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How to Switch a Panasonic TV to AV Using TV Hotel Mode

Updated on May 02, 2016
Panasonic TV
Panasonic TV

Power Up Your Panasonic TV with your Satellite or Cable Box as the Default

The Problem: Let me describe my problem and how Hotel Mode is a useful hack to get a Panasonic TV to do what you want.

Some time ago I bought a Panasonic TX-32LXD8 LCD television. This works fine and has a great picture except it always powers up in TV mode (either Analogue or Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB)) rather than from one of the SCART or HDMI inputs.

Although there should be a means, via the Set Up Menu, of programming the TV to power up in AV mode this doesn’t seem to work on UK versions of the TV with built-in Freeview (UK free digital service). If you set the television to power up in AV mode it still powers up in TV mode.

The solution (I found this via online forums) is the existence of ‘Hotel Mode’ that seems to work on most Panasonic TVs. The problem is Hotel Mode is not mentioned in the Panasonic handbook or the Panasonic website.

Here's How To Select Hotel Mode

  1. Go to the side of the set and hold down the -/V button on the side of the TV (middle of 5 buttons).
  2. At the same time (holding this button down) press the AV button on the Remote control 3 times
  3. The Hotel Mode Menu should then appear on screen

This is very similar to hacking a DVD player to change the Region.

Hotel Mode Menu (From my TV)

Worst Hotel in History? - Fawlty Towers
Worst Hotel in History? - Fawlty Towers

Here is the Hotel mode Menu (above). Before you use it note options such as Button Lock and Remote Lock – Do not select these or you will create a huge problem. Remember you need both the side buttons and the Remote to get into Hotel Mode!

Now you can select the power up input (initial INPUT in the Menu) to anything you like including AV1 (typically used for Cable or Satellite Box). You also need to turn Hotel Mode on before pressing the EXIT button.

The only problem I now have is that the TV will no longer automatically switch to AV2 when I turn on my DVD player so I have to switch manually via the remote. I assume this is a 'feature' of Hotel Mode.

I suspect hotel mode allows TVs to be set up so the public can't fiddle with them. Very useful in hotel lobbies and public buildings where otherwise a member of the public could turn up with a remote and reprogram the TV or simply change channel to watch their favourite show!

If you read the comments below, you'll find people from all over the world have found this useful. In one case even to make the TV default to a camera in a bird nesting box making it easier to keep an eye on those growing baby birds!

So there you have it. Hotel Mode is a great way to control the way your Panasonic TV powers up and what input signal it defaults to.


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    • HERMES 7 years ago

      Thanks for the info. It works on plasmas from 2009. Thanks again. It's very usefull

    • Rik Ravado profile image

      Rik Ravado 7 years ago from England

      Thanks for stopping by Hermes - glad you found this useful!

    • Nicky 7 years ago

      I just found this page and it's been immensely helpful! I had the same problem, I'm running an HTPC in my living room and it was a pain to have it always default to a blue screen saying "No DVB service found" and have to hit AV and roll down to HDMI1. Thank you for making my life just a little bit easier! :)

      Have a good one!

    • Rik Ravado profile image

      Rik Ravado 7 years ago from England

      Nicky - Great to know it was helpful. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Lyn 7 years ago

      I love this - having switch to AV it was starting to do my head in - my flatmate doesn't know I've changed it yet but I'm sure he'll love it too....thanks!!

    • Rik Ravado profile image

      Rik Ravado 7 years ago from England


      Brillant to know you found it useful - thanks for stopping by!

    • Mr Gasman 7 years ago

      Thanks for describing the hotel mode. It will help immensely!

    • paul 7 years ago

      Thanks a million. Worked on my plasma to.

    • Rik Ravado profile image

      Rik Ravado 7 years ago from England

      Mr Gasman and paul - Thanks for responding and glad you found it useful!

    • Lars 6 years ago

      Finally!! Thanks from Norway!

    • Rik Ravado profile image

      Rik Ravado 6 years ago from England

      Glad to be of help, Lars!

    • Tom 6 years ago


      Works like a charm...

    • Rik Ravado profile image

      Rik Ravado 6 years ago from England

      Glad to be of help Tom!

