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Review of Reolink Argus Pro Security Camera (100% Wireless & Rechargeable)

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The Reolink Argus Pro ($99.99) security camera is a 100% wireless, full HD cam that can keep you safe at all times.

It contains a 33ft night vision infrared camera, two-way audio, motion detection alerts, and the ability to live stream or record from any device. The cam can be used indoors and outdoors with the inclusion of the outdoor security mount and weatherproof cover.

It comes with a rechargeable battery that can last up to six months, and the battery allows for completely wireless recording capabilities. Additionally, you can purchase the Reolink Solar Panel ($29.99) that can charge your camera 24/7 when facing the sun.

Reolink's line of security cams are the most affordable way to shield your home, and the Reolink Argus Pro is one of the their top consumer offerings.

Product Specifications

Product specifications taken from Reolink product page and user guide

Video & AudioPIR Detection & AlertsWireless/PowerStorage & Size/WeightAdditional Features & Interface

Image Sensor: CMOS

PIR Detecting Distance: Low 2-4m, Mid 4-6m, High 6-9m - Adjustable up to 9m (30ft)

Wireless Standard: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

Local Storage: Up to 64 GB Micro SD Card

Minimum Illumination: 0 Lux (With IR Illuminator)

Video Resolution: 1080p at 15 FPS

PIR Detecting Angle: 120 Degrees Horizontal

Operating Frequency (network): 2.4 GHz

Cloud Storage: Reolink Cloud (Beta)

Built-in Micro SD Slot (up to 64 GB)

Video Format: H.264

Audio Alerts: Customized Voice Recordable Alerts

Wireless Security: WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK

Operating Temperature: -10 to 55 Celsius (14 to 131 Fahrenheit)

Built-in Microphone & Speaker

Field of View: Fixed Lens, 130 Degrees Diagonal

Other Alerts: Email & Push Notifications

Battery: 5200 mAh Rechargeable Battery

Weather Resistance: Weatherproof With Camera Skin Included

Micro USB Battery Charge Interface

Night Vision: Up to 10m (33ft)

Audio Feature: Two-way Audio

Battery Life: 4-6 Months (Varies depending on usage, temperature, and settings)

Size: 96 x 58 x 59mm (3.8 x 2.3 x 2.3 inches)

Reset Button (Reset Pin Included)

Digital Zoom: 12x Digital Zoom

Waterproof Level: IP65

DC Power: 5V/2A Power Adapter (not included)

Weight (With Battery): 230g (8.1 oz.)

Battery Level Indication: Yes

Audio: High-quality Speaker & Microphone

Standby Awaken: PIR Alarm, Remote Access, Reset Button

Solar: Optional Power by Reolink Solar Panel (not included)

Warranty: 2-year Limited Warranty

OS Support: Smartphone: iOS & Android, Computer: Windows & Mac

Reolink's cameras are some of the easiest to set up with step-by-step voice prompts sent through the camera.

  1. Fully charge and attach the rechargeable battery by sliding it down on the back of the camera until it locks in
  2. Install Reolink app in the Google Play or App Store (you may scan QR code to locate app)
  3. Open app and click the + button in the right corner to add your new camera
  4. When asked, scan the QR code on the back of the camera with your phone
  5. Select "connect to WiFi to continue"
  6. Advance through the command prompts to indicate whether or not you've passed through each step
  7. Scan the QR code in your app by placing it about 20cm or 8 inches in front of your camera
  8. If successful, you'll be asked to name your camera and create a password for your device

If you're unsuccessful in connecting your camera, then try moving it closer to your main router and restart the process.

How to Use With Outdoor Security Mount

After you've connected your camera, you may relocate it to anywhere in/near your home. The Argus Pro comes with an outdoor security mount that you can use to attach your camera outside.

To use your security mount, press the button on the bottom of the mount to release the metal plating and use the two screws to attach the plating to a stable outdoor surface.

After screwing the plate, reattach the plastic mount and place the camera on top of the mount by screwing it in. The camera can be adjusted by turning the knob on the mount.

If you've purchased the Reolink solar panel, then you can naturally recharge your camera's battery without having to remove it.

The solar panel comes with its own mounts and screws that you can use to attach to an outdoor surface. The solar panel can connect to your camera's battery and should be placed no more than a few feet away from it.

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Proper solar panel placement is crucial if you're looking to collect the maximum solar energy. It should be placed at an angle and in a location that gets the most amount of sunlight per day.

Note: Avoid blocking the solar panel as it may reduce its efficiency, and wipe it down from time to time to reduce dust build-up.

Solar panel charging will vary depending on the weather, time of year, and geographical location. Please read the user guide for more information.


