8 Most Handsome YouTubers of 2017

Updated on September 18, 2017
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YouTube is the most successful video website to date, boasting over a billion users and a hub of creativity. Anyone who has internet and a computer can upload videos of any content and potentially get views, earn money, and maybe even become famous.


There are many people from across the world who make a living making videos on YouTube with topics ranging from politics to gaming to pranks to sports. Here is a list, in no particular order, of the 10 most handsome YouTubers of 2017.

1. Christian DelGrosso (Christian DelGrosso)

Subscribers in September 2017: 1,871,300

Christian DelGrosso is a comedian and vlogger who has been posting videos on YouTube since 2014 (on his current account). He has two channels: his regular channel and his vlog channel.

DelGrosso mostly posts comedic skits and his reaction to other videos. In my opinion, he is a very handsome man: first of all, he dresses how he wants; he doesn't seem to try to impress people too much with his appearance. Despite this, and with his mop of dark hair and endearing, funny facial expressions, he made it onto this list.

2. Robert Pinon (RiskyRobTV)

Subscribers in September 2017: 256,851

Robert Pinon has been posting videos on his current account since 2014 and mostly deals with pranks and social experiments. Although some of his prank videos have been exposed as fakes, they're still entertaining to watch. His social experiments such as the below Hot Girl VS Homeless Man are interesting too.

Robert Pinon is tall and handsome and his videos really make you think.

3. Paul Joseph Watson (PrisonPlanetLive)

Subscribers in September 2017: 1,033,373

Paul Joseph Watson is an English YouTuber who talks about current events and isn't afraid to call celebrities out on silly things they say. He also happens to be a dish!

With his mop of dark hair, intense eyes, and endearing northern twang, he's incredibly entertaining to watch even if you don't agree with what he says. Definitely one of the most handsome YouTubers of this year.


4. Dave Koco (KocoSports)

Subscribers in September 2017: 7,019

Dave Koco is an American writer and YouTuber who mostly covers topics on sports, or more specifically, pro wrestling. He has also dabbled in gaming Let's Plays. He recently lost around 70 pounds and although he was cute before, he's turned into a weight-lifting hottie in the past year! He has definitely earned his spot on this list.

5. Hajime (Surname Unknown) (Hajimesyacho)

Subscribers in September 2017: 5,455,969

Hajime is the most subscribed Japanese YouTuber (as of now) and uploads silly videos of himself with everything from gadgets to toys to Mentos and Diet Coke in bathtubs.

His videos are very entertaining and seem to be appropriate for all ages. Hajime is a handsome Japanese man in his twenties and with his silly sense of humour and charming charisma, earned his spot as one of YouTube's most handsome stars.


6. Hooman Nouri (HoomanTV)

Subscribers in September 2017: 1,997,864

Hooman Nouri has been uploading videos for around three years and is responsible for the famous shampoo pranks and as well as having his share of entertaining gold digger pranks.

A tall and handsome hottie straight out of California with cool charisma a great sense of humour, there was no way he could be missed from this list.

7. John "Jack" Douglass (JacksFilms)

Subscribers in September 2017: 3,272,858

"Jack" Douglass is a musician and comedian who has been uploading videos onto YouTube for over ten years and has series his subscribers love, such as YIAY and Your Grammar Sucks.

With his big smile, charming blue eyes and awesome sense of humour, he's a charmer who many women, including me, love to watch.


8. Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie)

Subscribers in September 2017: 57,291,494

You didn't think there would be an article about YouTube without PewDiePie being mentioned, did you? Most people know that Felix Kjellberg is the most subscribed user on YouTube with his thousands of videos about video games and comedy.

This handsome Swede has a hilarious sense of humour, deep blue eyes, and hair that he recently died bleach blond, which actually looked great on him. Millions of people continue to enjoy his videos today and take in that pretty face of his.

YouTube remains the primary go-to website for videos of any subject, and although it's primarily for entertainment, there isn't any reason that we can't find some eye candy along the way! Which of these 8 handsome men on this list do you like best?

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