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Tranya T1-Pro: Best All-Purpose Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

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Tranya T1-Pro True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Tranya T1-Pro True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Tranya T1-Pro Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

The Tranya T1-Pro Earbuds are true wireless Bluetooth headphones that fit most ears and don't sacrifice quality for value.

They come with passive noise cancellation, a built-in mic with voice noise cancellation for phone calls, and a charging case that'll give you 60+ hours of playtime.

I've previously reviewed Tranya's T3 series but this one gave me that extra comfort the others didn't due to its one size fits all build (good for small to normal-sized ears).

This variant also includes other things I loved like the 10m Bluetooth 5.0 range, waterproofing, and excellent sound quality for the price. Indeed the T1-Pro sports a Realtek chip & high def speaker with 1.5x wider frequency over normal earbuds.

All-in-all I continue to be impressed at what these third-party brands can achieve.

Product Information

Product info taken from product page, user guide, and item box cover

Product specificationsDescription



Battery Life

7hrs Play Time (single charge) - 60+ hrs Total (with case)

Battery Capacity

50mAh per Earbud - 800mAh Charging Case


IPX5 (drops, sweat)

Charge Time


Sound Quality

Realtek Chip, High-Def Speaker w/1.5x wider frequency vs. normal headphones


5.0/10m (33ft)


No - Passive Noise Cancellation Only

Phone Calls

Voice Noise Cancellation (clear calls, ambient noise suppression)

Charging Case

Multi-function - Auto-Pair to phone when removed from case - Auto Shut-Off when returned to case


Yes - HD Stereo, Mono (L or R side can connect to different device)


Yes - Battery Indicator (0-100%)


0.8 x 0.6 x 0.6in/4.8oz

Earbud Fit

Small to Normal Ears Preferred (Choose T2/T3 for Big to Normal Ears)

What's Included

T1-Pro Earbuds - 3 Pairs Earbud Tips - Charging Case - Micro USB Cable - User Guide

5 Best Features

I'd like to discuss in detail why the T1-Pro's features shouldn't be dismissed as ordinary, and hopefully it'll give you a better sense of what to expect.

Biggest Pros

  • Great Fit for Small to Normal Ears
  • Above Average Sound Quality
  • Passive Noise Cancellation w/Voice Noise Cancellation
  • 60+ Hour Play Times
  • Bluetooth 5.0 w/Auto-Pair

Great Fit for Small to Normal Ears

The T1-Pro is actually an upgraded version of the T-1 series and it's more superior than its predecessor.

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These tiny buds may pack a ton of power but they'd be worthless if they weren't comfortable. I previously tested Tranya's T3 series but those were too big for my ears.

For those with average or smaller than average ears, these will fit you beautifully.

Above Average Sound Quality

The Realtek chip does a lot of heavy lifting, and it makes the treble and bass sound dynamic.

Pair that with a high def speaker and you're getting a much wider frequency than normal with superb sound for the value. You can even control the EQ settings in your phone like with the Galaxy Buds.

The buds sound best under HD stereo mode (both buds connected to device) vs. mono mode though separately they still sound great with podcasts, audio-books, etc.

Passive Noise Cancellation w/Voice Noise Cancellation

The T1-Pro headphones don't have active noise cancellation but they do have passive and voice noise cancellation as a substitute.

Under passive, most outside noises are removed though not to the extent of an active mode. Under voice noise, your calls come through without interruption and caller interference.

I've used the T1-Pro on a recent trip and they worked as well as my Galaxy Buds. I had no trouble with phone calls and no one had trouble on their end, and that's all you can really ask for.

60+ Hour Play Times

The T1-Pro earbuds have 7+ hour playtimes per charge and 60+ hours with the charging case.

That's more than enough for most people though Tranya throws in a Micro USB cable for good measure. The charging case itself contains a battery indicator that'll tell you the battery capacity; it shouldn't take more than a few hours to fully charge.

Charging the earbuds from 0 to 100% will take around 2 hours, and with the case you can charge them wherever you are.