The Reolink app is your go-to app for live viewing and recording. It also supports other important features that you'll need to get the most out of your security camera.

  • Live View Access
  • Device Settings
  • Menu
  • Enable/Disable PIR Motion Sensor
  • Add New Device
  • Battery Status

The most important feature will be live view, which can be accessed by pressing the play button on the bottom right.

Once live streaming is activated, you can see what your camera sees as well as change its default quality and speaker settings. You can also view playback (micro-SD card required) or use the two-way audio feature by clicking on the "talk" button.

If you have a micro-SD card installed, then you can manually record and store all recordings locally. The camera supports 64 GB micro-SD cards, and the recordings or any snapshots will be found under your card's files.

The second most important feature will be your device settings (gear icon) where you can adjust your cam's motion detection settings, enable detection alerts (alarm, email), alter quality/display settings, update your software/time, and even delete your device.

Additionally, you can view broader settings by clicking on the menu bar (top left) and tapping on settings from there. The menu bar includes things like your profile, app information, cloud recording info, and various Reolink product links.

The app may take some time getting used to, but it's pretty self-explanatory.

Reolink Client allows you to view your cameras on any Windows or Mac laptop/desktop. Info on how to download "Client" is in the user manual.

You'll have the option to add your cameras in LAN or WAN modes by selecting "scan device in LAN" or typing your "UID". To use Client, you'll need to setup your profile/cams on the Reolink app first as it'll require your app's information to login.

With Client, you will receive features similar to the app including playback and live view modes. It's a great way to check-in on your security cameras when you're at work or don't have access to your phone.


The Reolink Argus Pro has a substantial amount of features, but the ones below are the ideal reasons why you should check out this camera.

8 Best Features

  • 1080p Full HD Resolution With 130° Wide Angle
  • Two Rechargeable Options for Wireless Recording
  • Two-Way Audio
  • Smart PIR Motion Detection With Multiple Alert Notifications
  • 64 GB Micro SD Support for Local Storage (Plus Cloud Storage)
  • 33ft Infrared Night Vision
  • Live View from Phone or Computer
  • Weather Proof With Skin Included

1080p Full HD Resolution With 130° Wide Angle

The resolution and color quality of this camera is outstanding given the cost. It delivered more than what I expected, and it has a fairly substantial wide angle view.

I've tested out several security cameras in the past, and I've yet to come across picture quality of this caliber. I was impressed by how strongly the colors popped even in low light settings, and I feel consumers would equally enjoy the picture display.

I also love that the app contains a "fluent" option when viewing live recordings. This option reduces camera resolution during weak connectivity periods while decreasing lag times.

Two Rechargeable Options for Wireless Recording

Having cameras attached by wires is a drag, and Reolink prides itself on its wire-free capabilities.

In fact it doubles down on this by offering two options for wireless usage like its rechargeable battery and optional solar panel. The battery lasts for six months and can be charged separately via a USB cable.

The Reolink Solar Panel is a fantastic accessory item that you can buy as a packaged deal for $124.99.

Two-Way Audio

Two-way audio adds another security layer that a camera without it can't provide.

This feature can be used by tapping the talk button in the app, and it'll allow you to have a conversation with someone near your camera. It's a good way to talk to someone outside your home, and it's an excellent scare tactic that may chase away intruders.

Two-way audio works from long distances though the audio may be delayed substantially depending on your internet connection speeds.

Smart PIR Motion Detection With Multiple Alert Notifications

PIR or passive infrared motion can detect any moving person or object located within the camera's viewing angle.

The Argus Pro's motion detection is one of its highlight features because it can spot unusual activity and let you know about it in a heartbeat. The full alert system allows you to be notified through email, a 70-80 dB siren, and push notifications sent to your phone.

You can also adjust the motion sensitivity settings if you prefer less frequent notifications (low sensitivity recommended). You just have to be careful where you place your camera, and I would not suggest mounting it in a location that can trigger false alerts (near a highway).

64 GB Micro SD Support for Local Storage (Plus Cloud Storage)

If you'd like to save your motion or manual recordings, then you may use a micro-SD card with your camera. The Reolink Argus Pro supports up to 64 GB class 10 micro-SD cards.

With local storage, you can look through archived recordings at anytime or place. It's a great way to look back and see what your camera picked up.

Additionally, Reolink is now offering 10 GB of free cloud storage with up to 15 days of motion recordings through its Beta trial. Cloud storage gives you the capabilities of an SD card but with a massively expanded storage limit.

You can check out your cloud storage settings within the Reolink app. More varied cloud subscriptions are said to be coming soon, and currently this feature is only available for US customers.

33ft Infrared Night Vision

The Argus Pro has a potent, infrared night vision camera that can see up to 33 feet away.

