10 Popular YouTube Channels That Are Kid Friendly

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YouTube Channels for Kids

Popular YouTube Channels for Kids

Below are 10 quality YouTube channels designed for kids.

Each channel shown will present the approximate amount of subscribers, the genre of content, and the appropriate viewing age.

The viewing age is listed as follows:

  • Everyone
  • Ages 8+
  • Ages 12+

Note that those are recommended not required ages to view any of these channels.

10. IISuperwomanII

Lilly Singh

Superwoman aka Lilly Singh is a popular Canadian born youtuber who uses comedy to discuss daily real world scenarios.

  • Subscriber Count: 9.4 million
  • Recommended Viewing Age: 8+
  • Genre: Comedy/Sketch Comedy

Her topics commonly deal with problems and situations involving school, friends, and especially family members due to her Asian Indian ethnicity.

In fact, a reoccurring theme in her videos is her role-playing as her parents to humorously showcase the cultural disparities between Asian Indian parents and parents of other ethnic/race groups.

Why is she kid-friendly?

Besides portraying everyday topics kids deal with, her humor is inoffensive, clean, and for a broad audience.

However due to her higher based topics, I'd recommend a slightly older child demographic so that kids watching will be able to understand and relate to her humor more easily.

9. Smosh


Anthony Padilla & Ian Hecox

Smosh is one of YouTube's first comedic duos comprised of Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox along with several recurring members known as the "Smosh Crew".

  • Subscriber Count: 22.3 million
  • Recommended Viewing Age: 12+
  • Genre: Comedy/Shorts

This channel is famous for a variety of high quality and well produced comedic shorts, skits, music videos, and other branching series. Their content frequently revolves around the latest pop-culture and digital trends.

Some of their most popular content is their "If Blank Were Real", "Every Blank Ever", and "Pokemon in Real Life".

Why are they kid-friendly?

Smosh is often referred to as Saturday Night Live (SNL) for kids due to their juvenile and over-the-top humor.

Due to this brash amusement, a lot of very young kids watch them but I'd recommend this channel for older kids and preteens due to some racy jokes, inappropriate yet censored language, and occasional mature situations.

8. Nigahiga

Ryan Higa

Nigahiga was created by youtuber Ryan Higa, and it's one of the oldest comedy channels on YouTube that's seen few changes over the years.

  • Subscriber Count: 17.7
  • Recommended Viewing Age: 8+
  • Genre: Comedy/Parody

It features comedic skits based off anime, music, and other topics tied to relationships, the internet culture, and even challenge videos with other youtubers or celebrities such as the "I Dare You" series.

Why is he kid-friendly?

Ryan's funny side connects with a wide audience and it's harmless. Most of his jokes use puns and jump cuts to present his viewpoints in a non obtrusive way.

His skits are visually appealing due to top-notch effects, editing, and production. The content is a lot more clever than similar channels, which would appeal to older kids and up.

7. Rosanna Pansino

Nerdy Nummies

Rosanna Pansino is a clean-cut YouTube personality that produces DIY baking videos revolving around fantasy, anime, and video game characters in her channel's show "Nerdy Nummies".

  • Subscriber Count: 6.7 million
  • Recommended Viewing Age: Everyone
  • Genre: DIY & Cooking

Rosanna tends to collaborate with multiple youtubers to produce family friendly treats and other sweet baking goods. She also does different food related challenges and even had a successful music video.

Why is she kid-friendly?

Her channel is very innocent, and she makes delicious custom treats that appeal to young children. Rosanna's personality is also very endearing to viewers of all ages.

The use of fun characters within her cooking and her DIY projects give her universal appeal because it's not only creative, but educational.

6. EvanTubeHD

Family Friendly YouTube Content

Evan is one of the youngest and most successful youtubers on YouTube whose channel targets kids and families.

  • Subscriber Count: 3.2 million
  • Recommended Viewing Age: Everyone
  • Genre: Reviews/Challenges/Toys

The themes consists of child friendly challenges, toy unboxings/reviews, minecraft and Lego toys, skits, and vlogs.

Unlike most toy review channels, it works in his favor that he's a kid himself because it makes his opinions more credible/authentic versus adult toy reviewers.

Why is he kid-friendly?

The channel was created by a family for families, and they know what other kids love to see. You don't see many large YouTube channels designated for families, and this is a breath of fresh air.

All topics are crafted for children and nothing about EvanTubeHD is offensive making it 100 percent parent approved.

5. Good Mythical Morning


Rhett and Link

Good Mythical Morning is YouTube's version of a mixed-bag variety show starring childhood friends Rhett and Link.

  • Subscriber Count: 10.9 million
  • Recommended Viewing Age: 12+
  • Genre: Challenges/Comedy/Game

This Monday-Friday show along with other weekend extras gives you taste tests, challenges, and unusual games with guest youtubers intended to make you laugh or smile.

