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Review of MyGica ATV1900 PRO Android TV Box

S. M. von der Ohe is a bleeding edge technology enthusiast as well as an experienced programmer.

Photo of the author's MyGica TV Box.

Photo of the author's MyGica TV Box.


The MyGica ATV 1900 PRO is an Android TV Box that allows you to stream movies, TV shows, and music from the internet or to play media from a USB thumb drive. It also allows you to install apps from the Google Play Store that add additional functionality, such as allowing you to play games and/or connect your other devices to improve your streaming experience. Unlike some other models, the MyGica PRO allows you to play video ranging from standard definition to 4K Ultra HD. This full range of screen resolutions make this device compatible with virtually every modern TV and projector. Also, the box comes with a few commonly used apps already installed, such as Netflix, YouTube, and Kodi.



The MyGica ATV1900 PRO comes with a Quad-core 64-bit ARM® Cortex™-A53 processor that runs up to up to 2 GHz, a Penta-core ARM® Mali™-450 graphics processor, and 2GB of RAM. That is quite a bit more power than other similar boxes. It can handle screen resolutions from 486p to 4K, and it can play a variety of video formats including WMV, AVI, MKV, MOV, and MP4.

The box has 16GB of internal storage, a port for a 2.5-inch SATA hard drive, a Micro SD Card port and 4 USB ports that allow you to connect external storage devices. These ensure that your Android TV Box will never run out of storage. For internet connectivity, it has both an 802.11ac 5.0 GHz Dual Band Wi-Fi Antenna and 1 Gigabit ethernet port. To connect to your TV or projector, it has an HDMI 2.0 port. As well as an S/PDIF Optical Port audio port. The MyGica PRO is also equipped with Bluetooth, enabling you to quickly and seamlessly connect to your other devices.


Review of Remote

I found the remote on the MyGica PRO quite impressive. On the front of the remote, there are all of the buttons you would expect for a DVD/Blu-ray remote, as well as volume control that does not require any configuration on your part. On the back of the remote, there is a miniature computer keyboard (QWERTY) that allows you to search for movies and other media quickly and easily. For typing phrases and words the keyboard worked even better than I expected, but when typing numbers, you will need to hold down the Fn button while you are typing. This can make it a little hard to type.

The remote also comes with an Air Mouse button, which makes your remote work kind of like a Wii remote. This allows you to control the box by pointing your remote at the screen and clicking OK. This feature can be especially helpful when navigating some of the compact menus that come with some of the apps from the Google Play Store. If you decide that for some reason you do not like the remote, making a change is very straightforward. You can simply order another compatible remote and just plug in the USB adapter. A regular wireless computer mouse will even work.



The MyGica PRO has a simple, intuitive interface that is easy to learn. It is compatible with almost all major streaming services including Netflix, Crackle, CraveTV, and Amazon Prime. The Google Play Store and MyGica Market both give a great variety of apps to chose from. Some of the apps even allow you to watch live television. Currently the selection of live television is not extensive; however, new apps are being added all the time, so this will likely change. The Google Play Store, Cineplex Store and other apps allow you to buy or rent movies and TV shows for relatively low prices. The money you will save from buying movies and tv programming will probably offset the cost of buying the unit within a few months.

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The unit was quick and easy to set up, and I was surprised to find that the remote still worked when the box was placed on the other side of the wall from my screen. The small size of the box and the fact that it can be put on the other side of a wall from the viewing area allows it to integrate easily into practically any home video set up. As well, the MyGica PRO comes with a 1-year warranty, so if the box breaks, MyGica will fix or replace your unit for free.

Should I Buy the MyGica ATV 1900 PRO?

There is little reason why you should not get the MyGica ATV 1900 PRO for your home television system. My MyGica almost immediately replaced my Blu-ray player and is now the only thing I use to watch movies in my home theatre. It would be the perfect addition to almost any home theatre or TV set up. It provides limitless access to inexpensive movies and TV shows; is highly compatible with apps and varying home theatre set ups; has an excellent keyboard remote and provides above average performance. You can’t go wrong when buying a MyGica ATV1900 PRO Android TV box!

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S M von der Ohe (author) from Canada on May 11, 2018:

@Robert I am not too familiar with troubleshooting KODI, but if you go to and describe the issue you are having with KODI they should be able to help you fix it. I hope you can find a solution

Robert on May 11, 2018:

I just got my 1900 pro box and i cant get none of my programs to work on KODI . I dont know if i am missing something or if i am doing something wrong

S M von der Ohe (author) from Canada on January 27, 2018:

@Linda Smith, It seems like right now google home and Android TV compatibility can be quite limited. On the Google Home support page, it says that there still is no support for turning your Android TV on or off.

Google Home Support Page:

Linda Smith on January 27, 2018:

will google home work with my android box?

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