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Pitaka New Magmount Qi—Enjoy Wireless Charging While Driving

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Pitaka New MagMount Qi - Suction Cup w/Dashboard Pad - Car Vent - CD Slot Attachments

Pitaka New MagMount Qi - Suction Cup w/Dashboard Pad - Car Vent - CD Slot Attachments

Pitaka New MagMount Qi: Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

The Pitaka New MagMount Qi ($49.99) is a top-notch magnetic car mount that will wirelessly charge your smartphone and keep it stable at all times.

The New MagMount Qi is extremely powerful, modern, and modular. You have mounting options for car vents, your dashboard, the windshield, and for CD slots. In addition, you can wirelessly fast charge your phone on-the-go if it supports Qi charging.

Note: The charging supports 10W for Samsung, 7.5W for iPhone, and 5W for all other Qi phones.

The MagMount comes with a USB-C to A cable but not a Quick Charge adapter, (needed for fast charging) and your phone will require the Pitaka MagCase or MagWallet UE to fully take advantage of the mount.

The bundle (with QC adapter) will cost you between $90 to $100, but I promise you it'll be worth it. The MagCase is extremely sleek, beautifully designed, very thin, and virtually indestructible, and the MagMount is the most secure car mount I've ever tested.

And that's just the beginning...

Product Information

Product info taken from Pitaka product page, user guide, and item box

Product specificationsDescription


Premium Zinc Alloy, 100% Aramid Fiber

Input Voltage


Input Current


Output Voltage Current (Normal Charge)

DC 5V/1A

Output Voltage Current (Fast Charge)

DC 9V/1.1A

Max Output Power


Transmission Distance


Transfer Efficiency


Operating Temperature

-10C to 30C

Storage Temperature

-20C to 60C

Working Frequency

110KHz - 205KHz

Quick Charge 3.0 Adapter

Not Included


Yes - Car Vent - Suction Cup (Windshield & Dashboard) - CD Slot

Viewing Rotation

360 Degrees

Phone/Phone Case Support

Only Works With Pitaka MagCase, MagCase Pro, or MagWallet UE

Safety Certs

CE/FCC/RoHs, Over-temperature, Over-current, Over-voltage


9 N52-T grade embedded magnets - Embedded Fan for heat dissipation

What's Included

MagMount Qi - USB-C to A Cable (1m) - User Guide - Car Vent Attachment (Optional) - Suction Cup Mount & Free Dashboard Pad (Optional) - CD Slot Attachment (Optional)

New MagMount Qi: The Ultimate Hands-Off Driving Experience

The NewMagMount Qi really is the ultimate hands-free driving experience because it's just so easy to install, use, and not think about.

It's also packed with several great features that I'd be happy to mention.

5 Coolest Features

  • Modular
  • Fast Wireless Charging
  • Powerful Magnets for Stability
  • Luxury Design
  • 360° Rotation


Which car mount works best for you?

That's not a choice you'll often get but it's a choice consumers will appreciate, and the New MagMount Qi comes with modular mounting options for windshields, dashboards, car vents, and CD slots.

Right now I'm using the suction cup version (for windshields) that also comes with a free dashboard pad.

The setup was simple too; you just connect the MagMount to the suction cup base (secure with nut), remove the bottom plastic covers, place MagMount/suction cup on windshield or dashboard (use pad), and lock it in place via the switch on the suction cup attachment.

The entire setup takes a couple of minutes, and once you're done you can just place your phone on/off the mount.

Fast Wireless Charging

To use the wireless charging feature, connect one end of the Type-C cable to the MagMount and the other to the car adapter.

Note: It's recommended you use a QC 3.0 adapter to enable fast charging.

After connecting, your phone should automatically start charging when placed on the mount (Qi-enabled phones only).

Charging power will vary from 5–10W depending on your phone with 10W max for Samsung Galaxy devices and 7.5W for iPhone products; 0–100% charge will take about 3 hours with fast charging or nearly double the standard rate.

Of course you don't have to use wireless charging, but the option is available if need be, and personally it's really helpful for long drives.


Powerful Magnets for Stability

The MagMount is equipped with 9 N52-T grade powerful magnets that assure a tight mount and stable auto-hold on your phone.

