

      Marty Howard - Which manual are you looking at? I have the KX-TG6511 and I also use the voicemail from my service provider. I can assure you that the amber light flashes when there is a message in voicemail. Mine flashes in addition to the display saying "voicemail". I don't know about the KX-TG3645 since the one I have is the KX-TG6511.

      I'm wondering if they changed the handsets because you said the support person told you the light doesn't work. The handsets that came with my base have their own code: KX-TGA652

    • profile image

      Marty Howard 

      2 years ago

      Hi Glenn,

      Please clarify something about the KX-TG6511. I have been looking for a phone with an indicator LIGHT that flashes when voice mail is received through the service provider - NOT the answering machine.

      According to the manual - and a Panasonic support person - voice mail from a service provider is indicated only by a message and symbol on the LCD screen - NOT with the flashing light. The light used to be standard with many phones - now I can't find one that his it.

      I just bought a KX-TG3645, which has the amber light - but the light flashes only when messages are recorded on the answering machine. Could you please verify this feature and the model number.

      Thank you so much.


    • Glenn Stok profile imageAUTHOR

      Glenn Stok 

      2 years ago from Long Island, NY

      Steve331, The date and time get reset automatically when a call comes in. The phone company actually sends the time info with each call, so the phone gets the information that way. Then the battery keeps the time current if you don't have power. Since you always unplug the power, you have put more load on the batteries and this may have caused them to die prematurely. Rechargeable batteries don't last forever. The more often they are recycled from charge to dead to charge again, the sooner they will die. 1800 cycles sounds about right, which is five years. I had to replace mine once. You can easily find the correct replacement at Best Buy or on Amazon.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Hi Glenn,

      I've got the very same phone system that you have reviewed. The two phones have worked well the past 5 years. Last month, I noticed the screen on both phones was partially blank - the date and time information went missing. Both phones show as being fully charged.

      Every night, I disconnect my computer, TV and telephones from their electrical outlets. I've done that for many years due to the issue of potential electrical surges. As stated, as of last month, from the time I re-connect everything in the morning until bedtime, this loss-of-date-and-time issue persists.

      The only time when the date and time becomes "re-enabled" and is visible is when I receive an incoming call. They remain visible the entire day, but only after receiving an in-coming call. Do the rechargeable batteries need to be replaced? If they needed replacing, would the loss of the date and time information be one of the effects?

    • Glenn Stok profile imageAUTHOR

      Glenn Stok 

      4 years ago from Long Island, NY

      MsDora - I dealt with that nuisance of programming each handset individually with an older phone system be another manufacturer. Then I discovered that Panasonic did it better by storing the programming in the base so each handset is always in sync.

    • Glenn Stok profile imageAUTHOR

      Glenn Stok 

      4 years ago from Long Island, NY

      RonElFran - Yes indeed! The intercom feature is very useful when you have several handsets on a single base. It goes to show that Panasonic includes great phone features.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      4 years ago from The Caribbean

      Thanks for this review. I have a system that does almost everything you describe but (1) it does not have the message indicator and (2) handsets have to be programmed individually. The Panasonic is really a cut above the rest. Thanks for letting us know.

    • RonElFran profile image

      Ronald E Franklin 

      4 years ago from Mechanicsburg, PA

      Glenn, this helps me know what to look for next time we buy a phone. I particularly like the intercom feature. I think all phones should make provision for that, instead of making people call from their cell phone to their home phone just to talk to someone in the same house.


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