Product Review: Homiee HD Wireless Baby Monitor

Updated on July 16, 2019
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Homiee Digital Baby Monitor (720p)
Homiee Digital Baby Monitor (720p) | Source

Homiee Digital Wireless Baby Monitor

The Homiee Wireless Baby Monitor ($139.99) is a versatile, digital monitor with full pan & tilt camera settings, a 5" LCD full color display, temperature/sound sensors, and 5 lullaby options.

The product contains a built-in lithium ion battery for wireless usage, and it operates through a local connection for a broader, easier, and more secure appeal.

The monitor lasts for 3-4 hours (7 hrs on power-saving) and it has a range of 300m (980ft) that's excellent for large living quarters.

Finally, the cam is equipped with two-way audio and night vision, which will help you communicate with and/or see your baby at night.

The Homiee baby monitor is a dream for parents, particularly millennials, because it mixes old and new technologies for a safe, convenient, and pragmatic experience.

Product Information

Product specs
1280 x 720p (HD)
Viewing Angles
Horizontal - 350 Degress, Vertical - 105 Degrees
5" HD 1280x720 RGB Full Color LCD
Digital Zoom
Sound Activated LED Indicator
Temperature Sensor
Yes - High/Low Temperature Alerts
Night Vision
Yes - 5m (16.5ft)
Two-Way Audio
Yes - 360 Degree Pickup with Echo Cancellation, Noise Suppression, and High Quality Audio Compression Transmission
Low Battery/Out of Range Alarms
WiFi Connection Needed (3G/4G)
No - Local Connection
Digital Range (Cam/Monitor)
300m (980ft)
Dimensions - Cameria/Receiver
106 x 102.5 x 142.5mm (4.1 x 4 x 5.6in) - 164 x 98 x 28mm (6.4 x 3.8 x 1.1in)
Power Supply - Camera/Receiver
5V/1A - 5V/2A
Interface - Camera/Receiver
Micro USB - USB 2.0
Receiver Battery Capacity/Operating Time
2000mAh - 3.5 to 4 Hours (7hrs Power Saving Mode)
Operating/Storage Temperatures
-10C to 50C (14F to 122F), -20C to 60C (-4F to 140F)
5 Lullabies - Sleep Mode
What's Included
HD Camera - Monitor (Receiver) - Power Adapter - Power Cable - User Manual
Product info taken from product page, user manual, and item box cover

How to Use (Setup & Functions)

The equipment setup is incredibly simple, and thanks to local connections, makes it far more reachable to non-techies.

What's Included?

The two main components are the camera and the rectangular monitor. Each come equipped with a micro-USB power adapter but only the camera needs to be plugged in.

Additionally you'll receive a user manual that explains basic installation, what the camera icons mean, and various hardware & software settings present on the monitor.

Basic Setup

The setup involves putting the camera where you want it to be (use flat surface) and plugging both the camera and monitor into an outlet.

Once plugged in, turn on your monitor (hold power button for 2 seconds) and check the camera's LED indicator to see whether it's flashing quickly or slowly. If it's blinking fast then it's in pairing mode, if it's a solid green then it's been paired successfully.

Note: The camera should pair with the monitor automatically without having to add the camera if you're within range.

You'll know setup is a success when you can see what your camera sees on the monitor.

Homiee Baby Monitor Functions

This is a physical monitor with buttons for various camera functions that will take a minutes to get used to.

You'll learn more about them in the manual, but I've included a list and descriptions below in case you're curious.

  • Shortcut
  • Menu
  • Talk
  • Sleep
  • Directional Arrows
  • OK


The shortcut key activates the brightness and volume controls when pressed.

Just click on it once and use the up/down directional arrows to increase/decrease brightness or the left/right arrows to increase/decrease the volume.

Note: Do not max out the volume if the monitor is close to the camera otherwise you'll hear very loud sound interference.


This is the main button where you can add/delete cameras, control your sensor or sound levels, play lullabies, adjust sleep mode times, and go into settings for date/time changes and factory reset.

Press menu again anytime you want to go back to the cam display.


This is your two-way audio button, which functions like a walkie-talkie.

By pressing and holding it you can communicate back and forth from the camera to the monitor, however, you must keep holding it anytime you want to speak.


This will automatically put your monitor into sleep mode or power saving mode.

The screen will turn black but all sensors will still function. If the sensors are triggered then the screen will come back on and alert you of them.

You can exit/enable sleep mode by pressing this button, or if you'd prefer, manually set up sleep mode timers within the menu.

Directional Arrows

These will adjust sound and brightness when you press shortcut and they're used for scrolling within the menu.

They also control the camera's pan/tilt if you hold down any of the arrows.


This serves as the confirmation key but it also activates the 2x digital zoom.

The tilt/pan keys will work while zoomed in, and to revert back, hit the OK key again.