    • Paul 6 years ago

      Excellent help. Explained very clearly. Great to have that annoying niggle removed. Thanks very much.

    • Rik Ravado profile image

      Rik Ravado 6 years ago from England

      Great to know it worked for you!

    • patrick 6 years ago

      Am very grateful for your tip. Startup defaulting to the unnecessary freesat was driving me nuts; Now when my mother in law babysits I won't have to leave detailed instructions on how to switch the telly on to Sky!

      Many thanks again!

    • p4g3y 6 years ago

      you are a legend, thankyou!

    • Pat 6 years ago

      Thanks from Ireland also! It's a big help - esp. when my parents come to stay!

    • Rik Ravado profile image

      Rik Ravado 6 years ago from England

      patrik, p4g3y and Pat from Ireland - glad to know this was useful - A pity Panasonic set their sets up to default this way!

    • Deano 6 years ago

      Thanks a lot for that, even the Panasonic shop guy was lost when i asked him for a soultion. Thanks again.

    • PC 6 years ago

      Thanks! This really made my day.

    • Rik Ravado profile image

      Rik Ravado 6 years ago from England

      Deano and PC - Glad you found this helpful and thanks for taking the trouble to reply.

    • Liam B 6 years ago

      No signal was doing my head in!

      Thanks for the useful info :)

    • Rik Ravado profile image

      Rik Ravado 6 years ago from England

      Glad it helped!

    • Johan 6 years ago

      Thank you ^^ Great help( Me Bows deep ).

      I do have a question tho.

      Those other options (initial POS and Initial VOL Level), do you have any knowledge of that to?, except for the last 2 ,thats simple :P (NEVER TOUCH THOSE!!!).

      I am currious about those 2 ^^ .

      Greetings Johan

    • Rik Ravado profile image

      Rik Ravado 6 years ago from England

      Johan - thanks for stopping by. I believe the initial POS allows you to select a default TV channel number and initial Vol sets the initial sound volume level.

    • pelle 6 years ago

      Thank you! merry christmas

    • sofia 6 years ago

      hi will this cure the problem im having with my remote,ive a panasoni viera and its an ex display model,do you think i have the locks on it as both the tv and remote don't interact? ill try this at my brothers house,thanks

    • RRom 6 years ago

      THX from Russia

    • Lars 5 years ago

      Thanks a lot! Huge irritation now gone! (Just love the internet:-)

    • Kolman 5 years ago

      same here.... this menus/manual are sometimes realy strange. Huge thanks for help!

    • Jp 5 years ago

      Thanks this has made my parents tv viewing slot easier and now they have it others have decided to do the same

    • Andrew 5 years ago

      Brilliant. Thanks!

    • Roland  5 years ago

      This really made my day! I've only been using 1 input (HDMI) of my tv for years and had to switch from TV every time it powered on. This really is an excellent feature and thank you for sharing!

    • charles 5 years ago

      thank you, after 2years finally improved my panasonic :)

    • Stig 5 years ago

      Thanks a lot! Worked on my Panasonic PX-P42X10 plasma tv. This has bothered me for two years now. Incredibly stupid of Panasonic not to include this feature in the standard mode.

    • Stuart 5 years ago

      That is excellent and many thanks for this. Both my bedroom LCD and living room plasma have been annoying me on this for ages. This fix however works perfect in both.

    • Rob 5 years ago

      Brilliant. My 42" Viera used to power on in AV1 position. Perfect. Then I moved it from one side of the room to another and it decided to turn on on channel 21 - AKA snow. Your solution restored normalcy.

      Thank you a million times.

    • Lennart 5 years ago

      Thanx you so much....also worked on my panasonic TH-50PZ

    • Johan 5 years ago

      Thanks! Worked on my Panasonic PZ85. It has irritated me for 3 years.

    • Kera 5 years ago

      is there a way I can disable the power button on the tv only with this menu or another one? my toddler keeps turning the tv off by the power button on the tv and its doing my head in x

    • Rik Ravado profile image

      Rik Ravado 5 years ago from England


      I don't think there is an easy answer. You could put black tape over the button and then switch the TV on from the wall socket.

      If you use hotel mode to set button lock then you can't get back into hotel mode to unset it so could never use the TV buttons again. Sorry there is no obvious solution!

