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The 10 Cutest Youtube Couples


Youtube Relationships

Reality shows take us into the lives of the people who star in them. Youtube takes things much further. There's a stronger connection between Youtubers and their audience. They can connect more directly with their fans by talking directly to the camera and reading and replying to comments. They feel more like friends and we get attached to them, their families, and their romantic partners. We're more invested in them than normal celebrities.

There are just some Youtube couples that are so cute, you can't help but root for them. I made a list of the top ten below.

These couples are listed in no particular order.

Shane Dawson & Ryland Adams

As one of the most popular creators on youtube, we've all heard of Shane Dawson and his relationship with Ryland Adams. If you've been a fan of Shane for a long time, then you know this relationship is different for him than his other ones have been. And Ryland feels the same.

For Ryland, this has been his first serious relationship. All his other ones ended after a short period of time and he's never lived with any of them.

They support each other unconditionally and everyone was so happy when they found out they were engaged!

Ned and Ariel Fulmer (Try Guys)

This was a tough decision. I knew I could only choose one Try Guys couple to put on this list, even though all of them are adorable. (And I'm sure when Eugene finds his true love, it will be just as cute, whether he likes it or not.)

So while Maggie has made Zach so happy and Keith once admitted he'd choose Becky over his beloved fried chicken, I had to go with Ned and Ariel Fulmer instead. Because they are the original couple and they've always been wonderful together. Also finding out Ariel was pregnant and seeing Wesley after he was born was the greatest thing ever.

They're the kind of couple you know will one day grow old together and still be holding each other's hands.

Jacksfilms & Erin

It's hard to get Jack from Jacksfilms to act serious about anything. He's witty and funny. Erin is one of the few people who can meet him at his level as you can see in several videos she has been included in.

But this wedding video has to be the greatest video of all of theirs together. It really shows the strength of their relationship and how they mix laughter and love fluidly together. They will truly live "jackily erin after."

Arin Hanson (Game Grumps) & Suzy

This couple has been together for a long time and they both seem to deeply care for each other. Their differences balance each other out and they seem to appreciate each other's difference. They've always been supportive of each others careers. They're the kind of couple that everyone sees and knows is deeply in love. You can hear it in the way Dan teases Arin sometimes during Game Grumps.

Hannah Hart & Ella Mielniczenko

We all could tell that eventually Hannah and Ella would get engaged. They have so much chemistry together. Their personalities are so well suited for each other and they seem like they have a lot of fun and happiness in their lives.

Rosanna Pansino & Mike (Husky)

Both of them have a background of being nerdy and enjoying nerdy hobbies. Both of them also were public figures on youtube. The way they talk to each other, the way they act together, who they are, it all makes it no surprise that this couple fell in love.

Markiplier & Amy

These people are both genuinely nice and enjoyable people. Markiplier has a job in the spotlight and that could be hard for someone as soft spoken as Amy seems to be, but she's not afraid of the comments or the long hours. She proudly supports Mark and his career.

And in return he feels total adoration and gratefulness for her.

They're a very down to earth couple and the kind of people you wish you could be friends with.

Safiya Nygaard & Tyler Williams

The love Tyler has for Safiya is beautiful. He often films her for her youtube channel, accompanying her on her adventures and loving every bit of it because he loves her.

Not a lot of men would put this much effort into a proposal, keeping it secret and setting the whole thing up on their own to be perfect. But he loves her and truly wants to make her feel like the (Disney) princess he sees her as.

She may be a dark princess, but he sees as a princess none-the-less and that's what makes them so cute together!

JP & Julia (Hellthy Junkfood)

JP and Julia run a channel together where they make you feel like you are their best friends and a part of their home. They make and eat comfort food, sometimes ridiculous comfort food. They're always enjoying life together.

They even have a channel devoted mostly to the vacations they've taken together. They travel enough to make most people envious of their lifestyle.

They're always meeting new people and getting along with everyone they meet.

Jeffree Star & Nate

Jeffree Star is unique. He never plays by the rules. He doesn't care about traditions. As someone who is both gay and gender non-binary, he's had to carve his own path in the world.

Nate gets him. Neither of them care about tradition, they just care about love and being happy. They do things their own way and it's beautiful.



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