Each component is explained more thoroughly in the user manual, but none of it is too difficult to comprehend even if you're technologically illiterate.


Top 5 Pros

The Homiee baby monitor handles basic functionality very well, however it's the subtle features that make it worth trying.

Best Features

  • LED Sound Indicator
  • Local Network Connection
  • Long Range
  • HD Camera
  • 5 Lullabies

LED Sound Indicator

There are six small LED indicators at the bottom of the monitor that will light up if they detect a loud noise.

The louder the sound, the more lights that will go off. If all the lights turn on (last one's red) then the sound alarm will activate letting you know when your baby is in distress and needs your attention.

You can program the alarm's sensitivity if you want the monitor to pick up quieter sounds.

Local Network Connection

You don't need a WiFi connection, you don't need a 3/4G cellular network, everything is locally stored and transmitted, and it just works.

There are no network interruptions, and it's perfectly safe to use.

However there are some limitations to not having a network connection, which are addressed in the "Biggest Complaints" section.

Long Range

You'll get around 300m or 980 feet of range with this product.

That's good for large spaces and for floor levels. I had the camera set up three floors above me and was still able to see things on my monitor.

Range is really important when you aren't connected to the internet, so good for them for thinking ahead.

HD Camera

The camera quality is impressive given the price.

The HD lens is clear, crisp, and doesn't lag. The camera moves around easily when controlled, and with the digital zoom, you're able to view even more detail.

5 Lullabies

This was a fantastic inclusion that I wasn't expecting.

The product comes pre-programmed with 5 different lullabies like "Rock-a-bye Baby" and "Twinkle, Twinkle" that will hopefully get your baby to sleep.

You can play and pause the lullabies under the lullaby settings within the menu screen.


Biggest Problems

My biggest problems with the Homiee baby monitor may not be your biggest concerns, but if this can help consumers that are on the fence, then I'm happy to oblige.

Top 5 Cons

  • Screen's Too Dim
  • No Touchscreen
  • Controls Aren't Smooth
  • Not Connected
  • Low Battery Life

Screen's Too Dim

You need to have the camera at max brightness otherwise you'll get a dim view.

Now this might have to do with the resolution or just the fact that not enough light is able to get in.

Whatever the case, I wish it was a little brighter so that I could see things better.

No Touchscreen

Everything is touch nowadays, so not including one here feels like a step backwards.

I think adding touch would've made the monitor feel more modern and less clunky, which I'll get into below.

Controls Aren't Smooth

The physical buttons feel very outdated, and you have to really press hard on them, which makes for a very uncomfortable experience.

The software & hardware integration isn't good either. Sometimes you have to double press a button to get it to work, and I think this will turn off a lot of young, tech savvy parents.

So this along with the lack of a touch screen is a big turn-off particularly because of how well it blends other components.

Not Connected

The catch 22 here is while I like that this monitor doesn't require an internet connection, I also think it would've benefited from it.

On one hand not having a network connection makes the baby monitor more secure and accessible to people, but you're also limiting what it can do. For example, I can't check the camera if I'm away from home.

Additionally I'm looking into the software side of things like importing new lullabies or upgrading its security systems. There's a ton of untapped potential, and it gives me mixed feelings.

Low Battery Life

The so called "wireless" part of the item can only be wireless for so long.

I don't believe 3.5 to 4 hours is sufficient enough, and upon testing it was a lot closer to 3 than 4.

I think 6 hours would've been more optimal and 8+ would've been ideal, but I guess the idea was to introduce a wireless component and they did do that.


Homiee Digital Baby Monitor: Final Review

I have a lot of thoughts after testing the Homiee baby monitor, and I lean more positive than negative.

I give the Homiee Digital Wireless Baby Monitor 3.5 out of 5 stars.

What I like the most about this product is how it blends old and new technologies together. The buttons are physical but the monitor is wireless. It's an HD camera but it's not connected to the internet. It has practical features like two-way audio and the temperature & sound sensors but the software is buggy.

There's a lot of good that comes from that, but it also leaves much to be desired.

I think if it were a smoother experience, then I would've rated it much higher. As is, I would still recommend this baby monitor to parents and security cam or tech enthusiasts.

The Homiee Wireless Baby Monitor isn't the best monitor I've seen but it's functional, useful, and has a lot of cool features that make it stand out.

Your Thoughts!

What's the most important feature of a baby monitor?

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    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      12 months ago from USA

      Wow, it’s amazing what almost 20 years can do. That’s how long it’s been since I’ve had an infant. Nap time was horrible and this type of device would have been ideal. Having to enter the room for any reason automatically meant she was getting up. She was a screamer. No wonder I had just one.

    • Eurofile profile image

      Liz Westwood 

      12 months ago from UK

      The monitor looks similar to one our family use, but it often needs plugging in to charge. The camera is smaller and has a clip to attach to a surface. This looks much more robust. You give a balanced review.


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