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100 Funny Things to Ask Alexa

Fritz is a tech enthusiast and part-time stand-up comedian who enjoys writing online.


Amazon Echo & Alexa

Many of you may own an Amazon Echo and make use of its handy cloud-based voice service named Alexa. This device is handy for anything from asking the current weather condition, playing your favorite music, to asking it random facts about any topic. You can even ask Alexa to control your Ring security system! One feature of Alexa you may have noticed is that she can be rather funny, sarcastic, and playful. Try asking Alexa something you think would get a funny or strange response and listen to her answer. If you need some ideas for commands and questions to ask Alexa, check out the list below. You will be sure to get some laughs!

Try These Out and Prepare to Laugh!

1. Alexa, please contact Siri.
2. Alexa, are you human?
3. Alexa, sing to me.
4. Alexa, have you ever stepped on a Lego before?
5. Alexa, do you use auto tune?
6. Alexa, insult me.
7. Alexa, have you ever had a pet before?
8. Alexa, can you say a swear word?
9. Alexa, do you ever feel blue?
10. Alexa, will you marry me?
11. Alexa, bake some cookies for me.
12. Alexa, how old are you?
13. Alexa, have you ever seen the light at the end of the tunnel?
14. Alexa, who are the people on your list?
15. Alexa, what are you?
16. Alexa, give me some money.
17. Alexa, do you love someone?
18. Alexa, have you ever been in love?
19. Alexa, kiss me on the cheeks.
20. Alexa, do you fart?
21. Alexa, can you hold your breath for me?
22. Alexa, can you bark for me?
23. Alexa, do you think I’m weird?
24. Alexa, recite pi.
25. Alexa, can you sing like a pirate?

26. Alexa, give me the best high five.
27. Alexa, are you stupid?
28. Alexa, am I stupid?
29. Alexa, do your loudest sneeze.
30. Alexa, give me a beat.
31. Alexa, do you poop?
32. Alexa, do me a favor.
33. Alexa, do you believe in love at first sight?
34. Alexa, is the dress black and blue?
35. Alexa, let me hear you fart.
36. Alexa, is it happy hour?
37. Alexa, can you laugh for me?
38. Alexa, max volume.
39. Alexa, what is your weight?
40. Alexa, impress me.
41. Alexa, do you also count sheep to sleep?

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Alexa Has Some Jokes to Tell

42. Alexa, where’s yo mama?
43. Alexa, knock knock.
44. Alexa, make me laugh.
45. Alexa, why is six afraid of seven?
46. Alexa, Simon says, “[Insert anything funny that you would like Alexa to say]”
47. Alexa, how do you make babies?
48. Alexa, tell me a dad joke.

Pop Culture Reference? Alexa Knows Them Too!

49. Alexa, I am your father.
50. Alexa, assemble.
51. Alexa, do you know anything about Skynet?
52. Alexa, just tell me the truth already.
53. Alexa, it’s morphin’ time!
54. Alexa, sing Let It Go with feelings.
55. Alexa, are we in the matrix?
56. Alexa, were Ross and Rachel really on a break?
57. Alexa, what happens to a spherical chicken in a vacuum?
58. Alexa, do a barrel roll!
59. Alexa, beam me up.
60. Alexa, my name is Inigo Montoya
61. Alexa, do they know that we know they know we know?
62. Alexa, pivot! pivot!
63. Alexa, does anything good happen after 2 AM?
64. Alexa, sing “Let’s Go to the Mall”
65. Alexa, are you ready to rumble?
66. Alexa, sing “Soft Kitty”
67. Alexa, it is Legen? – Wait for it.
68. Alexa, so no one told me life was gonna be this way.
69. Alexa, Skynet is looking for you.
70. Alexa, what’s Chandler Bing’s job?
71. Alexa, up up down down left right left right B A start.
72. Alexa, bazinga!
73. Alexa, it’s gonna blow!
74. Alexa, I come in peace.
75. Alexa, pick a card, any card.
76. Alexa, did you put your name in the goblet of fire?
77. Alexa, where’s Waldo?
78. Alexa, how you doin'?
79. Alexa, fix that step.

Get a Little Musical or Theatrical

80. Alexa, who let the dogs out?
81. Alexa, at last I see the light.
82. Alexa, I’m all about that bass.
83. Alexa, I came in like a wrecking ball!
84. Alexa, turn around, tell me what you see.
85. Alexa, shall I compare thee to summer’s day?
86. Alexa, sing “The Elements”.

Questions With an Odd Response

87. Alexa, who is prettier than me?
88. Alexa, was the first moon landing real?
89. Alexa, PS4 or Xbox One?
90. Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant?
91. Alexa, Firefox or Internet Explorer?
92. Alexa, who is the best Disney Princess?
93. Alexa, where is Santa this time of the year?
94. Alexa, she picked seashells on the seashore
95. Alexa, how do you clap with one hand?
96. Alexa, what is 10 to the power of 100?

You Can Never Go Wrong With the Classics

97. Alexa, Marco!
98. Alexa, not it!
99. Alexa, what is the best way to get rid of a body?
100. Alexa, can you take the Turing test?

I Hope You Got a Laugh!

I hope you enjoyed this list of commands and questions to ask Alexa. If you thought of any good ones that are not on this list you can share them in the comments section below!

© 2021 Fritz Isaacs

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