The most unique thing about this channel is its production value, significant budget, and expert editing comparable to something you might see on cable or Netflix.

Why are they kid-friendly?

Some challenges and tests are not for younger kids, but it's still a relatively child friendly show that you can watch with your parents.

You'd never think years ago that something this well put together would end up on YouTube, and it's another reason why young millennials are shifting away from traditional media.

4. Fine Brothers Entertainment

The Fine Bros.

Created by brothers Benny and Rafi Fine, Fine Brother Entertainment or "The Fine Bros." is the most well produced, successful reaction channel on YouTube.

  • Subscriber Count: 14.2 million
  • Recommended Viewing Age: Everyone
  • Genre: Reaction/Gaming

This channel's motor are its reaction videos where everyone from kids to elders react to various YouTube/media trends, pop-culture crazes, video games, music, and anything else really.

Some of their most popular content is the "Try To Watch Without Laughing or Grinning" series or "YouTubers React" where famous YouTube faces react to the craziest viral trends on the internet.

Why are they kid-friendly?

Their channel has so many diverse topics that anyone can watch them, but that doesn't mean all content is kid-friendly.

Luckily inappropriate videos have a disclaimer beforehand and most unsuitable language is censored.

In my opinion, they are one of the only channels that know how to do proper reaction videos, and kids/parents can't go wrong with this quality, TV-worthy channel.

3. Miranda Sings


Colleen Ballinger

Miranda Sings is a character played by Colleen Ballinger whose lipstick wearning, passive-aggressive egomaniac was created for comedic effect.

  • Subscriber Count: 6.8 million
  • Recommended Viewing Age: 8+
  • Genre: Comedy/Challenge/Music

Colleen's character is famous for singling (poorly) popular songs, making collaboration videos, performing taste tests and challenges, and even doing reactions.

Every video is done in a sarcastic, perfectionist, and humorless tone that in turn fabricates comedy through satire and trolling.

Her humor is juvenile but a lot more clever than Smosh's in your face punchline. There's a lot of thought and quality put into the performance, which subsequently made Miranda Sings the most well-known character-creation on YouTube.

Why is she kid-friendly?

Miranda is purposefully against inappropriate actions or sins, which generates a clean yet twisted sense of humor.

The channel can get quite niche and skew slightly older, but that doesn't stop her from portraying this funny persona that a lot of kids and particularly young girls will enjoy.

2. TechRax

Scientific Destruction: iPhone Edition

What kid doesn't love watching something blow up?

  • Subscriber Count: 4.9 million
  • Recommended Viewing Age: Everyone
  • Genre: Science & Technology

TechRax is a science-based channel where the purpose is to witness how well an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy can hold up against various elements, drop/scratch tests, and other inventive experiments.

Some of those insane tests include throwing a phone into lava, hot wax, or liquid nitrogen as well as other non-phone related videos.

Recently one of his most viral videos was when he filled a swimming pool with 1,500 gallons of Coca-Cola.

Why is he kid-friendly?

Hopefully it shows kids how to take care of their phones, but generally they get to see fun experimentation that their own devices won't have to suffer through.

The videos are also nice & short, there's nothing harmful about them, and kids may even learn a little bit about physics and chemistry.

1. TheDiamondMinecart // DanTDM

DanTDM vs. Minecraft

Let's Plays and gaming channels are huge on YouTube, but very few are actually kid-friendly despite their large youth following.

DanTDM is one of the few gaming channels that is indirectly targeted at kids.

  • Subscriber Count: 11.8 million
  • Recommended Viewing Age: Everyone
  • Genre: Gaming/Minecraft

This channel proves that you can still deliver plenty of funny moments, a ton of Minecraft, and superb commentary despite being relatively innocuous.

He's one of the most subscribed gaming channels on YouTube and is rapidly rising on the charts.

Why is he kid-friendly?

PewDiePie or Markiplier are good gaming channels but would they pass the parental screen test?

If you can't listen to a video in front of your parents without headphones, then it's probably not parent approved.

On the other hand, DanTDM would pass with flying colors because of his likable personality and child friendly videos. He also proves that you can be a huge character in the gaming community without making kids' parents uncomfortable.

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JayMa 8 weeks ago

Hello all!! Kai Kay's YouTube channel is family friendly. He does skits and sketches, vlogs, has a webseries of clean comedy and raps clean raps songs, like Will Smith's Men In Black. There is no cursing, no sexual type stuff and no bullying type videos, nor does he make negative comedic videos against race, religion, celebrities, etc. Check out his channel if you get a chance!!

Chriswillman90 profile image

Chriswillman90 7 weeks ago from Parlin, New Jersey Author

Thanks I'll take a look at it. If anything I want to list a few honorable mentions for channels that couldn't be included.

JayMa 4 weeks ago

Thanks so much! Appreciate the response :) Have a great evening!

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