    • Nat 5 years ago

      Thanks a lot.

    • Sweta 5 years ago

      Hi Rik!! Thank you SO MUCH for publishing this trick!! We have our TiVo box setup on HDMI2 and it's always been a pain to use two remotes in order to watch TV. This is one of the best tricks I've learned in a long time. Thanks a ton!

    • fogtmann 5 years ago

      thank you very much, works very well, now our television is much easier to operate.

    • nobody 5 years ago

      thank you!

    • Sanjai 5 years ago

      Thank you very very very much! Just purchased a new 2011 LCD HD 32inch and this still works also there are a couple of new options now available on the Hotel mode menu - not had time to play with these yet;-)

    • Granville 5 years ago

      Thanks a bundle - I've just spent three hours trying to resolve this on a new Panasonic 37" TV before I found your advice. Great work !!

    • Raudi 5 years ago

      Thanks for this, certainly makes life easier.

    • inniskor 5 years ago

      Thank you for this, you saved my life

    • Wazza 5 years ago

      Helped me out immensely

    • Fabian 5 years ago

      Thanks a lot - I found your article after 2+ years of having to switch to the first HDMI channel upon turning on the tv. Now I can say goodbye to the AV button! :D

    • Rik Ravado profile image

      Rik Ravado 5 years ago from England

      Stu - Hotel Mode can be used to select the default but this means you need to manually select other inputs. I think it will only auto select your bluray if you don't use Hotel Mode to select the default input.

    • Joe 5 years ago

      Thanks a lot for this. My wife is blind and this makes her life easier!

    • Marc 5 years ago

      Been wishing for this for ages. Auto-detect would be better, but being able to set my default is good.

    • J.Magalhães 5 years ago

      From Portugal, thanks

    • Mac 5 years ago

      A great find! Thanks for writing it up.

      It works just fine on my 2011 Viera and allows choice of the initial channel viewed as well as selection of DVB chan only. Great!

    • Jaime 5 years ago

      Thanks a lot! I had issues with my tv and the directv remote that made it power un on "PC". But now everything is fine.

    • Mark (Norfolk UK) 5 years ago

      Thanks for that.

      Panasonic P42G20B

      Had Sky installed, but couldn't boot straight to HDMI.

      Works - Will give it a go.

    • Gerard 5 years ago

      Very useful thank you!!

    • Cody 5 years ago

      Hey! thank you! it works on my plasma from 2006! by the way might be useful to say that the -/v button stands for volume down. took me a minute to figure that out.

    • Coco 5 years ago

      hey is there a way to take it out of hotel mode if necessary?

    • steve T 5 years ago

      Many Thanks

    • falangen 5 years ago

      A big thank you. I had forgotten how you came to this menu. Have switched to a new Panasonic and it was a few years ago I made this setting on the old one.

      Was mad at it when it first started up on the analog everytime and it was just image noise.

    • el-Dia 5 years ago

      Thanx for the excelent tip! This increases the WAF on our '06 plasma & MP based HTPC.

    • tappehl 5 years ago

      just brilliant..

    • Steve 4 years ago

      Thank you for saving me 6 button presses every day :o)

    • Holger 4 years ago

      Works fine - thank you very much!

      Greetings from Germany!

    • MBS 4 years ago

      Thank you so much and for sharing with us. Why Panosonic does not make this an easy setting to change I don't know.

    • jon 4 years ago

      Life saver - I was going crazy! My wife was giving me **** because of the NOT easy-to-use TV I bought.


    • Michal 4 years ago

      Thanks! Defaulting to TV tuner each time was driving me crazy, I don't even have TV cable. I suspected it must be changeable somehow but I never thought about a secret hotel mode.

    • fybz 4 years ago

      @jon: Hahaha same here! This really helps a lot!!

    • Christo 4 years ago

      Oh joy! Best menu ever! Thx mate!

    • Rachel 4 years ago

      Your a lifesaver my mum was having a nightmare. Thanks solo much :) !!!

    • Mike 4 years ago

      Echoing everyone's thanks.

      I have connected our bird box camera to the TV on AV1 which has no other aerials etc connected.

      Wanted Mrs to be able to flick a mains switch and see the birds!