Night vision will be activated by default once the amount of light drops below a certain value, however, you can activate the color settings if you'd like.

I found the night vision camera to be quite effective, and it doesn't interfere with the motion detection settings too much.

Live View from Phone or Computer

The camera can be viewed through a variety of inputs including your phone or laptop/desktop.

You can access live viewing from great distances just as long as you have a stable connection. The Reolink Client adds extra depth to this by providing a curated feature specifically designed for desktop viewing.

Most of the cameras I've tested can only be used with an app, so I'm delighted they've expanded their reach with the Client feature.

Weather Proof With Skin Included

The Argus Pro was designed to be used for indoors and outdoors, so it makes sense that it would be weatherproof.

The Pro is rated IP65, which will protect it against splashes and dust particles. Furthermore, the item comes with an outdoor skin that provides an added layer of protection when mounted outdoors.

The skin can help the product survive rain, snow, and other elements that may damage similar items. The last thing I'd want is for a little rain to destroy my $100 camera, and this is one feature that can't be overlooked.

The Reolink Argus Pro is not a perfect security camera, and there are a few missing features that could hurt it someday, but I don't think they ruin it.

Top 5 Cons

  • No Starlight Vision
  • Micro SD Card Not Included
  • Low Frame Rate With Poor Speaker Quality
  • No Wall Mount
  • Lack of Smart Home Integration

No Starlight Vision

The night vision camera is good, but the starlight vision camera on the Argus 2 looks phenomenal.

The exclusion of this feature is the main price divide between the Argus Pro and the Argus 2, and I can see why. I haven't been able to test the Argus 2, but from what I've seen, its night vision camera can detect people and objects as well as the daylight cam could.

In my opinion, the differences between the two were stark enough that I had to include it on my cons list.

Micro SD Card Not Included

I wish more security cameras included a micro SD card with them. Even a low-end card would be good enough.

I know they don't include them to lower the cost, but with SD cards being so inexpensive nowadays, it doesn't make sense to me to leave them out.

Local recordings are a significant feature and a lot of people don't use Cloud storage, so why not throw consumers a bone for once.

Low Frame Rate With Poor Speaker Quality

The 15 FPS causes the the recordings to look half-hazard and less crisp than if it were say 30 FPS or better. Even the "fluent" feature can't fix the low frame rate, and you're sacrificing resolution with that setting.

The low frame rate was hard to overlook, but it wasn't nearly as bad as the speaker quality. I never turn the speakers on because they sound terrible. There's constant background noises and a heavy buzzing sound that overcrowds things I want to hear.

Ironically enough, using the talk feature alone doesn't cause these sound effects, so I'm not sure what the deal is.

No Wall Mount

This is a small con, but it would have been great if the product came with the wall mount like the Argus 2 does.

The outdoor mount doesn't make much sense where I live, but a wall mount would be excellent. It's a great accessibility feature that could have widened where the product can be placed indoors.

Lack of Smart Home Integration

Connected homes are the future, and smart devices like speakers, lights, plugs, and security cameras are the gateway gadgets.

The lack of any smart home integration could be a detriment down the line, and we're already seeing cameras from Amazon, Netgear, and Arlo adapt to the new connected future with Alexa/Google Assistant integration.

I don't believe this will hurt the product now, but they'll need to update their software eventually.

Product comparisons taken from Reolink product page

Reolink Features Reolink Argus 2Reolink Argus Pro

1080p Resolution



Starlight Night Vision



Rechargeable Battery-Powered



Solar-powered (Optional)




Wall Mount - Outdoor Security Mount

Outdoor Security Mount

Live View - PIR Detection - 2 Way Audio



100% Wire Free - Weatherproof - Alerts






Final Review

After testing out the camera for the past week, I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone new to security cams.

I would give the Reolink Argus Pro Security Camera 4 out of 5 stars.

I loved the design, the Reolink app, the picture quality/color, the two-way audio, the storage/recharge options, and the multi-use capabilities, but there were things lacking too.

The speakers weren't great, it lacks certain things that other cameras have such as smart home compatibility, and the low frame rates can cause significant video delays.

On the other hand, you're getting a lot for the low price tag. Cameras from Netgear, Arlo, and even Reolink's own Argus 2 are more expensive and are better suited for more experienced tech consumers.

Check out more Reolink battery powered security cameras

The Reolink Argus Pro slides in perfectly between a low and high-end camera, and it's a fantastic entry-point for consumers looking to secure their home.

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Questions & Answers

Question: How cold of weather can the Reolink Argus Pro camera handle?

Answer: According to the official specifications chart, its operating temperatures are between 14 and 131 degrees Fahrenheit or -10 to 55 degrees Celsius.


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