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Summer Poster Photoshop Tutorial


Johana is a freelance graphic designer who loves to write tutorials about Photoshop, InkScape, MockoFun, Gimp, etc.


Resources Used In This Tutorial

For this tutorial I will use these resources:

Step 1 - Add the Sunset Background

Use the Sunset Gradients to make the sunset background. You can use the Photoshop GRD file or you can use one of the JPG files.


Step 2 - Add the Perspective Grid

Load the Grid Photoshop brushes. Make a new layer and use the perspective grid brush included in this pack. Choose the color black for the brush and set the blend mode of this layer to Multiply, opacity 65%.


Step 3 - Add the Sun

Use the Ellipse Tool to create a circle. Hold down Shift to make a circle.

Add this layer style to make a glowing effect:

  • Outer Glow (color #ffcc00)
  • Inner Glow (color #fffc22)
  • Color Overlay (color #ffcf27)

Step 4 - Add the Palm Tree Silhouettes

To make the palm tree silhouettes

  1. Open the Palm Trees stock image in another PSD file
  2. Add a Threshold adjustment to make the trees silhouettes
  3. Use the remove white background Photoshop action
  4. Do the same for the other Palm Trees images
  5. Copy the silhouettes in the Summer Poster PSD file

Step 5 - Add the Woman Silhouette

Add the Woman silhouette in a new layer using the color black.


Step 6 - Add the Car Silhouette

Add the Car silhouette in a new layer using color black. You can use only the car shape as focal point of the summer poster.


Step 7 - Add the Starfield Texture

To make the background more cool looking, add the Star texture in a new layer above the Perspective Grid layer.

Set the blend mode to Screen and go to Image > Adjustments > Levels to darken the texture.


Step 8 - Add the 80s Text Effect

For the 80s text I used these font types:

  • League Spartan
  • Black to Black Demo

You can choose a layer style from this list of cool 80s font types used in movie posters and video games.


Step 9 - Add the Grunge Effect

For the final touch you can use the Grunge Texture. Set the blend mode to Color Burn. Use a layer mask and paint with black color to remove parts of the grunge effect.


Summer Poster - Final Result

So, here is the final result for my 80s Summer Poster inspired by the Synthwave art.


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