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Best Monitors for PS5 in 2023 for the Ultimate Gaming Experience

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Do you have the right monitor for your PS5 gaming experience?

Do you have the right monitor for your PS5 gaming experience?

When searching for the best gaming monitor for PS5, it's important to consider compatibility and features. The PS5 supports 4K content up to 120 fps and HDMI 2.1 bandwidth, so a monitor with these capabilities is ideal. However, these monitors tend to be more expensive.

If you're looking for a more budget-friendly option, a 1440p or 1080p monitor will also work as the PS5 now supports 1440p. Additionally, the PS5 supports the HDMI variable refresh rate feature (VRR), but it is only available on high-end monitors.

Best Monitors for PS5: FAQ

When it comes to purchasing the best monitors for PS5, there are a few questions that many buyers have. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions, along with their answers.

Are all the Monitors Compatible With the PS5?

When choosing a monitor for your PS5, keep in mind that the PS5 does not support 720p displays. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your current monitor or the one you plan to purchase has at least 1080p resolution. Additionally, to take advantage of the PS5's 4K 120Hz capability, your monitor must have HDMI 2.1.

Is 4K 60Hz Monitor Good for PS5 Gaming?

Yes. The goal for gaming on a PS5 is to run games at 60 frames per second, at genuine 4K resolution, and do it reliably. If your PS5 monitor has these two key specs, 4K and 60Hz, then you will be well-positioned to enjoy most of your games in great quality and smoothness.

Is 1080p or 4K Better for PS5?

When choosing between 1080p or 4K resolution for your PS5, it's important to keep in mind that for most games, the rendering resolution will remain the same regardless of the display. The main difference will be in the video output.

What Are the Best Monitor Specs for PS5?

When looking for the best monitor for the PS5, 4K resolution (3840x2160), HDR, and HDMI 2.1 (for a 120Hz refresh rate) are the ideal specs to look for. However, it's important to note that these are not the only options, and compromises may be necessary.

For example, a 4K 120Hz monitor can be expensive and may not be necessary for everyone, while some may prefer a 1080p 144Hz monitor for faster frame rates.

What About Curved Monitors?

A curved monitor can enhance the gaming experience on your PS5 by providing a more immersive experience. While a high-resolution monitor or gaming TV can also provide an immersive experience, a curved monitor is preferred by many players. It's worth considering when shopping to enhance your gaming setup.

Is a 144Hz Monitor Necessary for the PS5?

A 144Hz monitor may not fully utilize the capabilities of a PS5, as the console's maximum refresh rate is 120Hz. However, it can offer improved frame rates for certain games. If a high refresh rate is a priority for you, it's worth considering a 1080p monitor. However, for a more well-rounded experience, a 4K, 60Hz monitor may be a better option.

Best Monitor for PS5

Samsung 4K Curved Gaming Monitor

Samsung 4K Curved Gaming Monitor

Samsung Odyssey Neo G8

The Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 is the best monitor I've seen for the PS5, delivering a smooth and responsive gaming experience with low input lag and an excellent response time. The PS5 cannot fully utilize its fast 240Hz refresh rate, but it allows you to play 4k games at up to 120 fps, thanks to its HDMI 2.1 bandwidth.

When gaming at 120Hz, this monitor has almost no blur in busy scenes and extremely low input lag. Its VRR support also works with the PS5 to reduce screen tearing.

Additionally, the monitor features Mini LED backlighting, high contrast ratio, and a full-array local dimming system, which ensures the games look great in dark rooms.

HDR content looks especially good, with bright highlights and deep blacks, and minimal blooming around bright objects in dark scenes. It also displays a wide range of colors, and with its high peak brightness, it offers an exceptional HDR experience with vivid colors.

Best Sony Monitor for PS5

Sony INZONE M9 4K Gaming Monitor

Sony INZONE M9 4K Gaming Monitor


If you want a high-end gaming monitor without the high price tag, check out the Sony INZONE M9 as an alternative to the Samsung Odyssey Neo G8. The INZONE M9 may not have the same picture quality as the Samsung due to its lack of Mini LED backlighting and high contrast ratio, but it still has a decent full-array local dimming feature.

What makes this monitor great for the PS5 is that it is a Sony product with features exclusive to the PS5 such as Auto HDR Tone Mapping which optimizes the HDR performance and settings for the game. It's design also shares similarities with the PS5, making it a perfect match to have next to the console on your desk.

In terms of gaming performance, the INZONE M9 has a quick response time of 120Hz and 60Hz for smooth motion handling. It also has low input lag for responsive gameplay and VRR support to eliminate screen tearing. The monitor is also compatible with the PS5 as it has two ports with HDMI 2.1 bandwidth for high-frame-rate gaming.

Best Mid-Range Monitor for PS5

Gigabyte M32U 4K Gaming Monitor

Gigabyte M32U 4K Gaming Monitor

Gigabyte M32U

The Gigabyte M32U is a great option for a mid-range monitor that is more affordable than the Sony INZONE M9. It lacks certain features like Auto HDR Tone Mapping and has a less advanced edge-lit local dimming feature, but it offers great gaming performance with a fast response time and low input lag.

It supports 4K at 120Hz gaming and is fully compatible with the PS5.

It also has wide viewing angles and an adjustable stand. While it has good peak brightness and reflection handling, its dark room performance is limited by its low contrast ratio. If contrast is important to you, consider the Gigabyte M32U, which has a higher contrast but worse motion handling.

ViewSonic OMNI XG2431 Gaming Monitor

ViewSonic OMNI XG2431 Gaming Monitor

ViewSonic OMNI XG2431

If you're looking for a budget-friendly monitor for your PS5, the ViewSonic XG2431 is a great option. It has a smaller 24-inch screen and lower 1080p resolution compared to the Gigabyte M32U, but it still offers great gaming performance at an affordable price.

It's ideal for 1080p gaming at 60Hz or 120Hz on the PS5, and can also downscale a 4k image. It does not support PS5's VRR feature, so you may experience screen tearing if the frame rate drops. Although it has a maximum refresh rate of 240Hz, it's only useful for PC gaming.

The ViewSonic XG2431 has a fast response time, especially at 120Hz and it remains smooth even at 60Hz. Additionally, it has a customizable backlight strobing feature that helps to reduce persistence blur, this feature is not available in the more expensive monitors.

Bottom Line

In today's world, the gaming experience is not just about the game itself, but also about the equipment you use to play it. One of the most important pieces of equipment for any gamer is a monitor. With the release of the PS5, it's more important than ever to have a monitor that can keep up with the latest games and technologies. That's why I highly recommend investing in one of the best monitors for PS5.

Not only will a high-quality monitor give you the best possible gaming experience, but it will also provide you with the best possible value for your money. With a wide range of features and prices to choose from, you'll be able to find a monitor that fits your needs and budget.

Whether you're a casual gamer or a competitive one, a good monitor is essential for the ultimate gaming experience. Don't miss out on the chance to take your gaming to the next level with one of the best monitors for PS5.

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