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Incredible Human-AI Art Collaborations You Should See

"An Orange," AI art by Alena Aenami

"An Orange," AI art by Alena Aenami

The Age of Artistic Algorithms

We're living in a golden age in which our machines can help us accomplish incredible feats of creativity. The introduction of artificial intelligence to the art world has revolutionized the way that we think about creative expression.

AI art generation allows us to create any image that we can imagine, simply by typing in a few words. The AI then creates artwork using sophisticated algorithms and machine learning techniques.

This powerful new technology is already being used by designers, photographers, and even ordinary people to create stunning works of art. And it's only just beginning! The future is full of potential for artificial intelligence to help us make amazing art.

Collaborations Between the Living and the Dead

One amazing thing about these programs is that they can create anything that you want, including a collaboration between artists living and dead! With these tools, you can bring your imagination to life. And there are numerous artists and art styles to choose from.

You are probably reading this because you want to understand the different art styles that are possible in apps like StarryAI, DreamStudio and Dream by WOMBO. These art styles are all based on real artists of the past and present, such as Alphonse Mucha and Anna Dittmann.

If you want to create AI art with more intention, you should know a little about the artists whose styles you want to emulate! You'll find that many of them have distinct features and techniques that you can replicate to better create what you want.

This article is a deep dive into some of the artists and styles you may have wondered about. Once you have a good sense of these styles, you can use them to make your own original AI art. Try experimenting with different prompts and see what you can come up with!

Today's Theme: "An Orange"

To give you a good sense of the effect these styles have on a piece of art, I have created all of them using the same simple prompt: "An orange." Each section below will tell you a little about each artist or style, and then describe the effect each style has on the finished artwork.

Alena Aenami

Alena Aenami is a contemporary digital and concept artist from Zaporizhia, Ukraine. She works primarily on game concepts, album cover art and digital illustrations. Her clients include Passion Pictures, Procreate, Wizards of the Coast, Nexus Studios, LofiGirl and Roof Studio. She is mostly known for her paintings of beautiful city and natural landscapes. Her art is very colorful and bright, often with futuristic looking environments and sometimes containing a human figure.

In the below images, although the color orange is used in profusion, an actual orange is nowhere to be found! Nevertheless, Alena Aenami’s style is very apparent in the urban and rural landscapes and bright colors. The Alena Aenami style is particularly good for any image in which you want vivid, almost neon colors, especially of landscapes or cityscapes.

Alphonse Mucha

Alphonse Mucha was a Czechoslovakian-French painter and poster designer and one of the leading artists of the Art Nouveau Period. Art Nouveau was a European art movement popular around 1900, and it influenced everything from furniture, interior design and architecture to posters, glass, pottery and textiles.

The work of Alphonse Mucha was characterized by sinuous lines, women with long flowing hair and elegant lettering (a hint of which can be seen in the first image below, albeit illegibly). Alphonse Mucha’s art ranged the gamut from theater bills and window displays to exotic interiors and even advertisements for commercial products, such as cigarettes.