And this is where the MagMount + MagCase/MagWallet UE magic happens...

The metal plates embedded in the MagCase align perfectly with the MagMount without causing interference to wireless charging, WiFi, and GPS, and no amount of bumping & grinding is enough to disrupt either.

Best of all—none of these products ever sacrifice aesthetics for functionality. It's a combo that really performs, and you'll be impressed with the results.

Luxury Design

The Pitaka MagMount and MagCase are made from premium 100% zinc alloy and aramid fiber materials, which are often used in sports cars and body armor.

The materials give it that oomph factor that most car mounts/phone cases lack with a style/function mix that makes them the ultimate must-have products.

There's not much more to say except that I'm very pleased with the MagMount's design; it's miles better looking than any car mount I've had.

360° Rotation & Built-in Fan

The ball head of the attachments (vent/suction/CD slot) is highly flexible and allows for 360° rotation to give you the best possible viewing angle.

And it makes horizontal or vertical viewing a breeze, which is excellent for media and/or navigation.

Additionally, the MagMount has an embedded fan to dissipate heat that's generated from coil transmission. The heat dissipation prevents overheating, short-circuiting, and it'll enable faster charging speeds, a longer-lasting product, and most importantly a shielded phone.


Is the Pitaka New MagMount Qi for you?

So now that we discussed the upsides, it's time to face the harsh reality...okay not really, but there are a few downsides that could turn you off of this product.

Top 3 Cons

  • Only Compatible With Pitaka MagCase/MagWallet UE
  • Bundle Costs
  • 10W Max Limit

Only Compatible With Pitaka MagCase/MagWallet UE

As stated earlier, the New MagMount Qi is only rated to work with either the Pitaka MagCase or MagWallet UE. Presently I'm testing the mount with the MagCase for my Samsung Galaxy S10+.

I haven't tried the unit out with metal cases, but I imagine there would at the very least be signal interference. Remember that the MagCase's built-in metal plates were specifically crafted to avoid this, which isn't the case with most metal cases.

Bundle Costs

Unfortunately, since the New MagMount Qi needs other products to max out its efficiency including a MagCase, MagWallet UE or QC 3.0 adapter, none of which are included, it'll cost you extra.

Furthermore, modular attachments have to be purchased separately. I think the suction cup attachment is the best version to get because you'll get the free dashboard pad giving you two mounting options (windshield & dashboard).

At the very minimum you'll be spending $100 for the MagMount + MagCase and as much as $140 for the MagMount + MagWallet UE though Pitaka has bundle offers that subtract 15–20+ dollars off those prices.

The most affordable option would be the New MagMount Qi + MagCase + 36W PD/QC Car Charge Adapter (>$96) that way you get everything you need at a reasonable price.

10W Max Limit

I know wireless chargers can max out at 25W now, so 10W is feeling more and more outdated.

It's still the most common standard, but it's not future-proof.

I think 10W is going to feel really slow in a couple of years, and also don't forget that 10W only applies to specific phones. Most iPhones & other smartphones still use 7.5W and 5W respectively.


New MagMount Qi: Final Review

The NewMagMount Qi brings something that other car mounts don't, and it does it in a very non-flashy way that customers will be thankful for.

I will give the Pitaka New MagMount Qi 4.75 out of 5 stars.

The product offers modular mounting options for your car vents, windshield, dashboard, it's made from luxury materials that don't sacrifice pragmatism, and it'll keep your phone stable, which is what a car mount should do best.

I haven't worried whatsoever that my phone would fall off, overheat or whatever else can go wrong. Pitaka clearly thought about every potential design flaw and challenged themselves to perfect it.

Unfortunately, they also couldn't completely merge every positive aspect into one, and that could turn customers away.

You can't use this product without other products, and bundling actually matter this time; however, that doesn't negate the usability and effectiveness of the MagMount itself.

Not everybody will want to weather the cost of these bundles, but for those willing to spend a bit more, you won't be disappointed.

Overall this a fantastic product, and I think the New MagMount Qi + MagCase combo may be the best bang for your buck yet.

Your Thoughts!

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