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Product Review: Dodocool True Wireless Stereo Earbuds

Dodocool True Wireless Stereo Earbuds

Dodocool True Wireless Stereo Earbuds

Dodocool True Wireless Earbuds

The Dodocool True Wireless Earbuds are a versatile pair of wireless buds that produce quality stereo sounds, contain a Realtek chip for noise cancellation, and can be powered through a charging box similar to the Air Pods or Galaxy Buds.

They come with a built-in mic for hands free music or call functionality, and the buds can recharge in an hour via their portable case. The average play/talk time is around 5 hours with 500 hrs in standby mode.

Their wireless range is 33 feet, they're rated IPX6 for sweat/waterproofing, and the buds themselves fit comfortably inside your ears during moderate to intense workout sessions. The Dodocool headphones include small, medium, and large-sized ear caps & plugs for further customization.

Finally, by quickly double pressing one of the buds you can activate Siri or the Google Assistant depending on the phone you have. It makes for an effortless voice control experience.

Product Information

Product specs are taken from the Dodocool website, box cover, and user manual

Product SpecsDescription


DC 5V=0.5A (Max)

Battery Capacity (Earbuds)


Battery Voltage


Battery Type

Li-polymer Battery

Charging Box Battery Capacity


Working Temp

-20C to 45C

Wireless Range

10m (33ft)





Wireless Version

Bluetooth 5.0

Chip Type

Real Tek

LED (Earbuds)

Red/Blue (Pairing) - Red (Charging)


Micro USB Port



Item Weight

1.57oz (45g)


2.35 x 2.35 x 1.16 in

Charge/Talk Time

1 HR Charge - 5HR Talk Time - 500 HR Standby

Voice Control

Siri/Google Assistant


IPX6 (Sweatproof)


High Fidelity Stereo Sound w/low detention - Built-in Mic - CVC 6.0 - Noise Reduction Tech for noise ISO/HD Hands Free Function

What's Included

Dodocool True Wireless Earbuds - Charging Case - 3 Soft Ear Caps & 3 Ear Plugs (small, medium, large) - Micro USB to USB Cable - User Manual

How to Use (Pairing, Calling, Music, Voice Assistant)

Before you use your new buds, I'd recommend charging the box (with the buds inside) until all 4 LED lights of the box are on.

The buds will automatically power on when taken out of the box and power off when put back in. Once they're out they'll attempt to pair automatically, so be sure to go into your phone's Bluetooth settings and locate "dodocool-DA189" to complete the pairing process.

After you've manually paired them once, they buds will automatically connect to your device every time they're taken out of the charging box.

How to Control Dodocool Earbuds

The full controls are outlined in the user manual, but here are some important ones to acknowledge:

  • Picking up a call: for incoming calls press the power button to pick them up
  • Hanging up a call: to hang up on a call, press the power button again to end it
  • Refuse a call: if there's an incoming call, long press the power button to refuse it
  • Playing music: short press the power button to either play or pause your song
  • Play previous song: long press left earbud for 2 seconds to switch to the previous song
  • Play next song: long press right earbud for 2 seconds to go to the next song
  • Activate Siri/Google Assistant: double-tap left or right earbud to initiate voice assistant

Again don't forget to charge your buds fully upon use. When in the case the buds will always light up red to indicate they're charging and turn off when they are done.

To charge the box/case, connect the included micro-USB plug from the back of the case to a power source. LED lights will glow on the front & back of the box when its powering on. If the charging box is 100% powered, then it can recharge the earbuds multiple times.

How to Fix Abnormal Connections

If you can't get both buds to work simultaneously or you feel there are sound abnormalities, then try to reset the earbuds entirely.

  • To begin reset, press & hold the function buttons on both earbuds for about 14 seconds
  • The buds will power-on, the lights will flash, and then shut down.
  • After the shutdown, release the function buttons
  • By this point, your buds should have already reset and you may begin the normal pairing process again by turning on the right earbud
  • Go into your Bluetooth settings and locate dodocool-DA189 to complete pairing

I've already reset the earbuds once and managed to fix the abnormalities, so this quick fix does work. Hopefully, you won't run into any problems though.


5 Coolest Features

I've been using the Dodocool wireless earbuds for over a month now, and they're a great alternative to more expensive options. Below I've listed my personal fave five pros that make this gadget shine.

Top 5 Pros

  • Comfy Fit With Multi-sized Ear Caps & Plugs
  • Travel Friendly
  • Good Sound Quality
  • Bonus Features
  • Low Priced

Comfy Fit With Multi-sized Ear Caps & Plugs

These headphones are very ear-friendly with 3 differently sized caps and plugs (small, medium, large) to give you a customized, comfy fit.

I'm currently using the medium-sized caps/plugs and they fit snuggly inside my ears with little worry that they'll fall out. I've used them during light and intense workout sessions and they've stayed put so far.

Additionally, they're designed to be sweatproof, which I'm personally a huge fan of.

Travel Friendly

The portable charging case has been a great addition to wireless headphones because not only can it recharge your buds on the fly, but it can also securely hold them wherever you go.

The case is fairly small and it can fit in most medium to large pockets, bags, purses, backpacks, suitcases and so forth. However it's not quite as sleek as the Air Pod or Galaxy Bud cases, so do expect your pockets to bulge a bit.

The recharge value has been a blessing as the 450mAh case can completely charge your buds 4–5 times under rapid one hour charging times. The cases are much more convenient than having to carry around cables and adapters too.