      Mission accomplished thanks to this article.

      thanks again.

    • Martyn 4 years ago

      Brilliant and so easy when you know how.

    • UK or bust 4 years ago

      Thank you. This has made it easier for my parents and children to use.

    • Rob 4 years ago

      Excellent hack... Been 2 years of having to select the HDMI input for Sky! final switch the TV on and have it on to the correct input straight away!

      Thanks for the info.

    • Ole Frank 4 years ago

      Rik, you made my day. I love Forums and helpful answers. Have a great wkd!

    • Joris 4 years ago

      Thanks, working perfectly.

    • Johnniefp 4 years ago

      Excellent! Two years and this hack is still useful. Just set my plasma to default to hdmi2.



    • André the norwegian 4 years ago

      Thanks, this helped a lot!

    • Becky 4 years ago

      Thank you so much! This is why the internet is brilliant... my elderly mother was so confused by her new TV not going straight to the channels after the analogue signal was switched off. I tried to mark up the remote so she'd select AV, but if she pressed too hard or the wrong one... disaster! This works like a dream. No more confusion... woohoo!

    • Stuart 4 years ago

      Thanks, simple instructions to resolve an annoying problem.

    • Sorin 4 years ago

      Thanks a lot. Simply clever.

    • wayne crookes 4 years ago

      you my friend are a genius

    • Jo Adlam 4 years ago

      Amazing! You don't know how happy you've made me!! We were having problems because of the volume difference between the freeview and sky so when you turned the tv on it was really loud so you need to turn it down quick. It is the right volume when you switch it on now as it goes straight to sky!!!

    • John 4 years ago

      What a brilliant find as i have just come across this problem on a new panasonic tv and was about to trawl through the manual to resolve what i thought was an easy fix.

      Cant believe panasonic don't have an option to do this but a million thanks for this tip which i will end up using as it seems out of the ninetys to have to switch every start up

    • Andy 4 years ago

      Thank you for this page! This has been annoying me for 3 years, but no more :)

    • Silver_watcher 4 years ago

      I know this page is old but many many thanks for the info.

      This has been a real issue for me as my HDMI 1 slot is bust so to default to HDMI 2 is great. Esp since we are going on holiday & i now don't have to write an instruction manual on how to get sky going for the house sitter.

    • Peter 4 years ago

      Anyone knows why my settings menu only shows one page instead of the 2 that are shown in the manual? I'd like to change the order of the TV channels but cannot find the proper menu to do that.

    • sx 4 years ago

      works with 46gt30 plasma, thanks !!

    • Dazza 4 years ago

      You sir are a legend

    • Miroa 4 years ago

      Simply perfect!

    • Sorin K 4 years ago

      This was too easy, thanks a million for helping me get rid of the one remote, now I have all the controls only on the receivers remote.

    • rickussss 4 years ago

      Great stuff.... worked like a snake charmers most obedient snake, listening to the music..... dadadadadada, THANKS!!!!! WOO HOO!!!

    • crusty 4 years ago

      Thankyou no more trips to my Nana's house. Was a weekly routine selecting the AV input and reminding her.

    • Simon 4 years ago

      Tried this on our new 3D TV and it works a treat. No more sitting waiting for it to detect hdmi 1 for the sky box! Why on earth do Panasonic not tell you this in the manual?!

    • Colin 4 years ago

      Thanks for info its good to have all control on handset instead of using two.

      Thanks again

    • Ac 4 years ago

      Super, thanks. Works perfectly, extremely helpful page

    • Georgi 4 years ago

      Work great for my 42PV80. Thanks

    • Michael 4 years ago

      Thanks been having this issue for years as I have a surround sound that controls all my inputs.

    • Matt 4 years ago

      Work perfectly - this has been bugging me for about 2 years!!

    • erkan 4 years ago

      It works 2007 panasonic plasma's too.


    • Dee 4 years ago

      Works on my 32LX70 Panasonic as well. With the analogue tv signal now gone it was very annoying having to always switch the av when I turned on the tv. Turning on the SKY+HD box (connected via HDMI ) didn't automatically switch inputs. So this is brilliant!

      Couldn't see how to set an initial input in the tv settings menu (probably cause my tv is old) so this worked perfectly.

