LG Electronics 65UJ6300 65-Inch TV Review From an Owner

Updated on August 23, 2017
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I own a small construction company and employ four builders. I go though a lot of equipment, so I feel qualified to write reviews.

Why Choose This When There's So Many Others on the Market?

We wanted a big TV. At 65 inches, this is the biggest that LG offers. We could have bought a 43, 49, or 55-inch model. We actually did end up buying an additional 43-inch TV for a guest studio we have.

We love watching sports and my two teenagers love playing games. The decision was made that if we were going to replace our TV, we had to go for the biggest out there. We wanted to feel like we were in the game!

We had a good look at some competitors before making our decision as we've only owned Samsungs in the past. So let's run through a few here and you can see what we thought.

What We Were Looking for in a TV

  • Had to be big—hence 65 inches.
  • Had to be backlit.
  • Had to have the SlingTV App.
  • Had to have Wi-Fi.
  • Had to support HDR 10-bit color.
  • Had to have at least three HDMI ports plus a USB port.
  • Had to have support for Amazon, YouTube, and Netflix.
  • Had to have Web OS.
  • Had to have great sound.

What We Liked About This Model

My boys have the Xbox One S and they dragged it with us to test it on TVs. We tried the LG 65UJ6300 first. After the salesman changed the settings to HDR and we plugged the Xbox in, my boys were blown away by Mass Effect Andromeda. It looks incredible. The salesman also put some 4K YouTube videos on and you'd swear you were actually in the videos. The image was crisp and bright and this TV has a very easy setup as well.

LG 65UJ6300 Specifications

  • 65-inch screen
  • 120Hz refresh rate
  • LED backlight
  • Smart functionality
  • Inputs: 3 HDMI, 2 USB, 1 RF, 1 Component, 1 Composite, 1 Ethernet, and 1 Optical
  • Dimensions (with stand): W 56.4" x H 36" x D 10"
  • 4K Ultra Accurate HD Resolution
  • Active HDR
  • UHD
  • WebOS 3.5 Smart TV (Gives you the most popular streaming video apps, including Netflix. WebOS gives you access to more than 70 free premium internet channels.)
  • Audio: Ultra Surround 2 Channel 20 Watts
  • Weight: 49 pounds
  • Price: $1079.00
  • Free 60-day technical support for set up, configuring, and trouble shooting
  • 12-month warranty

Questions on the LG Smart TV

Is the LG 1060p or 2180p?
It's 2180p.
What's the audio volume like?
It's okay but it's best to run sound through a couple of good quality external speakers for a great experience.
Are the legs sturdy?
They're fine. They come with a couple of straps on the back to mount to your wall. It's a good idea to use these. We have had our wall mounted though.
Does it have the Sling TV App?
Yes it does.
Does it have Wi-Fi?
It's Wi-Fi ready.
Does the LG support 3D?
Does it support 10-bit color HDR?
Yes it does.
Does the LG have screen mirroring?
Yes, I often project my laptop through Wi-Fi onto the screen.
Does it support the DirecTV App?
Does it have a USB port?
Yes, it has one where you can look at photos and videos.
What's the input lag time like?
Extremely fast. Barely noticeable.
Does it have HDR?
Sure does.

Comparison to the 65" Samsung UN65MU6300

The Samsung is close in specs to the LG but it was an extra $100 and we found that the picture just wasn't as sharp. Another flaw was that it comes with a voice that became really annoying. She tells you what you've just done even when you simply change a channel. I had a car that did this long ago and it got to the point where I just didn't want to drive it. We couldn't find anyway to turn her off.

The Wi-Fi was weak. The store we tested it in had to run a hardwire through to it.

We found the remote lacking in everything except channel and volume buttons. No menu or input buttons. You can replace it with a Harmony remote that has everything, so all is not lost.

Price: $1198.00

Comparison With the 65" Sony XBRX75OD

The picture is fantastic and the sound is good with this model. That said, you'd still want to hook it up to a couple of external speakers.

It has the same specs as the LG but with one extra HDMI input and two extra USB slots. At $1298.00, it is $220 more than the LG.

We couldn't get the Bluetooth to pair with any of our devices. We thought this would be a given at this price.

We found the TV really slow to respond to the remote. For example, we would click the volume up and nothing would happen. Then the TV would suddenly respond and blow you out of the room with its high volume. Another problem is that this model doesn't have a sound bar, so you have no idea how far you've adjusted the volume.

Comparison to the 65" Sceptre U658CV-UMC U

The Sceptre caught our eye because of the price ($729) but we soon lost interest as it's not a smart TV. It does have 4K-UHD and 120hz so it has an okay picture. While the specs say it's 4K, we really doubted it. The sound really wasn't great at all but it would probably improve with external speakers.

If you're in the market for just a big, old-fashioned LED TV, this is probably a good buy for the price. We moved on quickly after finding out it wasn't smart compatible.

We also like sticking with tried and true brands. Although this Sceptre came with a 12-month warranty, you just don't know what the service is like if you do have a problem.

What We Don't Like About the LG 65UJ6300

We would love to have an instruction manual. No TV has them these days and you've got to hunt down the online manual. I'd much rather be thumbing through a printed copy. Awhile back, I told a friend about how most companies are doing this now. He reeled out an astonishing figure on how much they save by letting us do all the work online. It was in the tens of thousands.

We did notice a little shadowing if you looked at the screen at a certain angle. This took awhile to figure out and it wasn't in their trouble shooting section. It turned out that if you turn off the energy saving mode, the screen goes back to being crisp.


To be honest, there wasn't a lot to choose from between the LG and the Sony models. They basically had the same specs so the price got us in the end. Saving $220 and buying a 43-inch TV at the same time really meant that we got the 43-inch model at half price.

If you use your TV a lot for games or just for great video experiences, then you wouldn't want to look at anything else besides the big three mentioned here. Anything cheaper and you're really going to regret it.

We've had our LG 65UJ6300 for about four months now and it's been fine. We've rung the free LG technical helpline three times when we just couldn't figure a problem out and they've been patient and helpful. Plus, we've talked to a technician in no less than seven minutes each time. So they have great service too.


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