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The Best Floorstanding Speakers under $1000

Updated on October 18, 2016

Find the very best floor-standing speakers under $1000 on Amazon

Major film buffs and audiophiles share one thing in common - they place a great deal of importance on the speakers they buy to accompany their television and/or stereo system. To enjoy a film or CD to its fullest, you need a pair of high quality speakers that will make you feel as if you are actually attending the concert of the artist you are listening to, or actually "living" within the film you are watching.

The floorstanding speakers under $1000 you will find on this page have been constructed to live up to the high expectations of film and music aficionados. I have chosen to limit my list to brands recommended by professionals such as Infinity, Klipsch, Energy, Boston Acoustics, JBL, and Mirage. Once you have these speakers sitting in your living room, you will feel the irresistible need to listen to and watch all your CDs and DVDs all over again!

1. JBL L880 4-Way Floorstanding Loudspeaker

Superb musicality and power at an incredible price

JBL is well-known as one of the best mid-level speaker brands around. As many JBL speakers cost well over $700, customers agree that the JBL L880 4-Way floorstanding speaker is a true bargain.

This speaker is extremely musical, reproducing the bass, mids and highs on audio CDs and films as they were meant to be heard. Musical details you may never have noticed with an entry-level audio system become as clear as day thanks to its flat response axis and range of 40KHz to 30Hz.

Some features include the one inch titanium dome tweeter which provides a high frequency performance, aluminium waveguides for increased dispersion, and distortion reduction thanks to freeflow port technology.

Even more interesting is the room you have for extra amplification if so desired. It also comes in two colours - plain black or a fine cherry finish.

In short, if you are looking for a speaker which will bring your CDs and DVDs to life, this is the one to choose. Keep in mind that speakers are sold separately.

2. Klipsch Reference Series RF-82

One of the best floorstanding speakers under $500

Klipsch is another mid-level audio brand which has gathered much respect among audiophiles, and the Klipsch RF-82 speaker is a good example of the high quality products it produces.

It includes a one inch titanium tweeter for precision, clarity and pure power across all ranges. The combination of 8 inch cerametallic woofers and twin 12 inch drivers results in a life-like and massive sounding bass which will literally shake the pictures off your walls.

This speaker is great for any kind of music, including but not limited to orchestral music, rock and roll, electronic, vocal, and live recordings. Sound reproduction for films is amazing as well. In fact, one customer mentioned that he prefers staying at home and watching a film with his Klipsch speakers than going to the movie theatre.

If you are looking for an awesome-sounding speaker at a reasonable price, this is the one.

3. Energy Veritas V-6.2 Floorstanding Speaker

Relive a live performance with this Energy speaker

As any audiophile will tell you, you cannot go wrong with a pair of Energy speakers, which is unsurprisingly a sub-brand of Klipsch. Produced out of Canada, they are well-known for their accurate tonal reproduction and flat response speakers.

The Energy Veritas V-6.2 speaker you see here is another great model for reproducing live performances with clear highs, thanks to the one inch aluminium tweeters, pure mids, and a very small amount of distortion and resonance.

The only downfall is the decrease in bass power under 50hz. However, there are also many high-end speakers that do not perform well at this frequency. If you purchase a subwoofer to pair with this speaker, this problem can easily be resolved.

Finally, the Energy Veritas features the timeless beauty of a speaker from the '50s, with its bold presence and fine rosenut finish. It has been designed to look good matched with any sort of decor.

4. Infinity Primus P363 3-Way Floorstanding Speaker

A bargain price for a quality mid-end floorstanding speaker

Infinity is one of the most popular mid-end audio speaker brands on the market. While the Infinity Primus P363 may not live up to the quality of JLB and Klipsch, it is still a fierce contender due to its low price.

The Primus' strong point is its neutral mid-range sound reproduction which produces clear musical detail. The Metal Matrix Diaphragm technology and low resonance enclosures reproduce music and film sound effects just as they were meant to sound.

The highs and bass are good enough for your average music fan, but audiophiles will probably complain about the highs lacking in brightness, and the bass dropping off after 10hz. Many professionals have suggested buying a subwoofer to improve the lows.

The most interesting aspect of Primus speakers is the price. They cost about half the price of the other models mentioned here, so if you are on a tight budget, this brand would make a great choice.

5. Boston Acoustics CS226B Single Floorstanding Speaker

A speaker with great bass and clear pleasant highs

Boston Acoustics is an excellent brand for audiophiles who don't want to spend thousands of dollars on a pair of speakers.

The speaker you see here, the Boston Acoustics CD226B, come with polymer woofers and an acoustically tuned solid wood grain cabinet which result in a nice, punchy bass. High frequencies are also very clear thanks to the one inch Kortec dome tweeters. The mids leave a little to be desired, but that can only be expected in this price range.

This speaker works well for both home theatre systems and stereo music systems. To improve the sound, you may want to invest in an amp or subwoofer. Keep in mind that only one speaker comes with your order.

6. Mirage OS3-FS Floorstanding Speaker

Some of the clearest highs and mids in the under $500 price range

The Mirage OS3-FS, the third generation of Mirage's acclaimed Omnisat Series, is a difficult speaker to contend with. It employs Omnipolar technology to create a 360 degree soundstage in your living room. This speaker's eight drivers deliver balanced performance, while its sleek and slender design practically makes it disappear into the background.

Audiophiles have praised the OS3-FS's smooth and crystal clear highs and mids, but believe that the bass, powered by four poly titanium radiators, needs to be paired with a subwoofer.

It comes with rubber spiked feet that keep the speaker in place on carpeted and plain flooring.

Mirage is, like Energy, a sub-brand of the Klipsch family, so you know you are receiving quality.

Inexpensive Floorstanding Speakers on eBay

The wonderful thing about eBay is that you can often find second-hand brand name speakers at very low prices. This is because audiophiles are constantly updating their equipment, and the best way to sell off older equipment quickly is through eBay. If you are serious about finding high quality floorstanding speakers under $1000, be sure to browse through eBay's selection before making your final decision!

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    • profile image

      Nemesis7575 3 years ago

      Growing up as a young boy, and the youngest of 3, I was always envious of the higher end audio equipment my older brother had. I always had cheap all in one audio systems that cost under $100, speakers included. I remember getting older and getting my first decent pair of speakers. I was torn between Bose and Infinity. I listened to a side by side comparison at my local Circuit City at the time. There was no doubt the Infinity Reference series 2000.3 bookshelfs were for me. I coupled that with an Onkyo stereo receiver. I was in heaven.Some years passed and technology was moving into the 5.1 home theater age. I bought a budget Sony 5.1 receiver, a pair of Infinity Entra One Bookshelfs, an Entra One center, and a Polk Audio 10" 50 watt sub, using my now 5 year old reference series as rears. Some months passed and I was getting a popping noise from my Polk sub. Polk told me there was a recall on the amp and to remove and return it. I couldn't be bothered. I went out and bought an Infinity PS8 8" 100 watt sub that put the Polk to shame and gave the Polk to my brother to return and keep for himself. My newest purchases just months ago are Infinity Primus 363 3 way towers and a 46" Samsung 1080p 120hz smart tv. I finally bid the reference series I was using as rears a farewell. (Gave them to my nephew) for installing my tv on the wall putting up a wall shelf under it for my center. and my system is now complete!

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