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Pitaka AirPods Pal & Mini Review: Best AirPods I-II Wireless Charging Cases

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Pitaka Air Pal Mini (left) & AirPods Pal (right)

Pitaka Air Pal Mini (left) & AirPods Pal (right)

AirPods Pal & Mini: The Perfect AirPods I-II Cases

The Pitaka AirPods Pal & Pal Mini are stylish AirPods I-II cases made from premium, aramid fiber materials with built-in wireless charging and a travel-friendly design.

Both products feature military-grade, soft-grip aesthetics with uniquely crafted styles and colors for any occasion. The cases come with attachable/detachable clips that can be affixed to any suitcase, backpack, or article of clothing.

The AirPods Pal also doubles as an emergency power bank with an integrated 1200mAh battery that can recharge your AirPods (up to 3x) or smartphone. The product includes USB-C to C and USB-C to Lightning cables that can be used with your iPhone or Android device.

When I first tried these cases, I was immediately impressed by their luxurious design and delicate feel. They are unlike any other case I've had, and I bet you'll feel the same way.

Product info taken from product page, user manual, and item box

DescriptionAirPods PalAirPods Pal Mini


100% Genuine Aramid Fiber

100% Genuine Aramid Fiber


Premium: Aramid Fiber/Polycarbonate - Essential: Polycarbonate

600D - 1500D


White/Black-Grey (Twill)

Black/Grey (Twill)

AirPods I-II Compatible



Wireless Charging

Yes - Single Sided

Yes - Double Sided


Yes - Metal Removable Clip

Yes - Detachable Loop

Soft Touch/Grip






LED Charging Indicator



Military Grade Protection



Power Bank Add-on

Yes - 1200mAh additional battery for 3x AirPods battery life & smartphone compatible



Premium - $99, Essential - $59

1500D - $69, 600D - $79

What's Included

AirPods Pal - USB-C to C Charging Cable - USB-C to Lightning Cable - User Manual

AirPods Pal Mini - Carabiner Clip - User Manual

Which Should You Buy: AirPods Pal or Pal Mini?

I have both products and each have their own appeal, but you may be wondering which one to get.

Hopefully this section will clear things up a bit.

List of AirPods Pal Features

  • 1200mAh Emergency Power Bank
  • LED Charging Indicator
  • Aramid Fiber & Polycarbonate Materials
  • Stylish Colors/Design
  • Removable Metal Clip
  • Wireless Charging

The most exciting feature of the AirPods Pal is its ability to be used as an emergency power bank. This extra energy can make your AirPods last three times as long and it can modestly charge up your phone if needed.

Additionally, it has a charging LED indicator light on the bottom, single-sided wireless charging, and a removable metal clip that works really well for attaching to luggage, pockets or belts.

As far as design goes, you have the option to go premium or essential. The premium version uses aramid fiber material along with polycarbonate for a powerful, bullet-proof casing while the essential only uses polycarbonate.

There's a $40 difference between the two.

List of AirPods Pal Mini Features

  • Double-sided Wireless Charging
  • Carabiner Clip Attachment
  • 600D or 1500D Textured Design Options
  • Soft-touch Grip
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Pocket Sized

The AirPods Pal Mini is considerably smaller than the Pal, which makes it excellent for travel. The product includes a carabiner clip attachment that can clip onto almost anything with ease.

It also comes in exquisite 600D & 1500D textured arrangement options. Both textures contain carbon fiber & military grade materials that are scratch resistant and have a soft-touch grip.

Finally the Mini case features double-sided wireless charging, which works with any Qi charger. The product has a wireless DC input of 5V/0.5A and a lightning output of 5V/0.5A.

So there you have it...two unique AirPod cases that each have their own perks. They are both compatible with Gen 1-2 AirPods but not the AirPods Pro (see next section).

If price is a concern, then I would opt for the 1500D AirPods Mini for $69 or the AirPods Pal essential for $59. However, just note that you'll be losing that super strong carbon fiber material if you choose the essential.


Pitaka AirPods Pal: Final Review

Do the Pitaka AirPods cases actually work?

Absolutely. They were able to wirelessly charge my AirPods without difficulty, and the power bank on the AirPods Pal functioned brilliantly.

I even used the removable clips to attach the cases to backpacks, suitcases, and jackets/jeans. They instantly made whatever I was wearing look a lot more stylish.

Overall I'd give the Pitaka AirPods Pal & AirPods Pal Mini 4.9 out of 5 stars.

The design, style, colors, and materials were stunning with real functionality for gripping, holding, and more. I give a slight edge to the Mini because I prefer the smaller sized case and double-sided wireless charging, but the larger Pal adds a lot more usefulness with the built-in power bank and charging cables.

No matter your preference, you can't go wrong with either as these products are must-haves if you're an AirPods owner. Pitaka has quickly become a favorite company of mine with truly innovative products that focus on quality and mystique.

The AirPods Pal and Pal Mini are slam dunks that bring class and substance to a rather dull wireless charging case market.

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