    • Niels Siemons 4 years ago

      This worked.. but I made a mistake with selecting the input channel. So I want to enter Hotel menu again and change the channel.. but how to get into the hotel menu when this is on? -/V and 3 times AV doesn't work (of course)... any work arounds?

    • Ssss 4 years ago

      Just go to menu/setup/other settings/power on preference av

      No need to use hotel mode

    • TheRealToune 4 years ago

      @Ssss: its not the same thing.. Ive tested with the power on preference option and it doesn't work for a HDMI input.

      The hotel mode works !! thx to the autor!!!

    • Marcel 4 years ago

      Worked in the Netherlands as well! Thanx

    • Mike 4 years ago

      Hey, does anybody have a problem where, it will come up in the specified Initial Input, and then, 10 seconds later, switch back to the original setting?

    • Amine 4 years ago

      works on my Viera TX-L42E5B UK&IE model, thanks a lot for that :)

    • leo 4 years ago

      thanx for charing. It works very well. So, now up to the next CHALLANGE........

      I did't read it here but if there are several input devices: use a HDMI switch that will auto-select the powered up device to your pre-selected HDMI input channel. That means you don't have to select the AV button never again!

      My next step: can I auto power on the TV if a signal is sent to the preferred HDMI input? need help on that,

    • Amal 4 years ago

      Absolutely awesome, thanks for a great article!

    • Andy Ham in Edinburgh 3 years ago

      Thanks, this was useful. It had bugged me that you had to use two remotes.

    • Mike p 3 years ago

      Genius. Utter genius. Thanks!

    • Paul 3 years ago

      Thanks for this, it's annoyed me for a couple of years!

    • monkey 3 years ago

      I tried the hotel setting ,then put it back to the power on preference .ifound that the hotel setting goes straight in when you turn the tv on, the preference setting goes tv first then to av,so i will be putting it on the hotel and thanks for the info.

    • Fabio 3 years ago

      Thanks! From Italy!

    • Pfh 3 years ago

      Can you turn of the TV speakers to ? Completely! If your having a soundbar

    • Alex 3 years ago

      You are a legend. 4 years of annoyingness solved by you.

    • Paul 3 years ago

      Legend. Sorted my problem straight away. Why they couldn't put an option in the menu id never know!! Turns straight onto sky now. A* thank you

    • Wouter 3 years ago

      And another very satisfied reader from Belgium!

      (HTPC in living room)

    • Maciej 3 years ago

      ;) thanks a lot...

      After usig th50pz700 for more then 5 years, i finally fix it ;)))))

      Thanks thanks thanks

    • Pascal 3 years ago

      Thanks for this very useful tip! It worked perfectly with my 2012 Panasonic plasma TV.

    • chris 3 years ago

      useful thanks !

    • curiousgirl 3 years ago

      Thanks, so useful!

      Can you tell where I can find a complete explanation of all settings available on hotel mode menu, on service menus, what other -v/tripleclick fancy combination goes where...

      Is it possible to access a comprehensive colors/whitebalance setting area on a 42ST30 plasma ?

      Is it possible to set sound system so that plugging a headphone disconnects inner loudspeakers ?

      It is bad choices from Panasonic to hide settings from users, it is good thing internet help users ;-) Thanks again!

    • George Curran 3 years ago

      Many thanks. My Panasonic Viera plasma (2010) was defaulted to AV1. I used your guide to change the default to HDMI1 - to go directly to my SKY+HD Box. Brilliant !

    • Dianne 3 years ago

      Brilliant solution to an irritation. Thanks from edinburgh in scotland!

    • gold 3 years ago

      thanks! very useful information!

    • Des 3 years ago

      Thanks very much Rik for posting this. .....Panasonic manual writers please take note !!!! Cheers :)

    • Smap 3 years ago

      You rock, this workshop fine !

    • Rickard 3 years ago

      Fantastic! Thanks!!

    • Claire 3 years ago

      At long last my Viera fires up straight onto sky box rather than having to select the input. Thank you very much for this post.!

    • waggers66 3 years ago

      Fantastic!! I am now the hero in our family

    • Adri 3 years ago

      Thanks from the Netherlands! Also works on a Panasonic LCD with buttons on top.

