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Samsung TV Picture-in-Picture (PIP) Setup and Troubleshooting

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Use your Samsung TV's picture-in-picture feature to view multiple inputs on your screen.

Use your Samsung TV's picture-in-picture feature to view multiple inputs on your screen.

How Do I Enable PIP on a Samsung Smart TV?

  1. Press "Menu" on the remote control that came with your Samsung TV.
  2. Select "System" and then press "Enter."
  3. Select "PIP" and then press "Enter."
  4. Highlight "PIP" and then change the toggle that corresponds with it to read "On."
  5. Highlight "Air/Cable" and then change the toggle to the right of it to read "Air" if you want the sub-screen to display channels pulled in over the air. Select "Cable" if you want it to display a cable box connected to the coaxial input. The sub-screen can only display either channels pulled in over the air or a cable box connected to the coaxial input.
  6. Highlight "Channel" and select the channel you want the sub-screen to be set to. This is most important if you are pulling in a channel over the air. If you are going to display a connected cable box in the sub-screen, you can change the channel using the cable box's remote control. However, with a channel pulled in over the air, you'll need to access this part of the menu again to change the channel.
  7. Highlight "Size" and select what sizes you want your TV windows to be. You can set up a sub-screen that takes up one-fourth of the screen or one-eighth of the screen, or you can elect to have two screens that are the same size, with each picture either taking up all of its half of the screen.
  8. If you elected to display the sub-screen that is either one-fourth or one-eighth of the screen's size, highlight "Position" and then select where you want to place the sub-screen. You can place it in any of the screen's four corners.
  9. Highlight "Sound Select" and elect to play the audio from either the main screen or the sub-screen.
  10. Press "Exit" on the Samsung TV's remote control to save your changes and view the TV's display.

Troubleshooting Samsung TV Picture-in-Picture

If you're having issues with your Samsung TV's PIP function, here are some fixes:

  • You cannot use the Samsung TV's PIP feature if either Smart Hub or the Program Rating Lock is enabled. You must disable these features before you can use PIP. You also cannot use the PIP feature if the Samsung TV is in 3D mode.
  • PIP automatically turns off when you turn off your Samsung TV. You will have to enable PIP again if you want to use it when you turn your TV back on.
  • The component, PC, and HDMI inputs are the only options for viewing in the TV's main window while PIP is turned on. Channels pulled in over the air or a cable box connected using a coaxial cable are the only options for viewing in the sub-screen.
  • While viewing some devices such as gaming consoles or Blu-ray players in the Samsung TV's primary window while PIP is turned on, the PIP sub-screen may look blurry or distorted. This is caused by the external device and not the TV. Change the video output settings on the external device until you find a setting that doesn't affect the PIP sub-screen.
  • If you have the Samsung TV's Web Browser feature open in the main window and you elect to play a video, the PIP sub-screen will close automatically. If the video doesn't play after the PIP window closes, refresh the screen to reload the video.

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Marcus Shelton on August 10, 2020:

Idk what button i hit but i have 2 different pjctures running and cant get it back to 1. Please help

Paul Smith on June 21, 2019:

That's disappointing I'm a greedy prick want it all, to be able to use it as a pc monitor & watch cable lol. Who uses the coaxial input anymore when it has multiple HDMI's. Hopefully this can be fixed with software update.

Roberto B. on May 28, 2019:

My Samsung 6 series wont give me an option to turn off the Smart Hub ware do i go from hear?

Nick P on February 04, 2019:

My Samsung UN55FH6200 doesn’t give me the option for split screen in the pip mode anymore, it only gives me 1/4 or 1/8 options now. Was there an update that made this not work?

James Shepherd on November 24, 2018:

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I just have 1 pic and its like pip. I cant get it to go back to normal pic. Im using my remote on mt satellite.

Adnan on September 03, 2018:

my tv ua55hu9000rxzn the PIP only on tv no option for AV

Lissa on July 09, 2018:

I really wish you could watch Netflix in the PIP.

Jim Smith on July 18, 2017:

My PIP keeps shutting down after 10 - 15 minutes even though I have not shut PIP or my computer off. Is there a way to stop this from happening?

Rey on July 13, 2017:

When reducing the size of the sub window to the smallest size, I lose audio, and cannot change setting to recover it. Once I increase the size of the sub window, audio returns.

lugo on June 11, 2017:

Please, am using samsung tv LCD. But I can not on the pip, it will just show me off and on, and it will not highlight the ON, so I can't click ON

Tippy123 on February 06, 2017:

The PIP on my Samsung Smart TV "magically" appeared these morning. My remote has a "home" button, but not a "menu button. I've gone through all the menus I can find and I have no idea how to turn this off. Please help?


Max Dalton (author) from Greater St. Louis, Missouri on September 13, 2016:

Agreed :-)

Kevin on September 07, 2016:

Would be nice if there was a button on the remote for PIP instead of having to browse through a bunch of menus...

Mart on May 11, 2015:

Came here in hopes I could pip another hdmi input. I don't have a tv signal provider so I use Apple Tv to see tv shows / movies and news. While playing PS4 games it would be great having Apple Tv in pip.

SamsungSmartTv on January 11, 2015:

Wish hdmi could be used on pip sub screen.

clayton on December 28, 2014:

It would be better if you could (PIP) a HDMI slot and a USB slot

Helder on September 23, 2014:


First of all thank you the brilllant information, it is really useful.

I would like to ask you just a little thing, if you don't mind :o)

I bought the new samsung UE55HU8500 - 55" - 3D LED TV - Smart TV and every time I'm trying to activate the PIP says not available.

Could you please advise how can be able to activate it?

Thanks in advance for your help and assistance.

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