Taococo Fingerprint Padlock Review: The Best Smart Keyless Security Lock

Updated on January 23, 2020
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Taococo Fingerprint Smart Keyless Padlock
Taococo Fingerprint Smart Keyless Padlock | Source

Taococo's Smart Fingerprint Padlock

The Taococo Smart Padlock is a sleek security lock that only requires your fingerprints to unlock it.

It doesn't need an App, phone, Bluetooth connectivity, WiFi, password/combination or a key to use, and it can store up to 10 individual fingerprints.

The product comes in a gray color and was created using strong zinc alloy and stainless steel materials for toughness and durability.

I was impressed by its extremely quick response time to unlock (less than 0.5 seconds) and attention to privacy. After testing the lock I may buy more in the future because it's absolutely a time saver.

Taococo Lock Product Info

Tech specs
Zinc alloy & stainless steel
3.7V Li-ion/300mAh
5 x 0.5 x 8.5cm & 3.5cm for padlock beam
3.42oz (97g)
CPU Chip
MCU4 Super CPU
Charging Interface
Charge Time
2 Hours
Standby Time
1 Year
Unlocking Times Per Charge
Up to 3000
Unlock Time
>0.5 seconds
Fingerprint Unlock
Yes - Max 10 fingerprints stored
Keyless Unlock
Phone/App Required
Password/Combination Required
Indoor/Outdoor Use
LED Indicator
Yes - Blue/Green/Red
Gym/school lockers - fences - garage/warehouse/cabinet/shed doors - suitcases/handbags/luggage - bikes
Security Info
Padlock stays locked if battery runs out - use USB charger to unlock if battery dies
What's Included
Portable smart fingerprint lock - Micro USB charging cable - User manual
Product info taken from Amazon product page, user manual, and item box

The Top Benefits of a Smart Lock

When you hear "smart" lock you'll may immediately think of smart devices (Alexa) or an item that's connected to the internet. And while that's generally how it works sometimes the smartest devices are the least intrusive & easiest to use.

Taococo's keyless padlock removes several annoying boundaries and makes protecting your most personal assets a breeze.

Are you still unconvinced...well let me share my 10 reasons why I'll be using more smart locks in the future.

10 Ways Taococo's Fingerprint Lock Defeats a Standard Lock

  • No combinations required
  • No passwords needed
  • Doesn't need an app or phone to use
  • Doesn't need a Bluetooth or internet connection
  • Keyless entry
  • Multiple use cases including indoor/outdoor use
  • Long 1 year standby time & 3000 unlocks per charge
  • Tough zinc alloy and stainless steel material + thin/light design
  • Waterproof/dustproof with IP65
  • Anti-theft protections

It was so easy coming up with 10 reasons that I could've given you more.

All-in-all the Taococo lock is thin and lightweight, which is great for smaller loops and fastenings but the best part is it doesn't require much from you.

There's nothing to remember, there's no app/phone pairing necessary, and you don't need a key to use. You just have to record your fingerprints (stored locally within device) and that's it; there's instructions in the manual on this.

I've recorded 3 fingerprints so far but you can go up to 10 and have 2 administrator prints that give you control regarding who gets to access the padlock. Administrators can set up and delete one or more fingerprints at their discretion.

In addition the padlocks are rated IP65, meaning they're dust & waterproof however fingers must be dry for print recognition. This shouldn't be a problem and neither should battery life as it can last a year in standby mode or 3000 unlocks before it has to get recharged.

Finally in case your battery ever dies out, the padlock will stay locked until you plug in the Micro USB charger. This guarantees your stuff will always be protected no matter what.

What Can the Taococo Lock Be Used For?

Due to its waterproofing capabilities, long battery life, and sturdy materials, you can use the lock both indoors and outdoors.

This means anything from fences or garage/warehouse/shed doors to suitcases/handbags/backpacks or indoor doors & cabinets is fair game.

If there's an opening/slot for your padlock then go ahead and use it. The slim design makes it far more adaptable than typical locks and is much better suited for daily use.

And don't worry about accidentally unlocking it either.

I've had dozens of fingerprints try to unlock my padlock yet the bright LED kept flashing red and the lock would stay locked. It's just as secure as any gym or school lock I've ever used though you won't know until you've tried it.


Taococo Fingerprint Padlock: Final Review

I used a combination lock a week ago and it took forever for it to unlock plus I kept forgetting the combo so you really do save a lot of time with the Taococo device, and it's no more or less secure than a standard padlock.

I will give the Taococo Fingerprint Smart Padlock 4.5 out of 5 stars.

My only gripe with the item was the initial setup. The instructions are a little confusing and it took some time setting up the prints. However after the first fingerprint the other ones are super easy to configure.

Additionally I read some Amazon reviews and a few stated to be careful when handling the device because it can break. The lock is thin and I can understand why it could shatter so please keep this in mind when holding the item.

Besides that I have nothing but positive things to say. It's so much faster, simpler, and more reliable than a standard lock and it should last you a long time. Also the fact that it's not Bluetooth/internet connected means you won't have to worry about people hacking your lock.

It's a safe, secure, and excellent way to protect your personal items and I highly recommend the Taococo Fingerprint Smart Padlock for anyone looking for a better way to safeguard the things you hold dear.

Note: You can use Amazon's 10-20% coupon along with the coupon code Q7C3HTK3 to get an additional 10% off.

Your Thoughts!

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