Good Sound Quality

Ah yes the big question of the day is whether or not the affordable Dodocool earbuds sound good or not.

And the answer to that is a yes with a small caveat.

The 5.0 Real Tek chip is able to produce high fidelity stereo sound quality w/low detention. It can isolate outside noises and make the music sound pretty loud.

But it's not perfect; there's very little bass coming through and it can't compete with higher-end options, but I think most people already knew that.

However for the price, I definitely feel you're getting more than what you've bargained for unless you're a die-hard audiophile.

Bonus Features

Bonus features include noise isolation, voice control support, a 33 ft. Bluetooth 5.0 range, a stylish black colored case & buds, and a slew of safety protections (CE, FCC, RoHS) that'll prevent things like overheating, short-circuiting and much more.

The case rarely gets hot, it looks great, and I like the voice control support and music playback controls.

The auto-pairing is quite excellent and extremely reliable. You just have to take them out of the case and they'll connect to your last paired device in seconds.

Low Priced

The Dodocool Wireless Earbuds generally go for under $40 and are selling like hotcakes.

Last time I looked they were out of stock on Amazon, so please keep checking back daily to see when they'll be available or go to to learn more about the earbuds & their other products.

Nowadays quality wireless earbuds with a charging case for under $40 is unheard of, and the wireless trend has never been hotter.

Now granted the Dodocool charging box itself is not wireless like the Galaxy Buds or newest Air Pods case, but keep in mind that the original Air Pods were $160 without the wireless (Qi) charging case. So we're talking about a $100+ difference between this product and the Apple set.

And if I'm being honest the sound quality is not all that different between the two, and comfort-wise, the Dodocool True Wireless Earbuds win hands-down for me.


5 Worst Features

Now these earbuds are far from perfect, and there are some serious concerns that I need to address. So let's find out if those cons are deal-breakers or not.

Top 5 Cons

  • No Volume Control
  • Lack of Bass/Treble
  • Low Play Times
  • Pairing/Syncing Errors
  • They Wear Out Quickly

No Volume Control

I really wish these would've had some sort of volume control button or toggle on one side of the buds. This would've given me a lot more freedom and control especially when I'm working out or away from my phone.

But then again I think my expectations were way too high.

Presently if you want to control the volume then you'll have to use your device's volume settings, so make sure your phone is with you at all times.

Lack of Bass/Treble

The sound is loud, the quality is higher than I was expecting, but it definitely lacks bass and the premium quality that you'd find in other headphones including the Air Pods and Galaxy Buds.

On the plus side, it works really well with phone calls. Not once have I or the other caller complained of static or a broken, tinny connection.

So while I did praise its quality in my best features list, I'd be foolish not to address what it lacks because after all these are not $160 headphones.

Low Play Times

Although Dodocool stated play/talk time lasts 5 hours, upon testing I found 3.5–4 hours to be a better gauge. That's noticeably shorter than the 5–6 hours that premium headphones can last today.

Additionally, the charging case holds less of a charge the longer you use it. Initially, I was able to recharge my buds up to 5x (25 hrs total playtime) but now it's more like 3x. That's still very good, but it'll vary based on how often you use them.

Pairing/Syncing Errors

So the device has something called Mono and TWS mode, which essentially splits the two earbuds apart. In fact, you can actually pair each bud to separate devices, which can be useful if the situation calls for it.

The problem is getting them to sync back together, and I've seen numerous complaints about this error. I strongly recommend reading the "how to fix abnormal connections" section if this pairing problem happens to you because the solution is surprisingly simple.

Still, I don't like that you have to reset the headphones every time this happens because it can get very irritating.

They Wear Out Quickly

I've used these for over a month and so far so good. I did note that the charging case lost some of its charging capacity, which is a concern.

I have read multiple complaints about how quickly the case and buds wear out whether it be their charging capacity, the material build, the sound quality, etc, and that's something you need to be aware of.

Given what I've seen I think these headphones will last you 3–4 months to as high as 6 depending on usage, but if you're a very heavy user, then it could be significantly less.


Final Review

I've been having a good time trying out these wireless earbuds, and there's definitely more pros than cons after a month's use.

I would give the Dodocool True Wireless Stereo Earbuds 3.5 out of 5 stars.

I found them to be comfy, stylish, and feature packed. The auto-pairing is fantastic, the sound quality is good for the cost, the price is much lower than competitors, and the portable charging case makes the buds very travel friendly.

On the negative side, the lack of volume controls was annoying, play time was lower than advertised, it lacked or had very little bass, there could be syncing/pairing errors, and it'll wear out faster than premium versions.

Luckily because it's priced low none of those cons were deal breakers for me, and I think most consumers will be okay. But if it does wear out in like a week, then I would contact them at because you probably received a defective item.

Overall this is a good alternative to the ridiculously expensive Air Pods. I would love if their next version came with a wireless charging case, but I like where they're at right now.

So I do recommend these earbuds to those looking for a budget-friendly Air Pods alternative who don't mind less than stellar sound quality. I think as long as you keep your expectations in check, then you should find plenty to love about the Dodocool True Wireless Stereo Earbuds.

Your Thoughts

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FlourishAnyway from USA on April 20, 2019:

I'm really surprised about the lack of volume control. Your review is very detailed and helpful. I am constantly buying earbuds for my husband and daughter because theirs break or they lose them.

Liz Westwood from UK on April 03, 2019:

This is a very detailed review with useful instructions. I was very surprised to see the price. I was expecting them to cost more.