10 Beautiful Coffee/Tea Inspired Color Palettes For Your Next Design

Updated on January 31, 2020
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John Paul Hizon is a graphic designer and photographer for over 8 years with a background in web designing and developing.

Color plays an important role in design. It sets the mood, attracts attention, and can even influence our emotion and perception.

The right color combinations can engage your audience and showcase your brand in a way words cannot. This is precisely why it is very important, especially in branding. People generally decide about a product within the first 90 seconds, and most of their assessment is only based on the colors.

Being a designer, we sometimes feel that we’re kinda repeating the same color palette over and over again; and it’s very frustrating to do so if your working with different brands.

Thus, to lessen your burden, here are 10 beautiful coffee/tea inspired color palette you can use for your next design project. You can use it for your website design, social media ads, logo, business card, and even in interior design.

1. Fresh and Professional

The color green symbolizes vitality and new beginnings. Using a darker shade of it as the main color gives off a mature and professional vibe. Partner with a brownish color, and it completes the overall look and feel of being “fresh and professional.”


Color Name and Hex Code:

  • Black Russian: #151618

  • Dark Olive Green: #556B2F

  • Olive Green: #A9A454

  • Quarter Spanish White: #EFE4D4

  • Bourbon: #b07946

2. Bright and Bold

This vivid yellow tone exudes boldness, a true attention grabber. Paired up with a green accent color, it is simply hard not to notice.


Color Name and Hex Code:

  • Army Green: #515D22

  • Gainsboro: #DCDCDC

  • Turbo: #F4D61C

  • Light Goldenrod: #EEDD82

  • Pale Goldenrod: #EEE8AA

3. Lively and Elegant

These complementing colors evoke liveliness. The Galliano, which is a near gold-yellow color, makes it elegant. Paired up with neutral colors, you can never simply go wrong.


Color Name and Hex Code:

  • Saddle Brown: #8B4513

  • Galliano: #DAA520

  • Tan: #D2B48C

  • Light Grey: #D3D3D3

  • Dim Grey: #696969

4. Serious and Subtle

This color combination caters for those up in years. Using lavender gives it a new twist. Best use for retro designs. If used in interior design, this color scheme will give a rustic and very industrial look.


Color Name and Hex Code:

  • Black Russian: #151618

  • Alert Tan: #974928

  • Rodeo Dust: #C8A27C

  • Ghost: #C0C0C5

  • East Side: #A68FB6

5. Simple and Calm

This color palette reminds you of the sea. The colors gives a calming feel of a seaside nearing sunset.


Color Name and Hex Code:

  • Black Magic: #2F2C28

  • Saddle Brown: #8B4513

  • Peru: #CD853F

  • Light Grey: #D3D3D3

  • Sea Green: #2E8B57

6. Fierce and Desire

Red, one of the most used colors. It simply attracts attention, a very good accent color. Paired with neutral and dark colors, it will surely take the center stage. In a scientific study, it is proven that red color speeds up the body’s blood flow and when the blood flow in our digestive system increases, our metabolism speeds up, making us feel hungry. This color palette is best used for food businesses. Try it for yourself, look at this picture for a longer duration and you’ll surely feel hungry.


Color Name and Hex Code:

  • Black Russian: #1D1E22

  • Sienna: #A0522D

  • Tan: #D2B48C

  • Light Grey: #D6D6D6

  • Medium Carmine: #AE3730

7. Feminine and Sophisticated

Purple and pink, when combined, gives off a feminine and sophisticated look. This color combination is best used for fashion related businesses.


Color Name and Hex Code:

  • Dim Grey: #696969

  • Vivid Burgundy: #A3223B

  • Indian Red: #CD5C5C

  • Light Grey: #D3D3D3

  • Pale Violet Red: #DB7093

8. Gentle and Noble

The color purple is associated with royalty or nobility and mysteriousness. While the lighter shade of pink is well known to be liked by young maidens, a quiet, gentle color, combining these two colors gives us a femininely young and dignified vibe.


Color Name and Hex Code:

  • Melanzane: #30232D

  • Flirt: #712F52

  • Grey: #808080

  • Lavender Grey: #CFCED7

  • Pale Violet Red: #DB7093

9. Melancholic and Serene

These set of colors exudes a melancholic vibe that makes you reminisce about the past. Very chill and peaceful, good for using in cafe businesses.


Color Name and Hex Code:

  • Black Pearl: #0E191D

  • Dark Slate Grey: #2F4F4E

  • Cadet Blue: #5E9EA0

  • Light Grey: #D3D3D3

  • Tan: #D1B48C

10. Soothing Tone

These toned-down shades of blue give a soothing effect. Instead of bombarding the eyes with colors, it relaxes them like a winter scenery.


Color Name and Hex Code:

  • Black Pearl :#182128

  • Steel Teal: #508B98

  • Light Slate Grey: #829199

  • Link Water: #C8CDD1

  • Dark Slate Grey: #264A4D


Didn’t find what you need here? Don’t worry, I still got you. Here are some great color palette generator to solve your problem.

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    • bravewarrior profile image

      Shauna L Bowling 

      2 months ago from Central Florida

      Beautiful color combinations. This article was a pleasure to read because of the various palettes presented. Nice and easy on the eyes.

      Nice job, John and welcome to HubPages!

    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 

      2 months ago from Idyllwild Ca.

      Thanks for this interesting piece. I like learning about colors. Good information here.

    • Seafarer Mama profile image

      Karen A Szklany 

      2 months ago from New England

      Fun article, John!

    • Bushra Iqbal profile image

      Anya Ali 

      5 months ago from Rabwah, Pakistan

      Nice! Thank you for an informative read!


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