Bluetooth 5.0 w/Auto-Pair

The very stable Bluetooth 5.0 connection gives 10m or 33ft of range so that you don't have to be tethered to your paired device.

I've tested the range myself and the earbuds were able to play music despite me being two floors above my phone.


Tranya's auto-pairing functionality works just as well as any high-end headset.

The only time you'll have to manually pair your headphones is when you first get them. After that, they'll immediately connect to your last paired device.

Note: This is for stereo mode (both earbuds) only. See user guide for detailed instructions on mono mode pairing.

Remember to look for T-1 in your Bluetooth settings when you first take the headphones out of the case. You may have to press and hold the earbuds until you enter pairing mode.

If you want to unpair them then you can place them back in the case (auto shut-off) or press and hold both buds together to shut them down. It's never been easier to use wireless Bluetooth headphones, and it'll make wired versions look ancient in comparison.

Tranya T1-Pro (left) vs Samsung Galaxy Buds (right)

Tranya T1-Pro (left) vs Samsung Galaxy Buds (right)

Tranya T1-Pro: Biggest Complaints

After a two week testing period, I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed using the T1-Pro headphones, however, there was some things that could be improved.

Top Cons

  • Very Large Charging Case
  • Mono & Stereo Mode Setup
  • Strong Electromagnetic Interference
  • Minor Audio Syncing Issues

Very Large Charging Case

The charging case is 1.5x bigger than my Galaxy Buds case, which is a bit too big for pockets but it's still plenty small for a purse or backpack.

The case is well made with strong magnetic internals that'll hold your earbuds in nicely, but it could be smaller to match the headphone aesthetic.

Mono & Stereo Mode Setup

The mono/stereo setup was the most annoying for me.

Upon initial setup, I kept getting mono mode and had to reset the earbuds multiple times. I was looking for T1-Pro in my Bluetooth settings but it came up as T1-Pro R or T1-Pro L, which was confusing.

Just note that you have to pair the right earbud first and then follow with the left one. T1-Pro R is the correct setting for stereo mode; clicking on T1-Pro L will put you in mono mode.

Setup isn't as easy as the Galaxy Buds or Air Pods, so make sure you follow the user guide to get it right the first time.

Strong Electromagnetic Interference

If you're by a train, subway or near a lot of cables then you'll likely experience electromagnetic interference that will cut off the audio.

I even had issues when I was using the headphones near my microwave though to be fair there was interference with the Galaxy Buds too. Trains were the worst though the signal blocking was temporary.

Some Bluetooth earbuds handle magnetic interference better, but most of them will experience it at some point.

Minor Audio Syncing Issues

From time to time the audio & video were out of sync. I noticed when watching a video the audio was slightly delayed; usually, this occurred after a signal interference.

If you reset the headphones or turn the Bluetooth settings off/on then it should fix the problem, but if it keeps happening then you may have received a defective product.

If you suspect a defective item, then immediately contact them at with your order number.


Tranya T1-Pro Earbuds: Final Review

So far Tranya is 2-for-2 on their headphones though I have a stronger preference for the T1-Pro due to its better ear fit.

I give the Tranya T1-Pro True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds 4.5 out of 5.

The sound is extremely good for the value; I can hear the distinct trebles and bass whenever listening to music. The battery life is terrific and has been perfect for road trips.

On the negative side, I had issues with the setup though it's gotten easier to switch between mono and stereo mode. I have minor concerns with case size, occasional syncing issues, and signal interference but they haven't prevented me from enjoying the product; sync/signal problems are also common with Bluetooth headphones.

Overall I've really enjoyed these earbuds and would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for functional, great-sounding headphones that won't harm your wallet.

The Tranya T1-Pro has delivered and surpassed my expectations and they're definitely worth a look.

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Mary Norton from Ontario, Canada on August 01, 2019:

I had been wanting to get one but I need to understand it better and am also waiting for when the grandkids can set it up for me. This is really a useful review.

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