How to Get Text Around Any Shape in Corel Draw

Updated on November 10, 2016
Easily arrange text around any shape in Corel
Easily arrange text around any shape in Corel

If you have just started to learn Corel Draw, you must have realized by now that how amazing this software is! Do you ever wonder how to get your name around the circle in Corel Draw? If so, this short and snappy tutorial basically provides an answer to the question with clear instructions, diagrams ,and supplementary video aids.

Getting any sort of text around any shape or vector design in Corel is mainly very straightforward. So let’s begin!

Step 1

Open Corel draw. Draw any shape of your choice by making use of the shape tool on the sidebar.

Here I am making three shapes a circle, square and a flag.

Step 2

Now the main part of writing text inside and around the objects can be done in two ways.

First method to get text around/inside any shape

Select the pick too (shortcut key F10) and select the shape around which you want your name or text followed by selecting “Text > Fit text to path”. You can change the color of the text by selecting the whole text and clicking the color in the color palette.

Fit Text to Path
Fit Text to Path

Once this is done, you will see the cursor in on top of the shape. If you type now you will see that the text will go around the shape.

Now you can write your name or copy some text or a sentence from some other document and paste it here in the workspace, change the color of the text if required.

(In case you don’t know how to write text in Corel draw then it is done by clicking the text tool on the left sidebar or by pressing shortcut key F8)

Here are some examples on how it can be done.

Second method to get name/text around any shape.

The previous method involved selecting the shape first and then typing or pasting the text around the shape but this method will include typing the text beforehand and then following steps below.

Type in text by making use of text tool in the work space as follows:

Select all the text and then go to “Text > Fit Text to Path”

This will give you myriad options to arrange your text or name around the shapes of your choice by just taking the mouse around the shape.

By this method you can arrange text inside or outside the shape as shown here.

Vertical text arrangement
Vertical text arrangement

Final output looks something like this.

Some Helpful Hints and Tips

So now you know how to write your name around a shape but we can go a step further because in Corel you just don’t want your name around a shape, you may want to write and color the shapes too.

If you simply select the object/shape and color it after writing text around or inside it, you will find that the text color will also change and it will be of the same color as the shape.

Select text around the square
Select text around the square

One easy way to deal with this kind of issue is to select the text after you have changed the color of the shape and then change the color. Text can be selected by double clicking on the text and should look like this.

After outline
After outline

If you wrote some text inside a shape but since the color has changed it does not appear you can easily find the text by selecting the whole shape (in this case circle)

And then right click on any color from the color palette, which would give an outline color to the text which wasn’t visible earlier.

Then you can select the text easily change the outline color and color to the color you wish and tada! It’s done!

 Select the square
Select the square
After deleting the square
After deleting the square

Additionally you can also delete the shape and only keep the text:

To do this you need to select the shape that you want to delete.

For instance if you want to delete the square but keep the text, so that it appears a bit graphic, you can do so by first clicking on the pick tool (F10) and selecting the square and then press delete key.

Same can be done for a circle.

Select the circle
Select the circle
After deleting the circle
After deleting the circle

When you do this for the first time, you may delete the whole shape along with the text around it. Don’t worry! Just press CTRL + Z key or select “Edit > Undo” from the main title bar to undo the action, which will bring your circle and text again.

Practice selecting only the shape and not the text and after a few trials, you will definitely be able to delete the shape without deleting the text.

It’s simple sometimes to create a line using the Bezier tool and then type in text and then delete the line as shown in following case:

If you want to select just the line,

It should look like this.

So by now, you must have learned that wrapping text around a shape is not at all hard. You can arrange your name or any sort of text round any shape effortlessly in different ways by making use of tips mentioned here.


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      synny 4 years ago

      Thanks, nice info, but when I delete the object the text also gets deleted.

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