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Taococo Dog Camera Review: Top Rated Baby Monitor for Pets & Kids

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Taococo Dog Camera IP Wireless Security Baby Monitor

Taococo Dog Camera IP Wireless Security Baby Monitor

The Taococo Doggy + Nanny Security Cam

The Taococo Dog Camera is a Wi-Fi surveillance camera that can monitor your pets and children while you're away.

The cam produces clear 1080p HD resolution at 25 FPS and pairs with phones, tablets, or your PC for anywhere viewing. Cams are shareable with up to five users as long as they download the "Yoosee" app from the App or Google Play Store.

This uniquely designed baby monitor comes with PTZ or pan/tilt/zoom controls for nearly 360° horizontal and 110° vertical motion. The motion controls can be accessed right from the app.

Other attributes include night vision (32ft), motion detection (with SD card), video recording/playback, two-way audio, and mobile push notifications. The device also includes a bracket and screws for ceiling or wall mounting.

Perhaps the best part about the Taococo cam is its low price (under $40), which is surprisingly cheap given all the features it has.

Taococo Product Information

Product info taken from product page, user manual, and item box

Tech specsDescription

Resolution/Frame Rate

1920 x 1080P/25FPS


4.3 x 3.5 x 6.1"


1.02 pounds


Wireless (2.4GHz WiFi Only) - Wired (Ethernet cable)

Viewing Angles

185° Wide Angle - 355° Horizontal - 110° Vertical

Software App Name


Motion Controls

Yes - PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom)

Motion Detection

Yes - With SD Card (not included)

Micro SD Card Support

Yes - Up to 128gbs (card not included)

Night Vision

Yes - 32ft range

Two-Way Audio


Multi-User Support

Yes - 5 Max

Multi-View Support

Yes - Phone/Tablet/PC

Push Notifications

Yes - Motion Alerts

Android/iOS Compatibility


What's Included

Taococo Dog Cam - Charger - Ethernet Cable - USB Data Cable - Bracket - Screws - User Manual

How Taococo Baby Monitor Protects Your Family

Taococo's goal is to keep your family and pets as safe as possible without requiring you to spend a small fortune on a mass security system.

And for the most part it does just that.

Listed below is a deeper exploration into some of the best things the Taococo Camera has to offer.

Top 5 Features

  • PTZ Motion Controls
  • Motion Detection Alerts
  • Multi-User Support
  • Two-Way Audio
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  • Night Vision

PTZ Motion Controls

I've never seen motion controls that align so well with a camera's design. And my goodness is the look of this product adorable.

The cam is literally shaped like a dog with the sensors, lens, and wireless antenna acting as the head, ears, nose, and tail. My favorite part is seeing the puppy-like device move via the app's motion controls.

For one, the controls have a vast range of motion. It's also pretty cute to see the dog cam in action. Pet owners will get a kick out of this.

Motion Detection Alerts

If you use a micro SD card, your camera can record & store short videos whenever it detects movement as well as send alert notifications to your phone or supported device.

The only downside is that the product doesn't come with an SD card but nowadays those cards are pretty inexpensive. Just make sure you purchase the Class 10 series and don't exceed 128 gbs.

Detection alerts are very useful particularly if there's an intruder present, and I would highly recommend enabling this feature to truly turn the dog cam into a security monitor.

Multi-User Support

The "Yoosee" app is accessible to Android & iOS users and you can share your cam with up to five people.

Additionally, the app can be accessed from a phone, tablet, or PC with setup instructions in the user guide. Camera sharing can be really handy if you're busy & need someone to watch over your pets or children.

With multi-support your family can watch video footage from your camera so long as they have the app.


Two-Way Audio

Two way audio is usually hit or miss with most security cameras, primarily because the quality isn't as good as advertised.

Regardless, it's still an important feature that I've grown to appreciate. The audio caliber on this device is solid and two way audio works if you're miles away so long as you're connected.

It's a great way to scare off burglars, check on pets, and talk to your little ones. It permits you to listen in and monitor unusual noises and disturbances, not to mention it pairs extremely well with motion alert notifications.

So yeah though the sound quality isn't the best, it remains one feature that I'll never want to let go.

Night Vision

There's perhaps nothing more critical for a baby monitor or security camera than night vision because chances are you're frequently using this cam overnight too.

And I was modestly impressed by Taococo's night vision range and vision clarity; the details captured weren't too bad. Additionally, the auto day to night (and vice-versa) adjustment is very well calibrated.

I guess if I had a criticism it would be that the video feed could be a lot sharper for light & dark settings. My other HD cameras look a little better despite similar resolutions, so I'm not sure where the disconnect is here.


Taococo Cam: 3 Biggest Cons

My initial impressions of this camera were that it had a lot of good attributes and some that weren't so great. In fact, there was one glaring issue that I saw immediately.

Top Three Problems

  • Only Supports 2.4GHz Connections
  • Difficult Setup
  • Privacy Concerns

Only Supports 2.4GHz Connections

Unfortunately, the camera only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connections, so those with dual routers or 5G only routers will run into problems.

Your phone and local internet must use the 2.4GHz connection otherwise the camera won't pair correctly. If you're not tech savvy and don't know how to alternate between 2.4/5G, then this will be an issue.

Difficult Setup

I had a lot of trouble setting up the camera and I'm not sure why. I did everything I was supposed to. I scanned the QR codes and typed the password but nothing happened.

It took me a good 15-20 minutes before finally pairing my camera wirelessly.

The user guide wasn't very helpful either; they don't mention anything about scanning the QR codes, inputting the password (listed on base of cam) or using the sound waves to connect.

Everything felt disjointed and needlessly complex vs other cameras I've tested, and let me just say this is not the best device for the tech illiterate out there.

Privacy Concerns

I've read more than a few reviews about privacy concerns and the unease of downloading an unfamiliar app that grants Taococo/Yoosee very personal permissions like location tracking.

This is understandable given the hacking/privacy concerns of even familiar products like the Amazon Echo, so a lesser known brand like Taococo could raise some red flags.

On the other hand any WiFi enabled camera could get hacked, but if that's not something you're willing to risk particularly when it applies to monitoring your baby, then may I suggest an offline product like the Homiee Video Baby Monitor.

The Homiee stores data locally, doesn't need to be online, and is a safer choice for worried parents.


Taococo Wireless Dog Camera: Final Review

The Taococo pet camera has one of the cutest designs I've seen and it's got tons of proactive features at an affordable price, but there are real concerns.

I will give the Taococo Wireless IP Dog Security Camera 3.25 out of 5 stars.

I like the look of it, it's got all the right features, and the price is very good, but I hated the difficult setup and confusing instructions. I didn't mind the lack of 5GHz connectivity as I'm pretty well versed in that area. However, not everyone is tech savvy.

Privacy is an issue but I don't think it's as bad as other consumers make it out to be plus any connected camera can get hacked no matter what the company's affiliation is.

The video resolution & night vision is adequate though it could be improved and the audio quality fits the price. Again I'm a fan of how many features there are, they just don't blow me away.

All-in-all if you're simply looking for an affordable pet camera or home monitoring unit then I think this attention grabbing product is good enough.

Would I recommend it to everyone?

Probably not, but I also wouldn't deter you from buying one.

If you know your way around a dual band router, need a low cost security monitor, and aren't too concerned about hackers then the Taococo Dog Wi-Fi Camera may just be up your alley.

Your Thoughts!

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