10 More Of The Best Draw My Life Videos on YouTube

Updated on September 5, 2016

As I said in my previous article, "Draw My Life" was a trend made popular on YouTube years ago. While it isn't as popular now, there are still videos made all the time where youtubers draw stick figures on a white board and narrate their lives. Here are ten more of the best "Draw My Life" videos.

10. LaurDIY

The narration for this "Draw My Life" video isn't the most interesting, which is why it isn't higher up on the list, but the creativity that went into making it is spectacular, which is why I had to include it. This youtuber runs a Do-It-Yourself channel where she teaches people how to make crafts and do other little things on their own, so it's amazing and perfect that her "Draw My Life" video would have instead of a white board, a scrapbook that she is making filled with all the memories and important events of her life. She puts it all together and draws on it for us and the end result is a special book of pictures that she can keep and cherish forever.

9. Jenna Marbles

If you don't know who Jenna Marbles is, then her "Draw My Life" video is a pretty good introduction to who she is. She loves animals, as she explains in the beginning. She's a bit of a tomboy, which you can see in her love of playing sports. She's funny, which you can see in this story during moments, like the part about the snake. She's laid back, like when she just accepted her Dad banning her from playing soccer anymore. She's entertaining and loves making videos.

8. Joey Graceffa

Joey Graceffa's life story is very interesting, filled with ups and downs.

Even though his family didn't always accept him and his Mom was an alcoholic, he showed how everyone has their good and bad sides. How if family rejects a part of you at first, that they can sometimes come around. He likely gave a lot of LGBT teens hope that even if their parents reject them at first, like his parents did, that maybe they'll eventually come around.

I appreciate the honesty he has in this video and the love he has for his family, which shines through in every part. It was also interesting to watch how he became popular on YouTube.

7. Raya Was Here

I feel that this story is very important for people to hear, in general. It's the story of a Bulgarian girl who immigrated to America and grew-up to travel the world and start a successful YouTube channel. With all the negative stories about immigrants in the news, I think it's important to hear stories like this.

Not to mention, this girl has lived an amazing life and seen a lot of amazing things. A lot of us wish we could travel like she has, but have never had the opportunity.

6. Jacksepticeye

While Jacksepticeye hasn't had many hard moments in life, he's always entertaining and I think the message will make sense to certain other people who are struggling to find their place in life like he once was. It also shows how you can work really hard creatively and maybe not make it very far for awhile, but if you get that one big break, it can change everything.

5. Boogie2988 (Francis)

Steven Williams has lived a very difficult life. He makes this clear in a lot of his blogging videos that he grew up in a family with a lot of troubles and how these issues led him to a life of struggling with a food addiction. In this video, he explains it all. It is sad, but still an interesting story and worth watching.

4. Melanie Murphy

I love Melanie Murphy's personality, which made me like this video that much more, but it was also a good story.

She really opened her heart and shared some of the most painful and personal experiences in her life, including struggling with self-image and suffering through a miscarriage.

I prefer "Draw My Life" videos where people are willing to get real and share both the ups and downs of their lives. She was willing to do this.

And she was even willing to share some of her continuing struggles of falling in love with boys too quickly and jumping into relationships fast.

3. Lisa Schwartz

There's always something so down-to-earth about Lisa Schwartz. She's so beautiful that you wouldn't expect that she was called fat when she was younger or didn't fit in, but when you hear her life story, you find out the truth.

She's a great storyteller like Shane Dawson. Her video is entertaining and she's also funny like him. It's why they were always so good at collaborating with each other because they are so similar.

Also, the Shisa nostalgia at the end has a way of tugging at the heart strings sadly because we all know how their relationship ended.

2. Miranda Sings

Like I said in the previous list, I love parody videos, so I enjoyed Miranda Sings doing a ridiculous version of a "Draw My Life." She's not really making fun of "Draw My Life" videos in this clip. She's more just being true to her silly character on YouTube and making people laugh through it.

1. Ihascupquake

She was a loud, happy kid and grew-up to become a loud, happy adult. I don't know how anyone could watch this video and not adore it. Ihascupquake is so sweet and cute. Her happiness is infectious. It's the theme of her life story.


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