    • Olivier 3 years ago

      Works like a charm. Thanks from France

    • Hans 3 years ago

      Have Panasonic 42 inch Viera TV for over 4 years. The start up in Analogue TV bothered me a lot. The manual didn't give a clue. Your tip worked perfectly. No need for Panasonic remote anymore apart from DVD player. Thanks very much.

      Hans (The Netherlands)

    • Kris 3 years ago

      Just was I was looking for. Thanks!

    • paul 3 years ago

      My Panasonic TX-37LZD80 - 37" was working fine powering up on av mode until a week ago. Everything I tried in setup menu didn't work until I found this fix. It works a treat. Cheers.

    • jappp 2 years ago

      thanks! works well

    • Jose 2 years ago

      I'm looking for this since 2007 :D

      Now I finally found it, it works very well on my TH-37PV70


    • Olaf 2 years ago

      Also worked on Plasma TV Panasonic TH-42PZ80EA. Many thanks!

    • greeny 2 years ago

      worked on tx-p42g20

      now when I say xbox on, everything boots up and shuts down together, even the amp!


    • Zores 2 years ago

      Thanks a lot. Worked perfectly on my old plasma as well!

    • MikeG 2 years ago


      Thank you for this, it worked great on my old plasma!

      Finally, I won't have to press the AV button on my remote anymore!

    • Elania 2 years ago

      Thank you! Works like a charm!

    • Franny 2 years ago

      Thank you, I was very near to buy another TV!

    • Andrey 2 years ago

      THANK YOU SO MUCH! I was struggling with this problem for a long time, russian internet says nothing about it. I've found the solution only here.

    • Davymac 2 years ago

      Thank you for sharing this, awesome stuff.

    • jonas42 2 years ago

      Thanks a bunch! This bugged me forever! Love from Germany. :)

    • Ewa 21 months ago

      I'm very grateful for your tip, thank you so much!

    • IM IDIOT 21 months ago

      thx for help, i got 5 years PANNY G20 and setup 5 minutes ago and working perfect...my wife gimme tonight :D

    • axel 18 months ago

      Omg !!!!! Finally , awesome :) have been struggling with this for years thanks a lot :)

    • Arnt 18 months ago

      Old thread, but still usefull. Finaly got it the way it was supposed to be from the very beginning. Thanks a lot.

    • spudly 17 months ago

      Thank you very much, very clear instruction, have lived with blue input screen too long - thanks from Iteland

    • Dave 16 months ago

      Excellent, you just solved a 5 year old problem! Thank you muchly...

      Hope this gives your post a useful bump for everyone else.

    • J.Singh 15 months ago

      Many Many Thanks From Swiss too.

    • Roy 9 months ago

      Thid is great! Thanks! Should have found this much earlier...

    • sammy 8 months ago

      thanks you. your works are great.

    • Christian 6 months ago

      Thanks. Very useful.

    • Finn 6 months ago

      thanks for making my day very easy: first on my very old: TH42px80ea and now on my new old tv TX-P50ST50Y I am plasma fan ;-)

    • Jakob 6 months ago

      This was great, thank you!

    • zOnDeR 5 months ago

      Thanks for the info. It's very usefull!!!

    • AH Collins 5 months ago

      I recently purchased a Panasonic TV from a hotel sale.Was not even aware of a hospatility mode until getting it home and setting up. Have tried several suggestion but no luck. The tv is a TH 32LRU20 and the remote is aN2QAYB000485 which does not have a AV button. Tried the /V with the input button no luck. any help is appreciated.

    • DRS Wales 5 months ago

      Excellent advice - worked like a dream after weeks of dipping in and out of other articles. Hotel mode is the way to go!

    • Unlocker 2 months ago

      Brilliant tip, thank you so so much!!

      This finally „unlocked“ the HDMI3 input (the on the side) for me.

      On my TX-P42G10E the HDMI3 input wasn’t working since day1. Had only HDMI1 & HDMI2 available. I had tried numerous cables, factory resets, called Panasonic service several times during the last years - nobody had a clue, so was always asked to turn the TV in for repairs.

      Before, I had to crawl behind TV to switch cables, now it’s one push of a button and I’m straight into HDMI3.


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